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  • Day4

    Amsterdam day

    April 28, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅

    1928 Olympic Stadium, riding the Tram through Amsterdam, Anne Frank house, walking along the canals, going to the Rijks museum. Those little feet can only go so far. I feel so fortunate to have Caroline and Aunt Anneke to spend time with, reconnect, and help us navigate the Netherlands. So fun and lots of laughs :) TrevRead more

  • Day7

    Amsterdam Pride Canal Parade

    August 5, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅

    The big event finally arrived. The city was completely plastered with pride flags (including the Oude Kerk, the oldest church in Amsterdam). The atmosphere was buzzing with people all trying to position themselves along the parade route. There was a sea of people for as far as you could see. Those lucky enough to get a spot of one of the many boats on the canals were fortunate to get an up-close view of the glitter, leather and sequins. Us mere peasants were contented with a position on the bridge along the Prinsengracht (and Berenstraat).

    The boats began in the East at the Oosterdok then they floated down into the Nieuwe Herengracht, Amstel, Prinsengracht and finished at the Prinsengracht/Westerdok. All in all the parade took 3 1/2 hours to weave through the canals of Amsterdam.

    The parade included 80 floats, all with a specific theme (well mostly, some just seemed to be party boats). The crowd was so diverse from children to grandparents, all celebrating diversity and love in whatever shape and form that it might come in. It's not just tolerance, it's acceptance! And that's what I love about Amsterdam and the Netherlands in general.
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  • Day88

    Amsterdam Metro 52

    August 2, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Okay, so Augie has been sick, and alone in Poland for the past week. Stomach stuff and flu symptoms. So we talked him into coming back to Amsterdam for a while to get to the doctor and recover. Today he went to a tourist doctor and was diagnosed with salmonella. From Poland. Go figure. He picked up some antibiotics and is feeling much better this evening. Total for physician visit and meds: 70 euro. How much would that have been out of pocket for a visitor to the US?

    While he was at the doctor, Nancy and I rode the new Amsterdam metro line from north to south. The metro line was a long time in the making. Amsterdam's soft soil and high water table made the design and construction quite challenging. They followed the line of the old Amstel riverbed. It's hard to imagine how much stuff fell into the river in the area's 10,000 year history. During excavation they discovered almost 700,000 historical fragments and objects dating back some 4000 years. Nancy found the following website discussing the construction and cataloging the finds.

    Pretty cool.

    We'd heard that each new stop on the line had work commissioned by separate artists so we got on and off at each stop to explore and take photos. There were quite a few Nederlanders doing the same right along with us. More photos can be found here: We also got to ride the longest escalator in the Netherlands.

    Finding ourselves at the end of the line we decided to hoof it back the 10 kilometers or so to Tuinstraat. We passed through Queen Beatrix Park, the restaurant court Foodhallen, and couldn't help getting a photo of Nancy next to the Kwakersstraat Cafe. Interesting that the translation of Quaker and quacker is the same in Dutch--Kwaaker.

    The ceramic orb with the quote 'Some people dance in the rain, others just get wet' was found in Queen Beatrix Park. It reminded me of the long hikes that Grace and I used to take in the rain. Plants are greener, rocks are more colorful, and the amphibians and waterfowl are more active. Best time to hike!
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  • Day6

    Drag Queen Olympics

    August 4, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅

    Pride opened with the Drag Queen Olympics, which consisted of: stiletto heel 👠 racing, handbag 👜 throwing, hula hoop and riding a hobby horse 🐴. The two drag queen MCs kept the crowd entertained with their sharp-witted, and often sharp-tongued, sense of humour. Our favourite was the Italian drag queen, Lola. She had big hair and looked ready to do the Jane Fonda workout video.

    The winner was a Jamaican drag queen, who demonstrated that she was the better hobby horse rider.

    Afterwards, street parties popped up all over Amsterdam, with music and other entertainment. Though it was going to be hard to top the Drag Queen Olympics. We positioned ourselves in Dam Square, the main square of Amsterdam, in front of the Royal Palace and the Nieuwe Kerk.

