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  • Day56

    San Antonio day 3

    August 22 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    Einmal mehr - San Antonio gefällt uns sehr gut. Wir besuchen heute den Märit im Pearl District. Die Stimmung ist lebendig, überall ist Livemusic und es hat viele Leute. Nach dem Besuch fahren wir zum San Pedro Springs Park. Dort befindet sich ein Poolbecken, das mit Flusswasser gefüllt wird. Als wir um 11.45 Uhr dort ankommen, sind wir die Einzigen. Das Bad scheint geschlossen zu sein. Im Park halten sich komische Gestalten auf.
    Wir entschliessen uns, zurück zum Pearl District zu gehen. Wir kaufen uns dort einen kalten Kaffee und Tee und telefonieren etwa 1.5 Stunden mit Martinas Schwester Angi, sowie deren Kinder Jamila und Daven.
    Nach dem Telefonat entscheiden wir uns noch einmal zurück zum Badeplatz zu fahren. Und siehe da - es hat Leute, die baden.
    Wir suchen den Eingang jedoch vergebens, da die Anlage offiziell nicht geöffnet ist. Ein Junge ruft uns aus dem Wasser zu, wir sollen über den Zaun klettern, das machen alle hier.
    Also steigen wir darüber und verbringen ein paar gemütliche Stunden an diesem Ort. Die Abkühlung tut sooooooooo gut. Wir nehmen ein längeres Bad, lesen und Martina schläft eine Runde. Anschliessend gehen wir noch einkaufen und kochen das Znacht (leider fehlen plötzlich Kochtöpfe - somit wird das Kochen etwas herausfordender).
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    Eliane Löffel


    Eliane Löffel

    gseht sehr schön u erfrischend us! gluschtet eim grad i das grosse bassin mit "karibik" Wasser z stige👌!

    Gabi John

    😂😂😂 gnüssen d wärmi, bi üs isch schu wieder kühl, dr herbst kunnt‼️

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  • Day60

    Day 59 - Possibly A Bargain Too Far?

    June 20, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Woke up & checked my emails. I was curious to see if I had received anything from the AMARG “Boneyard” Tour or Davis-Monthan Air Force Base about our vetting checks. Nothing, an absolute disgrace!

    I then came across an email requesting me to “Take 3 minutes to tell us about your stay at Extended Stay America El Paso - Airport”. Well I did, 10 minutes later I pressed the send button with my scathing review. That cheered me up!

    We packed up our stuff & headed out for a long drive to San Antonio. There was no sign of Kelly or Lola, I think they are early birds, that or they couldn’t stand my snoring 💤.

    Jackie was now insistent that she would drive the 1st leg & would like Chris Rea on the stereo, not my choice, but it’s the drivers prerogative! Jackie got on to Highway 90, known as the Texas Pecos Trail, & cranked the car up to a cruising speed of 75mph. I chose The Road To Hell album & rather spookily the 4th track was called “Texas”. That was my song of the day sorted!

    It was a fantastic driving road, long sweeping bends cutting a swathe through the shrub land, just north of the Mexican Border. We only met a vehicle about every 5 miles or so. We passed through the minuscule towns/hamlets of Sanderson, Dryden, Langtry & Comstock. We crossed over the Pecos River High Bridge & also across the Amistad International Reservoir. Two & a half hours, 171 miles later, Jackie parked Doodle up in a bay at the Sonic Drive-In on Veterans Boulevard in Del Rio.

    At Sonic, you order your food at the bay & wait for it to be delivered, we did, but also pleaded with them to use the staff restrooms which the kindly allowed us to do. Unlike everyone else we sat at a table to eat our cheese burgers (which are massive) & the waiter told us to go into the kitchen if we wanted drink refills. We did, they were free & we were bloody thirsty.

    Whilst at Sonic examined Doodle & has found at least 5 small dents in the bonnet, obviously caused by the hail storm yesterday. That gave Jackie something to stress about for the rest of the afternoon!

