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  • Day15

    Kotor the cat capital

    April 28 in Montenegro

    Kotor is a town in Montenegro that reminds me of a Norwegian Fjord. We only had a half day here and there is not a great deal to see here as this port is a relatively new entry to the cruising calendar. Apparently Kotor is known for its cats, although i think I saw more in Dubrovnik.

    There was a fortress you could walk up to but at 1350 steps on an uneven path, I decided to let Brad have the privilege of doing the climb (charged him €8 too). He said it was fairly strenuous and at one point he was crawling up on his hands and knees ( so he says, although he didn't take a photo of that bit so he may be exaggerating???). I found myself a cafe with WiFi so i could send emails and my blog.

    Bought a couple of small souvenirs, wandered along the city walls (all these old European cities seem to have walls surrounding them), back on the ship and sailed out. Next port is Venice and as I am writing this we are just cruising into Venice and it looks amazing!!!
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  • Day11

    Kotor, Montenegro

    August 13, 2017 in Montenegro

    Kotor could be the most beautiful location that we have ever visited. We went up to the very top of the mountain range over extremely narrow roads. We sampled local food at two different village restaurants and visited Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Day22

    Thelma & Louise Take Montenegro

    June 30, 2016 in Montenegro

    Drivers in Croatia & Montenegro are insane! We decided the best way to see Montenegro was to rent a car and take a road trip. Our rental car was delivered to the ferry port so we could take off asap at the start of our day. As we made our way out of Dubrovnik, we only needed two u-turns then we were off! Lana drove while Rebecca admired the scenery of the Adriatic coast. After a stop for breakfast in Cavtat, Croatia and yet another u-turn or two (Is a pattern developing?) we made it to the border. The border crossing was actually very simple but the long line stopped us for about 30min. By this time in our journey Lana was wishing she had reserved a stick shift as her inner race car driver was dying to be released on the curves and switchbacks of the coastal mountain road. But alas she was only able let it out when the crazy local drivers swerved around on the 2 lane road. We decided speed limits & no passing zones were only suggestions for the locals.

    We stopped for lunch at the beautiful seaside village of Perast. It was easy to see the Venetian heritage of Montenegro. A walk around the village then on to the small walled city of Kotor. We had a rather complicated discussion with the parking lot attendent in Kotor about how much & how to pay for the parking as he didn't speak English & we didn't speak Montenegren. We assume we finally got it right since he didn't chase after us when we left. The walls of Kotor climb up the mountainside with the castle on top. How they managed to built this fortress without modern machinery is a wonder. The magnitude of the walls can't be captured in photos. We managed to make it all the way back to Dubrovnik without any u-turns or being run off the road by the locals. Realizing that the 5 cruise ships that entered port this morning were now gone we took advantage of the smaller crowds to see the large walled city of Dubrovnik. It was so big & confusing & hot that we stayed for just a short time. Lana was worried about having to get the car out of the tiny parallel parking space & backing up all the way uphill on the narrow curved street to get out of the tight parking area. Rebecca was worried about climbing all of the slippery uneven stairs we descended to get to the main level of the city. Did we say it was hot? Finally, we succeeded in getting out of our parking spot without any damage to the car. LOTS of teamwork was required. We were soon looking forward to showers after the hot sweaty day. By the way, if a crazy man starts yelling at you in Croatian, double check that you are not going the wrong way on a one way street. Yes, one last u-turn was required. We finally made it to our hotel for those showers, glad we chose not to return to the island we stayed at last night. The small island was expecting their regular load of loud party all night sailing Australians. We had a wonderful dinner on the hotel terrace and watched the sunset on the islands of Croatia. Tomorrow? Belgrade Serbia here we come.
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  • Day11


    September 13, 2016 in Montenegro

    Nach einem ziemlichen Schreck wegen einer durchrutschenden Kupplung ( hervorgerufen durch einen nicht-originalen klappbaren Hebel), wurde dieses Problem in einer Hinterhofwerkstatt behoben. Hoffentlich hält jetzt die Kupplung. Heute Stadtbesichtigung von Kotor.

  • Day7

    Kotor's Fortifications

    October 28, 2016 in Montenegro

    After the quick tour of the old town, we decided to hike up the old city wall and fortification. We did not initially plan on going to the top (which involves climbing the same amount of steps as the Empire State Building), but once we started, we were determined to reach the top. We reached the top around half an hour before sunset, so we trotted back down in short order; it was chilly and the steps were very uneven (they definitely wouldn't meet building code in the US!)—not a very safe hike to make in the dark.Read more

  • Day7

    Kotor's Fortifications

    October 28, 2016 in Montenegro

    The Castle of St. John at the top of the hill was built by the Venetians in the 15th century, but the fortifications go back far longer than that. The original fortifications were last rebuilt by the Roman Emperor Justinian in the 6th century—those were some pretty old, well worn steps.