    The music was entertaining but we couldn't help but think that music stopped in 1999. All of the songs were samples from pre-1999. But we were taken even further back in time when the next act appeared on stage: Boney M. It was a strange act to have between two DJs. Somehow the disco tunes of the Rivers of Babylon, Brown Girl in the Ring 💍 and Daddy Cool didn't quite suit the occasion. But it did provide for an entertaining evening!
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  • Day108

    Saying Hellos and Goodbyes

    August 22, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Well, the time has come. Our visas are about to run out and we're down to our last week in Holland. We've already packed up our bicycles for the flight and said some final goodbyes. Sjoerd and Marta came by bringing fixings for an Indonesian dinner. Nancy and Marta worked to prepare the meal while Sjoerd, Augie, and I sampled Belgian ales. No sexism there...

    We then set off to see if we could catch a glimpse of the classical music concert on the Prinsengracht. It is quite an event with VIP seating and an occasional appearance by the royal couple. We made it to the perimeter of a great crowd where we could hear the music but not see the performers. We tried from all angles with no improvement and finally decided to head back to Tuinstraat to watch on television. It was quite a spectacle. Very young performers presenting some very difficult pieces with a lot of flair. The music ended with a song Aan de Amsterdamse Grachten about being on the canals of Amsterdam being the best place to be. Lots of singing along. Later in the evening, after we'd said our goodbyes and I was walking back from the train station, several boats glided by with passengers still singing the lyrics. It evokes something similar in the city's natives as 'I left my heart in San Francisco' does for Northern Californians. Here's a rendition: Not to be confused with this tune:

    We also spent a day with our host's friends Johan and Annemieke. Johan rode his bike to pick us up and shepherd us back to his home in Zuid Amsterdam near the Beatrix Park. Annemieke put out a nice lunch and we headed out for a bicycle tour of the eastern part of the city. Johan was involved in development during his career so he and Annemieke pointed out quite a few new buildings as we went along. We swung by some new developments and admired a newly designed home by one of their friends who is an architect. The place comes with a boat slip for plying the canals. We also visited the newly renovated hotel Arena based in a building that had served as a church sanitorium and later a disco and hostel. The photographer, Jan Stel, exhibited work depicting the decay of abandoned industrial sites.
    Further north we hit the red bridges. Two pedestrian bridges between parallel shipping piers. See the photos below. We ended the afternoon by meeting up with Augie at the Brewery Ijs set up in an old mill. Good beer and good people.

    Tomorrow Augie heads out on a tour of Spain for a couple weeks and we finish packing for our flight the day after. Tomorrow evening we have plans for one more round of beer with Gerbrand, Johan, and Annemieke.
    Our next post will be from the great state of Wisconsin where the cheese curds are plentiful and knowing the words to Johnny Verbeck is required. Video here:
    Lyrics here:
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  • Day85

    Full Tourist Mode!

    July 30, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    That's what my friend from Theodore Roosevelt High School in Kent, Ohio called our adventures in Amsterdam. Full Tourist Mode. John and his spouse Varsha joined us for several days over the past week. Our friend/Friend Karen Warren from Santa Cruz Meeting also joined us during this time, so we've had quite a full house. Lots of good meals together, many long walking days, and plenty of ice cream. We also had many long conversations covering such diverse topics as fly-over country, child rearing, millennial behavior, India, and fine art.

    The first few days of hosting the temperatures kept rising to record levels. 96 degrees met us on Friday for museum day. We once again started off with the city archives Stadsarchief. Our guests posed in front of the famous iamsterdam sign before entering the even more famous Rijksmuseum for the afternoon. They then went on to visit the world famous Van Gogh museum while Nancy and I rode home to prepare dinner.

    Our guests had a checklist of things to do and experience when visiting Holland. The list was partially informed by John and Varsha's Dutch neighbor and friend Johan. He suggested that they visit three of his favorite cities to the north of us. Once again we all bought 10 euro day passes and headed north to Hoorn, Edam, Volendam, Marken, and Monnickendam. We did change things up a bit by walking the seawall from Edam to Volendam and by taking the north south ferry into Marken. As we walked out of Edam along an inland canal we were able to view a bridge being raised and the lock to the Zuiderzee being opened. The sailing vessel was captained by a three year old lad with a special seat before the wheel. Pretty fun. The same ship followed us as we walked the sea wall, motored along next to our ferry, and finally docked at the same harbor. A good two hours of back and forth.