    I took over the reins from here & continued on the 90 through Brackettville, Uvalde, Knippa, D’Hanis, Honda, then turned north onto Texas 173 to Bandera, which tags itself ‘The Cowboy Capital of the World’. Bold claim, but to be fair the town was surrounded by cattle ranches. We had a drive round, saw the Frontier Times Museum, then pushed on to San Antonio.

    San Antonio is a massive city, mainly famous for two things - The Alamo & The Riverwalk, which are both fairly close to each other. I had focused my search on Booking.com to accommodation in that vicinity. Most of the hotels were coming up at over $200 per night, but I found a motel still in that vicinity for $60 including breakfast.

    We drove into the car park of The Inn At Alamo & debated whether we should stay there. To me the clientele seemed ok, so I convinced Jackie to go for it. The receptionist quoted us $69 for a room, but I put her straight that it was on Booking.com for $60. She charged us $60 & allocated us Room 123.

    Well location wise The Inn At Alamo is perfect. The Riverwalk is 390 metres away & The Alamo nearer. Unfortunately location is not always everything, we walked in & Jackie had a fit. Jackie has likened our room to a drug den, a bit harsh, I’d say empty squat. There was lumps of dust & bits of plastic on the floor, we dare not look under the beds. The bed linen although I’m sure clean was stained. The net curtains have mildew, as does all the surfaces around the air con. It was disgusting & apparently it was my fault, especially as I had knocked her down $9, we got the worst room in the place!

    We were sunbaked & sweaty, so we had a cold shower & beer, then headed out to the much hyped Riverwalk. We hated it, it was an artificial diversion of the San Antonio River that was lined on both sides by crammed in & overpriced restaurants, many being national chains. The restaurants were busy with business people on expenses or Asian tourists. There were also large bathtub looking boats full of tourists, with a guide, chugging up & down. Were they pointing out what food was served where?

    We walked along it & out of it. We went along to The Alamo, obviously closed for the evening, but the outside lit up quite nicely. My research tells me that we might not be able to take a tour without booking tickets 2 days in advance. We have been there before!

    We looked for somewhere normal to get a drink & food. It was 8.00pm & we were pouring sweat, my phone told me it was 98.6 degrees, but it also said it felt like 104 degrees. No wonder. After wandering around until we had severely withered, we popped into a restaurant called Pho Bo for Pad Thai & Sesame Chicken. We had a jug of water, because they didn’t sell alcohol. It was really nice.

    On google I had identified a Brewery about half a mile away. Jackie was happy to go because she didn’t want to go back to the motel too early. It was worth the walk, the Roadmap Brewing Co. was a lovely air conditioned room selling about 15 different beers. We had a large glass each of a 6.1% Mama Dukes IPA & planned the next couple of days, actually the nights.

    We returned to our hotel & as I write, Jackie is giggling away to some film on Netflix. Our room can’t be that bad after all. And she has forgotten the damage to Doodle!

    Song of the Day - Texas by Chris Rea.

    Bonus Song of the Day :-

    Cowboy Song by Thin Lizzy
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    David Byng

    If looks could kill

    David Byng

    Looks like the Disney ride. Its a small world !!! (get that song out of your head)

    Simon and Jackie Annals

    Yeah it wasn’t going to be Jackie’s best night

    Simon and Jackie Annals

    Spot on. Luckily we went so long ago I can hardly remember that song

  • Day108

    Remember the Alamo

    October 12, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 75 °F

    We’ve had a fun filled 3 days here in San Antonio.

    We met with Jim and Karen, long time family friends. We related stories of our adventures along the way.

    We also visited with Eloy and Irene that we first met on a cruise. We have also hosted them about 2 years ago when they had a stop in Puerto Quetzales.

    On Columbus Day, Glenn snd I explores “the Missions” south of San Antonio. We also walked along the river walk and I took a quick picture of the Alamo.

