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  • Day203

    Great West Coast Road

    March 28, 2017 in New Zealand

    This morning we went to the "National Kiwi Centre" in Hokitika, a funny little wildlife centre that looked more like somebody's hobby. It was interesting nevertheless and Solana loved it. We saw some very large NZ eels and got to feed them. As the name suggests we also got to see some Kiwi birds - they are now so rare and difficult to see in the wild that this will almost certainly be the only ones we get to see during our trip to NZ... We also went "fishing" for crayfish there - we each caught one but sadly had to throw them back into the water (they looked like they'd have made a very tasty lunch!).

    Today was the day of Laura's Dad Barrie's funeral. As we had made the very difficult decision not to make the long journey back to the UK to attend his funeral in person, we spent a lot of time thinking about him today and it was fitting that today was the day we drove through the little village of Barrytown....

    Travelling further North, we stopped at Punakaiki to see the famous "pancake rocks" - unusual rock formations that look like stacks of pancakes. There were dramatic sea views from here too. After checking into our cabin in Westport for the night, and cooking pasta for dinner, we went for a walk to see the local seal colony. The sun was setting by the time we arrived, so the light was not good for photos of the seals but we got to see some young seals playing around on the rocks - adorable.
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  • Day9

    Pancake Rocks, Neuseeland

    November 5 in New Zealand

    Die berühmten Pancake Rocks waren beeindruckend 😍 kaum zu glauben, dass diese Formationen von Natur aus entstanden sind. Leider konnte man nicht so viel sehen, wie wir zuerst dachten...
    Unsere Campsite war direkt an einem wunderschönen Fluss und mit einer Hängebrücke. Es gab einige Hiking Tracks auf der anderen Seite der Brücke. Davon haben wir auch einen kurzen Walk gemacht (dabei haben wir uns aber einfach mal kurz verlaufen 😂).Read more

  • Day219

    Pancake Rocks - Punakaiki

    March 17 in New Zealand

    Die Pancake Rocks machen nicht nur hunger auf ein süßes Frühstück, sondern lassen sich auch besonders gut bei rauen Seegang beobachten - mit ein bisschen Glück sieht man dann das Wasser wie Dampf aus den Höhlen aufsteigen. Die Kalksteinformationen lagen vor Millionen Jahren noch unter Wasser und wurden durch die Landbewegung zu Tage gebracht.

  • Day95

    Pancake Rocks

    December 4, 2016 in New Zealand

    Grob gesagt verläuft unsere Reise gerade entlang der ganzen Westküste der Südinsel. 🗺
    Dabei gibt es immer wieder schöne lange und breite Sandstrände zu sehen, türkisblaues Meer und bewachsene Felsen. 🌊🌳🌲
    Wir machten einen Zwischenstopp bei den "Pancake Rocks". Eine über Millionen Jahre entstandene Felsformation, die aussieht wie viele übereinander gelegte Pancakes. 😁
    Das Wasser ist so stark, dass es sich durch die Felsen gräbt und dadurch kleine Seen inmitten von Felsen entstehen.
    Wir werden entlang der Küste immer mal wieder ins Landesinnere fahren oder direkt am Meer schlafen. ☺️
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  • Day151

    Pancake Rocks, Neuseeland

    March 10, 2017 in New Zealand

    Auf dem Weg von Westport nach Franz Josef lagen die Pancake Rocks, also übersetzt die "Pfannkuchenfelsen". Ihren Namen verdanken sie, wie so oft, ihrem Aussehen, denn sie ähneln übereinander gestapelten Pfannkuchen.

  • Day12

    Pancake Rocks & Blow Holes

    December 17, 2017 in New Zealand

    Das Gestein ist aufgebaut/abgetragen wie Pancakes, die gestapelt wurden.
    Da das Wetter nicht so gut war (perfekt für die Blow Holes!), konnten wir das Naturschauspiel perfekt beobachten. Die Wellen treffen auf die Felswand, schießt durch Löcher knapp 20m nach oben und sieht dann aus wie Geysire!!!

  • Day9


    December 9, 2015 in New Zealand

    Hier aan de kust hebben ze de Pancake Rocks. Genoemd naar hoe ze eruit zien ja. Gelaagd door de miljoenen jaren heen. En ik heb het in een kwartier gezien. Dus heb wat foto's gemaakt zodat jullie het ook gezien hebben.

    Oh en me maaltijd op het eind van die dag rijden. Iets met rijst.

  • Day143

    Richmond to Punakaiki

    February 5, 2017 in New Zealand

    This morning we set off after a bit of a lie in, comparison to the last two days, and headed to Mt Owen where we hoped to see it some resemblance to Lord of the Rings. The drive was gorgeous, through pine forests and native bush which stood on the mountains that surrounded us as we drove through the flat Valley. It was very alpine and we also passed lots of sheep and cows on the flat. There were also lots of creeks and rivers running alongside the road which made it very picturesque.
    The road to Mt Own was unsealed and so once again we got to kick up the dust behind us. Unfortunately we didn't get to go as far along the road as we had hoped and as the trek to the actual Lord of the Rings scene was 7hours, it was not something we were able to do. We didn't mind though, the drive was stunning and the mountains around us with green trees and golden grasses on the flat just looked spectacular.

