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  • Day3

    Rondane Nationalpark

    August 11 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Krass, wie schnell sich hier sowohl das Wetter als auch die Natur ändern. Vorhin hatten wir noch das Gefühl am Gardasee entlang zu fahren und nun sind wir in einer ganz anderen aber faszinierenden Landschaft gelandet.
    Weil die steilen und kurvigen Straßen aber auch noch nicht anspruchsvoll genug sind, liegen überall Schafe auf der Straße, um die man Slalom fahren muss. 🙈
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  • Day17

    Nachtlager erreicht

    August 16, 2020 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Auf dem Weg nach Lillehammer auf der Fv385 hier einen tollen Platz für heute Nacht gefunden.
    Auf dem Weg hatten wir ein Rentier-Junges und einen Elch-Papa. Leider an Stellen, wo man nicht gleich anhalten konnte. Als Kamera dann griffbereit war, sind sie abgehauenRead more

  • Day18

    Stabkirche Ringebu

    August 17, 2020 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Der älteste Teil der Kirche stammt aus dem 13 Jahrhundert und wurde als Stabkirche errichtet, während das Querschiff und der Kirchturm Resultat eines Umbaus von 1630 sind.

    Das Westportal stammt aus dem Mittelalter und ist im sogenannten Drachenstil geschnitzt.

    Leider auch hier keine Besichtigung innen möglich.
    Die zwei Grabsteine haben mich berührt 😢
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  • Day28

    Day 5: small forests & oceans of lichen

    June 11, 2016 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Today I had an early start, got up at 5:30 from the sunlight. I wasn't cold in my sleeping bag, but man was it cold outside. My tent was all frosted from the outside!!
    After a lazy morning reading and letting my tent dry in the sun, I started my hike around 8am, first along a river, through forests with small fluffy trees and then eventually above the tree line. Here the long stretched climbs to the top of fjell after fjell was covered in small bushes and lichen. I also had my first rover crossing, because the bridge had not been put out yet for the summer season. All went well and my feet were thankful for the icy cool-down.
    I hit my first rain in the afternoon, but didn't get wet (more equipment love!!!). Tonight, my tent is up high on the Jammersdalshogda, but nicely protected from the wind (of which there is none ;-)), with beautiful views of Rondane national park, my next destination in a few days.

    Other than that: Haven't seen another person in over 60 hours, but I feel in good company with books or audio books from Michael Ende, CS Lewis, Joseph von Eichendorff and Richard Precht :-)
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    Sandra Bosscher

    No people but sheep! A good trade for company 😊

    Sandra Bosscher

    Wow! Very cool!

  • Day2

    Lillehammer bei Nacht

    October 8, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ☁️ 1 °C

    Heute ging es für uns von Langesund, nach einer 4 stündigen teilweise turbulenten Überfahrt, bei sonnigem Wetter am Festland, bis nach Lillehammer. Eigentlich wollten wir gar nicht anhalten, doch entschieden uns dafür, wenigstens einmal zur Skisprungschanze zu fahren. Was sollen wir sagen, beste Idee. Wir waren alleine an der Schanze und konnten den Blick über Lillehammer genießen.

    Unsern Schlafplatz suchten wie uns allerdings doch lieber woanders und entschieden uns für ein Hochplateau im Fjell.

    Die Nacht war ruhig und nach einer Dusche im schiefen Camper 🙈 geht's jetzt weiter ins Dovrefjell...
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    Gudrun Schleusner

    Ich bin immer wieder beeindruckt von den schönen Bildern, ich genieße und werde ganz still

    Helena Kemberg

    Die Sprungschanze in Lillehammer ist schon bei Tag beeindruckend, aber nachts schier unglaublich und der Ausblick von da oben wunderschön - tags und nachts!