    After a quick swim in the pool, we headed to J. Alexander’s for a meal with Joan and Jonathan. Great conversation wrapped in prayer in the end.
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  • Day16

    Remember the Alamo

    June 6, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    What a beautiful city San Antonio is. Definitely my favourite of the three Texas cities I’ve visited. My top priority was to visit the historic Alamo - and it didn’t disappoint. I knew very little about the historic battle in 1836 other than seeing the movie years ago, so the visit was interesting, informative and moving. One elderly gentleman was giving out information about the battle and asked if there were any questions. One wee boy put his hand up: ‘ sir, were you at the battle of the Alamo?’ Moving on swiftly...

    San Antonio’s other main attraction is the River Walk - an extensive European style development of cafes and restaurants along the San Antonio River. I took a river cruise and it was relaxing to see the historic parts of this beautiful city from the river. Another place to be recommended.
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    Ken Christie

    Robert loved San Antonio when visited back in the early eighties. Enjoy the rest of the great American Railroad Tour .

    Robert Fyfe

    Yes, I loved it here, Ken. Looks like you and Bill are having a great time too. Must catch up and exchange notes when we get home. 🤠

  • Day60

    Day 60 - The Alamo

    June 20, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 32 °C

    I woke up at 8.30am & Jackie was still asleep. The room couldn’t have been that bad! Jackie woke up at 9.00 & alleged she had been up all night & was bitten by bedbugs.

    We got ready quickly & vacated our room in record time & loaded up the car. Now, the big advantage of choosing location over cleanliness is that we were able to take a short walk to The Alamo. Car parks were charging $10 & $15 to park nearby!

    Despite my fear, we were able to purchase an audio tour for $7 each. We then headed in & listened to the 26 audio segments as we walked through the church & grounds of The Alamo. It is always a slightly surreal feeling, standing in the spot where such a momentous historical event took place.

    I’m embarrassed to say the I had forgotten that Davy Crockett was killed at The Alamo. Colonel Travis, Crockett & 183 other US soldiers were attacked by a Mexican Army of 2,500 fighters. The US soldiers bravely defended The Alamo for 13 days, but on 6th March 1836, the Mexican Army overran them & killed every US soldier. (The story is told much better in my Song of the Day, well it would have done, it was The Ballad of the Alamo by Marti Robbins, but Jackie made me change it). It is quite a sobering, yet inspiring series of events.

    We returned to Doodle & headed out, but took a brief diversion to drive past San Fernando De Bexar Cathedral & the Spanish Governor’s Palace. I pulled over in the bus lane & managed to upset one bus driver, not once, but twice!

    We then picked up & headed out on Interstate 10 towards El Paso, oh no! Fortunately we turned off at a very quaint town called Comfort established by German Freethinkers. We had lunch in ‘comfort’ in a cafe called Highs. I had a meaty ciabatta & Jackie had a salmon bagel, which she got about half the way through. The town had several award winning wineries, but it was a bit too early for that.

    We continued on to Kerrville & had a stroll along a ‘natural’ river walk. The Guadalupe River flows through Kerrville & following a great flood in the 1930s, Tranquility Island was created. We walked to Tranquility Island & back. Kids supervised by their parents were swimming in the river. Kerrville had been recommended to us by Kelly at Marathon.

    After driving through the Historic District, we headed north towards Fredericksburg on the Texas 16. A couple of miles out of Kerrville, we turned off for one of my funny little stops, The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden. Apart from the huge empty cross, the rest of the grounds appeared to be boarded up.

    We continued to Fredericksburg, a place we had been recommended by the couple we met at the busy frozen custard shop in St. George, Utah. We fell in love with Fredericksburg the moment we arrived. Jackie had identified 2 quite expensive hotels for us to look at. One was full, so we went to the other, the Fredericksburg Inn & Suites, which had a nice pool. It was just after 3.00pm & when we asked for a room, the receptionist quoted $159: we settled on $129, pool view etc etc.

