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  • Day8


    April 6 in Germany

    Get to the city centre of Munich with Marienplatz - the central plaza - or the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl - the famous pub for drinking Maß and enjoy the ambience of Oktober Fest any time of the year. As for the Viktualienmarkt, located some steps away from Marienplatz, if you are lucky enough to have nice weather, you can appreciate Munich street food and check exactly where it comes from because you are surrounded by the vegetable stands as well as the butchers that supply the market eating area. The permanent Maypole tells the story of beer in the city and decorates the centre of the market. At night you can walk around and you will always find a place to drink a beer or to eat a sausage and you can even go aboard the Cocktail Tram...Read more

  • Day55

    Day 7 on the Meseta

    September 27, 2016 in Germany

    Sept 27: Been walking across the Meseta now for one week! Today was a very short 11+ km into Leon where we checked into hotel rooms and are kicking back a little.
    Another beautiful city, cathedral and lots of cafes/restaurants. Will be saying goodbye to a couple of folks here after today so may be out celebrating a bit later tonight. Some of us may stay in Leon for one more day . . .

    We've been starting out walks each day between 6:30-7:00am when it's still dark out, but one morning we started at 5:30am to get a little more time in under the stars. Below here and in the next post are some pics from along the way (Sept 22-26). Will create new post tomorrow for today's walk into Leon along with a few pics from tonight's celebration (possibly).

    Pic #1 a morning mist, leaving
    Pic #2 chilling in a great tree at the albergue in Boadilla
    Pic #3 passing through Fromista after leaving Boadilla, we cross the lock gates (esclusa) of the Canal de Castillo
    Pic #4 sweet dawg friend on the Camino
    Pic #5 going through a village after a night in Terradillos, we walked through a courtyard where the trees had been decorated with knitting; definitely reminded me of Portland
    Pic #6 a morning sunrise
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  • Day5

    Arches National Park

    October 20, 2016 in Germany

    We left Ely yesterday, Monday after the winds had calmed down. The storm that ravaged the Northwest blew through Nevada for several days. The only dread we have to date about this travel of ours is even the new truck doesn't tow like we think it should. The computer kicks in when we're going down hill running the RPM's through the roof. Climbing is tedious to say it nicely. Stan was frasseled last night when we arrived. We need to earnestly reassess the truck in Santa Fe come November.

    Arches National Park was a thrill for Paulette today. Stan has played in the neighborhood on his winter travels in the past few years, but it was a first for P. We even did a 2 mile hike! Time will tell tomorrow if it was more than Stan's body can tolerate, but it felt grand. The Landscape Arch is a sight to behold. After a partial collapse in 1991, it looks too fragile to be real. It is so delicate for a 306 foot span base to base. How did that ever happen?

    Tomorrow is a quick stop at Canyonlands. Friday we travel to Colorado National Monument for a day before proceeding to Carbondale, Colorado for a week of joy with friends & the cold at 10,000 feet! There will be stories there to be sure.
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  • Day45

    Dachau and Munich

    July 1, 2016 in Germany

    The Dachau Concentration Camp site was used prior to and during WWII is located just outside Munich, Germany. We were limited to a couple of hours and I could have easily spent an entire day going through the museum, buildings, memorials, and grounds. The audio tour would have been interesting, but it required at least 3 hours. Instead I took photos of much of the signage and descriptions I came across to read after the fact. It's obviously a very somber place and the scale is quite small when the volume of people housed at the camp is considered. Two prisoner bunkhouses have been restored, but there were over 30 in use during the camp's operation.

    The next morning started off with a Mike's Bike Tour of Munich. Hinx was our guide; he's Australian and quite funny. He provided a mix of historical information and funny anecdotes that kept people's attention. One of the first things he covered with us was hour to deal with people that try to join our group without paying (a common issue)... When one of our group identified an offender, we were to pass the "stranger danger" message quietly through the group and, when everyone knew, the unified group would call out "stranger danger", look at the offender, crouch down, and begin hopping in their direction. I'm sure it was quite a hilarious sight to see!

    We went through part of the Englischer Garten, which is the second largest park in Europe (Dublin has the largest). It's a huge and beautiful green space with some unusual extras: river surfing and a nude area.

    After the bike tour, a group of us headed to Marien Platz, a main square, which has the Glockenspiel (clocktower with characters that move at certain times of the day), as well as many outdoor markets that we explored. We walked Ludwig Straus for a few kilometers, explored the university area, and made out way back to the Englischer Garten, which was great, except for the fact that it was pouring rain for a good portion of the walk - I'm glad I still had the poncho that I bought on the street in Italy (I think).

    We warmed up and had a bit of dinner at a small cafe. Then we headed off to Hobrauhaus, a famous Munich beer hall, to meet some of the others. Germany was playing in the Euro Cup later that night and it was packed with people, it's the type of place where your whole group will not be able to sit together; rather, people sit wherever and get to know those around them - great time! They serve beer in one litre steins and quite a few of our group were there all afternoon; we left at 8:30pm, so you can imagine the state people were in. It was Nicola's birthday and I had the challenge of keeping her in her seat for the coach ride home
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  • Day23


    September 22, 2016 in Germany

    Welcome to Sicily. We got a 1km trip from port to accommodation for a lazy 25 euro. A rip off but what a classic. Millimetre perfect driving. He would cut people off and when the other driver beeps him he makes sure he looks at them and blows a kiss.
    We like Palermo and have been told it is no longer the mafia capital of the world but it is the dog shit capital of the world. They don't clean up their Doggy do. Having said that the people appear to be like the Sardinians, Sicilians first and Italians second. The language is heavily influenced by Arabic.Read more

  • Day23


    September 22, 2016 in Germany

    Argh! Argh! Argh!
    An exploding volcano
    A bakery below us open until midnight with locals singing and playing guitar at night
    Chilled locals
    Red two door convertible (fiat heap of shit but who cares. The only thing on the dash that works is the clock)
    Aeolian islands are special.

  • Day1

    Guangzhou china

    November 5, 2017 in Germany

    After 15 years finally making it back to gz. Been dreading it but good to see alot has changed. Super modern city now and much cleanee then before. Although better then before i still cant wait to get out od the city to a more magical place

  • Day2

    מטרו בקופנהגן

    September 17, 2016 in Germany

    אז לא סתם ידוע שאנשים בקופנהגן ממש שמחים ומאושרים יחסית. ישלהם מטרו ממש מגניב ומסודר שעושה כיף בלב למבקרים ופועל 24\7. כן. לוקח 20 דק' להגיע משדה התעופה למרכז העיר וצריך להחליף בין הקו הצהוב לרכבת S. אפילו כשקצת התבלבלנו שאלנו דני חביב שלא ידע אבל עצר הכל והתחיל לחפש בפלאפון. אני מאוהבת (בדנמרק 😇)

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