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    • Day 383

      Bali - Canggu IV

      November 7, 2019 in Indonesia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

      Wellness Tag

      ▪️Nach 3 Tagen 2mal am Tag surfen, gönnte ich mir am 4 Tag nach Abschluß des "Beginner Course" eine Auszeit und skipte die 2. Surfsession
      ▪️Stattdessen verbrachte ich den Nachmittag mit Julia und Lisa
      ▪️Ließen uns bei einer Balinesischen Massage im "Bening Spa" verwöhnen und genossen den Sonnenuntergang im "Sun Paradise" beim Banana Cocktail

      💡Das C wird als "Sch" ausgesprochen. So spricht man Canggu als "Schangu" aus.
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    • Day 10

      Bali Belly 😫💩😵‍💫

      February 12 in Indonesia ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

      Unfortunately my trip has come to an explosive end! Yes, the dreaded Bali belly has grabbed me with full force! It is hard to know exactly what the root cause was but I suspect a coconut 🥥 on the beach a couple of days ago may be the culprit but, let’s face it, it could be a number of things considering how unhygienic most places are and the constant battle to make sure that you don’t get any water digested or eat food that has not been washed with it.

      So, I am extremely tired, dehydrated and lethargic after two nights of little to no sleep due to getting up and down to go to the toilet 🚽 it is definitely not something I would wish on anyone! We have all suffered to varying degrees but everyone else is 100% okay now… it seems I have been blessed with the full force of it! Oh well, better to have experienced all aspects of travel 🧳 rather than never travelling at all ✈️👍🏻

      I am not looking forward to the rest of today and tonight… We have been told we need to get to the airport three hours before the flight and simply getting to the airport through horrendous traffic will take at least an hour also… The actual flight is at 4 pm so I am hoping that my stomach will settle before the six hour flight back to civilisation.

      Wish me luck 🍀
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       Oh Troy , not good lets just hope your flight home , is kid free and you can at least sleep ( good Luck ) love f us xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [Mum & Dad]


      Traveler  Ha! Let’s hope 😇🙏🤞x


       Imodium and some norfloxacin if you have on you or someone else has [Andrew]

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    • Day 6

      Eurotrash Potoato 🥔 Head Club

      February 8 in Indonesia ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

      Desa Potato 🥔 Head Beach 🏖 Club: Wow! What an absolutely beautiful setting… But it is hard not to feel completely out of place unless you are wearing string bikinis or designer speedos! I felt like Eliza Doolittle walking into ‘Henry Higgins’ mansion! 😱
      I feel so outta place; probably due to, mostly, my own insecurities (…how I wish I had woke confidence!) but more so from the way it has all been set up: you are too frightened to sit anywhere in case you’re in the wrong “zone”. I was (politely) told about minimum spends for certain areas… such as the day beds or cabanas. (…clearly the most social media worthy positions 📸) This fee would have been covered when I bought my first cocktail 🍹 An aptly named ‘Bali Zombie 🧟‍♀️’ The bartender could probably sense my trepidation and hesitation on arriving in this Eurotrash Wankers’ paradise 😉so he suggested the strongest cocktail on the list… At that point it seemed like the best idea! This is one place where you need to leave your inhibitions at the front door… 🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼

      Thankfully, after one ‘Bali 🧟‍♀️’ and a ‘Bali Colada’ (new take on an old favourite!) I was feeling more confident and my alcohol-induced imagination 💭 made me as sexy as the guy wearing tightly fitting blue speedos with that particular (…and peculiar) special Instagram pout! 😜

      I nabbed a retro couch combo seat arrangement and watched the beach (bottle) blond gyrating in the pool while her Uber cool 😎 BF recorded her next Tik Tok Extravaganza; a special treat for her 53 million followers!
      …Proudly influencing the masses since 2016! 🫣😵

      It is such a trip & experience to witness all of the specific and coordinated photography shoots happening in the pool, around the pool and throughout the whole venue itself! I wonder if many of these influencers will be discovered today and make their fortunes 🔮 or, and more likely, continue to score free vouchers from KFC for popcorn chicken and free entry into the dirty Dorset Hotel!? …Yes! I know! I’ll be nicer! 😜 God love ‘em!

