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  • Day74

    Turin - more cugini !!!

    September 25, 2016 in Italy ⋅

    Three days visiting and staying with some more cousins. Again I couldn't ask for more and probably should of insisted on less. I ate like there was no tomorrow (you csnt say the word "no" while your mouth is full of food). Ate at home the first night then with the two dsughters' families for dinner on the following nights. I had to put in some pics.

    Turin is a pretty spectacular city and I spent 3 days being driven around sight-seeing (only stopping to eat). There is an amazing Basilica, on a mountain behind Turin, called "Superga" (last pic below). Frederick (who is at least 25 years older than me) beat up the 160 odd winding stairs to the top for a great view of the city and the surrounding area. Also went an saw a hunting lodge (Stupinigi) that had been built by the Royal House of Savoy about 200 years ago. The Royals sure knew how to live.

    Ladtly a pic of a vehicle thst I'm not sure how to describe. A motorbike with four wheels? It only has room for the driver, smallest car I've ever seen.

    Time to leave and try and loose the 3 4 kilos I put on in the last 5 days.

    Off to the port city of Genoa.
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  • Day29

    Sparziergang durch Turin

    September 18, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Es hat richtig Spaß gemacht Turin ohne Plan und Ziel zu entdecken. So kommt man meistens in die schönsten Ecken! Ich habe noch in keiner Stadt so viele Rundbögen gesehen. Und so tolle Innenhöfe.

  • Day19

    Farewell Paris

    January 2, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Today we had to pack up and catch a train to Turin, Italy. Once again lugged our luggage on and through the metro. Boarded the train at 10.40 for a 6 hour train trip. We decided to go first class for this leg of the trip. A bit more leg room and for the scenery. First hour was heavy fog but then it did clear for the rest of the way. It was funny because we packed our lunch and took our drinks. We are just having a stop over as it's too long of a trip to Florence in one day. While waiting at the train station I was taking photos of the Christmas decorations and the military accidentally photobombed. The
    police boarded the train in a town in France and checked our passports. In 2013 not once did we have our passports checked. David our tour guide said they have tightened up the border security and since then there haven't been any attacks. Before you could go anywhere in Europe without being checked. Whilst there were a lot more police, military & security checks not once did we feel unsafe. It's just a different world we live in now. When we got off the train it was nice not to get that instant brain freeze. It's cold but not like Paris was. Meant to be the coldest winter for 2 hundred years. Would like to visit Europe when it's normal weather. We found a restaurant for tea and we all had pizza, which was really nice for Italian pizza. Dave order a dessert that he saw on the next table. A cake filled with cherries and custard. The guy bought 4 forks over he must have known we would all try it. Brodie and Kellie dived into it and it was laced with rum. It was so funny, it made the waiters night- they couldn't stop laughing.
    He bought a little bit of cake over without the rum for them try. We could have done with that in Paris to warm us up. Brodie has been a bit giggly after his mouthful.
    We had nice night out, with Kellie taking us a shorter way home except she missed the street and ended up being longer way home.

    Overview of Paris:
    We found Paris a lot more expensive than Amsterdam and Germany. Really miss the street food we tried from both places. Street food in Paris is just to rip the tourists off.
    Didn't like dodging dog poo all the time and all the little streams from the building walls.
    Where we stayed in 2013 the streets were pristine clean, but where we stayed I thought the streets were dirty. David our tour guide said it was a posh area. Too posh to clean up after their dogs.

    Photo 1 - My photo bombers
    Photo 2 - Our first class lunch
    Photo 3 & 4 - Scenery on the way
    Photo 5 - Birthday tea
    Photo 6 - Baba cake
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  • Day331

    Day 332: Royal Palaces of Savoy

    January 12, 2018 in Italy ⋅

    Back out into Turin today, checking out the Royal Palaces of the House of Savoy. The House of Savoy is one of Europe's oldest aristocratic families, having first risen to power in France in the 11th century - it lasted until 1946! I assume the family is still around, but I don't think they control anything anymore.

    Despite being French and ruling over south-eastern France, western Switzerland, and north-western Italy, they moved their capital to Turin in the mid-17th century and began a big construction program. They built a large royal palace and several other smaller palaces befitting of their capital, most of which survive today.

    We'd seen most of them a couple of days ago, so today we just wandered around and filmed in a leisurely fashion. It was quite nice to already know what we were up against, and I didn't need to do extra research as that had been covered! I could just show up, remember what I wanted to film, and go. All up it only took us a couple of hours.

