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  • Day659

    Wacky Walkers

    February 3, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    So today’s walk gave us some great views, I’m not in the photo as prior to this I went ahead to look for a route with Ian and we were then left behind😠.Luckily everyone made it to lunch OK. The boat is in the Villa pool you can rent it through Air BandB.
    Other piccy is one Victoria took while doing a walking photography tour in Lefkas, we were on our way to the repair cafe in Z bar where John repaired a chair and table. Other people were doing electrical appliances, sewing, knitting and recycling by weaving plastic and crocheting plastic bags, all very ECO. I just drank coffee and chatted.
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  • Day603

    Lefkas Marina

    December 9, 2018 in Greece ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

    We travelled from Meganisi a whole 4miles to Nidri where we moored alongside on what turned out to be a private pontoon. But on the way we stopped so I could have another swim. We would have moored on the town quay but it was full of ferries taking a winter break. Fortunately the owner of the pontoon, Kelvin was very nice and didn’t charge us, also he has a team of English speaking engineers so might use them to service the injectors, apparently. We did manage to eat out in Nidri and there was even a choice but we were sold when we saw the very large pizza oven and warming flames. I had our first fish meal since arriving in Greece, sea bream and salad delicious, we have avoided fish up till now as very expensive and charged by the kg but this was €13 so quite reasonable, John had peppered steak.
    The next day, Saturday we headed north around the Lefkas coast and arrived at Lefkas Marina after a final cruising week of glorious sunshine ☀️. On Friday it was so hot I had to seek the shade, seems ridiculous right now. Glad we’re here as 1 we needed a good long shower and 2 it’s now raining heavily and is due to continue for the next couple of days. So far we have been shopping and scoped out the nearest cafe, it’s warm and does a great milky coffee, we have even joined their ‘club’ so get reduced rate drinks including coffee, result! But still need to find a cheaper laundromat, there is one in the marina but they charge €15 to wash and dry an ordinary load which seems pricey. I have found the gym, which is on site and will join Monday, only because it’s closed on Sundays, today.
    If the rain lets up we are planning on going out for Sunday lunch and to try to find out about Christmas Day options.

    The Marina office isn’t open till Monday when we will ask for a berth the other side of the pontoon so the stern is facing south and bow is into prevailing wind so we can be as warm as possible. Greece is definitely going to be a cooler and wetter than Almerimar I just hope there are enough dry days to get the necessary winter maintenance done.
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  • Day679

    JVK Birthday

    February 23, 2019 in Greece ⋅ 🌬 10 °C

    Our return trip from Athens was hassle free and we had some great views of the Gulf of Preveza where we are likely to spend some time next month before our lift out for antifouling and the 10year survey.
    We made a random purchase in Athens of a stylised fishing trawler that is also a light, we love it.

    On the Saturday night we had a Chinese night to attend at Vliho Yacht Club. It was a great meal, lots of variety, good company and alcohol free ginger beer all for the bargain price of €15 each.
    John’s Birthday was the following day and it was an odd way to spend a birthday but we took part in the Clean up your Gyras, which the equivalent of a Beach Clean we picked up litter on the north edge of the Lagoon both on the beach and on the lagoon side. There was a huge amount of plastic and a lot of tyres as well as some fly tipping of electrical gubbins. But I definitely felt a sense of achievement after 3 hours of work, John did pack up a bit earlier but OK it was his birthday.
    We have now settled back into the swing of things and have had some great weather, it was so good yesterday that unfortunately John felt the need to take off his shirt 🤪 while working, not sure the other marina residents were really ready for that. On Wednesday night we took part in the quiz again and managed a creditable third, which as our team mate Pieta put it means we are starting to fill our heads will too much useless knowledge.
    Today we said welcome to our boat guest Zinghy, who is with us for 10 days. He has settled in and made himself at home already.
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  • Day680

    Cold spell

    February 24, 2019 in Greece ⋅ 🌬 9 °C

    We woke up this morning to snow on the hills, we should have realised it was a cold night when the cat came to join us in bed, (photos courtesy of Lefkada Press). Overnight gusts reach 67knots but we are nice and sheltered on our mooring, others not so lucky so a few shredded foresails around and other cover damage.Read more