  • Day27

    Day 4: windy mountain crossing

    June 10, 2016 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Is it really day 4 already? I have no idea how time can fly so fast when you're "doing nothing". Planning, cooking, navigation, packing and - you guessed it - hiking takes up all the time of each day. There has not been a boring moment so far.
    Today, I crossed a small mountain range Goppollfjellet. On the northern hills, there were still a few tiny patches of snow. Still no rain. But I did get a lot of strong & cold wind today while on the Fjellet. So I bundled up and made it over without any problems.
    The rest of the day were a few more very well maintained "plank walks" through swamps and a few lovely forest trails.
    I was so exhausted by 6pm that I put up camp early, since I'm in no rush... that also gave me time to do some laundry (=wash clothes in clear icy water).
    I'm now having dinner at my campsite and will probably fall asleep over my kindle soon ;)
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    Felix Müller

    Moin Lieschen, wir haben auch schon Wäsche von dir erhalten. Wir fragen uns, ob du denn auch mal Wander-Kollegen triffst, außer Schafen und rindviechern.

    Felix Müller

    Schöne Grüße und viel Spaß im Wind.

    Birga Rohweder

    If you want a good laugh read the German translation of your notes :)

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  • Day17

    Abendessen mit Schaf

    August 16, 2020 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Eigentlich gibt's ja Fisch und Nudeln, aber Flo fängt mit meinem Salat mal drei Schafe ein 😉🙃

    Mary's Abenteuer


    Mary's Abenteuer

    sieht lecker aus

    Mary's Abenteuer


    Mary's Abenteuer

    Ich hätte mir da erstmal nen Schabbulinski genehmigt 😂

  • Day97


    July 9, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Woke up at 10 - Andrea said she was on her way so we started getting ready.
    She arrived around 10:40 - we gathered our stuff and went down to her illegally parked car out front haha.
    She put on some tunes and away we went.
    Norway is becoming prettier the further we drive, as expected.
    We drove past/near the building their constitution was signed in and past Norway's biggest lake. Very pretty.
    We stopped at a service station because she was insistent that we some Norwegian food thing.
    She bought 10 - there was an option of buying 100 😂you could buy relevant souvenirs hahah.
    We found Bundaberg ginger beer so we bought one each.
    We kept driving for a long time but I had a little snooze 🙊
    The views are incredible. This is proper Norway, I love the forest trees.
    We got a call that the horses weren't ready yet so we went on a hike first. 🙃
    Andrea has worked at the horse place and in the adjacent mountains for the past 10 years so she picked a mountain for us. Lol
    The different fauna really interests me.
    I love the 2nd half of mountain hikes - the downhill part...
    We walked a decent way - I don't know whether this is specifically a Norwegian thing or a hikers in general thing but once you reach the top you out a rock on an already big pile of rocks. So at the first "summit" we did that :)
    My ears, mainly my left one really really really hurt - it was sharp like when you need to pop it on a plane only i didn't need to. It was ridiculously cold and windy too so I thought that might be a factor so I put my hood up and finger In my ear which seemed to help.

    The views were marvelous - you could see out so far.

    We walked over to another peak and pile of rocks.. Will naturally felt the need to put the biggest one he could find at the tippity top which later fell down and took other people's rocks with it. Tut tut.

    At this peak there was a guest book which we signed :)
    Oh and a bench so we sat for a bit. Some other crazy people cane RUNNING up the mountain and signed it too lol.

    Andrea hot-spotted me ( mum, that means she gave me some of her internet ) so I could download a 360 degree photo taking app to try capture the whole area. It semi worked. I'll need to read up on the proper instructions.

    We walked around the mountain on the way back rather than back over. Phew.
    My ear was feeling better at this point - I did a wee in a bush hehe but then as I was running to catch up to everyone I started running to fast down the hill and had momentary concerns about not being able to stop but after a lot of effort and a laughing fit I managed.

    We got back in the car and drove over the horse place.
    There was a different group getting ready to go.
    Our horses weren't saddled up so we did that ourselves :)
    Will got a horse called Olaf, I got Svarten ( black in Norwegian) and we're not 100% who Andrea rode because we think she might have taken the wrong horse 😂
    I gave my horse the biggest hug. He wasn't as fluffy as i would have liked but it was nice hugging something other than Will hahah
    He was really friendly and didn't mind my affection hehe.
    We both brushed down our horses while Andrea checked their hooves. Then we put the saddled on, put our helmets on then got on.
    Will claims not to be scared and that he just doesn't like horse riding. I don't believe him. It's like the BS claim he made when we visited Jaxon in the hospital the day he was born and he wouldn't hold him because "I just don't care".
    Nope, he was scared.
    The same thing today.
    We walked for the first hour without any issues and we could hear Will talking to his horse in the same voice he talks to Jaxon and the cats.
    He was warming up:)
    Andreas horse went first which my horse didn't like but my horse was a good boy and obeyed the rules.
    Wills went wandering off paths and tried to eat every minute which Will let him do lol.

