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  • Day1064

    Dovilų Karjeras, another nameless lake

    May 26, 2019 in Lithuania ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

    We're wild camping once again, this time in a small gravel car park looking out over the calm waters of a shallow lake with sandy shore. No doubt this lake has a name locally, but it isn't published on any of our online maps.

    We've had a bit of good news. The replacement door handle we ordered from an Italian company has been shipped so with any luck, it will arrive at the UPS office in the Lithuanian seaside town of Klaipeda before too long 🤞 We've therefore headed westwards today, deliberately avoiding the motorway for most of the time in order to get to know the country better. The weather has turned chilly and wet, so its a good day to travel.

    Keeping our eyes open for fuel, we pull in at a station selling cheap LPG and diesel for just €1.09 per litre! It's cash only, but luckily we have enough notes to fill the tank. Accross the road is a kebab trailer in a small car park with wooden shelters and picnic tables. We've made our own meals since arriving in Lithuania 5 days ago so we make an impulse decision to sample some street food. The servers speak a little English (and take cards) so Will ends up with a tray of skrudinti koldūnai (roasted dumplings stuffed with sausage meat) while Vicky has fries with a salad that includes pickled cabbage, carrot and gerkin. The whole lot comes to €4.30.

    Continuing on, passing through the outskirts of Kuliai town, we skirt round our nameless lake on a narrow track, choosing the farthest parking area. Here, a backdrop of pines and shoreline reeds make it feel more rural, although its a shame about the litter. Will picks up the worst and disposes of it in the large bin provided.

    The only other car belongs to a fisher, but other vehicles soon arrive. A family with teenage children bravely bear the intermittent rain to bbq and spend quality time together. Meanwhile groups of guys in their mid twenties, huddled in hooded puffa jackets, stand around their cars listening to loud music and getting noisily drunk. Somehow it doesn't seem as antisocial as it would in the UK. Possibly because we're new to the country, possibly because more people do it. But they are no trouble and in a way its nice to see friends outside, talking and enjoying each other's company.

    Well, the evening wore on and it rained and rained and rained, right through to the following afternoon. The EU election results were announced and the success of the Brexit Party was the first headline in every bit of news. Although analysis shows remain votes outnumbered leave, we worry what Nigel Farage's populist success will mean for the Conservative leadership election, the future of the UK and our post October travels. Here in Lithuania, we've seen very few political posters, despite the country electing a new president on the same day. At 53% their turnout was better than our mere 37%.

    With the pitter patter of raindrops on the roof, we stayed indoors, editing videos, updating our journey map, blogging and binging on YouTube with plenty of cuppas on the go. After lunch Vicky got her wellies and umbrella out for a wet walk. The snails were certainly enjoying the weather on the tarmac cycle track alongside the lake, less so on the muddy road that branched off to the side. We've seen a number of good quality walking and cycle routes which look as if they've been recently created. There is definitely a sense that Lithuania is working well to improve its infrastructure. At this stage many routes lead to a dead end. We've no doubt that in time, the country will develop a great network of paths, providing options for circular hiking and biking trips.

    The evening sees the return of the sun and with it, the groups of guys in their cars. Come 10pm Vicky goes to bed, only for the van walls to start reverberating with the booming bass of their 'music'. It's disappointing when we look out in the morning and see more litter strewn on the grass than when we first arrived. Oh well, time to move on.
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  • Day1068

    Nudistų Paplūdimio, Klaipeda

    May 30, 2019 in Lithuania ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    We're back on the Lithuanian mainland in a beach car park just north of Klaipėda, after a day of fun on the Curonian Spit.

    We woke to yet another glorious blue sky day, so decided to return to Heron Hill to see the Cormorant Colony in the sunshine. The birds were a lot more active today, flying in and out, roosting, preening, feeding their young and stretching their wings out to air in typical Cormorant style. Our binoculars and telephoto camera lens allowed us to observe them closely and we found ourselves captivated once again by the presence of so many nests, staying on the viewing platform while others came and went.

    Here's a 3 minute video to show what it was like:

    Dragging ourselves away to the nearby town of Juodkrantė we found the start of a special trail leading up 'Witches Hill'. Leaving Martha in streetside parking, we passed the souvenir stalls and entered the woods. The site is thought to be enchanted and was used to celebrate midsummer in pagan times. Having read a little about it beforehand, we'd expected a few wooden carvings of witches and similar along the way, but nothing like the number we encountered. The first ones we came accross were working play equipment that tempted our childlike sense of fun. We found ourselves playing on a seesaw, sliding down a devil's tongue and climbing to the top of a totem pole to ride a racehorse! As well as the play equipment there were imaginative benches and statues carved to represent witches, goblins, devils, giants, knights, royalty, dragons and ordinary folk. There was even a carving of the giantess Neringa who, legend has it, created the spit by gathering sand in her aprons and laying it in a line to protect local fishers from a dragon whose advances she had spurned. It wasn't a long walk so there was something new to look at with every turn. Some of the expressions on the statues' faces kept us well amused.

