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    • Day 18

      Oktoberfest 🥨

      September 21 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      Well the tent sleeping next to a party on a campground filled with a hundred people went about as well as you'd expect. We pulled ourselves out of bed and enjoyed the included breakfast and got ready to partake in a full day of Oktoberfest festivities.

      We arrived and went straight to a beer tent and enjoyed some lunch. Phill got a Ochsenfertzensemmel (Pulled Ox sandwich) and Bec got a taster platter. After this we explored the very large grounds again before settling into another tent where we met some nice Germans, Italians and questionable Americans that kept trying to get us to sing with them.

      The day progressed and a few more tents were visited and friends made. We ended the adventure with Phill getting his Wiener schnitzel and Bec getting her Apple strudel before making our way back to the campgrounds.

      Seeya in Athens!

      Step count
      Both: 22k
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    • Day 59


      October 2, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      Woohoo! So this is the last weekend of Oktoberfest, snuck in just in time :) We popped in to check it out and it was wild! There were 21 tents and EACH tent held thousands!!! 😱😱 So cool!!! And SO. MUCH. BEER. I also didn't realize it would also be like a carnival with games and rides which Famke loved!

      All the girls wear a very typical dress that has an apron on the skirt and a blouse on the top (most were quite...focused towards the chest if you know what I mean). The guys wore leather shorts with socks and a collared shirt typically.
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    • Day 193

      Munich - Daniel's birthday

      September 26 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

      Our last full day in Europe and it was Daniel’s birthday so what better way to spend it than at Oktoberfest!!

      We had a couple of mimosas at the campsite to get us going and got to the festival before it had even opened. We went straight to the Augustiner tent to taste our first beer of the day by 10.30am. Augustiner is the locals' favourite beer and is served out of an oak barrel. After we finished our beers, we went for a walk to the more well known Hofbrau tent where we enjoyed our second round for the day as well as a delicious Schweinehaxen - the famous Bavarian pork knuckle! We were sitting next to some Americans who had just done the Berlin marathon and had some good chats.

      We then had a pretzel on the way to the Paulaner tent, where we shared a beer - the tents were definitely starting to get busier now! We then went to our fourth and final tent where we spent the next four hours - Lowenbrau. It was so busy but we managed to get a seat next to some older German couples and had some great fun attempting to communicate! The band started playing and we got up on the tables and danced the night away. After Daniel had finished his 5th stein of the day we decided to bid farewell to Oktoberfest, but not before grabbing an oxe burger and bratswurst on the way out!

      We made our way back to the campsite to spend the last night in the tent!
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    • Day 190


      September 23 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

      We awoke after our first night in the tent. It was quite cramped and difficult to get comfortable but we managed to find some positions that worked to get some sleep!

      We went into Munich city centre to meet our friend Amy, who we had met on our Turkey tour a few weeks ago. She had quit her job back in Australia, was travelling for a bit and is now au pairing in Bologna, Italy. She was already planning on going to Oktoberfest this weekend and so it worked out really well!

      We then walked into the festival and it was incredible! Lots of music, people, food carts and surprisingly a lot of rides. The middle Saturday of the festival (which was today) is known as the busiest day of the entire two week festival and this was definitely evident even when we walked in at 11am! It is also Italian weekend!

      We walked for a bit through the streets, taking in the sights before attempting to get a table at the Paulaner tent. This was unsuccessful but even just walking through the beer tent was amazing, so many people and lots of music!

      We then went next door to the Spaten tent where we did manage to get a seat and had our first steins of the day! 🍻 We danced on the benches to all the music (which included songs in English such as "Take Me Home, Vountry Road" and ABBA classics!) We had a fantastic time!

      After Spaten, we got a pretzel (as you do!) and walked to the Hacker-Pschorr tent. This is one of the lesser known ‘big beer tents’ in Australia but it took us a bit longer to get in as it was getting very busy throughout the festival. We managed to get a seat in the outdoor beer garden and enjoyed our second steins of the day.

