Piazza Navona

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    • Day123

      Cat pancakes and Elisa Blu

      September 9 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Sorry for the no post 🫶🏼
      Here is us back in Rome after I left my dad🥸
      Met scoutyyyy at the train station cuz she was staying close to there and we got the bus !!! Yes the bus the bus me and sara waited for hours and it didn’t come and when it did it dropped us at the bottom of the hill !!! All the way!! Yes yes all the way!!! To Pietro’s house !!! Insane I’m telling you. We met sara there and I hadn’t seen her for agessss so it was very nice 👍🏼

      Elisa Blu bullied us for 2 nights: here is us dressed in our winter outfits as her ‘little darlings’ and then we went out after and had an aperol because oh my we needed one.

      Here is us the next morning when scout slept over making pancakes ! We hugged the evil deva cat and scout said I was holding it wrong “Alex that’s not how you hold a cat” but when she picked it up it got mad so 🤷🏼‍♀️💅
      Then we made the pancakes which we made into cats - we made a competition on my Instagram as you can make a poll where your friends vote for who they like. I went for a whole body (a bit ambitious) but I did win 😇

      Then I gave scouttyyyy a haircut. We then missed the bus to the Vatican (Vati post coming) cuz I had to even her out a bit. Didn’t get time to do the bangs which may actually be a good thing- I have not cut bangs before. Also coming , the fact that I left those hairdressing scissors in my toiletries bag which did not end amazing but could have been worse …
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    • Day9

      Piazza Navona + Saint Ignazio Church

      May 18 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

      We went to this Piazza and then got pizza and ate it next to the fountain. This church had a dome painted like a dome but it was actually a flat ceiling painted to look like a dome. Don’t mind the odd angles- everything was quite tall so I couldn’t reach for a nicer frontal view.Read more


      Great photos Alex

    • Day3

      Tag 2 Teil 2

      June 4 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Hier nochmal ein kleiner Überblick über den Tag:
      Nach der langen Wartezeit haben wir es in den Petersdom geschafft, wofür wir 5€ Eintritt gezahlt haben (leider überflüssig). Trotzdem sehr interessant :)
      Anschließen haben wir uns kurz einen Snack gegönnt und sind zum Pantheon geschlendert.
      Zwei Mal waren wir auf dem Plazza Navona und haben die St. Agnes betrachtet.
      Den Abend haben wir in einer Bar ausklingen lassen 🍺🍹
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    • Day7

      Roma - Tag 7

      September 11 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      Da unser Hotel direkt an der Straße liegt wurden wir am nächsten Morgen unsanft von den römischen Autohupern äääh Fahrern geweckt. Ich suchte uns ne Freewalkingtour durch Rom aus die uns bis zum Nachmittag beschäftigen sollte. Zuerst ging es zum Colosseo dann über dem Piazza Venezia zu den spanischen Treppen. Nach einem Spritz liefen wir zum Pantheon und infiltrierten dann die Vatikanstadt. Da alle diese Sehenswürdigkeiten richtig teuere Eintrittspreise haben und riesige Menschenmengen anstanden gab’s für uns nur den Blick von außen zu sehen. Wenigstens fanden wir wieder in der Nähe unserer Unterkunft little Berlin wo es einen Döner gab und wir uns mit den Dönermann gepflegt unterhalten konnten. Nach einem Schläfchen ging es wieder auf die Suche nach einem Club aber auch dieses Mal war es eher ne Sightseeingtour als ein Clubbesuch.Read more

    • Day5

      Wet Monday

      September 26 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

      We can finally say it is a rainy day - except even then not all day. I think I’ll give up looking at the predictions…looking ahead it says our 5 days in Venice will be rainy, but we will just see what comes and be optimistic! We set off this morning in very light sprinkling rain, but it did get stronger and we had to put up our umbrellas - very annoying negotiating them along the narrow streets and bumping into everyone else’s - almost tempted to buy one of those cheap ponchos that are now being touted on the streets just for ease of walking!

