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    • Day18

      1ère journée (Amsterdam)

      June 11 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C


      On s'est levés à midi, dû au jet lag.

      Premièrement, on est allés déjeuner au McDo, question de se dépayser bien comme il faut. Alix trouve qu'il ne goûte pas comme les autres McDo, ce qui est totalement intéressant à mon avis.

      Après le déjeuner, on a prit le tramway qui nous a amenés au centre-ville pour le restant de l'après-midi. C'est tellement pratique tous ces modes de transport en commun en Europe... ne pas avoir d'auto ici, c'est entièrement possible et facile, contrairement au Québec...

      Arrivés au centre-ville, on a collationné HAHA ALIX VIENT D'ÉCRASER UN SAC DE CHIPS. On a collationné dans un petit café cute qui faisait de très bonnes limonades maison, comme celle à l'aneth, concombre et menthe!

      Ensuite, on a marché en ville et dans le mythique Vondel Park, où il y avait vraiment beaucoup de gens. En cours de route, on a aperçu le Rijksmuseum (photos), plusieurs canaux parsemés de petits bateaux, des bâtiments colorés à l'architecture impressionnante, et plein de beaux petits paysages.

      Après notre grosse balade, on est allés dans une petite épicerie pour se faire un souper qu'on mangera dans notre hôtel insalubre.

      On a remarqué que même très tard le soir, il fait super clair! Ça nous incite à se coucher un peu tard...
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      Vincent change ta photo de profil, tu as l'air d'un gros dur




      Vous avez de belles photos…🧡



    • Day7

      Bienvenue aux Pays-Bas 🇳🇱

      March 14 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

      Après avoir fini de visiter le premier pays de notre voyage, la Belgique 🇧🇪, nous nous attaquons aux Pays-Bas 🇳🇱

      Première étape : La Haye. Aussi proche de la mer du Nord, nous étions obligés d'y faire un tour pour découvrir une grande plage de sable. Antonin et Thomas ont essayé de se baigner mais n'ont pas pu faire plus que de tremper les pieds. Il faudra attendre un peu avant de pouvoir se baigner complètement.

      Après une deuxième nuit un peu bruyante dans l'auberge, nous sommes contents de la quitter pour découvrir une nouvelle ville, Amsterdam, à seulement une heure en train de La Haye.
      Cette nouvelle auberge est beaucoup plus accueillante que la précédente et nos trois prochains jours s'annoncent formidables.

      Cette première après-midi nous a permis de visiter Amsterdam avec ces nombreux canaux parallèles. Nous avons retrouvé Maryne, la sœur de Guillaume autour d'un chocolat chaud.

      Le prochain jour s'annonce chargé et une bonne nuit de sommeil nous attend.
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      Calés 🤪


      Très belle ville Amsterdam 🤩


      profitez bien de votre séjour à Amsterdam. Maryne va peut être un peu vous servir de guide. Guillaume embrasse bien Maryne de notre part. Bonne continuation à vous tous.



    • Day5

      4 am bedtimes

      June 11 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      Friday night I accidentally went to bed at 4am (worked out at 3am though thanks to the 24/7 gym!) and then woke up Saturday to avrey knocking on my door telling me it was 2:30 pm! Oops! Jet lag got me I guess… late start to the day but ave vi and I went into the city to find the ies center and grab some coffee and food. We honestly did get lost in the city, but it was seriously so fun and BEAUTIFUL. Once we decided we were just hungry and ready to eat we started to focus haha. We REALLY just wanted to find a place that had both- iced coffee and food. Iced coffee alone is just really tough to find here, but when you do find it, it’s VERY good. So we ended up cutting our loses and eating some Chinese in Chinatown and then went for boba tea with espresso after. Love that tipping isn’t really a thing here, but hate that free water isn’t 😭 On our way back we stopped at a few stores- picked up some shampoo and conditioner from a shop in Amsterdam Centraal and got off the bus a stop early to run into Albert Heijn (the grocery store) to get a few things I forgot about. We walked back and started to get ready for the evening! A big group of people in my program all made plans to go to a club. It opened at 10 so at about 10 we caught a bus and took the metro to Coco’s!! Coco’s was very fun and we met people from Germany, UK, and even ran into some fellow Americans. Details of the night are blurry hahha but it was fun to get to know the people in my program!!Read more