    Saturday's food Market was very pleasant in the morning. On Sunday John and Varsha headed off to the Anne Frank Experience and Karen revisited more museums. Sunday culminated with another boat ride around Amsterdam's famous canals. It was a great final outing for the night before our friend's departure. We motored down the famous Prinsengracht to the famous Amstel river, then up the Amstel to the Windmill De Riekermolen built in 1636. It was a special highlight as Varsha had asked several times since her arrival, 'But when will we be seeing one of those famous Dutch windmills?'

    This afternoon, our last together, we finally made it to a famous pancake restaurant for famous Dutch pancakes and were also able to sample some not so famous Dutch Poffertrjes mini pancakes. Over the meal we had a chance to do a little more planning for India in December. These people do things right when on the subcontinent, so it sounds like luxury and Maharaja's palaces are in our future.

    More photos can be found here:
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  • Day33

    Anne Frank House

    July 21, 2016 in the Netherlands ⋅

    Queued 3 hrs to see the house then an hour looking through. The saddest and yet one of the most inspiring stories from WWII. No pics allowed inside.

    This is actual house she and her family hid in for 2 yrs. Chilling to see the bookshelf hiding the door to their annex. And the pictures she had pasted on the wall in her wee room. And the blackout curtains on all windows...

    Wrenching that after all that, Nazis still rounded them up thanks to someone betraying their hiding place. Only her father Otto survived the whole ordeal...

    Little did young Anne know her diary writings would be so widely read around the world. She was just 13 when they went into hiding and 15 when she died of typhus after 6 months at Auchwitz, just a few days after her dad was liberated from the camp by Russian troops.

    No more meglamaniacs in power, ok?
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  • Day33

    Netherlands, Amsterdm

    July 10, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅

    Arrived here after an 8 hour drive. It's easy leaving a big city early on a Sunday morning, especially one like Berlin that doesn't seem particularly busy anyway. It was only supposed to be a six drive but we encountered plenty of roadworks that go for miles. We got caught up in the very recent aftermath of an horrific road accident. I guess this is one of the downsides of unrestricted speed on the autobahn. Most drivers seemed pretty sensible, there were a few though that took full advantage of it. On our last night in Berlin we went to a roof top restaurant. It turned out o be really good - it was right next to the zoo, and the views in all directions were pretty good. It doesn't get fully dark in Berlin until about 11pm, and light again at about 4 am. The reverse in winter according to a local - only about 4 or 5 hours of daylight in the middle of the day. The food was fantastic share plates of middle eastern style food....yum.

    Arriving in Amsterdam was not so easy. Th ubiquitous roads were everywhere. All the streets are extremely narrow paved roads, some one way and of course we couldn't get to our hotel because of them....finding an alternative route was a little challenging but we got there. Our hotel is quite close to the old town and is opposite a canal. There are little cafes and bars everywhere it seems like a pretty vibrant place. We went on a mini exploring walk to a restaurant for dinner...I think we'll enjoy it here. We have a walking tour booked for this afternoon and the hotel has boat and we'll be going on that tonight.
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  • Day24

    Amsterdam Intro

    May 30, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    We made it. Easy flight. Quick through customs. Harrie picked us up. We set up a home swap on Home Exchange with Harrie and Birgitt. It's right in the center of Amsterdam near the Anne Frank museum. We were able to spend a couple of days before heading off to visit friends in Belgium. Our hosts took us to an exhibit opening by an artist friend. Very pleasant.Read more

  • Day37

    Amsterdam Arrival

    June 12, 2018 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    We arrived at our new digs, and what a nice place to have landed! Harry and Birgitt are happily ensconced in our house in Santa Cruz thanks in large part to Augie's steadfast and thoughtful assistance.

    Spent our first day chasing down a haircut and doing some grocery shopping. The haircut was extremely precise and included a clipper, mini trimmer, scissors, and a straight razor. All done by a gentleman who spoke less English than I speak Arabic. We made it through in limited Dutch. On the walk back I asked a local beer shop to carry Oerbier from de Dolle in Belgium and they will call when it comes in. We spent a bit of time been planning some great cycle routes for the coming weeks/months. Also found kwakersstraat which reminded us to look for they Quaker Meeting in town.

    Transportation figured in as we located Harrie and Birgitt's city bikes for using around town. We'll also be using their early 90s Volvo wagon a bit. It runs in gasoline and natural gas. Should be interesting! I'll post on those details later...

    The day ended with a successful effort to get the Roku connected so that we can watch Netflix when we're too fatigued to head out on a walk around the Jordaan in the evening.

    All in all a good day getting settled.
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