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  • Day64

    It sometimes rains in Baja California

    November 10, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    6:20am on the road - earliest start so far. We didn't sleep much during the night. Firstly, the restaurant was more of a 24hour truck stop, so there was a lot of noise of trucks coming and going. Secondly, there were a couple of puppies and young cats who loved playing with the tent: jumping against it to bounce off... If it wasn't our home for 15 months, it would have actually been really funny to watch 😂
    Once we were on the road, it started to rain. We didn't think this actually exists here and had difficulties finding the right amount of clothing layers at first. The rest of the day was cycling through pretty flat and unspectacular landscape. At least we had tail winds, so we could go fast. We stopped shortly at Guerrero Negro for a lunch and Internet break and then made use of the wind direction to continue a little further. At 4pm, we pulled off and set up our camp.
    By going into Baja California Sur, we also crossed a time zone for the first time. Now, sunset (which means bedtime for us) is no longer before 5pm, but closer to 6pm 😉
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  • Day66

    Dinner with the pelicans

    November 12, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    This morning, we took a little longer to get on the road as we enjoyed the lagune as long as we could. We then cycled to Santa Rosalia, a town on the seaside of Baja California. The landscape got more interesting again once we got closer to the sea, somewhat mountainous with canyons. In Santa Rosalia, we just stopped for lunch and filled up our supplies. The town itself didn't look too appealing to visit.
    So we headed for a beachside campground another 16km South. When we wanted to turn onto a dirt road leading to the campground, Myron and Marilyn stopped their jeep right next to us. They had a trailer parking next to the sea and offered us to stay in it. We thankfully accepted the offer and enjoyed a bit of luxury with an amazing view and a shower in the trailer. Over dinner, we watched the pelicans landing head first in the water and the cat climbing on our bicycles. After dinner, Myron and Marilyn took us to their friends' place. David and Martha live in a very cute RV, all painted in bright colors (Martha's work) and decorated in fish bones and shells which David has either found or traded with the locals here.
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  • Day65

    An oasis in the desert

    November 11, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    When we wanted to leave this morning, Herbert had a flat tire again. However, as we didn't have much water, we decided to pump up the tire and go instead of trying to fix it right away. Our destination for the night was San Ignacio, about 100km through pretty monotonous landscape again. However, San Ignacio itself is a real oasis in the desert. It has a laguna, a nice old church and some cute little houses in the center. Luckily, we arrived there at 1pm already, so we had plenty of time to do our chores like fixing the flat tire and do our laundry, play with our visitors - 3 funny puppies -, explore the village and relax on our campground right next to the lagune.Read more

  • Day67

    Every day is a good day

    November 13, 2019 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Every day (on a boat) is a good day. This is what David told us last night when we asked him if he still goes fishing every day. And when you see him leaving the beach in his boat during sunrise, you totally understand why. With this in mind, we left our beautiful camp for the night and cycled South. We had a break in Mulege, a nice little town situated next to a river. Afterwards, we were about to continue for another 40km or so. However, when we saw Playa Santispak, we had to stop. The beach, the bay and the people were too great to just go passed. Our camp neighbours Tom and Heidi welcomed us with a beer and filled up our water supplies. Tom also organised a solar bag for us, so we could shower later on. Then we met Julie and Jeff who took us on a boat ride to see some dolphins. And for dinner, we got ourselves a treat at the beach restaurant. So yes, it was definitely a good day!Read more

  • Day2

    Avocado Pasta: who knew?!

    February 7 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    7th Feb. Seabass with spicy avocado pasta. Scallops in ranchero stew. After watching grey whales in Laguna San Ignacio

    This was what we were served up when at the whale watching place. The scallops here grow in a much bigger shell than at home, but the flesh is actually smaller. Our guide found one in the shallows for us, but it had an octopus hiding inside, which he handled to show us before letting it go. Then he got one with a scallop, but got stung by a stingray in the process, then again by another. He hardly even flinched. These things bloody killed Steve Irwin and he was a machine!

    I quite liked the spicy avocado pasta with my fish. The seabass was a little stronger in fish flavour than my ideal, but I'm sure it would suit most palates. Jen's dish was interesting- the usual Mexican suspects- tomatoes, peppers, onions, stewed down with the scallops. As always, served on the table are the ubiquitous array of hot sauces. Can't complain. What I appreciated most is that this felt like home cooking, and that's the kind of thing we don't come across too often as, so far, we're typically eating at taco stands where it's more of a street-food style which I imagine to be different to what most eat at home.
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  • Day5

    Some favourites served on the beach

    February 10 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    10th Feb. Veggie burger crispy balls, wraps, veg and yoghurt. Then veggie chilli tacos. All served right on epic El Coyote beach, in Bahia Concepción.

    Recipe links to follow separately at a later date.

    For our friends, Patrick and Susie, we offered to make some dinner. Ahead of that, I knocked together some lunch using leftover veggie burger mix (my standard recipe) out of the freezer, and turned it into balls which I breaded and fried. We then tore them up into some wraps with a bunch of fresh veg and a yoghurt, lime and cilantro  dressing. They went down mighty well, so as this was the first I've cooked for them, I was feeling good about that. I always love an opportunity to please people through their tummies. I think most folk are expecting what can often be a disappointing experience with a veggie burger, so these really seem to hit the spot. Crunchy, tasty, dense, and spiced in the middle-ground so they're easy to match with a variety of flavours from different parts of the world, from Indian to Southeast Asian, to BBQ sauce with cheese and onion. Dynamite. Not a bad view, either.

