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  • Day119

    Merry Christmas from Yazd in Iran!

    December 26, 2017 in Iran ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    What can you expect of Christmas while cycling through Iran? Not that much! At least, Isfahan has a large Christian community in the Armenian quarter where it is celebrated. But we left the city behind us a week ago and didn't expect anything. And so did the unpredictable happen...

    By chance, we met 4 other cyclists from the Netherlands and Spain on our way to Yazd through the desert and cycled together for a few days. And cycling simply connects people... it turned out that there would be 20 cyclists in Yazd these days, so why not having a Christmas party together? Thanks to Silvio & Lena for the spontaneous organization and a great evening! The 20 of us could even enjoy 1.5L of homemade wine :)

    Most of us are staying in the same hostel and we're having a very relaxed time together which makes this Christmas a special and unique experience while temperatures reach 25 degrees during the day.

    Now we're going to hit the road again with a lot of nice group cycling, Persepolis and Shiraz ahead.

    Impressions of our journey from Ghom to Yazd via Kashan and Isfahan will follow.

    We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great time with your beloved ones!
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  • Day118

    Desert town Yazd

    December 25, 2017 in Iran ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Life works different in desert towns like Yazd and it did not only happen once that somebody went out to buy some staff and returned with empty hands. The city literally falls asleep in the afternoon while temperatures usually reach unthinkable highs. The roller shutters come off, people disappear (you'll mainly see tourists wondering what's going on) and traffic comes to a halt. If you go back out a few hours after dark, it is surprising how feasty and vivid it is then - like nothing had happened in the afternoon. Everyday's life takes place in the mornings and nights.

    Although we've smacked our way through Iran quite well during the last weeks, there is still so much food to discover: Sesame paste mixed with grape syrup on bread has become a fancied, energy-rich cyclists breakfast for us and we finally learnt what to use saffron for, how it looks like before and after cooking and how it should taste. The endless variety of pastry betrays us to stop at the bakeries again and again. We can smell them far in advance... Not to forget the ubiquity of fresh, juicy fruits and vegetables, nuts and dried fruits, food is our fuel!

    It has been the first time we stayed in a hostel in Iran and would definitely not be the last time. There were 10 fellow cyclists and we loved to hang out in the cosy courtyard, shared fruits, drank liters of tea and coffee and plundered the breakfast buffet together :)

    The cityscape is characterized by narrow alleys between low houses typically built of ochre mud. Wind catchers and minarets rise above and several roof terraces offer great views over the roofscape and at the surrounding mountains. Some Zoroastrian architecture is remaining and so does a fire temple contain a holy fire which is kept burning since almost 1000 years. Don't expect an overwhelming fire, a visit of the temple is more about a glimpse at Zoroastrian history.
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  • Day203

    Iran und Corona

    April 4 in Iran ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Abwechselnd im Stadtpark von Yazd oder in der Sanddünenwüste ausserhalb Yazd. Weiter geht es wegen den Strassensperren nicht mehr. Glück gehabt, Yazd ist eine sehr interessante Stadt und die Wüste ist ruhig, einsam und erholsam.Read more

  • Day15

    Yazd, Iran

    January 24, 2017 in Iran ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    Na een bijzonder korte nacht ben ik met de bus naar Yazd gereisd, een reis van ongeveer vijf uur. Tijdens de busreis had ik een hostel gereserveerd. Maar toen ik aankwam vertelde een taxichauffeur mij over een nieuw hostel in het midden van de stad. Omdat hij de eigenaar kende zei ik dat ik voor 7 usd per nacht er wel zou willen slapen. Na wat heen en weer gebel heb ik een plekje in een top hostel in her midden van het oude centrum voor een spotprijs.
    In de avond heb ik wat door de straatjes gedwaald en schapenlever en schapenhart (een lokale delicatesse) gegeten.
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  • Day16

    Towers of Silence

    January 25, 2017 in Iran ⋅ ☀️ 6 °C

    Na lekker uitgeslapen te hebben ben ik naar de Towers of Silence gegaan. Dit is een tempelcomplex en pelgrimsoord van het Zoroastrian geloof. Op die plek worden dode mensen neergelegd en opgegeten door gieren zodat de vier elementen niet vervuild worden. Want bij het begraven vervuil je de aarde en bij crematie de lucht. Het idee dat je wordt opgegeten door de gieren is wat luguber, maar tegelijkertijd geeft het ook iets weer van de vroegere cultuur van de tijd voor de Islamitische overheersing in Iran.
    Later in de middag ben ik door het historische centrum van Yazd gewandeld wat ook op de UNESCO werelderfgoedlijst staat. Een heerlijke stad om lekker in rond te kunnen dwalen. Er zijn veel kleine steegjes, donkere tunneltjes en vooral mooie gebouwen. Ik heb er van genoten.
    In de avond heb ik een interview gegeven aan twee middelbare school studenten. Ze wilden graag een toerist interviewen en ik vond het leuk om ze te kunnen helpen. 's Avonds ben ik vroeg naar bed gegaan want de wekker staat om 4.45.
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  • Day8


    September 27, 2016 in Iran ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    Sightseeing in de grote woestijnstad, met Laura die poseert voor haar dagelijkse portie foto's met giechelende meiden. Ook de hoogste windtoren (natuurlijke airco) ter wereld bezocht en genoten van de zonsondergang bij de Towers of Silence.Read more

  • Day16

    Yazd et sa vieille ville en pisé

    September 25, 2018 in Iran ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Nous avons passé 3 jours calmes à Yazd, très jolie ville du désert que l'on a beaucoup aimé ! 
    La vielle ville est un labyrinthe d'étroites ruelles entre des maisons en pisé à toits plats, dans laquelle il est très agréable de se perdre. Il y a sur tous les toits des grandes tours avec de longues ouvertures : on les appelle les "windcatcher", elles ont pour vocation de capter la moindre brise et de la redistribuer plus bas dans la maison. C'est une vielle technique de ventilation naturelle et on a pu verifier : ça marche !