    We took advantage of the free soft drinks, water, & spent over 3 hours in the sun at the pool. I had not applied enough face cream throughout the day & was looking like Simon Weston! After getting ready to go down town, Jackie insisted the she powder my face. I looked like the ‘Tin Man’ in the Wizard of Oz.

    With the powder rubbed in we hit downtown Fredericksburg. It was fantastic, Main Street was full of bars & restaurants playing live music. After walking up & down, we settled on El Milagro 20/12, which had a decent live band, Kemosahbee (various spellings) which is a term of endearment for the Lone Ranger’s sidekick, Tonto.

    We had a couple of beers & shared a plate of Buffalo Wings. At 10.00pm, we tipped the band, who were very grateful & wanted to shake our hands, particularly because we were from England. Back at our super clean hotel, we had a wine outside, I got bitten on my ankle & we retreated indoors.

    Song of the Day - Remember the Alamo by Johnny Cash.

    Bonus Song of the Day :-

    Ballad of the Alamo by Marty Robbins
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    David Byng

    What about the song Davy Crockett, King of the wild frontier...

    Simon and Jackie Annals

    Who sang it?

  • Day132

    San Antonio & Houston

    August 16, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Nach Las Vegas sind wir mit einem Greyhound Bus nach Tucson gefahren, wo wir nur eine Nacht verbracht haben und am nächsten Tag sind wir dann in den ersten Zug von unserer Amtrak-Reise gestiegen. Die Strecke nach Texas war direkt 19 Stunden lang, aber die Züge sind ziemlich komfortabel und man konnte ganz gut schlafen.
    In San Antonio sind wir früh am Morgen angekommen und weil wir noch lange nicht in unser AirBnB einchecken konnten, haben wir den Tag zur Stadterkundung genutzt. Es gibt einen schönen "Riverwalk" am Fluss entlang und "The Alamo", eine Kirche und später dann Festung, die eine große Rolle in den Unabhängigkeitskämpfen zwischen den USA, Mexiko und Texas gespielt hat. Für die Amerikaner eine ca 300 Jahre alte Kirche etwas außergewöhnlicher als für uns, aber geschichtlich ganz interessant. Den nächsten Tag haben wir dann zum Ruhetag erklärt, nur abends sind wir zu einem Baseball Spiel der San Antonio Missions gegen die New Orleans Babycakes gegangen. Bei solchen Spielen kommt sehr gut der Amerikanische Flair mit Nationalhymne und allem drum und dran rüber.
    Eine etwas kürzere Zugfahrt später waren wir dann in Houston, wo wir auch 2 Nächte lang waren. An dem kompletten Tag waren wir im Space Center, was sehr cool war. Hier kann man viele Interessante Sachen über die NASA, die ISS und das Mission Control Center sehen, wo das originale Kontrollzentrum der Mondlandung von 1969 mit einer kleinen Show zu sehen ist.
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    Esther Raab

    Sehr schön! Mir hatte San Antonio mit seinem Riverwalk und Alamo auch gut gefallen.

    Esther Raab

    Der Riverwalk sieht sehr schön aus. Mama

  • Day38

    San Antonio, Texas

    December 16, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 7 °C

    Unsere Betten wurden nicht unterfahrbar gemacht für Brians Lifter. Der Receptionguy gab dafür alles. Da niemand mehr vom Hausdienst da war, schleppte er Ziegelsteine an für unter das Bett. Er und ich hatten danach unser Fitness gemacht (Bettunterteil entfernen, Bett hochheben, Steine darunterlegen, das 2 . Bett an die Wand hochstellen, da wir kaum Platz hatten im Zimmer etc.).
    Nach Riverwalk in Weihnachtsbeleuchtung, Besuch einer katholischen Kirche (wo wir gleich eine Trauung miterlebten), Shopping in einer riesigen Mall und Kinobesuch im regnerischen Wetter gehts morgen, Montag, den 18.12 weiter nach El Paso. Die längste Autofahrt bis jetzt mit 8 Stunden, deshalb gehts morgen früh los.
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    Andrea Niederer Okemmuo

    Ach du Schande!😱😫

    Barbara McGowan-Höfliger

    O holy cow, at least he did his best. In CH: "das tuet eus leid" .......