    Dinner was a batch of veggie chilli, served up with tacos, fresh cheese, guacamole, pico de Gallo salsa, and some sour cream- no pics. I'm noticing for the guac, less is more. I've taken cilantro out, and only put a small amount of white onion in it. A little tomato is fine, minus the pulp, and besides that, it's just about getting the lime balance right and the seasoning on point. As always, considering the flavour profile of all the other trimmings to make sure that the overall assembly is balanced is important. I don't like trying to just make everything all perfectly balanced in its own right. It's about contrasts within the whole- making sure the guac is creamy and not too tart; letting the salsa deliver the zing of acid along with the chilli heat- being bold enough with that heat because it's generally only a little and it's set against all those other flavours, some of which are fatty and can take it. The chilli itself is slightly sweet, and very deep in its spicing; it's thick in texture to play the role of the meat in the dish. From the cheese, there's richness with a slight tang. From the cream, some sour. I didn't do pickled chillies this time out, but I like that as a different way of introducing acid ans heat into the dish. If doing them, I'll tone down the lime in the salsa, and let the vinegar of the pickle do the talking that way, and I'll reduce the chilli content, or ideally use a milder chilli in the salsa, to still maintain that fresh, fruity chilli flavour that makes Pico de Gallo so epic, but without doubling down on the heat of the jalapeños, which can be pretty full-on. I've noticed that to get the right result in pickling jalapeños, cooking them out in the vinegar solution for a bit longer is best- maybe 5 minutes on the simmer. 

    Maybe the best thing about this kind of eating is the fact that it's interactive. Nothing quite like everything creating their own perfect taco to their taste, and passing stuff about the place. It's at the heart of the connective power of a meal that makes it transcend beyond being just the act of eating.
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  • Day21

    San Ignacio

    March 15, 2017 in Mexico ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Nach Hunderten Kilometern Wüste empfängt uns San Ignacio. Der Ort ist eine Oase mit Tausenden von Dattelpalmen 🌴. Kein Wunder, dass ein Jesuit schon im frühen 18. Jahrhundert auf die Idee kam, hier eine Mission aufzubauen.
    Wir campen unweit der Quelle, die das ganze Grün in der Wüste speist, fahren mit einem Kayak den Fluss hinauf, und spazieren durch die Weiten ...
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  • Day24

    Off the beaten track

    March 18, 2017 in Mexico ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    Auf der Baja California sind erstaunlich viele Touristen unterwegs: US Amerikaner und Kanadier, die hier den Winter verbringen, aber auch Overlander wie wir. Viele von ihnen benutzen eine App namens iOverlander, auf denen Gleichgesinnte Übernachtungsplätze, Stellen, an denen man Trinkwasser oder Campinggas findet, und jede erdenkliche andere Information, die für Reisende interessant sein könnte, veröffentlichen. Verfügt man dann noch über eine kompatible Navigationsapp, kann man sich per Klick von Platz zu Platz führen lassen, ohne auch nur einmal eine Landkarte zu betrachten, oder einen Reiseführer in die Hand zu nehmen.
    Wir interessieren uns mehr für die weißen Flecken, Gegenden, in denen es noch keine Punkte auf iOverlander gibt, und wo die Navigationsapp keine Straßen zeigt. Da muss man Spuren lesen, um zum Ziel zu finden, muss durch Flüsse fahren und im Kriechgang steile Anstiege bezwingen, und trifft höchstens mal einen Einheimischen auf einem Pferd, den man nach dem Weg fragen kann. So finden wir die schönsten Plätze – wie diesen natürlichen Pool, der an heißen Tagen für Abkühlung sorgt ...
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  • Day23

    Entlegene Dörfer

    March 17, 2017 in Mexico ⋅ 🌙 23 °C

    Nur ganz gelegentlich passieren wir abgelegene Dörfer. Hier gibt es kein fließendes Wasser, keinen Strom, keinen öffentlichen Nahverkehr und kein Handynetz. Manch einer hat ein großes Wasserfass auf dem Dach seiner Hütte, und abends brummt der Generator – aber spätestens um zehn geht das Licht aus.Read more

  • Day196

    Best Birthday Ever !!!

    November 28, 2016 in Mexico ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    It was so beautiful on these deserted beaches in the Bahia de Conception that we couldnt tear ourselves away, and rather than head into town for the traditional nice meal out and pubbing/clubbing as is the norm (we are often away as it's thanksgiving, which obviously isn't a big deal for us) we stayed on Playa Escondida (Hidden Beach).

    It was a beautiful calm morning and I spotted a fin far out from shore so we rushed to Andre's and we all went out in his small inflatable. There was a HUGE whale shark feeding out there but every time I got in the water a couple of gentle swishes of his tail and he was 20+ metres away, until one time I slid in quietly and he turned straight towards me a cruised past practicality in touching distance - it was just INCREDIBLE to be so close to to such a magnificent creature and I even got some decent footage on the GoPro. We cruised around for a while longer and saw 4 in total, with one almost rubbing his dorsal fin against the boat.

    I got a hammock for a pressie, so that consumed most of the rest of the day, as well as a decale map of the states (we've managed 40, so far!), and an elecy toothbrush as my old one only manages about 2 brushes pet charge. My family got me an incredible rucksack, which should help the back when we get to the volunteering job in Guatemala. But I have to say the best present wasn't wrapped, as we've been unsuccessful chasing those whale sharks for years, and we didn't have to part with hundreds of dollars or share them with a boat load of tourists - just amazing.

    We spent most of the day lazing around on the beach and watching rays jump clean out of the water. The Canadians next door also let us borrow their kayak and SUP board so we chased a few dolphins around - it pays to make friends with the guys with all the toys!

    Unbelievably, out of the dozen people on the beach it was also someone else's birthday so everyone gathered around and shared 2 cakes (another lovely Canadian couple brought me one) with a few glasses of wine/beer, then sat around a roaring camp fire on the beach.
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