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  • Day605

    Lefkas Marina All settled

    December 11, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Well we have now put some more fuel on board, we were going to fill up but diesel was 1.689 a litre so only put in enough to avoid condensation in the tank. We had seen at the fuel pumps at a garage just out of town on the way to the supermarket that diesel is 1.48 at the pumps! We shouldn’t have been surprised, like the Marinero said,who helped us moor, the only thing you can do for free in this marina is pee!!
    Well we found a laundry after wandering round town for a bit with a couple of full bags, problem was the one we went to couldn’t do the wash till Friday and we were both a bit too short of underwear to wait that long. We are now on our winter berth G10 luckily it’s nice and close to a toilet and shower block and seems like it will be well sheltered.
    We have made contact with the stalwarts of the Marina live aboard, or used to, community. We are booked on a Christmas Lunch at Vliho Yacht Club, that’s near Nidri to the south but there is a minibus to collect and return us and they are able to cater for John. He is a very happy bunny 🐰 as today, following directions from the marina cafe staff we found a bakery that cooks gluten free bread daily for only €1.30 a loaf. Through the ‘friends of Lefkas Marina’ Facebook page we have also found a baker prepared to try to make John a GF meat pie! Not sure if she has any idea how difficult GF pastry can be!
    We are going to the quiz night on Wednesday, and there is a happy hour in the Marina cafe/bar on Thursday when we should be able to meet more people. Today I went to knit and natter so have learnt a new knitting skill I can now ‘make one’ ( for those not in the know that means adding in a stitch). There is a walking group that meet on a Sunday morning as well as bridge and ballroom dancing, we have decided to give the last two a miss for now.
    Our Christmas lights up, this year we have some internal and some external, it’s raining right now so photo to follow. We have also received some Christmas presents, thank you Pampers! Th3 towns Christmas lights are also good and I hope we have a dry evening when I can take some photos.
    The gym, which is 159m from mooring is basic but has everything I need and the classes seem good did a Pilates with the ring class today and am expecting to ache a little tomorrow but still booked in for Pilates on the Swiss ball.
    We haven’t done any of the maintenance jobs yet but have visited lots of chandlery shops to price up kit and supplies so are running it of excuses now, maybe tomorrow if it’s not raining.
    Well all the best feel free to email us about your Christmas plans etc or just to confirm that someone is reading this.
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  • Day631

    Epiphany (Twelfth Night) in Lefkas

    January 6 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 5 °C

    Today we walked to the bridge in town to watch the Epiphany celebrations. There was the local marching band, after there arrival the priests blessed the water and then people threw last years oranges in the water and dunked the new ones three times. Apparently you keep the dunked oranges in your house for the year to bring you luck. After that young men lads really jump in the water to try to be first to reach the wooded cross the priests threw in, the one to get it will have luck throughout the year.Read more

  • Day659

    Wacky Walkers

    February 3 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    So today’s walk gave us some great views, I’m not in the photo as prior to this I went ahead to look for a route with Ian and we were then left behind😠.Luckily everyone made it to lunch OK. The boat is in the Villa pool you can rent it through AirBnb.
    Other piccy is one Victoria took while doing a walking photography tour in Lefkas, we were on our way to the repair cafe in Z bar where John repaired a chair and table. Other people were doing electrical appliances, sewing, knitting and recycling by weaving plastic and crocheting plastic bags, all very ECO. I just drank coffee and chatted.Read more

  • Day1

    Travelling and Arrival

    September 30, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    This is going to be a very different adventure to the one in August 2018. For a start, it's to a place where the temperatures are around 24c and the chance of rain far less probable ... hopefully! A big difference though, apart from the fact it involves a 38ft yacht and a load of sailing, is that Rob isn't travelling alone this time. His daughter, Penny, and her partner Tom provide the sailing expertise as they are both qualified Skippers and experienced with sailing yachts and all that goes with it. The fourth member of the crew is Alan, Rob's 90 year old Dad, who is really looking forward to the trip.

    The flight was 3.5hrs leaving from Manchester and the best view on the way was as the plane flew over the Alps. Though the mountains could be clearly seen, they were shrouded in an ethereal mist which gave them very much the feel of another world. Upon landing at Preveza in western Greece, the magic continued when the group were greeted at the airport with the most amazing and brightly coloured rainbow. Rob, of course, just had to photograph it (only with his phone though) and you can see the results in this footprint. The rainbow wasn't really wobbly in the middle but something didn't quite work with the panorama mode on the phone camera. You perhaps get the idea though.

    The journey ended after a twenty minute transfer to the marina where the four mariners were introduced to their floating home for the next week. It was dark when they arrived so it was difficult to tell what the surroundings looked like. Guess they find out tomorrow.
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  • Day7

    Back to the Home Port of Lefkada

    October 6, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Rincewind was home.

    The journey from the bay was straightforward enough and for a while the wind increased and Penny & Tom raised the sails. The wind wasn't all that strong but there was just enough to help the yacht on its way. Rob took Rincewind down the channel which leads to the large marina in Lefkada then Penny took over when it was time to refuel.

    Once Rincewind was in her birth there was a short debrief to hand-back the yacht then that was it. But what's that in the harbour, if not a pirate boat blazenly flying its Skull & Crossbones? We have seen pirates!

    The final group event was at the nearby hotel bar and on the way to the gathering, Greece finally produced a sunset even though the only camera Rob had was his phone ... but at least there was finally a sunset which meant the title of this trip hasn't needed to be changed.