      I was busting to hit the toilet… Apparently a hot spot at the club! 😜🫣…but I was aware that I could not move anywhere for fear of losing the most precious Real Estate position at potato 🥔 head! I summoned the birthday girl, Monica, and was able to freely move from the spot for a moment without losing it! Thanks 🙏 Mon! You saved the day again! It was so fantastic when Mon arrived and we could have a good chat! It is so much better to share this type of pretentious experience with someone else who is able to sit back with you and just laugh together! That is the sign of a good friendship! 🥰

      You will see that the dips and chips were a cut above the ordinary and not too badly priced! (…surprisingly). They were actually very delicious. I felt like I was eating healthily. Not that I give a shit on holidays, but why not pretend that you care about that aspect more than anything else; like the beautiful 😍 instagramming pretty people surrounding me! 😍😇😘

      By the way, there is an entire “waste lab” in the centre entry component of the potato 🥔 head establishment… Now! Let’s be honest here, wider Bali could not give a rats 🐀 arse about anything to do with the environment or recycling (…I did my bit by snorkelling 🤿 in it yesterday…rubbish, that is) but…in the middle of Eurotrash Woke Central it all seems to tick the right boxes for the cocktail 🍹 sipping hip & happening folk among us mere mortals 😜😇🕺🏼

      As I exited the second most pretentious place on earth 🌍 (…I only say second, because there HAS to be at least one that’s more pretentious…I just haven’t found it yet so I’m leaving that title free!) in my target singlet & big W shorts I passed the beautiful 🤩 people lining up to make their own debuts somewhere on the Instagram circuit soon! 🫣🤭

      Strike a Pose! 🕺🏼💅💁🏼‍♂️

      Mr. Potato Head… never fear! You’ll always be my Number One! 😜😘x
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      Traveler  Looks delicious 😋


      Traveler  Jesus Robyn! You’re quick! I just posted!!!! Love ya! X


      Traveler  Love this little face.


      Traveler  It was strong 💪🏻!!!!!! ALL my inhibitors came down after the BALI ZOMBIE 🧟‍♂️ LOL 😂

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    • Day 28

      Kuta #2 Pada akhir

      August 7, 2022 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Niet echt iets bijzonders, maar... .

      Het was een geweldige reis, enorm veel interessante mensen leren kennen die mij kennis gaven over de hele wereld.

      Van een Noorse die eigenlijk van de Filipijnen komt, tot onze man uit India die cameraman was van Coldplay - Hymn for the weekend (echt waar).

      Van de Amerikaanse die zich schaamt voor haar land en dan maar zegt dat ze uit Canada komt, tot de Deen met de snelste schoenen uit de winkel (hij had een loopsessie van 10 minuten , wees maar zeker dat iedereen uit ons hostel het te horen kreeg dat hij is gaan lopen).

      Van de Brit die ontslagen was maar nu kan werken tijdens het reizen, tot de Argentijn die in 20 jaar reizen meer dan 120 landen heeft bezocht, 7 talen perfect beheerst en nog 10 andere heel sterk onder de knie heeft.

      Van de Hawaïaanse die als werk kledij maakt, tot de Canadese die haar werk heeft opgezegd om even weg van haar gewone leven te zijn.

      En vooral de locals, die aan iedereen aantonen dat altijd vriendelijk en lief zijn tegen elkaar, mogelijk is. In welke omstandigheden hun leven zich dan ook afspeelt.

      Het maakt mij alleen nog maar warmer om nog veel meer te reizen en mensen te ontmoeten.
      Ik heb er verdorie van genoten.

      Geniet nog van enkele sfeerbeelden van de laatste dagen.

