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  • Day28

    WE HAVE WALLS & so many plans

    July 17, 2016 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    Checking out of this "hostel", we put our things in a locker & took advantage of the last couple hours we had on the beach. We went to paradise beach which was a 5 minute walk from our "hostel" & took in some rays while swimming.

    The beach was called paradise beach for a reason. SOOOOOO PRETTY. water was crystal clear.

    We went back to the "hostel" to get our stuff and catch the shuttle to the port to get our ferry.

    When we got there, we went to go buy our tickets & found out we were at the wrong port... Lucky for us, we still had 2 hours to kill.

    We took the public bus to get to the right port & just hung out in the shade until our ferry got there.

    The ferry was half an hour late. We got on no problems & were on our way to Santorini. Soooo about this ferry... It wasn't a ferry. It was a sea jet. We were halling ass. I wish I knew how fast we were going exactly. I fell asleep for the first half of the ferry & Bree fell asleep for the other half. The first half was smooth sailing. The second half... We had AT LEAST 5 pukers. We hit SUPER rough water. There were people running to the front of the boat to look out the window to set their eyes on the horizon. It was crazy. I have a super strong stomach & even I was starting to feel it.

    We had such rough water that we actually went airborne for a few seconds. Everyone panicked & i was sitting there with a huge smile on my face... Meanwhile Breanna slept through it all... I might not have heard the church bells but you slept through an airborne boat.... HA.

    So we finally hit land & I was very thankful to have my feet on the ground. I was starting to feel a little green.

    We were looking around for our shuttle to our hostel & no where to be found. Some helpful guy called our hostel for us to see where it was. We ended up just paying for a shuttle because they weren't coming back until 10 pm.

    We had a sour taste in our mouths already because of the shuttle not showing up. As soon as we got to check in, that taste was gone right away. The girl at the front desk was so awesome!!

    We got to our room WHICH IS ACTUALLY A VILLA!!!!! Omg its perfect. Clean sheets, private shower, balcony over looking the pool & to top it off... AC.. It seriously didn't take much to impress us from our last "hostel", all we needed was 4 walls.

    We dropped our stuff off & went exploring this little down. We are a 5 minute walk from Perissa beach (the black sand beach). We booked some activities.... Stay tuned. 🙊

    We grabbed a late dinner & talked to some Swedish girls. We are now back at our villa, both showered & are currently laying in towels on our beds.

    The effing life ✌🏽️
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  • Day31

    Scuba diving? how did that happen.

    July 20, 2016 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    So our first night in santorini, we found a diving club, & we looked into how much it would be to do a discovery dive. We ended up leaving with it booked to do on Tuesday.

    The morning of, we woke up, returned our ATVs & went down to the club. We arrived & they had some snacks & juice out for us. We filled out some paper work & health questions & waited for everyone else to get there.

    So there was this girl there also, who was just doing a dive (already certified) & was so butt hurt to find out that we were going on the same dive as them. (But not with them. We had our own instructor) She actually went inside to talk to the people because she couldn't believe it. I know what you're thinking.... Ugh shes one of those.... A fun sucker.

    Anyways, we got fitted for our wet suits & we were on our way. We got a shuttle to the port where we all hopped in the boat. We were all too heavy to push out the boat. We got out, they pushed out the boat & we got back in.

    Off we went.

    Bree & I were at the front of the boat & caught some air when we hit those waves.... Probably the same ones that made everyone puke on the seajet a couple days ago. They were telling us that it was pretty windy all week & the waters were more rough than usual.

    We got to this calm spot & he stopped the boat to show us the red beach & the white beach.... Then the boat wouldn't restart. The fuel line broke. We had to get towed by this beautiful yacht.... So we also went yachting.

    The driver (our instructor) fixed the boat while everyone else was getting ready to go in the water.

    There was 3 of us in the discover scuba lesson. He did a little bit of theory before about signals & equipment but was basically going to take our equipment for us (the BCD & our meters)

    Our first dive was only 15 minutes just so that we could get used to how it feels to be under water. He brought us down one at a time.. Of course I'm the one who volunteered to go first 🙋🏼 It was the coolest feeling ever. Once everyone was under, we swam for a little bit before coming up.

    We got back on the boat & had a light snack with some juice before we left for the second diving site.

    This one we were under for 35 minutes at 12 meters deep. The other guy who was with us backed out so we got a private dive. On our dive, he said we would see the opening of a cave but wont go in... We ended up going in. We saw a plaque that was placed there in honor of Jacques Cousteau, it was his grandson that put it there because it was one of his favorite dives hes ever done.

    There wasn't much marine life because of the volcanic eruption that happened but all along the bottom was all volcanic rock. It was lava that bubbled & sank. It was so cool.

    We came back up, got on the boat & went back to the club where we got our certificate.