      After this we went for a snack of kaiserchmarren which is a delicious smashed pancake and apple sauce dish! We then struggled to get into a tent as it was after 5pm and most were closed/already too full. After a few attempts and huge queues we decided to leave the Oktoberfest festival and headed into Munich old town.

      It was really pretty walking around the old town and we managed to get a seat in the oldest original beer house in Munich, Hofbrauhaus. We then got our third steins of the day (with Daniel trying a dark one!) and some delicious pork, sausage and macaroni which we shared for dinner. There was a great vibe and atmosphere in Hofbrauhaus with a band playing and everyone singing and celebrating!

      We then said goodbye to Amy (not knowing if we would see her again) and went back to the campsite to sleep after a very busy day!
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    • Day 36

      Munich and Octoberfest

      September 26, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 57 °F

      We finally found some lockers that worked at the train station. Most were full or broken. Looks like we're not the only people who are doing Munich and Octoberfest in one day. After locking up our bags, we walked over to the Marienplatz to check out the Glockenspiel at noon. It's a carousel of dancers, a wedding party, and some jousting knights that perform a couple times a day for tourists from high atop the Rathaus in the central square.

      Seems like Germans and Austrians don't always accept credit cards at busineses, so we had to do a bit of research to find an ATM that didn't charge exhorbitant fees. That's a big contrast to the Scandinavian countries, which are mostly cash-free now. We meandered to the nearby victuals market and found a cheap place to eat after getting some Euros. Gotta love the 1 to 1 exchange rate!

      Then it was a long walk to the Theresienwiese, or Octoberfest grounds. Locals abbreviate the festivities to the "Wiesn" after the park. We stopped by a very small and interesting church on the way, the Asam church. The eccentric brothers who funded it used a hodgepodge of architectural styles. Let's just say it looked busy.

      And then, FINALLY. The Mother Church of all things beer.... the famous Munich Octoberfest. We purposely chose to go on a Monday and just for the day. Rooms were sold out way in advance, or were outrageously expensive. Weekends are absolutely crazy and you can't get a seat in any of the beer tents. It proved to be a wise decision. We lucked out on the weather also. After a brief shower, it was sunny and warm the rest of the day. We had no idea that it was really a huge carnival with beer tents. We walked around a bit and poked our heads in a few of the tents. Six Munich breweries each have a huge tent. And it must be a tent. According to tradition, there aren't permanent buildings on the grounds. They all come down after the fest is over in early October. But they sure look permanent. And no other beers can be sold. And you can't walk around with beers. You must be seated in a tent to get a beer. So it's a mad rush on opening day and on weekends. Going at 1;30 on a Monday was a no-brainer.

      We chose to go to the Augustiner tent, since I read in a blog that it had the lowest gluten content of the six. I found that I could get away with a few with no issues. So, after we walked in, we were promptly seated at one of the dozens of tables. Looks like were were in the cheap seats with other foreigners. Many families and companies pay big bucks to reserve tables a year in advance for seats near the band in the center, or up in the makeshift balconies. Steins of beer are sold only in the one-liter size and cost $12.80 or about $3 more than at the Augustiner beer hall near the center of town, or about double of what it would cost at a local pub. But it was well worth it for the atmosphere and fun. We knocked back a couple, sang "Ein Prosit" quite a few times, and chatted up some guys next to us.

      Then we went out to explore the carnival and went on one ride. The complex is pretty huge and we walked around quite a bit before heading back for another Augustiner. We sat outside in the sun with a group of civil engineers from a local company and shot the shit. By 6:30, we were walking to the station just as the crowds started getting bigger. By 7:30 we were on a train heading SW to Fuessen, two hours away. And by then I was never happier to see a bed in my life. What a day. Octoberfest is something everyone should try at least once in their life. And the place was packed with foreigners from all over the world. About half of the attendees were wearing dirndls and lederhosen and everyone was laughing and smiling and having such a great time. I don't know if I'll make it back. Maybe if I get some Lederhosen......