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    • Day 5

      Settling in Seminyak 🇮🇩

      February 7 in Indonesia ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

      Rocky, the Fast boat 🚤 captain decided to complete the paperwork just after we were all boarded and were ready to go! That’s the Bali way of life: very relaxed & laid back Generally this is fantastic but sometimes it can be slightly frustrating. Slowly accepting that and still struggling with the currency 💴
      Now, I have used thousands of different transportation methods in my travels all around the world and today’s sea 🌊 crossing would have to be the most hell raising, white knuckle ride I have ever experienced! 😳😱😈👎🏻🙅🏻‍♂️ Check out the video attached if you dare! ‼️⚓️🤢
      I would have kissed the ground when I arrived at Sanur harbour if it wasn’t for the mangy cats 🐈 wandering across it!

      I had myself wondering if there was a helicopter or small plane to take us back to the mainland but thought that might not be the safest option… …especially if they tie the engine together with the blue rope they seem to tie around most things to keep them together with over here! 😝🙄

      Arrived safe n sound at Tony’s Villa Hotel in downtown Seminyak. We have ‘pool access’ rooms. Unfortunately no ladders 🪜 to assist us to get in and out of them though!? Might ask them if they have any blue rope… 🫣😝
      Accessibility consideration just doesn’t exist over here! You won’t find any wheelchairs 🦼 in Bali!

      Seminyak already has a higher quality feel about it. Less haggling and more class! (…less blue rope! 🥸) Mon & I had a drink 🥃 in a sexy little cafe/bar across from Tony’s; had a cobbled streets of Mykonos feel about it.

      It’ll be nice to set up and totally unpack here in Seminyak for a few days. We have been on the move a lot since Friday after arriving.

      Mon had a flowery 🌺 birthday 🎈 surprise on her bed 🛏 on arrival 🥳🥳
      She was happy and tried to work out how to sleep around it! 🤭

      Fingers crossed 🤞 that the rain ☔️ is minimal and we have sun ☀️ when we need it most! Oh! And we don’t see any more blue rope holding anything together 🤭🪢🪢🪢
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      Traveler  Bali does look very relaxing, lovely surroundings & buddy's. I am surprised no crowds of people surprised about the cats thought they might be in the pots. Mon's bed looks lovely who doesn't love a pair of swans. 🤣😅 Funny about the no ladder in pool maybe it's for show no swimming. Glad you get to stop for a few days, Alex my friend said there are lots of artists, silversmiths & woodcarver there. I laughed when I saw the sandwich & chips. 😘


      Traveler  😘😘😘 It certainly is a unique and different experience for me… Some of which I am finding quite challenging… X


       😧 🏖️🍹 [LVO]


      Traveler  🫣🫣🫣

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    • Day 15


      July 25 in Indonesia ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

      Die letzten fünf Tage sind richtig schnell vergangen! Wir haben in einer Villa in Kuta mit vier unserer Freunde gewohnt, die sofort von der Idee begeistert waren, surfen zu lernen und von Anfang an auch voll gut waren! Also waren wir fast jeden Tag im Meer surfen. Den Rest der Zeit haben wir chillig im Garten unserer Villa verbracht, am Pool oder in einem der vielen Restaurants in der Gegend. Am Samstagabend sind wir zu einer Party in einem Club am Meer gegangen und an einem anderen Abend waren wir Minigolf spielen... und ja, natürlich hat Kevin gewonnen!
      Jetzt fahren wir nach Ubud, ins Landesinnere, wo wir alle zusammen 3 Tage in einem Baumhaus verbringen werden 😍

      Questi ultimi cinque giorni sono passati stra veloci! Siamo stati in una villa a Kuta insieme a quattro nostri amici, che erano subito entusiasti all’idea di imparare a fare surf e sono stati bravissimi fin da subito! Così siamo andati in mare a surfare quasi ogni giorno. Il resto del tempo l’abbiamo passato tranquilli nel giardino della nostra villa, in piscina, o in uno dei tanti ristorantini della zona. Sabato sera siamo stati ad una festa in un club vicino al mare e un’altra sera siamo andati a giocare a minigolf… e sí, ovviamente ha vinto Kevin!
      Ora ci trasferiamo a Ubud, nell’entroterra, dove passeremo tutti insieme 3 giorni su una casa sull’albero 😍
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      Traveler  Weiter so! Das Leben ist schön!!!


