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  • Day128

    Burning legs

    January 13, 2020 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Last night, a guy at our hotel couldn't believe that we were going to Cobán today. He told us right away that we were crazy. Today, we knew what he meant. We had a full experience of the mountain roads in Guatemala. They are incredibly steep, usually up to 20%. And they go up and down and up and down all the time. Our legs were burning like hell and we had to stop really often to take a rest and get something to eat or drink.
    The views, on the other hand, we stunning! The landscape is just amazing with the green mountains. As we are now in the higher region around Cobán, we also passed coffee plantations. Very scenic!!
    When we arrived at our hostel, the bike computer showed 2314m of elevation gain over 75km. We only had some energy left to get food from the market, go for a short stroll around the centre and cook dinner.
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  • Day106

    8.6 Mercado Cobán

    December 7, 2018 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    There is nothing better than exploring a local market. It’s so cheap and dirty. Meat is being sold right from where it was butchered, and of course without cooling. Don’t buy it!

    However, the fruits are very nice and local clothing can be bought everywhere. There is no such thing as H&M or Zalando here, luckily.Read more

  • Day238


    June 4, 2019 in Guatemala ⋅ 🌧 28 °C

    Es geht 6 Stunden lang hoch und runter und das mal wieder mit einem Affenzahn von Flores nach Semuc Champey in den Bergen Guatemalas. Aber die Stunden vergehen wie im Flug, da die Landschaft Guatemalas wieder wie im Film an uns vorbei fliegt. Desto weiter wir in die Berge kommen, desto ländlicher und altertümlicher wird es. Aber auch hier erwarten uns wieder verrückte Kontraste zwischen Altertümlichkeit und Moderne. Auf der einen Straßenseite läuft beispielsweise eine Frau mit traditionellen Kleidern und trägt Obst in einer Schale auf dem Kopf und gleich um die Ecke kommt eine moderne Tankstelle. Als unser Fahrer jedoch mitten in den Bergdörfern sagt, dass wir gleich eine Pause bei Mc Donalds machen, glauben wir uns verhört zu haben.Read more

  • Day231

    Palm Sunday in Cobán

    March 20, 2016 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    We had heard that Semana Santa (Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter) can be pretty full on in Latino countries. We weren't sure where we would end up during the week, but knew that in many places finding accomodation can be hard since it is the biggest holiday of the year. So we were relieved and excited to be in Cobán staying with the firefighters for Palm Sunday, which marks the beginning of Semana Santa. After filling up at a buffet for breakfast, we headed to the central square and waited as the preparations gave way to the procession. Many streets were covered in alfumbras, or carpets, made from dyed wood shavings that the procession would walk over. The work to produce these alfumbras is detailed and careful, and the resulting designs are beautiful and varied. Many people were dressed in a variety of costumes, including as Roman soldiers, in long cloaks or in suits. A giant float made of wood - requiring close to 100 people to carry it - with a statue of Christ carrying the cross was brought into the church, blessed, then carried around the streets for over 12 hours. At the fire station they were expecting the procession around 11 pm. We hung out with some of the firefighters while the alfumbras were getting finished on our street, then wandered around to see the different alfumbras along the road leading up to the fire station. Around 9 pm it began to rain, and the dye in the wood shavings started to run as rivulets of water flowed down the streets. Karl stayed up to see the procession go by in the pouring rain, on the home stretch back toward the church. It didn't look all that enjoyable to carry the giant float and others as well through the sopping streets, but if we can say anything it is that people's dedication to religious traditions here is unwavering.Read more

  • Day5

    Von Flores nach Semuc Champey

    January 23, 2016 in Guatemala ⋅ ☁️ 9 °C

    Das war eine Fahrt - daher widmen wir diesem Part unserer Reise einen ganzen Blogeintrag!
    Das sei ein guter komfortabler Bus, wurde uns versichert, als wir die lange Fahrt nach Semuc Champey gebucht haben. Und gross sei er auch! Fünfzehn Personen hätten Platz!
    Tatsächlich waren wir schlussendlich fünfzehn Personen in diesem überschaubar kleinen Shuttlebus. Neben den regulären dreiplätzigen Sitzbänken war jeweils ein herunterklappbarer Sitz befestigt, der in der Regel schon nicht mehr sehr komfortabel war - oder es vielleicht gar nie gewesen ist.
    Dank der lustigen Reisetruppe, die sich am Anfang nur zum Teil gekannt hatte, wurde die Fahrt doch sehr amüsant und kurzweilig (auf irgend eine verrückte Art und Weise).
    Einmal führte der Weg per altertümlicher Fähre über einen Fluss, manchmal fuhren wir nahe am Abgrund der wunderschönen Hügellandschaft und der letzte Abschnitt bestand praktisch nur noch aus imaginäer Strasse...
    Trotzdem, landschaftlich ist Guatemala bisher einfach nur WOW!

    Ah ja übrigens, die Fahrt dauerte geschlagene zehn (10!) Stunden!
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