Taking advantage of Covid-19, we purchased a used RV, named Magnolia. This was our home. We watched God show up with divine appointments along the 7,873 miles in 111 days. To God be the Glory!
  • Day111

    Pat, my brides maid and Natalie

    October 15, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 73 °F

    We left the camp site to this morning before sunrise. We met Pat and Terry Jones for breakfast at First Watch. We had a sweet time. Back 40 years ago, I was a brides maid in her wedding and she was in my wedding.

    I was so encouraged by our time together and I was in tears when we left after a time in prayer. They get it and they understand our ministry!

    We then drove to Natalie’s house. John and Jan drove down our Rav4 from Mesquite, and we gave it to Natalie to use while she’s here for several more weeks. We had a fantastic visit learning about her journey of being in lockdown in Guatemala with the COVID-19 crisis. What an experience. Food distribution to poor families in villages in Guatemala.

    We arrived back in Dallas in the early afternoon. I enjoyed a FaceTime chat with Ellen and Elizabeth!

    It’s been 111 days since we left Dallas back in June for our RV trip!

    7,873 miles in the RV
    3,813 miles in the little Scion
    Stayed in 31 different camp/RV sites
    Glenn downloaded the Scion 27 times
    Visited with 50+ friends, family and supporters
    Drove thru 19 states
    Visited many national parks such as Big Bend, Yellowstone, Zion, Glacier, Grand Teton National Park and many more
    Found 15 letterboxes on our route

    I’m thankful for God’s protection as Glenn drove E.V.E.R.Y. single Mile!

    I’m thankful for Divine appointments of people we met along the way!
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    Laura Folk

    An impressive adventure, to be sure!


    What a journey, thank you for taking the time to share your experiences along the way. I really enjoyed my virtual trip with you.💜 [One Port at a Time]

  • Day109

    Austin gatherings

    October 13, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 72 °F

    After stopping at Buc-Ee’s for gasoline, we visited with Aunt Hattie.

    Glenn parked on the side road and we walked into her apartment area. I made BLT for us. It was fun to see and listen to aunt Hattie’s stories.

    Later in the evening we met with Randy and Rhonda, Dave and Ali plus Ron. The guys had visited us 4 years ago in Guatemala with Jim Eberline. We had a sweet time of laughs, food and prayer.
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  • Day108

    Remember the Alamo

    October 12, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 75 °F

    We’ve had a fun filled 3 days here in San Antonio.

    We met with Jim and Karen, long time family friends. We related stories of our adventures along the way.

    We also visited with Eloy and Irene that we first met on a cruise. We have also hosted them about 2 years ago when they had a stop in Puerto Quetzales.

    On Columbus Day, Glenn snd I explores “the Missions” south of San Antonio. We also walked along the river walk and I took a quick picture of the Alamo.

    After a quick swim in the pool, we headed to J. Alexander’s for a meal with Joan and Jonathan. Great conversation wrapped in prayer in the end.
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  • Day104

    The Stars at Night are Big and Bright

    October 8, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 90 °F

    Traveling back to Alpine, we pulled off the side of the road, pulled out the chairs, and sat on the side of the road watching the sunset eating chips and dip.

    We drove further down the road and pulled over again to look at the night sky. It was dark and the sky was brilliant.

    Milkey Way was spectacular! I saw a falling star. We also saw about a dozen deer, several road runners, and doves as we drove back to Alpine.

    We even heard some strange noise in which Glenn said to get into the car. No knowing what it could be (mountain lion), we didn’t want to take any chances.

    The Stars at Night are Big and Bright, Deep in the Heart of Texas!
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    Laura Folk

    👏👏👏👏deep in the heart of Texas

  • Day102

    101 days away from TEXAS

    October 6, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 90 °F

    It’s been 101 days since we crossed over into Texarkana Arkansas on June 29. We’ve traveled over 7,000 miles in the RV and we still have 1,000+ more miles to go.

    And we’re not finished yet!

    It felt good to be back in Texas. I’m amazed how it cools down so quickly after the sun goes down.

    On to Alpine...
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  • Day101

    Old friends

    October 5, 2020 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 73 °F

    Today, Glenn and I drove south of Tucson to Green Valley and Sahuarita to visit with Jean and Clayton for lunch and Janet and Dick for dinner and a swim in their pool.

    We are blessed to know both couple.

    Janet and I were at Moody Bible Institute together and even served on the Moody Alumni board together. Jean is from Dallas and I were in the youth group together with her daughter Kathy. We enjoyed our visit and go caught up on life and how God has been faithful.
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  • Day100

    Moving Day

    October 4, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 102 °F

    We enjoyed our 7 day stay at Villa in Scottsdale.

    We drove 3/4 hour to pay a visit with Norma. I first met her 4 years ago on a cruise and she also joined us our February 2020 cruise.

    Then today, we stopped at Zach Whaleys home and shared our journey with him and his family. Zach has come to Guatemala and we’ve hosted him as he did some major counseling with some missionaries.

    He encouraged us and said “don’t feel guilty for something you can’t control. Turn that into being blessed.”

    We are now at the Wycliffe Bible Translator’s Center just north of Tucson. Glenn is meeting folks from the Mexico branch.
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