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  • Day73

    The Hague

    June 15, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅

    Will always wakes up naturally before we need to and it destroys me.
    I commented that I did not need to be packed by 9am when checkout was at 11 and we couldn't arrive in The Hague before 12 anyway because our host wouldn't be ready so he could let me "waste" time sleeping or sit and do nothing. I was left in semi peace until 10.
    Our noses are running like taps but other that that all man flu symptoms are gone. 👍🏼
    We checked out - we had to take all of our linen downstairs which just added to the juggling dilemma. We got back our 20€ deposit and then we started the very hot journey to the station. I get so angry at my jacket - it makes my forearms sweat - Will has the same issue. It's very weird sweating from there and only there.
    I get so cranky and flustered when hot.
    We went to an ATM at the station, got out some money and still had time to kill so we went to a Cafe for breakfast - can't say coffee shop here - that means place that sells marijuana, not coffee haha.
    I got so cross about my order. I was so excited for my ham, cheese,tomato toastie - I asked specially to add tomato - they brought out a plate of tomato sauce instead -.-
    Will loved his eggs Benedict.
    We then went to Starbucks because of their Wifi and I must have looked like a right fool trying to figure out the ticket machine.
    First, I went and didn't have enough money/coins.
    Second, I went back with more money only it didn't take notes.
    Third I went back with a credit card, tried to pay but it had no where to tap the card or insert it into?
    I then went and got a white hot chocolate cause Will could tell i was getting angry.
    I then realized I had enough coins to get the tickets so I went back for the forth time, I went up with the correct amount of coins only to realize my last euro was actually a Lev so I had to press money return and walk back like a dick again.
    I sat down so relieved to find my white hot chocolate was a normal hot chocolate and that made me sad cause it tasted like poo.
    What a 10 minute saga that was.
    People honestly must have thought I was a retard.

    I contacted the host and said we would be leaving Rotterdam at 12:56 - we told each other what we were wearing to make identification easier.
    He made a comment Will would be easy to spot because he would be the tallest in the station.......
    I never mentioned his height so that was creepy as fuck. I'm hoping he just stalked me on fb and made the observation there. I dont notice Will is tall so it always takes me back when people notice it themselves haha

    Let's hope we don't get abducted✌🏼

    The tickets are cool and have a shiney bit.
    We went through the barriers to platform 9.
    Imagine a Sydney where there were permanent train timetables printed everywhere with designated platforms that were reliable? Oh the dream.
    The station was awesome I liked how many platform there were next to each other - row after row.
    We waited 10 mins then hoped on.
    I liked Rotterdam. It's very modern but a little boring for tourists but still glad to have visited.
    The train was about 15 mins to get to The Hague - we had to be careful to get off at the right station because we weren't going to central - we were going to Des Haage HS.
    We got off and walked down the stairs in search of the ticket box only we couldn't find it...
    we walked up and back but nothing..
    I tried to get wifi as I suggested maybe we go back up to the platform to see if there was another set of stairs going to a different section - there was and we found our host.
    I had a small giggle. When he said he was going to pick us up I automatically assumed a car.
    Nope, this little guy was standing there with a bike hah.
    He was very friendly.
    He walked us back to the apartment- conversation was pretty easy flowing.
    His name is Nidal.
    He has lived her for 1.5 years and doesn't overly like it - he says he hates the weather. He said it's a topic of conversation every single day and limits a lot of things.

    His apartment isn't he one advertised but he already told us that so that was fine.
    It was about a 10 minute walk from the station.
    He gave us the same warning about saying cafe not coffee shop hhaha
    He told us that The Hague has a nice beach. Will answered for the both of us saying unless it's right next door we probably wouldn't bother because our beaches are pretty kick ass so we have seen them before.

    The apartment is nice - he gave us a drink and showed us our room. It will do just fine. He didn't linger so that was great so we are now cooling down in the room.
    We took a lot of Snapchat photos and videos as we relaxed.
    I am waiting for Wills daily poop to be ready so we can go exploring - I don't want to have to return home 10 minutes after leaving lol.

    Went walking into the city.
    Skipping to the main part - we ended up in what I think is the old parliament buildings or like a square.
    It had a gold fountain.
    People were watching something getting filmed but nothing happened so we left.
    It called the Binnenhoft but don't yet have wifi to be able to add information about it. Lots of police presence.
    We then found our first real chunk of nature - we walked over this bridge covered in beautiful flower boxes then sat on the side of the canal. It hurt our butts cause the ground was made of seashells.
    We just sat there and looked at the fish in the water and birds on top. There was a big ass barramundi looking fish. We want to know what type it is.
    I really like swans.
    There road system is doing my head in. They need to make their bike roads more obvious - especially if motor scooters are allowed on then too. They go so fast through the main squares and streets. They are literally everywhere. I feel like I've pulled several neck muscles having to check 360degrees every time I want to walk anywhere.
    We think we saw the international courts - not sure though will have to check when we have internet.
    We then went to find a torture museum - we missed the last tour so we will go tomorrow.
    We walked past an archaeological dig site so that was pretty cool. It looked like remains of an old building and a pile of bones.
    We sat at a cafe for lunch and drinks.
    Will had the beer samples. He wasn't fussed by any of them really - for someone who claims to love beer he is very picky with them.
    We saw the aboriginal flag today which I thought was pretty random.
    We both already like The Hague better than Rotterdam.
    The buildings have more character - they are a different style to what we saw in Brussels - less gothic.
    And less modern than Rotterdam. It still feels like every buildings has a story.
    We ate dinner after walking around more in a Italian shop. Terrible service.

    We walked home and watched the Avengers.
    Our host has awful Arabic sounding music on. It's so loud.
    He also just played "let it go" from Frozen......
    I have a theory.
    I think we are in a refugee zone/housing commission which would explain why he said his real estate person said he couldn't do Bnb. It kind of seems like scamming the system if he got another income out of an already freeby. I don't care either way.
    But we are definitely in multicultural area. A New countries representative every direction.
    It's a low income area but I still feel very safe.

    The toilet is so weird it has a bowl at the back up high and water at the front ... basically what happens is when I wee the bowl catches it so when I go to flush I can see the quantity of liquid if I so desired... It's different.....
    Will has had a stupid Indian "dinga dinga dinga dinga, dinga dinga dinga ding" song in his head all day and keeps singing it. 😓
    I had a good day. We like this city.

    Very important thing I forgot to add.

    On the walk home we saw a man order a FISH of a cart in the middle of the street and swallow it down like a bird.
    Who the hell would willingly eat street fish. It did not look well kept or refrigerators and it was so gross.
    The end.
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  • Day1

    Den Haag Ibis

    December 29, 2015 in the Netherlands ⋅

    Spät abends erreichten wir unser Hotel, Ibis. Als wir das Hotel gebucht haben war das schon ein Preisknüller, 90 Euro für 4 Nächte , 2 Personen mit Frühstück. Erwartungen waren dementsprechend gering. Doch was uns da geboten wurde...Bis heute (Ende 2017) ist das das beste Hotel in dem wir je waren! Sogar ein Parkplatz war inklusive, also echt eine Top Ausgangssituation für einen Kurzaufenthalt in Holland. Am Abend gingen wir dann noch vor ans Wasser. Dort wurden die Vorbereitungen für Silvester getroffen. Dabei bauen zwei benachbarte Strandabschnitte einen Palettenberg, der an Silvester angezündet wird.Read more

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