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  • Day401

    ... zwei Tage zuvor hieß es 1.000 Stufen musst du gehen. Heute waren es dann mal 1.400 Steile Stufen oder wahlweise Geröll😓 8€ mussten wir für die Plackerei auch noch zahlen.

    Doch es hat sich gelohnt, schon der Aufstieg mit den atemberaubenden Ausblicken, waren unbezahlbar. Es waren zwar gefühlt 30 Grad und Sonne pur und wirklich Schweißreibend aber besser als Regen 😉

    Als wir nach 40 Minuten oben ankamen, trafen wir Julian der schon das 8 mal dort oben war und daher alle geheimen Wege kannte. Doch dieser war wirklich suspekt, wie sind durch ein Fenster der alten Stadtmauer gestiegen um eine steile Felsenwand runter klettern um zu einer kleinen Kapelle zu gegangen, in dem ein Esel wohnte - verrückt. Auf dem Weg hab es noch lauter Ziegen und Katzen. So schön😍

    Doch das beste kam noch. Wir sind noch ein Stück weiter hoch um in einer kleinen Hütte Essen zu gehen. Frischer Ziegenkäse stand auf dem kleinen Holzschild. Als wir dort ankamen, stolperte uns schon ein betrunkener Wirt entgegen, mit schlechtem Englisch. Doch Gastfreundlich war er wirklich. Es gab frischen Ziegenkäse, einen Schnaps und trocken Brot. Es ähnelte 'Dinner for One" herrlich dieser Typ
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  • Day11

    Kotor, Montenegro

    August 13, 2017 in Montenegro

    Kotor could be the most beautiful location that we have ever visited. We went up to the very top of the mountain range over extremely narrow roads. We sampled local food at two different village restaurants and visited Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Day8

    Krazy for Kotor!

    August 12 in Montenegro

    First, let me say what an incredibly short and easy travel day this was. After a quick blink of our eyes on an hour long bus ride, we found ourselves behind the fortified walls that protect the gem that is Kotor’s old town.

    Although getting here was effortless, finding our hotel room was no easy feat. The addressing system, or should I say lack there of, is very sporadic here. It seems as though some store fronts are labelled with numbers, but many are not. Even the handful of locals that we spoke to couldn’t guide us in the right direction.

    Insert Hakan. A man with a friendly face, who was sitting outside of his tapestry shop. When we asked for his help, all it took was a quick phone call and voila, someone was on their way to let us into our room, which was only a few doors down from his shop. Little did we know that he was friends with the hotel owner, or that he was so well connected, which proved very beneficial for us. Kotor is the first place we decided to spend more than one night in, which was an incredibly easy decision to make by the way (it’s like you’ve gone back in time into the Middle Ages, not to mention the awe that you feel as you stand surrounded by sky-high mountains), however we only booked accommodations for one night. Fortunately, not only is Hakan a business owner, but he is also a landlord so he was able to find us a room to stay in tomorrow. Not to be a broken record, but Hakan’s hospitality was rather outstanding. It was like having our own personal tour guide on speed dial, whatever we needed he assured us that he would help. He even offered to take us out for a traditional Montenegrin dinner tomorrow evening.

    As a mini afternoon excursion, we made our way to a small town called Perast, which the Lonely Planet book describes as looking like a small chunk of Venice that has floated down the Adriatic. With a population of 350, we walked down the one and only main street and indulged in some gelato, some of us more than others ;) - if you know Sean at all you know his love of ice cream.

    Upon our return we had an excellent seafood dinner at a restaurant recommended to us by one of Hakan’s friends of course, and then we spent a better part of the evening playing cards, wandering the cat-strewn streets and getting lost in the magic. KK
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  • Day9

    Krazier for Kotor - Day 2

    August 13 in Montenegro

    In addition to the fortified old town, Kotor also has fortifications that travel to the top of the mountain that sits behind the old town and 1350 steps to reach the uppermost fort. We spent our morning ascending the wall and enjoying the spectacular views. And also trying to stay in the shade as it was over 40C. Easily the best hike and views of the trip so far.

