Campanile di Giotto

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  • Day3

    Leaving Venice

    July 4, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    Up early to look through St Marks Basillica and well worth the wait in a queue. Such a beautiful church with lots of history. We said goodbye to our appt and breakfast cafe to board a train to Florence. Two hours later and a short walk from the station to our appt then out. We booked to go in to the church, through the museum and up the cupola (dome). Not quite as tall as the Vatican but still about 367 steep steps and yes I did it albeit slowly. I am now knackered but I did it. Museum was so interesting. Don’t think the girls were impressed with seeing a finger from John The Baptiste!!! Out to a lovely restaurant 10 mins from appt. we all love Italian food. Lovely appt right in the middle of all the action, just great.Read more

  • Day4


    July 5, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    Woken up to bells ringing at 7am.. They will forever be in my mind!!! Breakfast in a lovely cafe 5 mins from our appt. just love their fresh juice and food. Walked around one of the many squares with all the tourists and waited in a queue again to visit a palace museum. Had an early lunch then walked down to the Ponte Vecchio Bridge and watched dragon boats practising on the Arno River . Opening ceremony for the International Festival tomorrow night with racing on Sat. NZ team racing. Had siesta then back on the streets to see the famous sculpture of David, just amazing. Claire has sore throat so only three for dinner, hopefully she will feel better after a good nights sleep.Read more

  • Day21

    Florence Part 1

    October 4, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Continuing our love of public transport we caught the Metro to Milan Centrale Station and found our way to the departure area for the inter city trains. MDW was keen to get there so we only had a three hour wait and no seats were available. It was packed. So we went to a cafe where we paid extra for seating and purchased a coffee and hot chocolate. Italian coffee is fairly strong but usually of good quality and I find it very drinkable. The size is small but because of the strength it is probably sufficient. MDW’s hot chocolate came in a large mug and was like a cup of melted chocolate. Thick brown syrup, MDW said there were enough calories in it for a year, you have it. So I slowly spooned the chocolate until I had half finished it. That was enough. We took our bags to the departure area and spent the next hour looking at the departures notifications along with a thousand other train travellers. Eventually we were able to board and found our seats. It was a high speed train from Milan to Florence. With speeds of 300km it was a two hour journey and quite comfortable. The Florence station was 1 kilometre from our hotel, The Hotel Villini. 10 minutes walk, no public transport options and a mile long queue for the taxis. Google maps pointed in the right direction and off we trekked. The non existent foot paths made us wheel our bags along the paved road along with many others including cars and push bikes. It was a battle at times and we did think the wheels could fall off at any moment. After our 10 minute walk we found the entrance to our accommodation. This hotel was picked by MDW, 2 Star. I think 1 star for having a bed and 1 star for having a bathroom, a disaster of no kettle so no cups of tea, but 5 stars for location. We were greeted by two work experience students who explained the bar opens at 6pm but if we wanted something earlier they would look after us but don’t tell the boss. We unloaded our bags, noticed there was the standard bidet in the bathroom, something that will remain unused, and headed out. 20 meters from the front door we were in the main piazza. The 3rd biggest cathedral in Italy I was informed by a tourist guide. It is immense, spectacular, amazing etc etc. We walked around it, up and down many streets then sat near it for a cold drink. My glass was frosty and the “almost a long neck” very cold. I poured the beer in the glass and suddenly had a frozen beer in front of me. But it was refreshing. After dinner we walked around for a few more hours marvelling at the spectacular buildings, watching and listening to buskers and walking in and out of a 100 shops. Back to our room we collapsed and even the hard bed seemed almost comfortable.
    One thing whilst people watching, we have noticed is the various stances people take before having their photo taken, it is an art form and at time amusing.
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  • Day21

    Florence Part 2, eating

    October 4, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    As we are deprived of tea we went to one of the few cafes open at 8 o’clock in the morning. We sit and ask for tea and toast. The waiter brings a selection of tea bags along with two tea pots filled with boiling water. Milk still hasn’t arrived but instead of toast two plates with toasted cheese and ham arrive. We send it back making sure it is understood we want toasted bread with butter. Milk arrives and we finish our tea but still no toast so I get up to pay, explain that we did not get the toast. The man at the cash register is not happy and after I pay the toast arrives. Too late. Pleased I didn’t wait for the toast as it was not bread but thin wafer style biscuit.
    Next meal we try is lunch, well I do. I have a four cheese pizza at a pizzeria. It arrives, lovely base beautifully smothered with cheese. I start to slice it when cheese or more likely milk, starts running off the pizza. I wait a while to see if it would set but no, it stays runny. I manage to eat it anyway.
    Final meal of the day is cannelloni for me and pork steak and potato for MDW. The meals arrive, mine perfectly aligned on the plate whilst MDW’s looked like manufactured pork with potato slices and salad. I know MDW is not going to eat her dinner. Mine is bland which is disappointing as I expected something special in Italy. The waiter came out and proudly told us that as they don’t have a kitchen he managed to find a packet of potato to heat up with the pork. What, no kitchen? We were given microwaved meals? We were not impressed but just paid the bill and left the food on the plate. This was very disappointing, if we had been home we would have complained but the cold beer at this place is pretty good.
    During one of our strolls we hear an almighty noise and saw the result of a wheel falling of the cart with 4 tourists in the back. One wheel had rolled to the side of the street with the passengers clambering off the cart and left to their own devices to get to the centre of town. It’s not surprising the carts wheel fell off, the paved roads are quite bumpy. I wonder how the wheels on our suitcases will survive the walk back to the train station.
    Florence is a wonderful city, the centre is magnificent, it’s more touristy than Milan but also more laid back. Plenty of places to sit and have a drink and watch the tourists go by. Next stop Bologna, our Italian is working well with the locals appearing to appreciate our efforts.
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  • Day5


    July 6, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Woken up to bells ringing at 7am, they will forever be in my mind!!! Breakfast in a lovely cafe 5 mins from our appt. just love their fresh juice and food. Walked around one of the many squares with all the tourists. Waited in a queue again to visit a museum. Had an early lunch at the same place we had dinner last night. Walked over the Ponte Vecchio bridge and watched the dragon boats practising on the Arno River. Opening ceremony for the International Festival tomorrow night with racing on Sat. NZ team racing. Came home for Siesta (could get used to this)!!! Back downtown to see the famous sculpture of David, just mazing. Claire has sore throat so only three for dinner. Let’s hope Claire better tomorrow. Nothing worse than being unwell whilst on holiday.Read more

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