  • Day15

    Leaving Podgorica on another road trip

    October 30, 2017 in Montenegro

    We started our day with a few car problems- although the agency didn’t seem to think that an airbag warning light and a broken seat belt were problems... “no problem, no problem my friend. In Montenegro normal normal, no problem!”. Thankfully we managed to get another car and only lost an hour of our time.

    The journey was beautiful. We passed a big lake and headed straight to the coast. When we got there we were amazed at how crystal clear the sea is! So inviting to jump in if it wasn’t so cold. We continued our drive to Sveti Stefan - a tiny island that is filled with old brick houses. It was very pretty- and surrounded by turquoise waters. Stéphane braved the cold and jumped in for a swim - I got as far as my ankles. We went for a little walk around and had a picnic on the beach with the stunning views.

    We continued our journey to Kotor, via the windy mountain roads. Such incredible views of Kotor from the road! I think a car hire is a must if you’re visiting here, and the driving isn’t too crazy either (especially compared to Albania!) So we arrived in Kotor just after sunset and it was such a beautiful little town! Jaw dropping first impressions. We are staying in an amazing hostel (hostel pupa) just on the harbour for only €8 a night per person. (And that was paying a bit more for a 4 bed dorm- I think it was only €6 for a 10 bed which is quite good for here.) We are just on the doorstep of the old town so we went for a wander. It’s another world! You feel like you are walking through a movie set. It’s a UNESCO listed town and you can tell that its been taken care of. Everywhere you looked there was something to see- so many hidden lanes and a restaurant, bar or souvenir shop on every corner. Old churches and museums were scattered about too with an incredible amount of cats everywhere! They looked healthy and well fed though and we later found a shopkeeper dedicated to feeding them which was good to see. For dinner, there was plenty choice! We chose a nice little place to sit outside with heat lamps, blankets and a man playing saxophone. Bliss. And to top it off we had a little kitten visitor and a friendly dog. I was in my element!
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  • Day224


    November 13, 2017 in Montenegro

    Horrid sleep.
    Was still wide awake at 4am 😪
    Luckily Will slept through his alarm so we didn't get up until around 1 😏😏
    It's shit weather today so our plans to climb up the mountain got canned. Not that disappointed to be honest.. it's really high 😂
    Went down to the bus stop to buy tickets for tomorrow but for whatever reason you can't pre buy them. Lucky there is like 20 options throughout the day so we will definitely get on one.
    We went to old town for breakfast which was ok. The place is deserted. Everything is shut so It took a while to find food.

    FUCK THE EURO 😭😭😭😭😭😭 its at 0.61 cents atm. We can't afford to lose half our money 😭😭😭😭😭. WAHHHH.
    Cat museum still closed 😔
    It has started to rain so we have taken refuge in a cafe.
    The heater is great.
    I ordered my first ever coffee. I'm a little let down. I will force myself to finish it though.

    It then started to proper storm so we were stuck at the cafe so we got a lemonade - everywhere sells fresh lemonade, its the best.
    It bucketed for ages but we finally made a run for the hostel.

    I read my book and Will watched videos until it was time for dinner.

    We tried 3 places but they were all shut because 1. Kotor is a ghost town and 2. Probably the storm didn't help.

    We found a grill and it was delixiousssssss.
    There was a black cat sitting at the door in the rain looking in through which reminded me of my baby boy so I cut my chicken up, went outside and gave him so much 😂
    He would have been a happy boy. Good gracious I miss my cat.

    Home now - Will stayed in the room on his convenient bottom bunk but I went to the foyer to keep reading and watch the thunder storm.
    Bnb tomorrow and boy am I keen.

    We also booked a Bnb for Albania tonight so glad that's sorted 🙂

    Oh and important info I forgot to add. The place we ate this morning had a picture of a mans crotch frozen on the screen.

    We are both just really worn out. We have 5 nights in Podgorica to recoup but I've decided that when we enter back into the Schengen zone we will go do the big exciting stuff first to try get the bedazzle back.
    We are thinking Paris.

    The supermarkets are really getting to us. I honestly dont know what everyone eats.
    They must have hidden shops everywhere cause their supermarkets only sell snacks. No meats no edible vegetables. Nada.
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  • Day8


    June 6, 2016 in Montenegro

    Onze dag was gereserveerd voor op de UNESCO-lijst geplaatste Baai van Kotor, de meest zuiderlijke fjord van Europa. Kotor is een stad met haar muren in een lengte van 5 km. Verder ligt Kotor aan de voet van een berg. Op deze berg is de oude San Giovanni-vesting te bezichtigen. Vanaf hier heeft men uitzicht over de baai van Kotor en kan men de hele stad overzien. Helaas hadden wij geen tijd om de berg te beklimmen.

    Wij hebben het kathedraal Sv. Tripuna, het plein van de wapens met het paleis, theater van Napoleon, Klokkentoren en de kleine markt bezocht.

    Daarna reden wij langs een prachtig kuststadje Paraste en mochten wij even stoppen om het kerkje op het eiland "Gospa od Skrpelja" te fotograferen. Helaas moesten wij door naar het klooster in de bergen en konden wij het prachtig kerkje niet bezoeken.
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