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  • Day59

    The River Walk - San Antonio, TX

    April 18 in the United States

    After dinner stroll round The River Walk in downtown San Antonio. The place was buzzing with people eating, drinking and shopping on the side of the river. Amazing huge trees lined the river and boats that looked like colourful landing craft cruised round. Bronze statue if of a longhorn cattle drive. Mariachi bands were playing outside a couple of the restaurants. Thanks Ernie and Pat Corbello for telling us about this.Read more

  • Day59

    La Fonda on Main - San Antonio, TX

    April 18 in the United States

    Neal Carmickle, thank you for recommending La Fonda on Main, it was superb. Some of the best Mexican food we’ve eaten and the margarita on the rocks rocked !! Stew enjoyed his Mexican beers, Negra Modelo and Bohemia. We ate outside on the patio and fed crushed chips to sparrows, or spuggies as our neighbour Edna in Brechin calls them. They’re just like the ones back in the UK, except Stew says they have different accents, Mexican perhaps ??Read more

  • Day60

    San Jose Mission -San Antonio, TX

    April 19 in the United States

    Interesting tour round the San José Mission which dates back to mid-1700s. Founded by the Franciscans who wanted to convert American Indians to religion and they lived in the quarters round the open square. The church is now catholic and still in use today. The pomegranate trees were in bloom with bright orange flowers. Temperature was around 80F with a breeze, so quite pleasant.

  • Day60

    The Alamo-San Antonio, TX

    April 19 in the United States

    Interesting visit to The Alamo the scene of the 1836 battle between the Mexicans and Texicans. Met a Yorkshire man, dressed in period clothing, in the Living History area who was talking about the guns used and there was also a ‘doctor’ with his implements terrorising 2 young girls as he described in detail how life was at the mission. Our friend Ernie Corbello’s ancestors settled here from the Spanish Canary Islands in 1831. Their surname was originally Curbelo. Fantastic trees, live oaks and pecans , and cacti in bloom in the grounds.Read more

  • Day37

    Fort Sam Houston Quadrangle

    October 20 in the United States

    “The imposing limestone Quadrangle shelters one of the most tranquil places in San Antonio. Built in 1876, it is the oldest building in Fort Sam Houston and has for over a century been both an integral Army center as well as a free and open wildlife garden.”

    I got slobbered on by a deer hand feeding him. Color me happy.

  • Day68

    Day 68 - On A Mission

    November 14, 2016 in the United States

    The day started at a leisurely pace as washing needed to be done again. Once chores were done, we got in the car and made our way to a number of missions in the area. The Alamo yesterday is one of five that the Spanish set up in the San Antonio region. The first mission we visited, San José, is the largest in the region with a lot of the original architecture intact, including the large Church. The walled area and the various connected rooms add to the details of the mission and the adjoining museum helped fill in the gaps. All the missions are free to enter and Alice and I have been impressed with the amount of services and information available to the public. Before we hit mission number two, we needed food.

    We were both really hungry and so it was time to go big - Texas style. With a bar-b-q lunch at the B&B Smokehouse. We chose the two meat platter. Chicken and pulled pork for me and chicken and beef brisket for Alice. Oh my word! The meats were too good for words. We both had creamed corn as sides and I had rice and Alice had potato salad. If that was not enough, a slice of bread was thrown in for good measure. It was so good that I lost my internal stop sign and just kept eating. I was to regret that as I was not hungry for nearly a whole twenty four hours! My gluttony takes nothing away from the meal, a generous meal in portion size and well priced.