      So this morning we went to a wonderful art gallery which we had been saving for a rainy day. It is a private collection in a palazzo just off the via del Corso - Palazzo Doria Pamphilj. The building itself is amazing, and the art collection stunning…it has been in the family for many generations (centuries) - the Caravaggio works were acquired before they were special and he was looked on as an outcast! So a great morning, and it was almost sunny by the time we emerged.

      I felt ready for a break of blobbing, but with the improved day we walked along to the piazza del Popolo again to see if the church with 2 Caravaggio paintings was open - but it wasn’t! Must check its hours…so we had a rectangle of pizza each to tide us till dinner, and I meandered back to the hotel, while Amr checked out some shops… the time he arrived back it was wet again.

      We have booked to eat at a Hartley recommended restaurant in an alley behind the Piazza di Navona. Should be good.

      Well we are now back from dinner, abluted and ready for bed. The restaurant was called Cul de Sac, and was in a little street with many eateries, and obviously a place for tourists in that location. But it was great! A small place, with a wall decor of wines, and good food. Not many Italians…we heard English English, Canadian English, French…that was just the people round us. I had marinated eggplant and ravioli with citrus flavours, and Amr had a lentil soup and a cod dish…we were both happy! It was totally clear sky with stars…and Amr thought he spotted Jupiter…off to sleep…
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      Love this painting!

    • Day2

      1. Tag in Rom

      June 3 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Nach einem kurzen Power Nap nach dem Mittag ging unsere Tour weiter. Mit der U-Bahn ging es zur Villa Borghese, einem kleinem Park mit Teich. Anschließend sind wir immer entlang des Tibers zum Besten Tiramisu Roms gelaufen. Von da aus noch ein kleiner Abstecher zum Petersdom und zur Engelsburg. Jetzt lassen wir den Tag entspannt bei einem Aperol ausklingen. Schrittzäher stand aktuell: 25000 Schritte🫠Read more


      Das sieht aber lecker aus….genießt eure Zeit


      Sch😍😍😍😍n..... viel Spaß. Habt ihr euch verdient!

    • Day12

      Rom Tag 3

      September 20 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Da ich heute den größten Teil des Tages Kopfschmerzen hatte und es mir allgemein nicht so gut ging, bin ich erst gegen Abend aus meinem Zimmer gegangen.
      Dafür hatte ich zum Abendbrot sehr leckere glutenfreie Lasagne und einen Trevi Cocktail (beim Trevi Brunnen ;)) um den Tag und alle Ereignisse zu verdauen. Danach bin ich noch etwas durch Rom gelaufen und habe den Trevi Brunnen endlich mit Wasser gesehen, hab mich aber relativ fix wieder auf dem Weg zum Zimmer gemacht. Irgendwie war ich vom Tag doch etwas fertig.Read more

    • Day16

      PANTHEON and some extras

      May 25 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      I went by myself to the Pantheon as Sara had been when I had a migraine the other day. I listened to a Rick Steves podcast explaining its history which was pretttyy interesting. I really liked the symmetry of this architecture. The fact that the Dome roof was the same diameter as the cylinder bottom of the building just like a ball in a basket where the halfway of the ball fits perfectly in the baskets rim and the bottom of the ball would touch the ground only just (I hope that makes sense) and that the big engravings on the dome were always perfectly in line with the big arch parts where peoples graves were was immaculately satisfying. I went in the morning so wasn’t too busy but a good time to see the light shine in through the hole in the roof (from heaven). It shone on the 4th and 5th last pictures and the light shining down made the angel look pretty (the artist really new her angles). I tried to stand closer to her (there was a rope so I couldn’t go too far) to get some of that holy light on me and I think it may have reached the top of my hair🥰😇

      Here I have also included a nice jewellery shop, some gelato with Emiliano where we actually finally got our hands on some mint choc chip 🤤👌🤌
      Sara apparently misses the Australian sharks so has become one. No, I have not been able to convince her to wear this masterpiece out. But, thinking about it, I don’t know if I want her to 🤓😬🤘
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    • Day2

      Next Rome report

      September 23 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

      It’s now 4 pm Saturday, and we are back in our room having a little break. So I’ll write up about yesterday afternoon and evening, and this morning as again tonight I think I will be ready for bed. Already I have been falling asleep just now….I think yesterday we were pumping adrenaline, but today has been a bit slower…

      After settling into the hotel we set off again, spotting more famous Roman sights. Along via Sistina to the church Trinita dei Monti at the top of the Spanish Steps, along via Condotti and the Corso, found the Campo di Fiori by a rather circuitous route and then wended back to the Piazza Venezia to our favourite bar and had a drink watching the chaos of traffic and people….perfect!

