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  • Day944

    Walking to Monaco, Country #18

    January 26 in Monaco ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

    🇲🇨 Monaco, Country # 18 🇲🇨

    Built on the side of an Alp, the principality of Monaco is the second smallest country in the world after the Vatican City, but it is the most densely populated and neither of us fancied trying to park there, even on a Sunday. Therefore, Will worked his magic with the Park4Night app and found two possibilities in France. The first was a 7 place motorhome aire which had a bus service to Monaco. Unfortunately, upon further investigation, we found this had recently been closed down. Option number two was a car park on top of La Tête de Chien, a Maritime Alp towering 550m above Monaco. The views are wonderful but there is no bus service, only a rocky walking track leading 4km down the mountainside!

    With Will having recently celebrated his 65th birthday and recovering from a minor operation and Vicky struggling with ongoing health problems, neither of us are very fit and we were nervous about the challenging route. Vicky downloaded a Monacan taxi app and we decided that we could use this as a backup option if need be.

    At 10am on Sunday we embarked on our adventure with all 2.2 square kilometres of Monaco layed out more than 500m below. The so called path was narrow and consisted of loose stone, earth and rock with the occasional signpost. We took it slow and made steady progress, soaking in the smells of wild rosmary and thyme.

    Monaco charges no income tax and it is estimated that at least 30% of residents are millionaires!Getting closer we began to see more details; private swimming pools, a helipad, the famous arches of the Grand Prix route. The sounds of the city began to reach us also; beeping machinery, the background roar of car engines and church bells all mixed together.

    Reaching civilisation once again, the first car we saw was a Monacan Porsche 4x4, although we were technically still in France. Winding down steep hill roads we came to a main roadway, with small signs stating that you were leaving one urban jurisdiction (La Turbie) and entering another (Beausoleil). There were no big signs saying 'Welcome to Monaco', in fact the only reason we knew we were crossing over was by looking at the border line on Maps.Me! Monaco is not formally part of the EU, but participates in the same customs and border controls and currency via its close relationship with France.

    Monaco's residential area is tiered and although there were high rises all around, their walls were made up of integrated balconies, meaning it didn't feel as claustrophobic as we'd feared. We soon spotted a public lift, one of many to help people get up and down the steep slopes. Using as many of these as we could find and inumerable steps, we made our way towards the centre via the Jardins Exotic, where well tended grass and palms grew and young children amused themselves in little playgrounds, while well dressed grown-ups looked on and chatted amongst themselves.

    We'd been descending for nearly 2 hours and Vicky's legs were shaking by the time we reached the small market place we hoped to have lunch at. Being a Sunday, people milled around the open air square, perusing yellow and red striped stalls selling fruit, veg and flowers. There was even one selling sea urchins and other shellfish under the shade of a portico. Looking back over the top of the richly painted town centre buildings, now occupied by well presented eateries, we saw a towering cliff and realised with trepidation that this was where we'd walked from! We couldn't quite believe our legs had carried us and put off thinking about getting back up!

    We've seen setups like Marché de la Condamine in a few cities; an indoor space housing small outlets that sell plates of cooked food as well as cheeses, cakes and cured meats, with shared tables in the centre. However, this was more compact and had a far more polished feel to it, being better heated, better presented and cleaner than the others. Despite the warmth, several diners wore full fur coats, which were often accompanied by large reflective sunglasses. We chose to eat at Maison des Pâtes, which seemed the most popular. Tasty spinach tagliatelle with creamy truffle sauce, water and loup de mer (sea bass) ravioli with pesto sauce and a red wine came to €26 - less expensive than the two meals we'd had out so far in France and very filling. We sat beside a family of 6, with 3 generations and the 'grand-mère' wished us a warm 'bon appetite'. Monaco's official language is French, but Monégasque, Italian, Occitan and English are also spoken widely.

    Following lunch we wandered up the ramp to the old town and the Prince's Palace; not as grand as one might think for the reining monarch in the world's richest country (if we are to measure wealth per capita). Despite its compact nature, it did have turrets, castellations, porticos and flags, with an array of canons and navy blue uniformed sentries standing bolt upright in individual white guard houses.

    The palace and old town are perched on a rocky outcrop, resulting in very narrow streets for pedestrians only, between the beautifully warm sienna rainbow of terraced buildings. Over the alleyways, wire arches supported Monacan crests, as souvenir shops touted their wares; Monte Carlo T-shirts and gambling chips, Monaco Grand Prix baseball caps and even a Monaco tea towel, which we bought to use in the van.