    We then drove to a further two missions that were a lot smaller in size but due to their close proximity to each other allowed a sense of scope for the reach of all the missions. We walked in, had a look around and then left. We checked the time and decided to go to our evening's entertainment early, another basketball game. This time we were watching the San Antonio Spurs take on the Miami Heat at the AT&T Center. There was a pre-game event involving a large number of young musicians which meant we had to wait around for a while. However, once inside, the buzz was slowly beginning to build. Compared to the Chicago Bulls build-up the Spurs build-up seemed subdued. Their mascot is a coyote with menacing green eyes and he just ran on and ran off at the beginning. The national anthem was performed by a group of young trombonists, maybe they were the winners from the pre-game event. The lights were lowered and the teams ran out and the game started. The stadium had a number of empty seats and this might have contributed to the flat atmosphere. It was still enjoyable for Alice and I and the Spurs raced into an early lead that they didn't lose. The crowd soon warmed up and it was quite a comfortable victory for the home team in the end. Basketball and Ice Hockey are fantastic spectator sports as the action doesn't let up throughout. There are also the breaks and time out entertainment to consider. The crazed mascot came on the court a few times and stomped his feet to a Spurs chant. There were also T-shirts thrown into the crowd although they did it a little different here to the last game we saw as a whole section in the stadium won a T-shirt as opposed to loads begin chucked into the stands. There was also another competition that was $25 to spend at a casino and on the big screen three numbers slowly revealed what section was to win. We were seated in 209 and the first number was a two, then it slowly revealed a zero and we both thought there was a good chance we could win and the last number that ever so slowly revealed itself was an... Eight! The section next to us all jumped up and down high fiving each other. Before the announcement we weren't interested in going to a casino but coming within one section made us feel like it would have been cool to have won it anyway. What's more, with the T-shirt throwing time out exercise, there was a guy not that far in front of us who was shouting out 'over here', ecstatically waving his arms about. From all the sports events we have been to so far the T-shirts never seemed to make it to us. Out of nowhere a wrapped T-shirt missile headed in his direction and he caught it! More high fives followed. It was nice to see how pleased he was with his prize. In the fourth quarter Alice and I decided to leave a bit early as the result looked certain and we had parked quite a distance away in one of the lots. We're glad we did as people were already streaming out and we would have been stuck for a while if we hadn't left then. A fun evening and probably the last sporting event we will watch whilst here in the states. They have all been high value entertainment and definitely worth a night out.

    Song of the Day:
    George - Amarillo Morning (we weren't in Amarillo, but we heard it at lunch and it mentions San Anton - as the locals call it)
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  • Day43

    Mission Mania [San Antonio]

    February 4 in the United States

    In California the 20 Spanish missions were each spaced one day's ride apart up half the length of the territory. In Texas the Comanche were such a constant threat that they crammed six of them into a day's ride apart end to end. Also notably different is the architecture. There is an obvious Moorish flavor to the San Antonio missions; arched doorways and candy canes striped arches like Cordoba Spanish Mosque. We're saving the Alamo for a later visit when we won't have the trailer to drag through congested city streets.

    On to Austin and a visit with Robyn and Doug. And Bruce.
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  • Day67

    Day 67 - Come And Take It!

    November 13, 2016 in the United States

    Where we were staying in San Antonio was close enough to take a bus into downtown. We are staying in an Airbnb which is a tailor made flat above a double garage. It has everything we could need and is nice and cozy.

    On arrival in downtown we had a quick look in the Riverwalk Mall and then had Italian for lunch. We both had a pizza that set us up for the rest of the day. We sat outside during lunch and had a pleasant view of the riverwalk whilst the strong Texan sun reflected off the river's surface. The river dominates the city and has had a great deal of work on either bank to accommodate shops, restaurants and shaded seating areas. There is even a theatre, with the stage on one side of the river and the tiered seating area on the other. A really cool idea and it would be great to see a small production here. We went for a brief walk along the river and both Alice and I thought it had been constructed and maintained in good taste with plenty of information boards to remind the stroller of the area's rich history.

    Speaking of which, our first activity of the day was to visit the Alamo. It was at this one time Spanish Mission that a thirteen day siege took place during the Texas Revolution. 'Come and take it!' was a slogan used on flags raised during the siege and we walked around the mission and the adjoining museum to find out more. Alice and I were glad to have seen this important site for Texans and learn about the role of Spain in the development of modern North America.

    The sun was not letting up and so we continued our riverwalk under the shaded trees. It was still early and we decided on going to the cinema. I had wanted to see Dr. Strange and the timing for a 3D IMAX showing was perfect. Neither of us are big fans of 3D, however, the psychedelic imagery of this movie actually gives 3D a reason to exist. One moment the characters are talking and the next they are in a parallel world where buildings are bending over and the characters are running upside down. We both enjoyed the movie and we were given posters due to it being an IMAX movie. More goodies for the memento bag!

    It was dark by the time we left the cinema and it was time for a spin on our earlier riverwalk, a riverwalk in the dark! We had noticed lights around trees earlier and had hoped they were lit for a romantic evening stroll. Unfortunately they weren't, but our stroll was romantic none the less. After a while we realised we still weren't really hungry from all the popcorn and sweets we ate at the movies and so we grabbed quick light meals and headed home.

    Song of the Day:
    Johnny Cash - The Road to the Alamo
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