    Nous avons visité les quelques monuments à voir : mosquées, bazaar, maisons anciennes et tour du silence des zoroastriens (tour dans laquelle les Zoroastriens déposaient les corps des défunts afin qu'ils se fassent manger par les vautours, car il était jugé impure de mettre un corps dans la terre le feu ou l'eau... Mmmh!), un ancien réservoir d'eau transformé en salle de sport pour la pratique d'une sorte de fitness ancestrale avec des poids en bois en forme d'aubergines... (voir photo)
    Mais surtout, nous avons pris le temps pendant ces 3 jours. Des petites journées, on a bullé à l'auberge et on a bien dormi !!! Bonheur :) 

    Rencontre insolite : 
    Nous avons fait la connaissance de Kares Le Roy, un grand photographe français, qui travaille sur les nomades et la culture perse depuis des années. Il a déjà sorti un très beau livre sur les nomades qui s'appelle Ashayer. Il travaille actuellement sur un nouveau projet sur les traditions perses. Yazd est sa seconde ville, il connaît donc la culture Perse extrêmement bien et a pu nous apprendre pas mal de choses. Et puis Arthur était tout content de pouvoir parler photo avec lui.
    On vous conseille vivement de regarder son travail c'est magnifique!

    Petit point bouffe :
    C’est toujours aussi bon MAIS nous commençons à sévèrement tourner en rond et avons hâte de découvrir la bouffe japonaise !... Nous français, on ne se refait pas…

    Nous allons ensuite à la belle ville d’Isfahan, des bises à tous.

    Nos visites
    Dowlat Abad Garden +++
    Le Musée de l’eau +
    Le complexe Amir Chaghmagh ++
    La Mosquée Jameh ++
    La grande Mosquée de Yazd ++
    Les tours du silence Zoroastriennes +++
    Saheb AZaman Club Zurkhaneh ++

    Notre hostel
    Kalout Hostel +++
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  • Day174

    Walking around in Yazd's heat

    March 31, 2018 in Iran ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    The German-Austrian-Catalan tourist group got going again :-) With the 6 of us, you have to know that it makes it hard to cross any kind of public space without having one of us being stopped and asked for a picture. But we got to see quite a bit:

    - Zoroastrian temple with an eternal flame 🔥 burning since ~470 AD - we only got 5 of us on the picture and the second Anna is missing

    - Masjed-e Jame (Main Mosque) - the girls having to take a separate entrance and borrowing chadors. 👻 While Iranian religious teaching emphasizes that the chador is a protection for women “like the oyster protects the pearl”, we actually felt like rather sweaty women. A nice surprise was the presence of a calligraphy artist and both Annas got their name written in Persian calligraphic script

    - the shrine of a religious scholar (which was undergoing construction - thus the „holy repair” street sign). It also had a variety of praying beads on a rake, it looked very nice

    - coffee stop at a nice restaurant court: great coffee ☕️ and pomegranate juice 🥤 also a fantastic escape from the searing sun

    - walking the old streets of Yazd: almost everything is made of reddish-brown brick and wind towers (called badgirs) help to ventilate rooms and courtyard by channeling in air from outside through intricate systems

    - traditional house: only Bertram and David went there while the rest had already left: it was not really impressive and the collection of western women pictures on the walls looked rather creepy

    We are now back in the hotel to escape the afternoon heat - it really is the desert here in Yazd and rain falls as rarely as 3 times a YEAR!

    In the evening we will go out together to another traditional Iranian restaurant with roof top seating.

    Happy Easter 🐣 to all of you back home!
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  • Day175

    Water museum and Iranian sport sessions

    April 1, 2018 in Iran ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    We started our last day in Yazd at a relaxed pace. We saw most of the major sights yesterday and planned to use today to read and soak in some of Yazd’s atmosphere from one of the many rooftop cafés.
    We first set out to Yazd’s water museum. It chronicles the work of the local people digging underground waterways to provide water to the city. The museum was housed in an old family building and we enjoyed it a lot :-)
    Continuing with the water theme, the next stop was the former water reservoir of Yazd. From the outside it is barely noticeable, but from the inside it is very much like a huge egg placed underground. Pretty impressive! Nowadays, the site is used for practitioners of an Iranian sport where heavy wooden clubs are swung around. We actually came back in the evening to watch a “performance” of these sportspeople. The place was packed, there was singing and live music and about 10 men practices their sport in the middle. Quite a peculiar way of evening entertainment :-)

    Finally, after visiting one last mosque/gallery in Yazd we played some billiards at or hotel. Anna: 2, Bertram: 1 (though Bertram pocketed the black ball twice...) 🎱
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