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  • Day50

    One great full day in Oslo

    October 18, 2019 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

    Today was much better. The jiggling feeling after the train ride was gone and after a night’s sleep I found I could face a new city. We had spied a good breakfast place yesterday and had coffee and a yum pastry, then set off to achieve all the things we had planned. We took umbrellas as an insurance against rain, and were happy we did as when we set off it had obviously been raining during the night - wet pavements and puddles everywhere, but again we were lucky as it didn’t rain at all today - just grey skies, and even a break of blue by late afternoon.

    First of all we walked to the sculpture garden - a big attraction here, beautiful gardens, specially now with their autumn glory, and with many sculptures by a famous person whose name I can’t remember, who must have spent his whole life making so many works, or had a workshop of helpers...figures of men, women children in all forms and contortions, in granite...there is a lot of stone here! Anyway, that was fun. Many school children and tourist groups there too.

    Then we walked back and found the Nobel Peace museum which was good, and then on to the Resistance museum, which we found was within the fortress and castle complex which was interesting in itself. The Resistance museum we really enjoyed - not the right word really, but was interesting especially as it filled in what we had learned about during talks and visiting towns during the cruise up the coast where the towns felt the main brunt of the nazi occupation.

    After that we had a break and sandwich and then found that we were too late for the Viking museum -it was 3.40 and it closed at 4 in October, so we went on to look at the opera house again while the weather was good and before it started to get dark. It is such an amazing building, and I have tried to take photos, but it is difficult to capture. We then returned to the hotel - Amr had a short outing to look at some shops - but a little down time till we set off for dinner.

    We had planned to go to a Spanish place that had a sister restaurant we had noticed in Bergen, but when we went there - along a string of restaurants, rather like Barangaroo, alongside the harbour, with ferries, it was too busy, so we gave in and went to Olivia again...I just had salad, and we had a glass of wine. Didn’t feel like much after late lunch. So now back and ready to pack up and fly to Copenhagen tomorrow. Amr’s Apple Watch says that we walked 22 kms today, so that is good!

    I am bracing for another unknown city to explore, but everyone says how good Copenhagen is, so hope it won’t be too daunting! We have already found out where to go on the metro from the airport to get to our hotel so that is a good start! We spend 3 nights there, then start the journey home on Tuesday.
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    Carolyn Anderson

    Vigeland is the sculptor I think

    Peter Walmsley

    I’m sorry you missed the Viking Museum but at least you will never forget the sculptures by whatshisname.

    Olivia Sertori

    Wow that is so pretty!

  • Day1

    OSLO – Vigeland Skulpturpark

    August 1, 2020 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Im Vigeland Skulpturenpark ist das Lebenswerk des Bildhauers Gustav Vigeland (1869- 1943), mit mehr als 200 Skulpturen in Bronze, Granit und Schmiedeeisen ausgestellt.
    Die Bronzestatue de s «Sinnataggen» (kleinen Trotzkopfs), des Monolithen und dem «Livshjulet» (Rad des Lebens) gehören zu den bekanntesten Skulpturen des Parks.Read more

  • Day22


    August 12, 2020 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Wir besuchen den wohl bekanntesten Park Norwegens, in dem 212 Steinskulpturen von Gustav Vigeland stehen. Der Park entstand zwischen 1923 und 1943 und wurde komplett von Vigeland designt. Wir stehen vor lebensgroßen Figuren, die Menschen in verschiedenen Situationen und allen erdenklichen Posen zeigen. Sie tanzen, lachen, spielen, turnen, kämpfen, trösten und lieben sich. Welche Figur uns am besten gefallen hat, können wir so gar nicht beantworten, aber natürlich finden wir den kleinen Trotzkopf, der auch als Warzeichen der Stadt gilt, besonders liebenswert ❤️Read more

    Peter Berger

    Der Trotzkopf gefällt mir am besten

    Petra Berger


  • Day16

    Oslo, Norway pt II

    May 18, 2016 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Day 15:

    Today we had our morning coffee at this crafty place called Tim Wendelboe. Hands down, best coffee either of us has EVER had. Then we had a long wander to Vigeland Park. They call it the sculpture park and its filled with over 200 sculptures in bronze, granite, and wrought iron. On the way, we checked out the Royal Palace. They gave us mixed signals... on the signs it invited us to walk on the grass and even hug trees, but there were guards all over wielding some serious rifles. We're pretty sure the royal family was still there from yesterday, so that's pretty cool.

    We finally made it to Vigeland Park, and it was massive. Sculptures, trees, lawns, flowers, geese, a couple busses of asians, and penises. Lots of penises. At risk of triggering your dirty minds... the sculptures were all so detailed. Facial expressions, muscles, veins in the arms, hair... it was crazy. And to think, all of them were made by the same person, in so many different media!

    Tomorrow we leave early for the West Coast!
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  • Day41

    Oslo - Frognerparken

    September 10, 2015 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    In line with my appreciation of statues elsewhere, the Vigeland statue installation (actually part of Frognerparken) was a highlight of Oslo for me. It's a park with a lot of (mostly human - naked, fair warning!) sculptures in bronze and granite. Some in quite humorous poses (#3).

    There's also a big fountain, intricate bridges and gates, and a giant monolith made up of human figures. All awesome!
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  • Day13

    The statues park (Vigelandsanlegget)

    September 4, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Vigeland’s park is a magic place: more than 200 statues in a wonderful outdoor location outside the city center.
    Most of the statues are mysterious. The intention was to represent the lifecycle of human beings and I think of Munch.Read more

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