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  • Day241

    Mount Etna

    February 22, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 3 °C

    Having seen stunning views of Mount Etna, Vicky was raring to visit it. From near sea level, we said our goodbyes to our GB friends and drove the van up the side of the volcano (which turned out to be pretty steep in places) to the top car park at a height of 1918m above sea level.

    As we approached, the outline of the volcano grew larger and larger against the sky and eventually the summit dissappeared behind the closer peaks. When we passed the snow line, we saw the layers of black sooty ash that had been recently dumped on top of the white snow. The bright white was contrasted severely against the reddish black of the basalt poking through in ridges that ran downhill.

    The air was tinged with a sulphurous smell which we are blaming on Etna because we definitely emptied and cleaned the toilet just a few hours previously!

    It was again, a clear day and the views from the car park alone were amazing. However, being over a mile high did take its toll; between us we had heart palpitations and a headache, the plastic bottles expanded because of the drop in air pressure and the fridge wouldn't light.

    After lunch we went to get our tickets for the cable car. They were €30 each which was expensive, but we really wanted to get closer. Approaching the building that looked as if it sold tickets, a woman asked Vicky if we had bought any yet. It turned out that she and the person she was with had finished skiing and were offering us their tickets for free! We couldn't thank them enough!

    The cable car took us past smaller craters that were outlined beautifully in the snow. At 2500m we stepped out of the station onto the white slopes. We felt exhilarated from the trip up and where we were; we'd both learned about Mount Etna in school but never dreamed at the time we would actually visit.

    We had about an hour and a half to spend up there. We'd read that minibusses could take you even closer to the active crater, but with the snow covering, it didn't look like this was possible. We'd also read that paths to the summit were clearly marked but this wasn't the case either so we set off hiking up the ski slope. We walked to just above a small crater - the highest either of us have ever been on land.

    Will thought he felt the ground trembling and we both heard deep rumbles followed by small plumes of smoke emitting from the top along with the ever present steam. It was a positively overwhelming experience to be up there and it was with some reticence that we took the last cable car run down to the car park again.

    On our way back, we did a double take at a camper van, at which point we heard someone asking whether we were the other British camper vanners? It turned out Peter and Carmelle were a couple the Grey Gappers had told us about who were travelling with their rabbit! We decided to stay at ' base camp' overnight and set off to explore a larger crater near the car park. There were 5 foot deep holes in the snow along its ridge and a few people were tobogganing down to its core, but Vicky sensibly managed to restrain Will from doing likewise. Stray dogs were sunning themselves on the south facing slope and looked quite happy and healthy with the plentiful supply of food they had from year round tourists.

    Sunset over the side of the volcano brushed the cloud layer below with gold, then pink that spread to tint the sky behind the snow covered crater we'd walked on earlier. Overnight the wind picked up and blasted the van with grit filled gusts. The temperature went down to 4°C but felt much colder with the wind chill factor. It was, despite the lack of sleep, one of the most amazing places we've ever stayed.
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  • Day17

    Etna - Sizilien

    April 19 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Heute sind wir auf Sizilien und ich fange erst um 13 Uhr an. Ich war mit zwei Kolleginnen gerade auf dem Etna oben. Das ist auf jeden Fall beeindruckend aber es war leider sehr diesig und wolkig, sodass man nicht sehr weit sehen konnte.

  • Day4

    Catania - Haben Sie auch WLAN?

    May 6 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Palermo hätten wir jetzt gesehen. Wir ziehen weiter nach Catania und machen mal einen Day Off. Wir probieren nun auch mal unseren neuen OMNIA Gaskocher Backofen aus. Es gab Fleischloabelan mit Tomatensauce und Paprika. Molto Bene!

    Danach sind wir in den Genuss gekommen eine TIM Simkarte kaufen zu dürfen. Ein Highlight für sich, das man selbst erleben muss.Read more

  • Day4

    Our appartment

    May 23, 2013 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Finally, we arrived accidently in torre archirafi, where we stumpled upon our appartment which enlightend our whole vacation!

    Very recommendable!

  • Day8


    May 27, 2013 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Catania is one of the bigger cities in sicily. A pretty town which was a good example for the italian lifestyle.
    Have you ever seen faster boats than that, from the Sicilian financial guards? Wonder why?