    We headed back onto the track again and drove through yet more stunning valleys as we headed to Buller Gorge. I think my camera will soon be full of scenery from the road as it is just that amazing.
    The gorge was pretty cool but the best thing was the swing bridge, the longest in new Zealand and pretty fun. Only really wide enough for one person but they encourage passing on the bridge for funsies. We did a nice walk after the bridge which took us through some bush and learnt that part of the gorges cliff edge was actually formed from a 7.8 earthquake years ago which pushed the earth here (we were right on a fault line) straight up 4.5m. The 7.8 earlier this year did the same to the coast of Kaikoura. We also walked a bit further to see a large tree in the forest. It was a a bit of a muddy walk and I wasn't impressed with the number of bees either. They hovered around the forest floor, which I was convinced would make them think we were trying to step on them, and thus just made me think they were going to sting us. After almost heading back, I braved the bees whilst Rob just thought I was being silly and we eventually came to the tree. There were a lot of tall trees I thought but this was also bigger and a different species too.

    Our next route was to Cape Foulwind and then the Toranga Seal Colony. This was much more of a winding road, again through the bush and with yet more rivers running alongside. We stopped for some photo ops on route and arrived at Cape Foulwind to enjoy a walk to the lighthouse of this very windy spot. From here we headed to the seal colony. We walked to the beach to see them but there was nothing but sand and a rocky mound offshore that we couldnt have spotted a seal on if we tried. After standing around looking for a short while we headed back to the car and on route noticed a walkway we had missed. Following this track we saw a bird called a Weka, a flightless bird that kinda looks like a chicken/duck and is now under threat in New Zealand, there were a couple in the car park too which was probably a silly place for a flightless bird to hang out.
    Finally, after winding around the edge of the cliffs a little way, we arrived at the lookout point that looked down on the rocks below and the seals. So so many seals, many of them easily mistaken for the rocks that they were laying on, only to be spotted when they moved. The best thing was that there were so many seal pups, they were playing in small little nursery pools, running along the rocks and suckling on their mothers. We could have stayed all day to be honest, they were absolutely adorable and it is so nice seeing them in the wild but we needed to head to Punakaiki for sunset.

    Once again the drive was incredible. This time more winding roads, but eventually leaving behind the mountains and replacing them with high sided and luscious green cliffs that were met with huge waves that broke along the cliff edge. We stopped again for photos (Rob getting well bitten by sandflies) before arriving at Punakaiki, famous for the pancake rocks and blowholes. It was getting by towards sunset too which made the lighting beautiful and golden against the rocks that literally looked like layers of pancakes. The walk to view them also took us past a surge pool and a blowhole which made a noise like thunder that you could hear well before seeing them. The waves came in with such huge force and the sight of the water gushing up and blasting out the blowholes made even the adults exclaim like they were kids. It was very addictive to watch. The sunset too was stunning. Having had clear skies all day, there were just enough clouds that appeared for sunset to light up the sky on the horizon in the most spectacular colours. I have a feeling our cameras are going to be loaded with photos when we return!

    And now we are at camp and ready for sleep.
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  • Day45

    Wonderful peole @ Punakaiki ❤

    December 12, 2016 in New Zealand

    Uf oisere Fahrt richtig Punakaiki hemmer rasch de Rotoroa Lake mit sim suuperklare Wasser besichtiget.

    In Punakaiki hemmer ois nachem Znacht ässe na uf en Abigspatziergang gmacht.

    Bi de Pancake rocks und Blowholes hemmer zwei Schwiizerinne kenneglernt. S het sich usegstellt das si meega lieb und unglaublich lustig sind 😂
    Mir hend schlussendli de ganzi Aabig bis am 3 am Morge mit ihne gredet und glachet, was am nechste Morge denn wiiter gange isch 😅
    Danke viel mal liebi Nicole alias Nina und Petra alias Lea!! Mir hend scho lang nümm soo viel träne glachet 😅 ✌

    Ah und ine chliini Glüewürmlihöhli simmer au na!


    On our way to Punakaiki we visited lake rotoroa with its crystal clear water.

    Arrived at Punakaiki we ate dinner amd went for a stroll along the coast.

    At the pancake rocks and blowholes we met tow Swiss girls. After starting talking we couldn't stop anymore - we spent the whole evening together 'till 3am 😅 Nicole and Petra are unbelievable funny and gorgeous!! 😍 we haven't been laughing tears so hard for a long time! And it continued again when we met in the morning 😂
    Thanks heaps Petra and Nicole!!

    Oh yeah, we also went in a small glowworm cave :) (photo)
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  • Day131

    Paparoa National Park

    August 11, 2017 in New Zealand

    Despite the weather forecast still predicting a rain free day, the rain hammering down on top of the van suggested otherwise. We still had a bit of a drive to today's destination, the Pancake Rocks in Paparoa National Park so we hit the road and hoped the sun would show its face when we got there. Another great drive with the final part taking us along the coast where we had a great view of the stormy sea.

    The pancake rocks get their name as a layer-weathering process called stylobedding (yes I have copied that from the Lonely Planet) has carved the limestone into layers which if you have a vivid imagination could slightly resemble pancakes. Despite the weak resemblance to pancakes the rocks were pretty spectacular. The terrible weather also played in our favour here as the stormy sea surging through the rocks was mesmerising to watch. The rain even stayed away whilst we were and the sun almost came out.

    We then continued our journey South ending up in Greymouth. The plan here is to cycle some of the West Coast Wilderness Trail but I fear the weather isn't going to play ball. We will just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.
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