    We walked through a river which was really fun.
    We also walked to a massive crevasse I think you would call it? Basically just a massive hole in the middle of the mountain. Will became nervous again lol.
    Our asses were hurting big time by now.
    Will seemed to be enjoying himself well enough by now.
    this all changed quite quickly lol.
    Will had a retard horse who fell down the hill - lucky Will jumped/ran off the horse in time but the horse went rolling. It has a little blood nose - we think jut a scratch - it got up and started eating so we knew it was fine lol.
    Will handled that pretty well and was happy to get back on.
    He started complaining a lot about his balls and their slow death...
    His feet are to big for the foot holders so 10 minutes later when an unidentified insects stung his ankle and he couldn't reach to get the wasp off and started screaming - that wasn't too fun..
    I jumped off my horse and tried to get the sting out for him.
    Getting back on my horse was interesting lol - it kept moving because it wanted to be the leader
    The distance back to the farm is normally run by the horse but because lWill didn't even want to trot the walk took a long time.
    He was in a FOUL mood which was magnified when, once we arrived a horse stood on his foot. Lol
    Originally I thought maybe I would be able to go riding with me again. HA that possibility went out the window very quickly lol.
    We had to walk the horses back to the paddock which i didn't want to do because Wills mood effects mine and he was done. Completely done.
    Oh and I had food In My pocket the horse wanted to eat so wasn't being cooperative lols
    But we managed and got them home.
    Andrea drove us to the reception to pay. Our first card declined, not sure why but the 2nd one worked. It was only $15 each so actually really cheap.
    Forgot to mention earlier we paid for Andreas petrol because it's a 3hr drive each way so we needed to be good people lol.
    The drive home was good cause it gave Will time to calm down and because the sun doesn't set I saw all the things I missed on the way there.
    They grow grass on their roofs and it's awesome.
    I love the style of houses. It's very 1800's - like wooden cabin style things except they are ALL like it.
    We stopped in at McDonald because once again NO OPTIONS AVALIABLE.
    Drive drive drive. We listened to some tunes and now we are back home. So happy to be back. Tomorrow we need to figure out how to get to a big risk thing we want to see on the other side of the country.

    Side note: I have never met a bunch of such gassy horses and Will wants me to note his horse walked into a tree that's why he got stung.
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  • Day29

    Day 6: chased by the clouds :)

    June 12, 2016 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    The day started nice and warm, even as early as 6:30 when I packed up my stuff and tent. So with the nice weather I decided to wash my hair, which is trickier than it sounds :) First of all, the water came from a stream straight out of a snow field, and second, even though the outdoor soap is bio-degradable, you must be 50 meters away from water when using it, so it can degrade in the soil. It was a funny running back and forth with my water bottles ;)
    Other highlights today were 2 suspension bridges, another river crossing without a bridge (this time I used my sneakers instead of going barefoot), ooh and I saw a REAL person for the first time in almost 4 days! An older gentleman, watching eagles and other birds in the canyon. We hiked together for about 15 minutes.
    As I'm a bit ahead of my schedule, I decided to do a detour to see 2 waterfalls, a canyon and Flaksjøen lake. Totally worth it!

    The most astonishing thing for me today was the weather. I saw rain clouds around me all day, rain went down only a few hundred meters away from me basically all afternoon. I was ready, wearing all my rain gear and backpack protection on. Yet it never hit me. I was always going just in the right direction at the right time to stay quite dry. Then once my tent was all pitched, it started raining for a bit. It's quiet now with a gorgeous view, but I see dark clouds moving my way, so it might rain more heavily later - wish me luck ;)
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