    More pizza slices for lunch at a trendy place, though we also had some delicious arancini balls too. Did some shopping in the afternoon where I bought a couple of new pairs of jeans - the ones I'd bought in Krakow in October had already worn out!! Hoping I get a bit longer out of these ones.

    Back home where we relaxed for the rest of the afternoon/evening. Pasta for dinner as usual!
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  • Day60

    Turin: Shops, Egyptians and Barolo

    August 30, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Birthplace of the Slow Food Movement, Turin is (almost) all about the food. It's Parisian boulevards make it a low-key Milan for shopping, bars and cafes spill onto the glamorous plazas and it seems filled with locals who are happy to keep its treasures under wraps. Barolo is made in the area and the city is stuffed full of interesting delis. we've filled up on pasta and pizza plus visited the very good Egyptian Museum.Read more

  • Day329

    Day 330: Westwards to Turin

    January 10, 2018 in Italy ⋅

    Nothing too exciting here today, just a change of cities! Our train wasn't until 12:30pm, so we hung around the hotel for the morning and waited to check out. We'd gone with the fast train option, so the travel time between Milan and Turin was only about 45 minutes as we rocketed across the plains at 250km/h. The train was fairly full though, and we had an odd moment where a man was sitting in our seats, he moved and glared passive-aggressively so I could put our bags down, then went and sat somewhere else anyway?! Go figure.

    Arrived in Turin and decided to walk to our accommodation, about 20 minutes away. Turin has a very neat layout of regular square blocks, so it was quite easy to navigate. It feels very French here, with lots of baroque buildings lining the streets; extremely un-Italian. It was ruled for centuries by the House of Savoy which hails from south-eastern France (near Avignon I think), and their influence definitely shows.

    Checked into our place with no problems, though it's on the fourth floor with no lift, so about 80 steps to climb each way! Yikes. It's also a bit gloomy with only a couple of external windows, but it's pretty large and will be nice enough. Good kitchen.

    Relaxed for a bit then headed out to explore. We're right in amongst the old core of the city, and fairly close to the Royal Palaces which are on the UNESCO list - the main reason for our visit really. Had a wander around and checked out the buildings, then decided to get in touch with the couple we'd met a few days earlier in Bologna.

    Organised dinner with them for 8pm, which went really well. Had a nice dinner at a semi-fancy restaurant - three courses and a couple of bottles of wine! It was a bit pricey, but I guess it's our early anniversary dinner.
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  • Day3

    Monday: Turin

    October 30, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 55 °F

    Breakfast at Hotel Berna was excellent. Lots of choice and good quality. We sat in the low table area rather than in the dining room. Less crowded. The coffee was from an urn. Often dodgy in Italian hotels, here it was perfectly fine. Nice grapefruit juice. This is often mistaken for pineapple juice. I had scrambled eggs, salami, cherry tomatoes, tomato and cheese salad, cheese, quiche, brown bread, rice salad agus rudai eile nach iad.
    We headed for the station, date-stamped our pre-purchased tickets and boarded the Turin train which was waiting at binario 5. The train filled up. We had to share our four-seat section with a 40 year old man who wore torn jeans and reeked of cigarettes. He was accompanied by a giggling woman, age & clothing not noted.
    VLL: even in late October, do not sit on the south facing side of a train in Italy. In this case the side nearest the platform on a train heading west. In Novella, MTC switched us across the aisle, as spaces freed up. Much more comfortable, even when the window-shade, at the seats we had left, was lifted.
    On arrival in Turin station, we bought our train tickets for the return trip on Wednesday.
    We were early, 13:30ish on arrival at the hotel. Our room wasn't ready so we left the bags and headed out. Shirt-sleeve weather (all day until about 17:30). A quick Lavazza coffee standing at the counter at Gatsby, just up from the hotel. MTC's americano was served with a jug of hot water and we each got a decent glass of fizzy water. The coffee cost €2.20 - for the two.
    We checked out the main sights and dined high on the hog at St Tomasso pizza al taglio, just off via Garibaldi. Pizza cost €2.50 a slice, except the Margherita which was €1.90. Total bill €13.80 including a beer and a coke. Stopped for a glass of wine on Piazza Veneto at the bottom of via Po. The Nebbiolo was not as nice as yesterday's in Milan.
    Returned to the hotel. Bags already up in the room. Decent size room. Balcony onto pedestrian street.
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  • Day4