    The Curonian Spit had offered many wonderful experiences and was well worth the ferry fee and entry toll, but we felt it was time to return to the mainland, so drove back to the small port, hopped onto the next ferry and had soon left the wild beauty of the spit behind for the built up business of Klaipėda.

    Exiting the city and driving northwards, there were a great number of new, pay by the hour car parks being built between the road and forest that lined the coast. Lithuania is obviously investing massively in big infrastructure changes, many of which will accommodate the seasonal influx of tourists.

    Being in charge of overnight stops, Will had looked out one of the original hard sand car parks on Park4Night. As we pulled in, a sign read 'Nudistų Paplūdimio' or nudist beach to you and I. Will swears he didn't realise...

    The cost was only 30cents per hour and charges only applied between 10am-8pm so we popped a few euros in and headed down the sandy path that wound between the trees to the shore. Vicky had put on an extra layer as the wind had picked up but the beach itself was beautiful, its white sands stretching into the distance under an intense summer sky and the low breakers of the Baltic. Small dunes backed the beach and it was here we saw the occasional bare chest rising above the maram grass and the modesty it provided.

    Climbing the sandy slope we discovered a series of little dells, big enough for a small family and protected from too much erosion by circles of hazel stakes which we assume were held in place by some sort of submerged woven structure. They provided shelter from the wind and lying down within them it was warm enough to strip off. Vicky relaxed and topped up on vitamin D while Will interspersed his sunbathing with a couple of bracing Baltic dips!

    We've recently been doing a lot of thinking. At the end of June we'll have been on the road for 3 years. We love living in our tiny home, the freedom it affords us and the experiences it gives us. The plan had been to spend 5 years touring Europe, before buying and settling down into a narrowboat. Health problems have meant we've spent a lot more time in the UK than we'd originally bargained for and we'd vaguely been planning to extend our tour. However, we've found a company that can build a bespoke boat for us if we save our pennies. We've therefore formulated a new plan to continue fulltime vanlife for a further 4 years, making it 7 years in total. We realise plans may have to change but this course feels right for us at the moment. We are very excited to have made this big decision and are looking forward to all the adventures we'll have in the coming 4 years!
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  • Day1071

    Greičiūnai woodland car park

    June 2, 2019 in Lithuania ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    We are the only people around. All we can hear is the melody of birdsong, the occasional buzz of flying insects and the rustle of breeze amongst fresh green leaves in a forest that wraps itself around us.

    After the hustle and bustle of Palanga we were ready for a change, so headed inland. Our domestic water guage was flashing at 0% but Will had managed to find a fuel station on Park4Night that allowed motorhomes to fill and empty. We pulled in, Will found a working tap and jammed sewage grate, then bought LPG and diesel, checking with the attendant if it was ok to get some drinking water, which it was! The fuel was more expensive than at many other stations, but it was still cheaper to get water here than spend €19 at a campsite. There have a number of compost and portable toilets at the car parks we've been staying at so we weren't as desperate for this facility.

    Heading out into what felt like the middle of nowhere, through fields and strips of woodland, the tarmac suddenly ended and was replaced with a hardpack grit road. There was no sign of roadworks so we assume this is a long term situation. We slowed down to save the tyres but although the track was bumpy, it wasn't too uneven, nor were there many potholes, for which we were thankful.

    We didn't see the turning into the little woodland car park until we were almost on top of it, but sure enough a small wooden ramp led over a stream into the clearing. A picnic shelter made from tree trunks housed tables and benches that could seat 20 or more. We've seen a number of structures that use branching trunks instead of milled roundwood beams. Their irregular widths and angles must be more difficult to work with but we like the natural style.

    Will got his fishing gear and followed the stream into the woods. He didn't stay out long. Those flying insects we mentioned earlier? Some of them were mosquitos. He wasn't impressed with Vicky's innocent enquiry as to whether he'd had any bites...

    Lathering on the insect repellent and taking a mosqiito head net, he took the tandem down the trail to a lake we could see on the map, only to find signs stating that it was private. Oh well, a quiet night in then!
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  • Day9


    July 19, 2019 in Lithuania ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Efter en skön sovmorgon blev det stranden. Helt annat än Polen. Inte alls lika mycket folk. Vi gick en promenad på nästan 9 km längs stranden och man kunde inte se något slut. När man kom drygt 1 km bort från nergången till stranden var det helt tomt, vi gick nog 2 km utan att se en människa!

