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  • Day26


    June 1, 2015 in Israel

    Photos are of sitting on a ridge close to Nazareth with Jack teaching and then just a night shot of Nazareth from the monastery we were staying. The other post has more details on our stay here.

  • Day27

    Morning in Nazareth

    June 2, 2015 in Israel

    I have a quick moment and a hint of wifi, so I thought I would try to post. Just a quick update on our travels yesterday that landed us here in Nazareth. This is as much for me to remember as for you to read.

    We started the day heading to the coast and Caesarea Maritima, yet another monument to the incredible genis and diaboloical nature of Herod the Great. Unlike an architect like Frank Lloyd Wright who tried to work with the landscape, Herod's goal was to subdue it. The seaport he built at Caesarea Martitima was a momumental achievement to this end. He used a relatively unknown medium (concrete the hardens underwater) to build his seaport. He brought in something like 400 ships, each loaded with 44 tons of the stuff needed to make the concrete. He had people working for him who would dredge the harbor there by hand. Yes, swim down with containers and and bring up sand to be hauled away. Herod's way of thinking was just so grand. Nothing was out of the realm of possibility. Caesarea is also the place where Peter came to share the gospel with the Gentiles for the first time and where Paul was imprisoned for two years.

    We headed back east along Mt. Carmel to a place to overlook the Jezreel Valley, then on to Meggido. Meggido was such an important town in ancient history and although Biblical events are limited on that very spot it was in close proximity to some good ones. Wish I had a bit more time to post, but people are starting to file in for breakfast. :)

    Anyway, we ended the day in modern Nazareth (literally thousands of times larger than tiny ancient Nazareth). It's hard to get a feel for ancient Nazareth amid the car horns and blaring techno music, but if you try hard enough, as always, you can get a sense of the place. Small town. VERY small town. A town where one would not want to suddenly be "pregnant by the power of the Holy Spirit." Joy was shared by families and from family to family. So was shame.

    Mary was a lot braver than I am.

    Sorry for the limited post. I'll get you next time when we get to Galilee tonight.
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  • Day2

    The Annunciation

    March 7, 2017 in Israel

    We are in Nazareth! My favorite place we have visited so be fair, it's our first day! This is the town where the Holy family once lived and where Mary grew up. We visited the Byzantine Church of St. Joseph. Tradition identifies this place as the workshop and home of the Holy Family. Father Neil led us in Mass of the Annunciation and found it very moving to pray in front of all the picturesNext to the Church of St. Joseph is the Church of the Annunciation, which stands over the cave of the home of the Virgin Mary. Below the Church is Mary's Well where the angel Gabriel announced to the Virgin Mary that she will bear the Son of God.Read more

  • Day4

    Mt. Precipice

    December 18, 2017 in Israel

    25 minute drive through back streets saw us almost hit 12 cars and knock about 25 mirrors off but we were at the next place in time for the sunset out over the Valley.

    Such an amazing experience as Christ would have sat and stood and no doubt preached to people just like us in this very spot.

    Most likely the very place that the jews tried to throw Christ off the cliff to his death.

  • Day42

    Nazareth, Israel

    November 8, 2011 in Israel

    We decided to go to Nazareth by local bus it cost 28 Shekels each return, that's about £5.
    So the busses are great value and comfortable.
    The journey took about 1 hour each way so we got to see quite a lot of the countryside.
    Btw the busses are every 10 minutes, we could learn a lesson from the Israelies.
    I can definitely recommend it as a way to visit Nazareth from Haifa.
    Just in case anyone actually reads this, the bus is the number 331 and you get it at the little bus terminus right outside the port, and the port entrance is 4 to 5 minutes stroll from the ship.
    If you want to get a taxi instead the ones outside the port entrance are cheaper than the ones right by the ship.
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  • Day2


    November 17, 2017 in Israel

    Miesto života Jozefa a jeho rodiny.

    (strohé poznámky z kázní)
    - Zachariáš chce dôkaz. Ak to hovoríš, daj mi dôkaz! Mária nechce dôkaz, ale žiada vysvetlenie ako sa to stane.
    - Zachariáš onemel, alebo nevedel sa vykoktať. Zvuky z neho vychádzali, ale nemali žiaden význam. Niečo podobné môže dostať každý kresťan ktorý neuveril. Nebude vedieť o čom hovoriť, alebo nik mu nebude rozumieť, jednoducho bude koktať (nevynímajúc kňazov kazateľov ktorému veriaci ľud nerozumie).
    - Zachariáš má vyjsť z chrámu a dať požehnanie, ale dokiaľ neuverí, dokiaľ nepovie Božie slovo, nebude môcť dať požehnanie. Je veľkou tragédiou veriaceho ak nepožehnáva...
    - Ján sa bude volať! Zachariáš znamená - Pán si spomenie. Alžbeta znamená - tá ktorá je zasvätená. Na koho si Pán spomenie? Pán si spomenie na svoju Cirkev. Očakáva sa, že príde Mesiáš. Preto mu nedajú meno po otcovi ale až po dedovi. Meno Jochanan - Boh je láska.
    - A v momente keď Zachariáš napíše, že Boh je láskou (Jochanan) prestáva koktať a začína hovoriť: "Nech je zvelebený Boh ... "
    - Zvláštne, syn kňaza, ktorý má byť v chráme žije na púšti.

    - Každý významný človek v Starom Zákone sa narodí cez Boží zásah (neplodnosť, staroba...) Je to spôsob vyjadrenia, že iba Boh rozvíja ľudstvo a nie človek.

    - Bazilika Zvestovania, interiér a vstup do krypty
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