  • Day19

    My next adventure

    July 20, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 81 °F

    Sad in a way for us all to go own way but I am ready for my next adventure in Austria with Bruno & Gabi. The hotel Ravesi was an amazing place to stay,a photo of our little friend who was wandering around last night under the light. Lovely views of the hotel gardens and of Lipari. Boat trip uneventful but trip from Milazzo to Catania took an age. Staying at a hotel close to the airport as I have an early flight to Zurich in the morning. Hotel and the service is crap, maybe they have a monopoly??? Better to come, I am sure. Bon voyage Italy, look out Austria.Read more

  • Day376

    Day 377: Mount Etna

    February 26, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌬 3 °C

    Up and out early again! Today was our last full day on Sicily and in Italy, and we were going to use it to conquer Mount Etna - the largest active volcano in Europe! Our Airbnb host had recommended a local guide who we'd chosen to go with, so he (Dario) picked us up at 9am out the front along with his assistant Basilico. In a funny coincidence, Basilico was from Bronte, the same village my sister's in-laws hail from, just on the other side of the mountain! Small world, though I don't think he knew them.

    We set off in Dario's 4WD and headed straight up for the base station of the cable car, since this is where most tours start. Unfortunately, there was basically a blizzard up at this altitude - howling winds and driving snow, so we couldn't really see anywhere. We briefly explored a large crater nearby (Etna is actually pock-marked with 2000+ craters and volcanic mounds), but the snow and wind made it too difficult to do anything realistic here. It was the kind of wind where you could comfortably lean into it, well past your balancing point, and feel very confident you weren't going to fall!

    So we hopped back in the car and descended, driving around various parts of the lower slopes. We got to see some lava valleys, forests, a few more craters and other various bits and pieces.

    Dario had OK English and Basilico was pretty fluent, so we had some good chats and a few laughs - they were quite entertaining! Stopped briefly at a store selling "local products" but thankfully no pressure to buy anything which was nice. The wines were quite good but since we were getting a flight the next day we didn't end up buying.

    Did about 45 minutes of hiking up a lava field which was quite interesting, though unfortunately we weren't able to see the summit crater since it was shrouded in heavy clouds - the same ones that had battered us earlier in the day.

    Eventually it was time to head back down, and we were back at our apartment around 3pm. Quite hungry since we hadn't had lunch (only a few snacks and fruit), we walked over to the main piazza 10 minutes away and had some arancini - delicious as always.

    Retreated home and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening there, though I ventured out for a takeaway pizza later in the evening. Not a bad way to complete our two months in Italy!
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  • Day34


    April 7 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 6 °C

    Aujourd'hui cap sur l'Etna.
    Vu la couverture nuageuse, nous avons peu d'espoir de l'entrevoir.
    Mais au fur et à mesure de la montée, les nuages se déchirent et le volcan se dévoile dans toute sa majesté.
    Après un repas succulent, comme d'habitude, nous hésitons à monter plus haut : téléphérique, 4x4, marche d'une heure et retour. Une observation aigüe de l'équipement des personnes qui en redescendent nous font prudemment renoncer. Il fait tout de même 6° à 2000 mètres, combien ferait-il à 3000 avec de la neige?
    Nous ne tenons pas à le savoir.
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  • Day25

    Wednesday in Catania

    September 13, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    We arrived in port at 7am and on the bus to Mount Aetna and Taormina by 8:30
    Another beautiful day on the Mediterranean sea with clear blue skies. We travel part way up mt. Etna, walk about and have a canola. We were able to walk near a sleeping vol a o. Silvestri. Now back down to Taormina.

  • Day112

    Catania und Silvester

    December 31, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Auch Catania, die zweitgrößte Stadt Siziliens, wollte von uns besichtigt werden. Da wir die Silvestereinkäufe bereits erledigt hatten, war heute noch genug Zeit dafür. Leider spielte die liebe Sonne nicht so richtig mit und so durchstreiften wir das Zentrum unter einem Wolkenhimmel bei gelegentlichen Schauern.
    Dennoch hat Catania einige schöne Ecken mit allerlei historischen Bauwerken, wie zum Beispiel dem Elefantenbrunnen. Den traditionellen Fischmarkt werden wir auch so schnell nicht vergessen, mit seinem einmaligen Geruch und allerlei Matsch und totem Fisch auf dem Boden.

    Unseren Silvesterabend verbrachten wir ganz gemütlich in unserer Wohnung mit leckeren Burgern, Pantomime, Kapseln, Gesangskünsten und Uno. Das Feuerwerk der Nachbarorte konnten wir glücklicherweise vom Hinterhof unserer Ferienwohnung aus beobachten, da wir vor lauter singen die Zeit vergaßen.

    Es ist schön an Silvester Freunde bzw. Familie um sich zu haben.

    Tag 113: Den Neujahrstag verbrachten wir ganz entspannt und gemütlich in unserer Ferienwohnung. Während Corinna und David einen kleinen Ausflug machten, fingen wir so langsam an unsere Sachen zu richten und Freudolin fit zu machen.

    Am Abend wollten wir als Abschluss nochmal gemeinsam Pizza essen gehen. Jedoch ist Neujahr auch in Italien Feiertag und so fanden wir nach einiger Suche "nur" ein Fischrestaurant. Auch hier konnten wir wieder sehr lecker speisen.
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