    • Day2

      Arriving in Amsterdam

      April 19 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☁️ 7 °C

      Arrived in Amsterdam early this morning. Caught a bus from the airport to our hotel and spent the day walking around the city on the canals. Saw some amazing old buildings, browsed in a few shops, visited a church, walked through Anne Frank’s house had Italian for lunch and then visited an Amsterdam Icebar. This was totally awesome and definitely worth the stop whilst in Amsterdam.
      All the buildings are huge, old and occasionally slanted. The city is filled with thousands of bikes, every step you take is dangerous as you may step out in front of a flying past bike. The streets are filled with tourists, Amsterdam truely has shown its highlights for our arrival.
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      Italian food in the Netherlands???hmm!!

    • Day12

      Back to Amsterdam

      April 29 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

      Up and out early this morning, back to my favourite place; Amsterdam!
      After a nice hot Chai’ latte in this very cold weather, we headed to Van Gogh museum. What a sight this was! We got to be face-to-face with THE sunflowers! How awesome is that!
      After a pleasant cultured morning, we headed to silly town, Upside Down! Walking through different rooms all completely upside down!
      We had a bit of an Emily afternoon and went shopping! I definitely scored a few nice clothing items I’m keen to wear back home!
      Argentinian Steakhouse meat and beer for dinner again tonight! Always a hit!
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      Chai Lattes were so comforting in the cold💕


      Yummy! Looks good. [Scott Ewers]


      Looks like heaps of fun [Scott Ewers]

    • Day8

      Feeling good

      June 7 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

      חזרתי לאמסטרדם
      יש משהו שקורה
      כשמבלים עם אדם הרבה
      בקלות נוצרת קרבה
      ותחושת נוחות גדולה
      החלפנו חוויות מהימים האחרונים
      ועכשיו יושבים ומתפננים
      היום ההופעה
      מתחילה לעכל ולהתרגש
      אריק hold on I'm coming
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      איזה אישה יפה את❤️


      אני ממש נהנית מהדירה שלך❤️ מדהימה


      מתרגשת איתך חמודה שלייייי [המלכה]

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    • Day4

      Sittin' on the dock of the bay

      June 3 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

      לא פשוט
      בתוך כל ההמולה
      לא להרגיש אבודה
      וסביבי חבורות
      מדוע בחרתי לבד להיות
      לא טוב היות האדם לבדו
      וגם חופשי זה לגמרי לבד
      גבול דק מפריד
      בין לבד לבדידות
      צריכה לבחור בכל יום
      את הטוב לראות
      להזכיר לעצמי איזו זכות
      ולמצוא בתוכי שוב
      את החירות.
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      what a candy u are!


      love u my sweetyyyy


      מתה על השיר הזה את לא מבינה כמה! איזה כיף לך מאיצ'ו נראה טיול שווה בטירוף.. תמשיכי להיות גם לבד וגם ביחד, למצוא את האיזון הנכון לך ולתת מקום לכל מה שמגיע. אוהבת ימהממתתת [נועה]


      מתה עלייך!!!


      אוי סרטון שעושה לחייך

    • Day8

      Our last afternoon!

      April 13 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

      Walk to Jordaan again because it is a nice part of Amsterdam with café’s and restaurants. We had a drink by a canal and Dianne floated the idea of another canal cruise. We thought about it but decided that we would get some food and pack up our stuff for the trip back tomorrow. It was sunny and warm finally.Read more


      It’s amazing with the better weather how the city has transformed from your first day to now.


      Glad to see you took the selfie stick Dianne!


      Looks like a nice way to spend a sunny afternoon!



    • Day3

      Art Fun

      April 20 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☁️ 11 °C

      Gee wiz, Where to begin with today’s adventure’s!!?
      With a gentle start to our morning, we had a canal tour in which we saw some secret gems around Amsterdam city. We then walked through the artist Rembrandt’s Rijn house and saw where his masterpiece’s were created. We then stumbled along Gassan Diamond’s factory in which we needed to take a quick tour! Who knew how many types of diamonds there are… not to mention the 4 C’s of each in-particular diamond (Carat, Cut, Clarity, Colour).
      We then visited Straat - an awesome warehouse filled with huge street art works. The work and detail these artists put into their pieces is incredible.
      We ended our afternoon with a total ‘Insta pic’ worthy experience. Wondr! A 15 room; walk through of colourful, fun and interactive props.