    Barbara McGowan-Höfliger

    O holy cow, at least he did his best. In CH: "Ja das das tuet eus jetzt leid" .......

    Barbara McGowan-Höfliger

    isch das es schöns bild vo euch 2, vor allem aber vo dir claudia

  • Day67

    Day 67 - Come And Take It!

    November 13, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    Where we were staying in San Antonio was close enough to take a bus into downtown. We are staying in an Airbnb which is a tailor made flat above a double garage. It has everything we could need and is nice and cozy.

    On arrival in downtown we had a quick look in the Riverwalk Mall and then had Italian for lunch. We both had a pizza that set us up for the rest of the day. We sat outside during lunch and had a pleasant view of the riverwalk whilst the strong Texan sun reflected off the river's surface. The river dominates the city and has had a great deal of work on either bank to accommodate shops, restaurants and shaded seating areas. There is even a theatre, with the stage on one side of the river and the tiered seating area on the other. A really cool idea and it would be great to see a small production here. We went for a brief walk along the river and both Alice and I thought it had been constructed and maintained in good taste with plenty of information boards to remind the stroller of the area's rich history.

    Speaking of which, our first activity of the day was to visit the Alamo. It was at this one time Spanish Mission that a thirteen day siege took place during the Texas Revolution. 'Come and take it!' was a slogan used on flags raised during the siege and we walked around the mission and the adjoining museum to find out more. Alice and I were glad to have seen this important site for Texans and learn about the role of Spain in the development of modern North America.

    The sun was not letting up and so we continued our riverwalk under the shaded trees. It was still early and we decided on going to the cinema. I had wanted to see Dr. Strange and the timing for a 3D IMAX showing was perfect. Neither of us are big fans of 3D, however, the psychedelic imagery of this movie actually gives 3D a reason to exist. One moment the characters are talking and the next they are in a parallel world where buildings are bending over and the characters are running upside down. We both enjoyed the movie and we were given posters due to it being an IMAX movie. More goodies for the memento bag!

    It was dark by the time we left the cinema and it was time for a spin on our earlier riverwalk, a riverwalk in the dark! We had noticed lights around trees earlier and had hoped they were lit for a romantic evening stroll. Unfortunately they weren't, but our stroll was romantic none the less. After a while we realised we still weren't really hungry from all the popcorn and sweets we ate at the movies and so we grabbed quick light meals and headed home.

    Song of the Day:
    Johnny Cash - The Road to the Alamo
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    Jan Kitto Burke

    I liked San Antonio. Are you weary of travelling yet?

    Mash and Malice

    We're still enjoying it although looking forward to not living out of suitcases!

  • Day106

    San Antonio

    December 1, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Nous avons officiellement passé une de nos plus mauvaises nuits! Vers 2h du matin, on se lève et décide de changer de place à cause du bruit mais la chaleur n'aidait pas non plus! On se déménage dans un Walmart plus éloigné du centre-ville. On y dort paisiblement jusqu'à 8h! Au moins la nuit s'est bien terminé! On part ensuite explorer la ville en commençant par un parc situé tout autour d'une rivière dans le centre-ville. Ça a des airs de Venise mais à l'américaine! Ici on est autour du canal, au niveau de l'eau, avec des restaurants et boutiques tout le tour. On peut aussi faire un tour de bateau, qui est comme un taxi touristique en fait, sur l'eau. Nous ne faisons pas de bateau mais on se balade pas mal tout le long du canal une bonne sortie de l'après-midi! On y dîne aussi dans un resto tex-mex, au bord de l'eau. Vraiment chouette comme endroit!

