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    • Day3


      June 9, 2022 in the Netherlands ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

      I will say, traveling is not always fun. We had quite the hectic day following our first day in Chicago. We took our flight to London, which obviously was very fancy. Our first flight provided two meals and some real comfy seats that we enjoyed very much! Also for those of you under 21 and wondering, the drinking age follows that of the country you are headed to/the country the airline is based out of ;) So… we got some wine! Following this flight, we SPRINTED through Heathrow airport to make our flight that ended up sitting just outside the gate for two hours due to once again ladies and gentlemen: ✨technical issues✨ Thus, leaving me and Elena in not so great moods when we found out we’d be missing a boat tour :( As if you thought the story couldn’t get any worse, we then proceeded to sit in the AMS airport for 3 hours on a hunt for Elena’s bag that unfortunately we did not walk out with. However, we got checked into our rooms very smoothly and are both super pleased with them! Now onto buying groceries and apparently some clothing items for miss Elena because her bag went poof into thin air. Feeling all of the emotions.Read more


      Oh my gosh!!!! SO glad you finally made it!! Love the updates and pictures!


      i am so happy you made it safely to amsterdam!! can’t wait to see all the memories you make!!


      wish you were here with me ❤️😩

    • Day87


      August 31, 2021 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

      Wo sich der Rüdiger überall rumtreibt… für 2 Nächte hier 💜

      Die komplette Stadt mit dem Radel is etwas ungewöhnlich, leicht stressig. Die Könige der Straße sind definitiv die Radfahrer hier 🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻

    • Day3

      Still haven't found what I'm looking for

      June 2, 2022 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      לרגע שבו נפגש
      אני ואתה
      קשה למצוא אותך
      אבל אני סבלנית
      כי ברגע שזה יקרה אף אחד
      אותנו לא יוכל להפריד
      היכן אתה
      כובע קסקט יקר?

      בואו בהמוניכן
      יונים חמודות
      לחם יבש רק היום


      מאייקי כל כך כייף לראות אותך ולעקוב אחרייך, כל כך משמים ופשוט מפליא. פלא שאת


      אהובה שאת תודה לך♥️

    • Day2

      מה עושים?

      June 1, 2022 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

      מה עושים
      כשאין מה לעשות
      כשכל זמנך מוקדש
      רק להיות
      מה עושים
      עם הרעש שקיים בפנים
      אפשר לכסות אותו
      לקרוא ספר
      לצלם תמונות
      לשמוע מוזיקה
      לשיר לרקוד
      ללכת וללכת
      לאכול בננה ותמר
      ואז עוד בננה ועוד תמר
      ועוד בננה ועוד תמר
      בכל זאת זה רק בננה ותמר
      לשתות תפוזים ואז גם צאי
      לעשן סיגריה ועוד אחת
      מה עושים
      שהזמן עובר לו לאיטו
      שעשית את כל הדברים
      ואינך רוצה בהם עוד
      נותר רק לשבת ולנשום
      ובכל נשימה
      להתקרב עוד קצת אל הישוע
      אל השלווה האמיתית
      אל הנשמה ♥️
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      איזה מדהימה את❤️ זה נותן שקט ושלווה לקרוא אותך


      ליבוווווווונת יש!! תודה לך♥️


      כל כך הייתי זקוקה לזה השבוע וואו ממש מזדהה עם זה,


      אהובה שלי ממש ממש שמחה לשמוע

    • Day20

      Copenhagen Bound!

      August 24, 2022 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      So I didn't really have a picture to add with this so here is my partially eaten chocolate croissants and me eating a whole bell pepper like an apple (unpopular opinion they are the best snacks)

      Okayyyy so Amsterdam is done! Amazing time, will 100% be coming back, I met some really awesome people that are more my travelling type because Amsterdam is not like all flashing lights with bells and whistles. Super great time and lovely city. I kinda missed my scheduled train this I'm taking a later route which just gets in a little later. Totally fine but a very busy travel day on the trains. For a little bit I was sitting on the floor #coolbeans
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      You are now ruined for pastry in Canada!! 😂


      So much to see and more food and pastry than you can taste.


      oh my goodness so much food and I don't know where to start! I've had so many unique recommendations!


      Amazing to spend time in part of your heritage 🙌

    • Day3


      August 21, 2021 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      Museum muss nicht immer langweilig sein. Mit Banksy Kunstwerken wirds sogar richtig spannend. Danach noch Geocaching im Vondelpark und ein Abschluss mit leckerem Thai-Essen und noch besserem Nachtisch. MmmmhRead more

    • Day193

      Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

      November 17, 2022 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 10 °C

      The Rijksmuseum is the national museum of the Netherlands and focuses on Dutch artists. Founded in 1798, but moved to its current building in 1885, it received 2.4 million visitors in 2014. It is known for having original works by Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Vermeer.Read more


      From the museum website: "Koekkoek is perhaps the most romantic of all Dutch landscape painters. He specialized in beautiful views over the valleys of the Rhine and in forest views with imposing trees, which were then called 'Wodan oaks', after the supreme god in Germanic mythology. In 1834 he settled in Kleve, Germany, across the border from Nijmegen. He found the German landscape, with its hills and the river Rhine, more romantic than the Dutch one."