      Finally, our night finished with an Amsterdam famous experience.. Red Light District. Not much to say on this, as I’m sure you can all imagine this as it is 🫣
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      Didn’t see the photo of the Diamond John purchased for you!!


      Nice way to see Amsterdam, we enjoyed ours too.


      Not our style but interesting to see all the same.

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    • Day55

      VIJF FOTOS-Amsterdam Day 4

      June 7 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

      Today was a fairly unplanned day initially other than we decided to take a train to The Hague, Netherlands. It's about 30 miles away. Jim C discovered that there was an Escher Museum there so we decided to book tickets to see it.

      Although Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands, The Hague is the center for most of the government function.

      The train ride was a comfortable 50-minute ride through a mostly rural area. We walked over to the museum through a beautiful wooded greenspace. The Escher Museum is housed in a beautiful two-hundred year old-palace used for the Queen Mother for decades. The setting really added to the experience.

      It was fun to see Escher's works, and the developmental story about his craft moved to the world of perspectives and the infinity of tesseracts. I had previously assumed that he had a deep mathematic background, but that's not true according to his story.

      Escher's work intrigues me because it's playful, but also seems to turn something impossible to something that is strangely plausible. I also think of the scene in the movie "Labyrinth" which also fuels my nightmares of heights and precarious drops:

      Fittingly, the return to the main floor was down a spiral staircase that when looking down seems to go to infinity. Full disclosure: Jim C looked down and took the photo. I didn't-just focusing on a step at a time. 😬

      After we left the museum, we took the tram to the beach. We arrived adjacent to what I have dubbed "Oh Hel Nee Pier"boasting a ferris wheel a large tower and crane for zipline and bungee jumping. I reflected on my entrenched acrophobia, and decided that it's still the way for me. It was fun to put our feet in the water; the North Sea wasn't as cold as we expected. We also tried bitteballen (round fried balls with mostly white sauce) and fries as we watched families gather and play on the beach.

      We left the beach in search of the Peace Palace (Vredespaleis), a building funded by Andrew Carnegie. This palace holds the International Court of Justice, the principal judicial body of the United Nations; and the Permanent Court of Arbitration, a non-U.N. body that works to resolve disputes between member states and countries. The Palace was not open to visitors when we arrived so we missed the opportunity to see the library.

      Just outside the gates of the Palace on the Carnegieplein, the Herdenkingsmonument 1940-1945 The Hague Memorial)

      The monument was created in 1992 by sculptor Appie Drielsma. The Jewish Drielsma had survived the war as a boy by going into hiding.  This is one of several war memorials that he created.

      The monument is made up of four columns. These columns symbolize the four groups in society at the time of the Second World War: neutral, Roman Catholic, Protestant and Jewish. Unlike a number of memorial monuments, the Hague Memorial is not a monument that commemorates a specific group of people or a specific event. The memorial honors everyone who died in the war.

      Inscribed nearby are these culminating thoughts:

      "This monument wants to commemorate without distinction all those who paid with their lives for the delusions that gave rise to National Socialism. It silently calls for vigilance against the impulses in the human mind that can fuel such delusions and lead to such degrading political systems. In that sense, it wants to be a sign for generations to come.”

      The message feels more real in our own backyard. I hope that we learn from the lessons of the past and heed the warnings.

      As we walked away from the Palace, we observed many embassies along the way with their flags flying. Many also had banners or flags in support of Ukraine. There was also a massive Progress flag on display which makes us proud of the Portland artist who designed it and recognition of Pride month.

      It really was a great walking day as the day was sunnier than originally forecasted and the temperature was pleasant.

      We ended the evening with a leisurely Italian dinner while we people watched in one of the gay districts. The portions were generous and tasty (Jim C had tortellini and I had lasagna).

      We are finding that "play it by ear" travel days are very rewarding.

      Dag vrienden en familie.
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