    Tuesday evening

    October 31, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Much busier in town this evening compared to yesterday. Popped into Mood for a wine (the usual: Nebiollo and Arneis). Sat inside this time among the books. Literature takes the stigma off booze. I am Dylan Thomas or maybe Brendan Behan. I am half cut. The Nebbiolo smells oaky though Wikipedia does not mention this as a characteristic of the wine. Shows you what Wikipedia knows. I take a picture of the bottle, for future reference. The food and wine in Turin prompts a discussion about a driving holiday sometime. Stay outside the city, get a train in and load up on wines and sauces etc. to bring home.
    MTC convinces me that she was right not to buy the Furla bag she had been looking at. It's too big, she says. I agree, though I only have a vague concept of the appropriateness of bag-sizes. MTC later points out a lady with a bag of similar size. It does look big. I will retain this new knowledge for my interview with Massimo Dutti. I saw their ad for a Fashion Buyer in Milan. I know I am perfect for the job. Especially on the subject of bag-sizes.
    Walked the full length of Via Garibaldi, more than a kilometre, each way. Cool Xmas lights, even though it is technically, and actually, still October. Lots of kids out trick or treating. Mostly girls. They go into the shops for sweets. Some adults in cool costumes too. Seemed to be out late for the age group of the kids involved. Not my place to judge, but lots of whiny kids the next day. As a committed late-night drinker, I am in no position to decry the tragic consequences of the combination of excessive sugar and late nights.
    After an abortive attempt by MTC to buy a rucksack in the Callaghan shop on Via Milano (MTC thinks lady in shop is lying when she says she is getting a new one in tomorrow), we dropped into an old haunt from the previous visit, "Bar" on Via XX Settembre, for a glass of wine. Stuttechini of salami and quiche. Some trick/treaters came in while we were there.
    Headed up to Via Santa Chiara to look for Mercanti restaurant. This time we walked the full length of the long, long street searching. Couldn't find it. Number 13. On the way back we checked exactly which block it was on. MTC spotted it. The name is inside the porch, just in case a passer-by might see it. No reservation - no table! MTC does not believe that they had no tables.
    We were passing through the busy Piazza IV Marzo on our way back to town, speculating as to where we might dine. Recklessly, we decided to take pot luck. Had a very nice meal in Cafe Pan. Pep Guardiolo's older brother was at the table next to us. Definitely him. The square commemorates the signing in 1848 of the Statuto Albertino, which later became the constitution of the united Kingdom of Italy
    We both had bruschetta to start. MTC and me, not Pep's brother and me. I had bucatini a l'amatriciana. MTC had linguine a la vongole. Generous portions. Nebbiolo and Arneis to wash it all down. The Nebbiolo was chilled, like myself.
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  • Day3

    Turin: Monday evening

    October 30, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    After a shower, we headed out. Neither of us were too hungry so we decided to pass on the posh restaurant and take pot luck. We thought there'd be bound be a choice of restaurants. Not on a Monday night. We came across one place that was very busy. They put us at a shelf in a corridor. We left. Ended up back at the hotel and consoled ourselves with some prosciutto, prosecco and beer from the PAM supermarket next door. And two "Rosetta" rolls. Moretti. Better than the draft Nazzu in the restaurant last night in Milan. And San Carlo light crisps. Addictive.
    Observation on Italy: in the home of style, torn jeans are the thing to wear. I have a number of chinos that are slightly worn. Same thing.
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  • Day4

    Tuesday morning

    October 31, 2017 in Italy ⋅

    Breakfast room, which is quite big, was packed at 08:30 when I arrived. Managed to get the last table. The urn coffee was awful. Hotel Berna's breakfast is way better than Concord's. I had two espressos.
    After breakfast, we headed for the market in Piazza de la Republicca. Massive. The fish market was great. Fellows shouting the prices. "Cinque euro" seemed to be a very common price. MTC took video. The shouting seemed to increase as the camera got closer. Bought €1 worth of olives, piquante, to eat as I walked.
    We searched for Mercanti restaurant to see if OK for this evening. Gave up when we saw t-junction ahead, but we didn't realise that the street continues after it. We plan to return with better info.
    Then on to Sabauda gallery, which had been closed the last time we were in Turin. This time the ground floor was closed! The best section. No mention of this, of course, at the ticket office. Same stunt pulled on us a couple of years ago in a museum in Milan.
    Then on to lunch at Mood. A bookshop cum restaurant. Excellent oaky Renato Ratti Ochetti 2015 Nebbiolo red (described on one website as "a mini Barolo") and Roero Arneis White. Then back through shopping area. MTC detoured to Furla while I had a Lavazza at Gatsby to counteract the Nebbiolo effect. Limited impact. Returned to hotel at 15:30 to drop off the shopping. No purchase made at Furla. Unusual.
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