    After diving, we came back, took a shower & went to go get food. Guess what we got.... Greek salad 🙋🏼

    We went back to our room & just relaxed for a bit.
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  • Day31

    World's fastest sunset

    July 20, 2016 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Day 1 in Santorini we decided to rent ATVs(and it was only 25€ for 24 hours... Everything included) because what better way to see the tiny island. We decided that we didn't need a map & we would just get lost like usual. There's no better way to do it.

    Let me tell you a few things about Greek drivers.. First, no matter what type of vehicle they are driving - be it a bus or a moped - everyone thinks they can fit into the smallest areas and that they have the right of way. Second, the roads are very narrow and windy, and Greek drivers could not care less. Third... They like to go fast. Really, really fast. In order to survive as a driver in Greece, you need to become a Greek driver.

    So we hauled ass through the city streets towards Fira, the center of the island. We made a stop to grab a breakfast (donuts) and then cruised through the city. We decided to wing it without maps because A) that's basically how we have handled this entire trip and B) it's virtually impossible to get lost on an island this small. The only thing we had on the agenda was to get to Oia (the northern part of the island) in order to watch the sunset. We found several cute streets, secluded beaches, and houses that are literally caves in mountains.

    After a while, we were getting hungry (again) so we headed towards the southern mountain to see what we could find. We happened upon a cute restaurant made out of an old converted windmill that was absolutely adorable and had a great atmosphere. We ordered a tsaziki appetizer which was giant and each had a Greek salad. Honestly I am in love with Greek salad.

    After eating, we hopped back on Gin and Tonic (our ATVs) and raced through the streets towards the top of the mountain. We made it to the top to find a couple of secluded military bases and a monestary.. But we couldn't explore the monastery because we were not dressed conservatively. C'est la vie!

    As we came down the winding hills, a buss was heading straight as us so naturally I pulled off into the side of the road to let him pass. Did Breanna accidentally spin out and pull a 180 into a ditch doing so? Possibly. Did she recover spectacularly and have the bus driver giving her a thumbs up as he passed? Also possible. They are All Terrain Vehicles, after all... she was simply testing their capabilities!

    We went on a hunt to find the donkeys that you could ride up the side of the mountain... After a little bit of searching, we found it. We parked our ATVs in prime parking & started walking through Fira. Such a beautiful city, right on the edge of the mountain.

    We rode the donkeys down (we started at the top), & I was literally so scared I was going to fall off that I got a blister from grabbing on to the reins so hard. I named my donkey Paco.... Because why not.

    When we got to the bottom, we kinda looked up & we were like..... We'll take a ride up too please. There was 576 stairs total.

    Before we started going up, I changed donkeys. This one I only chose a name for half way up the mountain.... His name was speedy. I got on & he literally took off up the stairs, knocking all other donkeys out of the way... Breannas donkey wasn't too far behind either.

    We got to the top & walked around for a bit. We got back on our ATVs and we were on our way again.

    We ventured out into the unknown on the back roads & somehow ended up in Oia.... Burnt to a crisp. You really don't feel the sun when you have tons of wind blowing at you.

    We came across this place called Ammoudi Bay - a famous section of Santorini. There were tons of restaurants along the water & when we crossed all the restaurants and went exploring a little more, we found this little beach where people were swimming. The water was CRYSTAL clear blue & there was some cliff jumping as well.

    We stayed and watched for a bit but went on our way. We forgot our bathing suits and towels in the ATVs.

    We went up to Oia city & walked around until we got hungry again. We went to this restaurant which had an amazing view. I ordered calamari with rice, cranberries & rosemary. The calamari showed up & wasn't deep fried.. But for the price I had to eat it.... It was the best calamari I've ever eaten. Sooooo fresh!!

    After dinner, listening to others conversations, watching some wedding pictures & chatting, we decided to go get a spot for the beautiful & famous sunset in Oia. We waited about an hour for it to start setting so we had an ice cream while we waited.

    That was seriously the FASTEST sunset I've ever watched. It was set in 4 minutes.

    It was beautiful & I'm so happy i got to check that off the bucket list.

    We hopped back on our ATVs & found our way back to our villa using no map.. We like to think were locals.

    After searching at nearby stores for a reasonably priced aloe, we decided just to go back & take a shower & relax.
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  • Day5


    September 23, 2018 in Greece ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Alt-Thera ist eine antike Stadt auf dem Grat des 388 m hohen, steilen Berges Mesa Vouno ... trotz der relativ gut ausgebauten Straße war der Restanstieg extrem anstrengend. Die Stadt wurde nach dem mythischen Herrscher der Insel Theras benannt und war nachweislich vom 9. Jahrhundert v. Chr. bis ins Jahr 726 bewohnt. Sie besteht dem Grunde nach aus einer ca. 800 m langen und 200 m breiten Siedlung mit allem, was man in der Antike so brauchte. Wir können uns gut vorstellen, warum man diesen Platz gewählt hat und fragen uns, wer das alles hier raufgeschleppt hat ...Read more

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