  • Day694

    Lefkada Carnival

    March 10, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    This weekend was carnival weekend on the island with Nidri celebrating on Saturday night and Lefkada town celebrating Sunday night, some serious effort went into floats, costumes, routines etc well done everyone we had a great time at both evenings watching the festivities even if our ears are still a little sore.Read more

  • Day62

    Ormos Syvota - Levkas Marina

    July 30, 2007 in Greece ⋅ 31 °C

    Wier verlassen die Syvota Bucht wieder, um nach Levkas Stadt zu übersiedeln. Ab und zu segeln, dann wieder Motor, heisst das Motto. Wir passieren die Enge zwischen der Insel Levkas und der Insel Meganisi und steuern auf die Insel SKORPIOS von den Onassis zu. Mit ein wenig Ehrfurcht betrachten wir den Bungalow, wo einst Jaqueline Onassis am liebsten verweilte.
    Durch den engen ausgebaggerten Kanal gehts dann nach Levkas Stadt, wo wir in der Marina festmachen. Am Abend spazieren wir durch die belebte Altstadt und essen Pyros.
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  • Day64

    Levkas Marina

    August 1, 2007 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    Nach der Schule gehen wir einkaufen. Eigentlich wollten wir danach auslaufen, aber wir sind zu müde dazu. Wir verabreden mit Hugo und Heidi ein "Nationalfeiertags-Apero" auf der "TEMMA".
    Mitten im Apero laufen Jürg und Margrit von der " ADELANTE" vorbei, die uns suchen. Somit feierten wir zu sechst und hatten einen lustigen Abend.Read more

  • Day633

    Birthday in Greece

    January 8, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    BIG thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes. So far it’s been a great day, coffee and cake, a scratch card win, lots of birthday cards, a big fluffy blanket to snuggle up in and we are ordering a take out for tea. What’s not to like?
    Well in reality overnight all the standing water had turned to ice and that’s right here in the marina next to the sea, so I suppose I would have preferred a little more heat and not to have the sniffles, but Hey the sun came out to celebrate so all is good
    Thanks again everyone, at least being here I don’t have to do the press-ups that are obligatory to all circuit training participants on their birthday.
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  • Day612

    Settling in at Lefkas

    December 18, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    We have now been here over a week already, time is flying by. We have done some work on the boat, sanding and varnishing for me, sanding and priming for John, but the weather hasn’t been great with lots of rain and at night thunder storms, last nights was really loud. The rest of this week is supposed to be fine so I am hoping to pressure clean the decks, we want to do this before our neighbour comes back to his new boat (he bought it end of last year brand new) after Christmas, he is a bit precious and we are sure he would object strongly to the mess. If we do it soon there is bound to be rain before 5 Jan when he returns, to wash it all away. We also want to do some grinding but not sure we will get this done before neighbours return so might need to construct a sheet tent around john so no mess can jump.
    We took part in the quiz last Wednesday for the first time and came second to last, we started well but gradually drifted backwards, only saving grace was the last place team had 6 members whereas it was only John and I on our team. Also attended Happy Hour on Thursday and met more Marina residents including Ray, an ex truck engineer with lots of Volvo experience so John spoke to him for ages and got some good advice. On Saturday we went on a free bus trip to the local Ikea where there is also an H&M, Intersport and Jumbo (a huge shop that seems to sell a bit of everything). We had fun and as it pretty much rained all day it was a good way to use the time.
    Friday night is Christmas party night, Friday morning is carol singing, Sunday morning is Secret Santa so we are keeping ourselves busy.
    Oh yes more on the weather last Tuesday when we woke there was ice, yes ice on the deck of the boat and this isn’t the coldest month. We are now looking at ways of adding further insulation mainly for the windows in the salon.
    I am attending the gym regularly and doing Greek Pilates classes, I have been able to help a couple of English speaking people with some ‘at home’ exercises and John and I have done a couple of runs as well.
    Oh yes on a non Christmas note not sure I said but on our trip up the canal to the marina we saw, flamingos, pelicans, herons, greater egrets, egrets, plovers, gulls and an odd sort of black duck that wasn’t in our book 📖.
    Off to the timber yard tomorrow to see what they have, ideally we would like some teak faced ply, but it is likely that this is an ask to far, but who knows, we will also go to Lidl as almost next door to buy our Boxing Day meal ingredients, not sure what we will have, depends what they have in stock.
    All the best everyone.
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