      Walked back, rather tired by then, but decided to have dinner at our very favourite restaurant, where Amr first discovered in 1982, and where have been on every visit to Rome. Last visit to Italy was 2011, but the waiter - who is one of the brothers who own it - remembered us (Amr actually, everyone recognises Amr!!) and we felt royally welcome. We showed him photos of us there, and with him, over the years! Lovely food as usual - grilled radicchio, salad, pasta and grilled calves liver, followed by tiramisu and with a half litre of house red. We were revived after that.

      But quite an early night - in bed by 9.30 and slept fairly well. Breakfast in hotel - perfectly fine, but Italian pastries don’t match French ones (now I am being picky)…had a hot chocolate there, as was saving my coffee experience for the best coffee shop near the pantheon - La Tazza d’oro. So we set off to conquer Rome again, but this morning have to admit was feeling rather spaced. First we walked down Cavour and up a huge staircase to St Pietro in Vincoli where there is the magnificent Michelangelo sculpture of Moses. Then we continued down, past the Colosseum and lots of wonderful rubble on our way to the coffee shop…more pep after that and we continued on to Piazza Navona via a church St Louis dei Francesi where there is a wonderful Caravaggio painting - the calling of St Matthew.

      Ended up at the Campo di Fiori again which now was filled with markets (last night it was totally cleared, no sign of markets, just the restaurants round the edge) and lots of activity. Sat down for a little lunch to revive and give us strength to walk back here. It has been quite crowded today, quite busy dodging people and managing the cobbled roads. Realise it is Saturday, so lots of weekend visitors to Rome, and we’ve seen quite a lot of tour groups being guided along, and bicycle tours careering through the crowds!! We love it!
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      Love the photos and you are fitting so much in!


      Gorgeous photo of you, Rosie.


      I love this 😂

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    • Day16

      To Rome for Everything (Cervantes)

      June 17 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 88 °F

      Rome- a city of 2.8 million people does have a bit of everything. History is all around you-not just in the Colosseum and Forum but in every neighborhood you visit. Art and food and fashion are also here. The Vatican Museum, National Museum and Borghese Gallery are best known but there are many others. We have not had time or energy to visit them all. There are crowds here everywhere you visit and on the metro and side walks. You need a gladiator spirit to navigate the Vatican Museum. We viewed the Sistine Chapel Cieling as sardines packed into a can. Yet, we feel so very privileged to be here and to share in these places that hold so much meaning for people from all around the world. 🕊🌎

      Interestingly - it is here in Rome that we have seen the most mask wearing. Perhaps 90% of those on the metro.

      Here are few photos from our first day. We covered over 10 miles- only 1 gelato stop. At this pace, we’ll be ready for the marathon in December🏃‍♀️💕
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      Looks like a beautiful day in Rome! What a great job navigating throngs to be present in the past and taking pictures to prove it! We so appreciate your sharing your journey with us. I was completely blown away by the marble in Italy! Every imaginable color and naturally occurring patterns. Do you think you can keep this pace up for 7 weeks? The marathon will be a cakewalk! Missing you two. Sending love, Ama and Papa💋💋


      Incredible how much you've already covered. Your photos give us a nice window into your experience. At least the kind of stimulatiing exhaustion you feel from travel can also be fulfilling and renewing. You both look quite happy for it. It's great to hear that the throngs are masked!




      Lovely pics! I’m sure Kai is enjoying the history but that pasta looks like the highlight to me 🍝


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