      More photos and videos are here.
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    • Day 13

      Oktoberfest in Munich

      October 1 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      Jeez louise what a great time this was! The actual grounds of Oktoberfest were so much bigger then expected! The cheap costumes attracted some dirty looks but we had a great time regardless! €14.50 per stein was steep but after you’ve had a couple it doesn’t really matter any more 😅Read more

    • Day 4

      München parkwandeling

      June 30, 2020 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

      Gezien het prachtige weer vertrok ik al rond 8:30 uit het hotel om een lange wandeling te doen langs de rivier naar het grote park aan de andere kant van de stad. Ik schatte dat ik rond de middag aan het Chinese paviljoen zou toekomen om daar dan te eten in de bier garden. Wel deed ik eerst een tussenstop aan het standbeeld van bavaria op het plein van oktoberfest, een lege open vlakte die een keer in het jaar gebruikt wordt.

      De wandeling was aangenaam en rond 11u kwam ik uit aan het mini hofbrauhaus in het park, waar ik wat kon rusten met een pint. En een uur later zat ik in de grote bier garden aan het paviljoen. Er was veel volk, maar ze kunnen gerust het dubbel aan. Veel meer dan rondwandelen en op terrasjes zitten heb ik niet gedaan vandaag, buiten een paar kerken binnen springen die ik toevallig passeerde. Volgen mijn horloge zit ik aan 35741 stappen, wat niet ver van mijn record is.

      Mijn gegevens liggen duidelijk op straat, gisteren een telefoon van iemand die zich voor deed als het hotel waar ik naartoe ga, en vandaag een sms met de vraag om in te loggen op de bnp paribas site met een link. En ik heb daar geen rekening, ze hebben hun huiswerk niet goed gedaan.
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    • Day 5


      September 30 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

      Decidimos ir a Munique no sábado - provavelmente o dia mais concorrido do Oktoberfest original. Entre lederhosen e muitas garrafas de cerveja, acabámos a fazer a viagem de ida sentados nas escadas, acompanhados por cânticos frenéticos. A nossa primeira paragem foi, logicamente, o Oktoberfest, originalmente criado em celebração do casamento do Rei da Baviera, Luís I, em 1850 - no entanto, o "Wiesn" foi tão apreciado pelos locais que se tornou numa tradição anual.

      Almoçámos por lá, cada um com seu prato típico alemão, e explorámos as tabernas mais famosas. Não havia uma única mesa livre, e o cenário parecia algo tirado dos filmes - das mulheres a carregar dezenas de canecas de cerveja de uma só vez aos trajes típicos da festa.

      De seguida, visitámos a Câmara Municipal de Munique - muito provavelmente, uma das mais bonitas da Alemanha, mesmo da Europa - e subimos ao topo da torre, de onde se pode ter uma vista privilegiada da cidade. Encontrámos grupos de portugueses e brasileiros pelo caminho, o que não deixou de ser engraçado.

      Dirigimo-nos, após a visita e um geladinho no McDonald's, à Antiga Pinacoteca de Munique, um museu que se revelou mais extraordinário do que alguma vez poderíamos esperar. A nossa intenção inicial era ver "A Queda dos Condenados" de Rubens, mas, além de uma coleção de Rubens muito impressionante, acabámos por encontrar também outros quadros incríveis, de Klimt a Van Gogh a outras obras de arte de pintores muito renomados.

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    • Day 1

      Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany

      September 29 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 77 °F

      Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, is the world's largest beer festival and a celebration of Bavarian culture. It typically runs for about 16-18 days from late September to the first weekend in October.

      Oktoberfest originated in 1810 to celebrate the October 12th marriage of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. The citizens of Munich were invited to join in the festivities, which included horse races, beer, and various amusements. Over time, the event evolved into an annual beer festival and fair that continues to draw millions of visitors from around the world.
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    • Day 188

      Munich, Campingplatz Thalkirchen, €39

      October 1, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      Finally! After 8 years on the road and umpteen visits to Germany (including 3 times to Munich) we are here for the Oktoberfest! As a local told us today, it’s a once a life time experience, you definitely don’t need to do it again! Lunch in town at the Hofbrauhaus was much better fun.Read more

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