       👏👏👏 [Karin]

    • Day 1

      Der Erste Tag auf Bali

      April 23, 2022 in Indonesia ⋅ 🌧 28 °C

      Wir haben uns dazu entschieden im Vorfeld das erste Hotel zu buchen und uns ab dort treiben zu lassen.

      Drei Nächte waren wir hier: Aria Exclusive Villas and Spa

      Einfach, sauber, privater Pool und für 135Euro für drei Nächte für zwei Personen kann man nix sagen.Read more

    • Day 2

      Puri Madawi Seminyak

      August 8, 2022 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Tolle Übernachtung, Pool, ruhig gelegen, morgen mehr... breit ...😉

      Dienstag, 9 Uhr Frühstück, Continental + Fresh Friuts
      Strand nur 300m ... Strandspaziergang bis Chez Gado Gado und zum Mittag mit Mai Tai & Mochito und Indonesischer Reisbowl gestartet. Die Sonne scheint & die Wellen des Indischen Ozeans rollen gefährlich ...
      Zurück ins Puri Madawi eine Runde Schwimmen & zum zeitigen Sonnenuntergang in die Reagge Bar an den Strand zurück. Sonnenuntergang kurz nach 18 Uhr!!!Entspanntes Ankommen ...
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      Traveler  Erholt euch gut


      Traveler  Danke, machen wir. Ist schon etwas ganz besonderes, hier sein zu dürfen.


       Mega cool!! Geniesst es in vollen Zügen!! [Wilma Kwasnicki]


      Traveler  Prost ;)

    • Day 3


      August 1 in Indonesia ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

      So first days in Bali for my 30th bday gift to myself. I have high expectations but felt immediately overwhelmed and lonely.. I really didn’t find a way to have connection with anyone. Everyone seems so much into their business and I felt like nothing here is related to me..Read more

    • Day 16

      On the Road Again

      September 6, 2019 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Heute stand uns wieder einmal ein Reisetag bevor. Nach fast einer Woche in Ubud verabschiedeten wir uns von unserer zauberhaften Villa und machten uns auf den Weg zurück zum Strand nach Seminyak. Nachdem uns ein GoJek (ein Online-Taxi, ähnlich wie Uber) abgeholt hat, forderte uns unser Fahrer gleich auf, die Fahrt zu stornieren, da diese Online-Taxis in Ubud anscheinend nicht erlaubt sind. Das machte das Ganze zwar ein bisschen illegal, aber wir genossen den Nervenkitzel und kamen ungestraft und heil nach 1 1/2 Stunden in Seminyak an. Um die Zeit bis zum Check-in totzuschlagen quartierten wir uns erstmal in einem Hipsterlokal ein, wo wir uns leckere Bowls schmecken ließen. Danach konnten wir unsere Unterkunft beziehen, die, wie in der Beschreibung versprochen, sehr stylisch und pinterestig aussah. Leider trügte der Schein, denn bald stellte sich heraus, dass wir wieder einmal einen ungebetenen Mitbewohner hatten. Seminyak ist also der nächste Stopp auf unserer Indoor-Safari. Denn als Caro duschen gehen wollte, huschte eine Maus unter dem Badezimmerteppich hervor. Panik machte sich breit. Aber der junge Bursch von der Rezeption war sofort mit einem Geschirrtuch und der gelangweilten Frage "Where is the mouse? " zur Stelle. Nachdem sich diese zuerst nicht blicken ließ, konnte er sie schließlich doch mit dem Geschirrtuch einfangen.
      Nach dieser Aufregung brauchten wir jetzt Yoga zur "Entspannung". Obwohl es mehr Anstrengung als Entspannung war, machte es Spaß, war authentisch und kostete insgesamt nur umgerechnet 3 Euro. Zurück in der Unterkunft zauberten wir uns ein köstliches Studentenmahl aus Nudeln und Sugo und machten anschließend den "Potato Head Beach Club" unsicher. Beim Nachhausekommen sprangen wir noch kurz in den Pool und beendeten den Tag mit einer Zahnputz-Karaoke-Tanzparty, über die sich unsere Nachbarn bestimmt sehr freuten.
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