    It didn't take long to emerge at the Cathedral, which had a very grand white stone frontage with a red carpet leading up the stairs and two magnificent palm trees growing in the narrow strip of earth outside. Within, a walkway led visitors around the outside of a more austere space. We'd even go so far as to say there was a breeze block appearance to the stone walls, perhaps to highlight the importance of the marble grave stones of the departed dynasty, many of which rested in alcoves with a small, rectangular, stained glass window and shrine or effigy to accompany them.

    Becoming anxious about the climb back up, we decided it was time to go. We managed to find some public lifts, but others eluded us and we needed to climb hundreds of steps. We took many breaks on the ascent but there was a great view of the city to look at while we caught our breath, the sun having swung round to shine from behind us.

    After 2.5 hours Martha Motorhome finally came into view and we climbed gratefully in, to put our tired feet up and feast on chocolate! Ironically, after a day of mountain climbing, Will got round to applying for his Old Age Pension! We really enjoyed our day in Monaco. Our usual apprehension about visiting a capital was ameliorated by the rural hike either side of our city sojourn. We didn't visit the famous casino or the harbour, but feel we got a flavour for the city, which was a surprisingly pleasant place to spend a few hours, if you discount the aching legs from climbing all those stairs!

    If you'd like to watch a video of our experience, click on the link to go to the VnW Travels You Tube channel:

    Having explored on foot, Will had the confidence to drive in the following day, 'just for the experience'. The narrow streets and complicated road systems, with their series of tunnels, turned out to be quite stressful, even without looking for a place to park. We passed some exclusive looking shops selling cars, clothes and jewellery; all things that many people desire but do not need. We think we were definitely right to explore by foot, on a Sunday!

    If you'd like to watch a 2 minute our drive through Monaco, click on the link to go to the VnW Travels You Tube Channel:
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  • Day4

    Monaco und Ėze

    March 26 in Monaco ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Heute sind wir mal eben mit dem Auto durch Mo ach gefahren. Meine Herren, dass ist vielleicht eng dort. Ziemlich viele Straßen (vor allem unterirdische Straßen, denn oben drüber wohnen die Monegassen), viel Reliefenergie (es geht stets steil bergauf und bergab) und keine Parkplätze. Es ist definitiv eine Stadt, die man mit ÖPNV besuchen sollte. Auf dem Rückweg haben wir dann noch im beschaulichen Èze vorbei geschaut.Read more

  • Day31

    Einmal im Leben nach Monaco

    May 11 in Monaco ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Wir wollten eigentlich nur einmal kurz anhalten, ein Eis essen und weiter. Der Blick von oben auf die Stadt war schon gigantisch.
    Was wir nicht bedacht haben, alle Parkhäuser in Monaco sind nur 2,10 Meter hoch. Langt la für die ganzen Sportwagen.
    Wir wurden zu einem Spezialparkplatz gelotst, satte 20 Euro pro Stunde — Minutenweise konnte man nicht buchen.
    Lag wahrscheinlich daran, dass wir an dem Formel 1 Wochenende dort gewesen sind. Dafür durfte unser Bus ein Teil der Rennstrecke sehen und fahren.
    Interessant fanden wir, dass genau neben Postkarten auch Lottoscheine hingen und die meisten Hunde genau hinter dem Hunde verboten Schild rumliefen.
    Auf jeden Fall hatten wir hier das erste Mal Wasserberührung, also Meerwasser. Regen gab es ja schon genug.
    Was ich wohl festhalten mag, dass die wahren Werte anders definiert werden (letztes Foto). E.
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  • Day4

    Monaco und Menton

    April 3 in Monaco ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    Heute war ein kurzer Reisetag. Für die erste Etappe von Nizza nach Monte Carlo (25km) brauchten wir allerdings fast 45 Minuten. Die Strasse an der Küste entlang war ziemlich kurvig und eng.
    In Monte Carlo haben wir das Auto dann im Parkhaus abgestellt und sind zu Fuss weiter - immer aufwärts, weil es in Monte Carlo immer nur aufwärts geht (keuch - hächel) 😉
    Leider hat es dann angefangen zu regnen und wir haben uns im Shopping Center Métropole unter's Dach 'gerettet'. Shopping Center für die oberen Zehntausend! Sneakers für 1345 Euro 😯
    Komisch nur, dass in praktisch keinem Laden auch nur ein Kunde anwesend war. Wenigstens konnte das Personal miteinander reden - wenn sie zu Zweit waren. Einzig in den Cafes war was los - und wie!
    So haben wir uns auch hingesetzt und einen schönen Cappuccino getrunken.
    Wieder draussen haben wir uns entschieden nach Menton zu fahren - in unser Hotel. Eine halbe Stunde später waren wir schon da.
    Zimmer bezogen und wieder raus zum Dorfrundgang. - im Regen. Schade.
    Schon bald waren wir wieder zurück auf dem Zimmer. Heute war uns nicht nach auswärts Essen. So haben wir im gegenüberliegenden Supermarkt eingekauft und auf dem Zimmer gegessen. War auch nett 😊😊😊😊😊
    Die Weiterfahrt morgen ist auch schon geplant und das Hotel in Varese ist gebucht. So sind wir schon fast wieder in der Schweiz und fahren am Freitag wieder nach Hause. Den morgigen Tag werden wir aber nochmals geniessen.
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  • Day7