    On marche plus loin et on remonte au niveau de la rue pour aller voir une cathédrale espagnole. Il y a semble-t-il un spectacle son et lumière aussi à cet endroit en soirée... On va ensuite dans un petit cartier artistique près de là. Encore là, on y trouve des boutiques et petits restaurants mais tout est vraiment dans la thématique artisans. Nous j'y restons pas longtemps. Nous avons un dernier arrêt avant de reprendre la route : The Alamo. C'est un bâtiment construit par les espagnols et qui est très marquant dans l'histoire américaine car c'est ici que s'est déroulé un des derniers chapitres dans la fierté avec les mexicains. Les troupes mexicaines y ont attaqué avec cruauté les américains, ce qui motiva par la suite nombre de personnes à rejoindre les troupes texanes, ce qui leur permis de battre les mexicains par la suite. Plutôt intéressant, et bondé de monde il va s'en dire!! Nous allons ensuite voir un autre secteur qui s'appelle Pearl District. C'est un nouveau cartier branché qu'ils ont créé un peu plus au nord, toujours près du canal. Nous déplaçons donc notre véhicule et allons faire une balade dans ce cartier. Ici, c'est nettement plus branché comme endroit mais toujours aussi plaisant! Tout est construit autour d'une ancienne brasserie, laquelle a été la plus grosse du Texas a un certain moment. Elle a plus tard été rachetée par Pabst qui l'a ensuite fermée. Le tout a évolué et on a conservé le style industriel des bâtiments et créé des espaces extérieurs. C'est vraiment familial comme endroit. A la place centrale, on trouve pleins de gens qui relaxent dans le parc, bière a la main avec les enfants qui jouent autour. Parfait pour nous! On va donc chercher une bière et on se promène, question de se laisser imprégner par l'atmosphère. On fait quelques les boutiques. Nous allons ensuite marcher au niveau de la rivière. C'est une ambiance plaisir relaxe et moins bondée qu'au centre-ville. Nous marchons un peu, au son de chants de Noël qui retentissent de temps à autre, puis on revient au camper pour se diriger vers un restaurant mexicain. Le resto est super grand, full ambiance, et ouvert 24 heures! Les mariachis se promènent de table en table pendant que nous mangeons nos délicieux repas mexicains. Très réussi comme resto. On comprend pourquoi il y a autant de monde!!

    En sortant du resto, il nous reste un peu d'énergie. Nous sommes près de la cathédrale que nous avons vu plus tôt alors on décide d'aller la voir de soir, avec l'éclairage. À notre arrivée, le spectacle de son et lumière commence! Pas pire chanceux! On y reste donc le temps de voir une partie de la projection. La cathédrale s'illumine et s'anime avec des images qui relatent l'histoire de la ville, Alamo et tout. Le son n'est pas excellent alors un peu dur de suivre et de tout comprendre mais ça reste beau à voir! On marche ensuite un peu au bord du canal qui es tout illuminé, tout comme les bateaux qui passent. C'est vraiment enchanteur tout ça. Ça met un peu dans l'ambiance de Noël avec ces lumières et la musique qui joue sur certains bateaux. Il ne manque que la neige mais ça attendra!

    De retour au camper, on se dirige vers notre stationnement pour la nuit. C'est bien mérité aujourd'hui, on a fait une grosse journée, surtout pour du monde qui a mal dormi!!
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    C'est cute ca!!


    Vraiment beau! Mom


    WOW! Impressionnant!

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  • Day59

    The River Walk - San Antonio, TX

    April 18, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    After dinner stroll round The River Walk in downtown San Antonio. The place was buzzing with people eating, drinking and shopping on the side of the river. Amazing huge trees lined the river and boats that looked like colourful landing craft cruised round. Bronze statue if of a longhorn cattle drive. Mariachi bands were playing outside a couple of the restaurants. Thanks Ernie and Pat Corbello for telling us about this.Read more

    Mary Beth Scott

    Dan and I stopped here on the way to AZ a couple of years ago. Fun place. We enjoyed Fredericksburg also. Stayed at Buckhorn Rv Resort a little north and west of San Antonio. It's right off I-10. Safe travels.


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