      The Rijksmuseum's art-historical library is the largest of its kind in the Netherlands. Completed in 1881, the library has largely retained its original form and ornamentation. A characteristic feature is the brick-red and gold polychromed cast-iron colonettes (thin columns). The walls are decorated with painted bricks, and the ceilings and galleries with foliage motifs. The names of writers on art are inscribed in cartouches in the highest gallery and on the colonettes. The most striking element in this interior is the cast-iron spiral staircase, which connects the galleries and draws one's gaze upward. The museum library is the place where visitors and researchers can learn about art and art history, as well as make enquiries about objects in the Rijksmuseum's collection and conduct research in general. The four-storey library contains one kilometre of books, and the museum's underground storage facility houses five more kilometres of books, catalogues and periodicals.


      Plaque reads: The syndics inspected the quality of dyed cloth. Rembrandt portrayed them looking up from their work, as though disturbed by our arrival. This artistic device was a clever way of enlivening the scene and thereby involving the viewer. This late work by Rembrandt not only attests to his endless creativity, but also to his undiminished popularity among the citizens of Amsterdam.

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    • Day3

      Amsterdam Sightseeing

      June 4, 2022 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Heute waren wir im Rijksmuseum und haben uns die großen holländischen Künstler, wie Rembrandt und Vermeer angesehen. Highlight war natürlich die Nachtwache von Rembrandt. Das Bild war eine Auftragsarbeit für die Amsterdamer Büchsenschützengilde und wurde 1642 fertig gestellt.
      Übrigens fehlen dem Bild links 3 Figuren - die wurden abgeschnitten, weil das Bild an einen anderen Ort gebracht wurde und in Originalgröße nicht hin gepasst hätte.....
      Später waren wir noch im Paleis op de Dam - im Königspalast.
      König Willem-Alexander empfängt hier seine Staatsgäste. Wenn er das nicht tut, steht der Palast für Besucher offen.
      Beeindruckend - da gibt's Möbel, die hat schon Napoleon Bonaparte benutzt.
      Ursprünglich wurde es als Rathaus erbaut und 1665 eröffnet. Zu dem Zeitpunkt war es das größte öffentliche Gebäude Europas.

      Auf nahezu jedem Gebäude gibt es am Giebel einen Balken für einen Flaschenzug. Die Häuser sind alle leicht nach vorne geneigt, damit die nach oben gezogene Last nicht an die Hauswand knallt.
      Gemacht wird das, weil die Häuser so schmal und die Stiegenhäuser so eng sind, dass man zB keine Möbel hinauf transportieren könnte. Beim heutigen Stadtbummel haben wir dann endlich gesehen, wie die Flaschenzüge eingesetzt werden.

      Wieder viel gesehen, auch den Blumenmarkt, dann in einem Lokal super Live Musik gehört und im Deus Cantina hervorragend gegessen......
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    • Day39

      Last few weeks :(

      July 15, 2022 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      After our trip to Paris and Brussels, we laid low in Amsterdam and really soaked up our last moments. We took our last few walks to the park enjoying time together, the scenery, and the beautiful sunsets, which weren’t until about 10 pm. That Wednesday, I had class all day: got to visit the Rembrandt house, a super respected artist from the 17th century. We had a talked about him a lot in class and seen a lot of his work so it was cool as well to see his house! That night, we went out of the town and took the opportunity to go to Club Nyx and not have to pay a cover, yay! It was so fun and even allowed me to be up and active the next day, which is not usual for a night out for me. The next day our sweet friend, Halston, made us dinner which we collectively agreed it was the best meal we had since being there! And, it was so nice to spend time with people we hadn’t been with too often throughout the trip! The next day we traveled to the National Park and enjoyed some art by Van Gogh and a nice bike ride through the park, including some cool sand dunes!Read more

    • Day109

      117ème étape ~ Amsterdam (jour 2)

      November 19, 2022 in the Netherlands ⋅ ⛅ 2 °C

      Pour cette deuxième journée, nous commençons par un bon petit déjeuner.
      Ensuite nous visitons le upside down museum. Les effets inversés étaient vraiment trop drôle.
      Nous nous baladons dans le fameux marché : Albert Cuypmarkt. Les stands sont incroyables, il y a de tout, il est vraiment grand. Nous y goûtons un mélange de différentes boulettes frites.
      Ensuite nous tentons une expérience inédite, nous allons déguster un souper dans le noir complet, impossible de voir quoi que ce soit. Les quatre autres sens sont mis à l’honneur, on est désorienté mais finalement on s’habitue à ne rien voir. Les serveurs sont aveugles mais du coup, ils sont bien plus habiles que nous.
      Pour clôturer la journée, nous allons boire un verre dans un bar très spécial. Il est entièrement glacé. 🥶 -10 degré ! Même les verres sont faits en glace.
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      vous avez un courage incroyable, bravo d'oser dépasser les craintes. vous avez quand-même pris beaucoup de risques hahaha


      êtes vous vraiment capable de boire la glace ?


      Heureusement c’était que le verre qui était en glace, à l’intérieur il y avait à boire ☺️

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