  • Day375

    Der erste Elch

    June 14, 2017 in Lithuania ⋅ 🌙 12 °C

    Memel stand heute als Hauptrichtung auf der Tagesordnung. Glücklicherweise schien die Sonne. Leider gab es wieder Gegenwind, den ganzen Tag. 40 km/h sagte der Wetterdienst. Es fühlt sich an, als fährt man ein Radrennen, die ganze Zeit höchste Belastung, nur dass man mit 12 km/h dahin kriecht. Das ist nun der 4. Tag mit starkem Wind.

    Der Anblick den Memel dem vom Süden Kommenden bietet ist nicht hübsch, gelinde gesagt. Jena Lobeda kann da nicht im Ansatz mithalten ;-) Es gibt einen riesen Hafenbereich, viele Gleise und lange Güterzüge - in Litauen gibt es übrigens nirgends Schranken - aber auch eine tolle Altstadt. Kurz stehen geblieben, bemühte sich sofort ein Einheimischer, uns die Richrung zu weisen und gab uns noch eine kleine Stadtrundfahrt. Spiritus haben wir hier auch keinen bekommen, dafür Ethanolbrennpaste.

    Nach Memel verliefen die letzten Kilometer über einem Radweg wenige hundert Meter vom Wasser entfernt. Und da stand er auf einmal, ein Elch! Direkt am Weg kaute er genüßlich am Grün der Bäume. Die Leute interessierten ihn garnicht. Wer ihm zu nahe kommt, dem rennt er auch mal ein paar Meter hinterher. Sarah dachte auf den ersten Blick, es sei "...irgendein lustiges Pferd..." :-D Das Geräusch meines Chris King Freilaufs mochte er jedenfalls garnicht, also immer schön treten, wenn Elche in der Nähe sind. Ich bin gespannt, ob die jetzt so häufig zu sehen sein werden, wie bis jetzt die Störche.
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  • Day14

    Krieg der Autos

    June 29, 2018 in Lithuania ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Heute ging die Reise von Kaunas nach Klaipėda. Die Reise war Stress pur und Krieg zwischen den Verkehrsteilnehmer! Bereits in Kaunas ist mir die aggresive Fahrweise der Autofahrer aufgefallen. Somit war am Stadtrand für mich Schluss und ich führte meine Reise direkt nach Klaipėda fort. Es wurde nicht besser und ich hatte fast 2 Unfälle. Ein Unfall konnte darauf zurück geführt werden, dass ich übersehen wurde. Der Zweite war Aggression pur, ich fuhr ca. 100km/h gemäss GPS in einer 90er Zone und wurde dabei noch überholt. Dies ganz ohne Übersicht auf die Gegenfahrbahn. Wie es so ist, kam in diesem Moment ein Auto entgegen. Durch eine Vollbremsung konnte ich einen Zusammenstoss mit dem Auto, welches mich überholte und mit einem riesen Schwenker wieder auf meine Fahrbahn kam, verhindern. Angekommen in Klaipėda ging der Krieg weiter, innerorts wird mit 90 rechts und links überholt! Was für mich ohne Blechschild als Schutz einfach zuviel des Guten ist. Die Dame am Empfang des Camping bestätigte meine Aussagen und fügte an: „Die Autofahrer in Litauen verstehen die Tafeln als Mindestgeschwindigkeit!“

    Mit diesen Erlebnissen ist es mir zu gefährlich mit dem Motorrad auf den Strassen in Litauen. Ich werde von einem Städtetrip absehen und mein Glück in Lettland suchen. Das Nachtlager im Waldcamping ist aufgebaut und bereit für den Bezug.

    P.S. die Sicherheitsausrüstung ist top modern und mit einem dicken Schloss abgeschlossen, nur das Beste für den schnellen Zugriff im Notfall.🙈

    Today was the journey from Kaunas to Klaipėda. The journey was stress pure and a war between the road users! Already in Kaunas I noticed the aggresive driving of the people on the roads. The transfer from Kaunas to Klaipėda has not been better and I had almost 2 accidents. The first was caused by not seeing me. The second was aggression pure, I was at 100 km / hour GPS speed in a 90 zone and got overtook without overview on the opposite lane. Right in this moment a car came contrary, by an emergency braking I was able to a avoid the collision with the car which overtook me. Arrived in Klaipėda the war was still on, in town they overtake you left and right with 90+ km/h! Whitout having any protection like cars, this was simply too much for me. The Lady at the reception of the camping confirmed my statements and added to: "the motorists in Lithuania understand the speed signs as a minimum speed!" With these experiences, it is to me too dangerous with the motorcycle on the streets in Lithuania. I will try to find my luck in Latvia. The bivouac in forest is set up and ready to move in.

    P.S. the safety equipment is state of art and locked up with a thick lock, just the best for a quick access in case of emergency.🙈
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