    At the 'goodbye meeting' various awards were given, with certificates too, and for the crew of Rincewind it was for best at parking of a yacht and for having the oldest crew member for at least this season, and probably much longer to be honest. Alan had been a bit of a celebrity all week it has to be said.

    The final meal was in town at the Nautilus restaurant which was recommended by friends of Penny & Tom. Good choice too as it was a lovely meal for the last night.
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  • Day452

    Levkas Town, Town Quay

    July 11, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    Oh dear another noisy night the bars in Preveza stayed open with music till 03:30 and one place was still serving at 05:30 but had turned the music off so just chatting noise. You would think we would learn but after a quiet night at anchor NW of Preveza we have headed to Levkas Town through the lifting twisting bridge.
    Each end lifted towards centre and then the whole thing rotated. We nearly had an incident or two when the American boat at the front of the queue appeared to be waiting for a personal invite, there was a lot of waving arms and yelling GO GO and then he started to move forward slowly. Everyone else had started moving forward as the bridge lifted expecting him to also move as south bound traffic, per our literature and website, had right of way but he was frozen as north bound vessels came through. The gap was at least 30m wide so plenty of room for both directions to go at same time, never mind he’s American it’s not his fault.
    So the reason we are here is that tonight it’s England v Croatia World Cup semi final and I don’t expect England to go any further so thought I should let John watch this match, am I a great girlfriend or what! We have been for a wander through the town so some photos attached. Also attach is Vega a ketch belonging to 2of the guys that helped us moor the second time in Preveza its wooden we didn’t know the name till we anchored the next night.
    Oh yes do you remember I was pleased with how well the mooring stern to with the anchor had gone well...... spoke to soon for some reason, probably because we hadn’t set the anchor far enough out or perhaps someone else caught it, it slipped out the mud and wouldn’t catch so we had to go out and try again only this time it was a lot windier, oh dear, well we dropped the anchor much further out and just let it run till it ran out of chain ( luckily we had secured the end ) then with the help of about 5guys pulling for all they were worth to keep us off a little fibreglass boat alongside us, we eventually managed to get into the mooring without crushing anything. We needed another shower after that. As a reward we had a lovely meal out I had souvlaki, kebab, john had lamb chops, though they looked more like ribs to me! Both were delicious though and so was the chocolate cake I had bought for my dessert, not GF so couldn’t share, shame. The next day before heading here, Levkas, we got our Transit Log stamped at the coastguard office and I had a hair cut, nothing drastic just a trim and relayering as getting to thick and taking ages to dry. Well after tea we are going to the Irish Bar (everywhere has one) to watch the game.
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  • Day612

    Settling in at Lefkas

    December 18, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    We have now been here over a week already, time is flying by. We have done some work on the boat now sanding and varnishing for me sanding and priming for John, but the weather hasn’t been great with lots of rain and at night thunder storms, last nights was really loud. The rest of this week is supposed to be fine so I am hoping to pressure clean the decks, we want to do this before our neighbour comes back to his new boat (he bought it end of last year brand new) after Christmas, he is a bit precious and we are sure he would object strongly to the mess. If we do it soon there is bound to be rain before 5 Jan when he returns, to wash it all away. We also want to do some grinding but not sure we will get this done before then so might need to construct a sheet tent around john so no mess can jump.
    We took part in the quiz last Wednesday and came second to last, we started well but gradually drifted backwards, only saving grace was the last place team had 6 members whereas it was only John and I on our team. Also attended Happy Hour on Thursday and met more Marina residents including Ray, an ex truck engineer with lots of Volvo experience so John spoke to him for ages and got some good advice. On Saturday we went on a free bus trip to the local Ikea where there is also an H&M, Intersport and Jumbo (a huge shop that seems to sell a bit of everything). We had fun and as it pretty much rained all day it was a good way to use the time.
    Friday night is Christmas party night, Friday morning is carol singing, Sunday morning is Secret Santa so we are keeping ourselves busy.
    Oh yes more on the weather last Tuesday when we woke there was ice, yes ice on the deck of the boat and this isn’t the coldest month. We are now looking at ways of adding further insulation mainly for the windows in the salon.
    I am attending the gym regularly and doing Greek Pilates classes, I have been able to help a couple English speaking people with some at home exercises and John and I have done a couple of runs as well.
    Oh yes on a non Christmas note not sure I said but on our trip up the canal to the marina we saw, flamingos, pelicans, herons, greater egrets, egrets, plovers, gulls and an odd sort of black duck that wasn’t in our book 📖.
    Off to the timber yard tomorrow to see what they have ideally we would like some team faced ply, but it is likely that this is an ask tomfar, but who knows, we will also go to Lidl as almost next door to buy our Boxing Day meal ingredients, not sure what we will have, depends what they have in stock.
    All the best everyone.
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  • Day633

    Birthday in Greece

    January 8 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    BIG thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes. So far it’s been a great day, coffee and cake, a scratch card win, lots of birthday cards, a big fluffy blanket to snuggle up in and we are ordering a take out for tea. What’s not to like?
    Well in reality overnight all the standing water had turned to ice and that’s right here in the marina next to the sea, so I suppose I would have preferred a little more heat and not to have the sniffles, but Hey the sun came out to celebrate so all is good
    Thanks again everyone, at least being here I don’t have to do the press-ups that obligatory to all circuit training participants on their birthday.
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