    May 15, 2018 in Monaco ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Heute waren wir im zweit kleinsten Land der Welt - in Monaco. Wir sind mit unserem Bus bis ins Zentrum (Monaco-Ville) gefahren, denn hier gibt es eine Tiefgarage extra für Wohnmobile. Danach ging es zu Fuß durch die Stadt. Wir haben uns den Palast, die Kathedrale und die Formeleinsstrecke angeschaut. Mittagessen gab es dann bei McDonald's. Eine beeindruckende Stadt mit vielen reichen Leuten, teuren Autos und großen Yachten. Jetzt sind wir an einem Campingplatz hinter Nizza.Read more

  • Day2

    Monaco-Ville, Monaco

    September 30, 2018 in Monaco ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Nach fast 24 Stunden Anreise, über Hamburg, Zürich bis nach Nizza bin ich endlich in Monaco angekommen. Da wäre ich schneller in Costa Rica gewesen 😉

    Leider hab ich Nicola meine Kollegin nicht mehr getroffen, daher viel die Übergabe telefonisch aus. Jedoch musste ich erst einmal zum Crew Purser und den Papierkram erledigen, meinen Reisepass und Seemannsbuch abgeben, danach meine Uniform holen - fix umziehen auf die Brücke und meine Rettungsweste zu holen. Zwischendurch der schon bekannten Crew hallo sagen, mittag zu essen und danach gings in Büro. Die Menüs für den nächsten Tag fertig zu machen. Mich wieder in den tagesablauf reinlesen, schließlich war der noch auf die Europa 2 programmiert 😉
    Um 15.30 Uhr hieß es dann auch noch. Gäste einchecken 🙄 bis 17 Uhr, dann musste ich die Menüs für den Abend drucken, sowie um 18 Uhr die Zeitung "Die Welt". Kurz Abendbrot essen, dann habe ich die Tagesprogramme und Hafeninfos gedruckt. Um 20 Uhr gab es dann noch ein Mitarbeiter Meeting. Leider war ich immer noch nicht fertig im Büro, dort blieb ich bis 21.30 und bin dann aber noch nach draußen ins dekadente Monte-Carlo. 😊

    Nach dem schönen Spaziergang war ich um 23 Uhr wieder an Bord und hab noch mehr Koffer ausgepackt, damit es etwas gemütlicher wird. 😊

    Ein langer erster Tag ging um Mitternacht zu Ende!
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  • Day20

    Day 20 part 2 - Monaco

    September 17, 2018 in Monaco ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    So I thought I was doing pretty well in life until I went to Monaco. 😒 lol

    The money and luxury there is unreal... Totally normal to own a 200M yatch. I am in the wrong business. 🤔

    Visited the famous Monte Carlo casino, beach, luxury avenue and prince's castle.

  • Day28

    Day 27

    June 25, 2017 in Monaco ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Travelled from Milan to Nice today again with no border controls from Italy and France. To get there we drove along the French Riviera driving through Monaco which is the most densely populated country and with of course with the richest casino. We got in quite late so had dinner and a walk down to the beach so excited for tomorrow when I can go swimming wohooo!!Read more

  • Day41

    Day 41 - Monaco

    May 26, 2016 in Monaco ⋅ ⛅ 64 °F

    Well it's not everday you get to party on a yacht in Monaco harbour when the Formula One cars are in town! First off must say a huge thank you to Smithy Jnr and Snr for the invite. Amazing day and evening guys.

    From arriving into the harbour and yacht via speedboat, to chilling out watching the F1 practice session from the top deck, to the amazing food, to the live band on the back of the boat, to the endless flow of drink, to having F1 driver Felipe Nasr and the Sauber guys on board, to the sun being out all day and to the great company it really was an incredible day.Read more

  • Day42

    Day 42 - Monaco

    May 27, 2016 in Monaco ⋅ ⛅ 72 °F

    After yesterday's incredible party on the yacht today was a much calmer affair with the day spent in Monaco watching the GP2 (surprisingly a lot louder than F1) race and the Porshe Supercup. With some great seats in the stands we managed to get up very close to the cars and pits and after the racing was finished got the chance to walk the track before they opened the roads again to the public.

    Headed back to Nice this evening and with yesterday catching up on me it's an early night to recharge for the weekend.
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