    After that, spent our afternoon wandering the maze of cobblestone streets and taking a cue from all the lazy Kotor cats - lounging around sipping on cold drinks in the shade and watching the mass groups of tourists getting shuffled by us. First time of the trip where we had no travel agenda and while it's fun to visit a new place everyday, was great to not be rushing off somewhere too.

    We did have plans though. Our new Turkish friend Hakan insisted on taking us out for supper at a local seaside Turkish restaurant at 8pm. We were treated to red wine, raki (like ouzo), and a number of food platters with grilled meats and vegetables and delicious desserts. The owners sat down with us too and we never came close to eating everything provided. Even though we insisted on paying the bill, Hakan was having none of it. We feasted like kings all at his expense.

    Got back to old Town around midnight and finished our night watching a small band performing in one of the narrow alleyways outside a pub. Pretty sweet day. -SP
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  • Day3

    Kotor, Montenegro

    September 9 in Montenegro

    Kotor, mais uma vila mediaval lindíssima, à beira mar, com montanhas à volta e uma muralha de mais de 4 km que sobe alto nas montanhas.

    Depois de mais de duas horas de caminho, algum trânsito na fronteira para Montenegro e uma entrada em grande pela zona dos pesadas que nos obrigou a fazer inversão de marcha num sentido único na fronteira, recebi mais um carimbo no meu passaporte.
    Almoçamos no centro da mediaval e subimos a muralha sem o Ricky que preferiu ir dar um mergulho em vez de suar em bica numa subida íngreme sem sombra com mais de 33graus, para ver uma vista única da vila e tirar uma fotos. Parte da descida tive que a fazer descalça porque já estava a ficar com bolhas por causa dos chinelas.
    Ao contrário de Dubrovnik está cidade cheira a merda de gato, são centenas de gatos abandonados por toda a parte e aliás é um símbolo da própria cidade.

    Por volta das 17h, seguimos a correr para Budva a meia hora de Kotor, na expectativa de ver o pôr do sol. Foi uma visita relâmpago, chegar, entrar na vila mediaval, tirar umas fotos com o sol que se escondia atrás da montanha e principalmente beber uma cerveja numa zona sossegada junto às muralhas, provavelmente o melhor momento em Budva.

    Na volta, jantámos em kotor e ainda apanhamos um susto antes de chegar à fronteira porque estávamos em excesso e a polícia mandou nos parar, mas felizmente apenas pediram nos para abrandar. Mas valeu o ataque de riso na fronteira, porque com a noite, a polícia só conseguia ver 3 pessoas no carro, o Ricky estava de boca fechada.

    Desde 2006, que Montenegro declarou a sua independência à Sérvia e apesar de não fazer parte da união europeia, pediu a moeda emprestada. Desde então ainda não definiram a sua própria moeda.
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  • Day7


    August 23 in Montenegro

    In Kotor, amazing cruise in !

    I got at 5:30am to watch us come into Montenegro! The scenery was amazing and watching how the ship is navigated through the Fjord, we travelled in a horseshoe. Whilst taking in the scenery we were joined by a dolphin. I did see it splash out the water but it soon disappeared in the ocean. Coming into the port, which is quite small it looked like our ship wouldn’t fit on the jetty but we did (just!)
    We also had a posh breakfast for 2 in 47 with Waiter service. Absolute bliss and thoroughly enjoyed. The girls decided that they were going to wander into town on their for an ice-cream. Yes we said and then at the same time went by my mother’s radar kicked in! This involved us getting ready at record speed and managing to get off the ship before them. Hiding behind a bush our surveillance began. Watching on the crossed the road on the pedestrian crossing (tick - we taught them well), they then stopped to get free map (tick - very sensible Nyah) but we were getting to close and at risk of being spotted. We turned to look at our surroundings and blend in. We turned around and they had vanished (no tick for us) We walked into town checked out the souvenir shops and more likely ice-cream shops, no sign of them. We took a deep breathe and realised that we were rubbish at stalking our own daughters. They had out smarted us so we needed to trust them and enjoy our mooch around the town.

    Lillian had Spaghetti
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  • Day11

    Perast, 'Jewel in the crown'

    September 30 in Montenegro

    Weg uit Herceg Novi stoppen we in Perast, ‘Jewel of bay of Kotor’. Super klein authentiek dorpje, met 2 bijhorende historische eilandjes waar bussen toeristen recht naar toe gevaard worden. Wij dus niet naar die eilandjes: kiezen ervoor om 100 m verder moederziel alleen, in alle rust, weg van de kudde toeristen, te eten aan het water. 🍝

  • Day15

    Kotor the cat capital

    April 28 in Montenegro

    Kotor is a town in Montenegro that reminds me of a Norwegian Fjord. We only had a half day here and there is not a great deal to see here as this port is a relatively new entry to the cruising calendar. Apparently Kotor is known for its cats, although i think I saw more in Dubrovnik.

    There was a fortress you could walk up to but at 1350 steps on an uneven path, I decided to let Brad have the privilege of doing the climb (charged him €8 too). He said it was fairly strenuous and at one point he was crawling up on his hands and knees ( so he says, although he didn't take a photo of that bit so he may be exaggerating???). I found myself a cafe with WiFi so i could send emails and my blog.

    Bought a couple of small souvenirs, wandered along the city walls (all these old European cities seem to have walls surrounding them), back on the ship and sailed out. Next port is Venice and as I am writing this we are just cruising into Venice and it looks amazing!!!
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  • Day50

    Kotor ... wir sind begeistert

    June 4 in Montenegro

    Nach unserem kurzen Abstecher nach China 🇨🇳 ... wir sind über die Mauer gelaufen 🤣, geht’s heute weiter. Bye bye 👋 Kroatien und willkommen Montenegro! Ein weiteres Land auf unserer Balkantour, was wir bisher noch nie besucht haben und von dem wir recht wenig wissen. Wir sind also gespannt was uns erwartet 🤙.

    Nach einem Großeinkauf wenige Kilometer vor der Grenze 🚧, ging es dann in ein neues Abenteuer. Nachdem die Grenzübertritte nach Bosnien Herzegowina ratz-fatz verliefen, mussten wir sowohl bei den Kroaten, als auch den Montenegrinern etwas in der Schlange stehen. Da wir ja einen Bus - „einen VW Bus“ fahren, durften wir sogar die Busspur 🚌🚐 nutzen 😉💪.

    Am Camp ⛺️ in der Kotor Bay angekommen, haben wir soeben den letzten freien „offiziellen“ Platz ergattert 😅 ... Glück gehabt! Am nächsten morgen ging es dann für uns mit dem Bus 🚎 (mal wieder richtig günstig, zumindest für unsere Verhältnisse, für 1,30 €) gute 30 Minuten die Kotor Bay entlang. Wir hatten uns eine Free-Walking-Tour rausgesucht, um ein wenig über Stadt/Geschichte und Leute kennenzulernen. Da die Altstadt klein und schnuckelig ist, war unsere Tour nach gut einer Stunde beendet und wir schlenderten noch ein wenig durch die Gassen.

    In Kotor gönnten wir uns sogar den Spaziergang über die Stadtmauer ... es ist noch kostenlos 🤣. Unser Guide scherzte, „Game of Thrones“ war noch nicht in Kotor, danach kostet es auch Eintritt. Eine ganz klare Anspielung an Dubrovnik, da Kotor als das „kleine“ Dubrovnik bezeichnet wird.

    Wir sind jedenfalls schwer begeistert! Nicht so viele Menschenmassen, kleine Straßen/Gassen zum Bummeln, überall nette Cafés und Pubs und nicht so eine Hektik und Gedränge überall. Natürlich gibt es auch hier Reisegruppen, aber es ist immer nur ein Kreuzfahrtschiff 🛳 in der Bucht und sie sind deutlichst kleiner als in Dubrovnik oder Split.

    Was uns ganz besonders gut gefällt, ist das Bergpanorama 🏔⛰ um die Kotor Bay herum und über der Altstadt thront die alte Festung 🏰 ... ein wirklich tolles Bild bereits von unten und morgen, dank Insider Tipp von einer Bekanntschaft aus Sarajevo, geht es über einen Wanderweg durch den Hintereingang auf die Festung hinauf 😉. Mal schauen 👀 was der Ausblick von oben hergibt.

    Schaut auch gerne mal bei uns aus Instagram #finnweltenbummler vorbei!
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