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  • Day117

    Cluj - Klausenburg

    August 10, 2018 in Romania ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Da wir schon nicht die Hauptstadt Rumäniens angeschaut haben, sollte es wenigstens die zweit größte Stadt des Landes sein. Also jockelten wir über die Dörfer in Richtung Norden nach Cluj-Napoca (Clausenburg).

    Unsere Erwartungen waren recht hoch und um es vorweg zunehmen, sie wurden nicht ganz erfüllt. Nachdem uns Sibiu so ans Herz gewachsen ist, mit seiner gemütlichen und liebevoll gestalteten Altstadt/Stadtzentrum, waren wir von Cluj sehr enttäuscht. Finn blieb etwas außerhalb des Stadtzentrums stehen und wir nutzten die Tram. Unser erster Weg führte uns zur Touristen-Information und wir deckten uns mit einem Stadtplan zur besseren Orientierung ein. Schnell war uns klar eine richtige Fußgängerzone oder eine Altstadt, gibt es hier nicht nach unseren Vorstellungen.

    So marschierten wir mit unserem Stadtplan in der Hand los in Richtung „rumänischer Nationaloper“ und gegenüber bestaunten wir direkt die „Kathedrale Mitropolitana“. Zwei Gebäude die unterschiedlicher nicht sein können, uns jedoch von der Architektur sehr beeindruckt haben. Im Anschluss ging es am „Tailor Tower“ vorbei wieder in die andere Richtung des Stadtzentrums zurück. Der Tower war im Mittelalter die südöstlichste Ecke der Festung Cluj und gehört heute zu den wenigen noch erhaltenen Festungstürmen. Auf dem Weg kamen wir noch an einen kleinen Ladenfenster vorbei, an dem eine kleine Schlange an Menschen, ein für uns unbekanntes Gebäck kaufte. Kurzerhand standen wir auch in der Schlange und bestellten zwei süße Gebäcke mit Kirsch- und Apfelfüllung. Sehr vorzüglich!

    Gestärkt ging es weiter, ein Stück durch den botanischen Garten und dann hoch auf den kleinen Hausberg (Fortress Hill) von Cluj, um die Aussicht über die Stadt zu genießen. Wir hockten uns ein wenig in die Sonne und genossen die Sicht von oben auf die Häuserblocks. Irgendwann gesellte sich noch eine Katze zu uns und so saßen wir zu dritt und genossen die Zeit.

    Wieder in der Stadt unten angekommen, marschierten wir noch etwas durch die Gassen und ließen den Tag ganz typisch rumänisch in einem Irish Pub mit Guinness, Cidre und Fish and Ships ausklingen. Unser Fazit zu Cluj ist ein wenig zweigeteilt ... ganz klar gibt es ein paar nette Gebäude zum Anschauen, aber richtig abgeholt und begeistert, hat uns die Stadt nicht. Ganz klar bleibt unser Favorit in Rumänien, die süße kleine Stadt Sibiu. Hier haben wir uns von der ersten Sekunde an wohlgefühlt und sind noch immer begeistert von den Häusern und der wunderschönen Altstadt. Zusammengefasst: Cluj kann man machen, muss man aber nicht!
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  • Day193


    October 13, 2017 in Romania ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Shocking, I didn't want to get up. Only animals can make me rise... so I did. I got up.
    The hostel had free breakfast so we helped ourselves then walked to the car and got on the way. It was about a 40 minutes drive to the liBEARty bear sanctuary. (The bricks for bear people) we had trouble finding the entry because it was an illegitimate street but after passing straight by it the first time - we found it.
    It was 40 lei each to go on an English tour which was totally, 200% worth it.
    We had about a 20 minute wait before our tour started - a solid 30 people were waiting with us.
    Found out it also costs 55 lei to take photos which is an outrageous $16 but ONLY if you use a camera - not a phone wooohooooo!!!

    Knew i was going to be a loser and cry at some point because before we even entered I read one sign that said "it's not a zoo, it's a sanctuary so you may not see us but we finally have the chance to be free" and my eyes stung.

    Our guide could speak English quite well so that was a great start - he told us the rules then led us to a room to watch a 7 min video about the sanctuary
    Had stingy eyes during the doc too.
    It talked about the abuse of bears and how they were used for entertainment. The sanctuary opened up in 2005 inspired by Maya the bear who didn't make it. She was in such a bad state she self mutilated and ate her paws. She died in the founders arms.
    In 2007 the laws changed in Romania and a lot of bears were saved and taken away from entertainment pits in tourist areas.
    Romania has about 40% of all of Europes bears - apparently not because they are plentiful but because everywhere else has few.

    Ok so after the video we saw Maya's memorial and next to it a cage that one of the bears - Opi, lived in for 12 years.
    They have a variety of bears in the sanctuary... ones that have suffered true horrors like Opi and other that have been wild bears but started to go into human areas - one of the bears actually caught a train 😂😂😂😂😂😂 it had to be tranquilized and taken away from humans.
    Opi is rarely seen and chooses to feed when people arnt on tour.
    They only do 3 tours daily in the morning to make sure the animals arnt stressed.
    Others come close to the fence to eat during the tourists hours so they could be seen.

    The sanctuary currently has 98 bears - we saw 20!!! So an awesome amount.
    After bear 1 we saw bears 2, 3 & 4 - a mum with 2 cubs 😍 she was a wild one.
    Max the bear was who we saw next. Max is blind - he had needles poked through his eyes.
    He also had his teeth and claws removed.
    Humans all deserve to die, We are the worst.
    This was all done intentionally so that when people took photos with him it took an element of the danger away.
    He seems quite content now.

    Next we walked to a big big big big enclosure - can't remember how many hectares but a solid chunk - 5 more bears were near the fence feeding.
    Apparently in the wild there is only one bear every 20 square kilometers but because they are provided with enough food they live in peace (mostly)
    It's a real high tech place - they have cameras everywhere so they know if a bear is sick but also have a 24/7 live stream on YouTube.
    The organization has agreements with supermarket chains to give them the expired food to feed the bears. It still costs $50,000 a month to run everything.
    The bears were eating chicken and one was munching on a bread roll haha
    We walked past some deers who we learnt will never be bear food 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼lol
    I also saw my first ever wolf! So cool! They have 6 on the property - a zoo shut down and they had nowhere to go.

    We saw a few more enclosures - they have only have had 1 bear get pregnant in the park - normally they castrate the bears before they reach sexual maturity but this particular male reached it 2 years early so...

    She and her cubs were in a smaller enclosure to keep the cubs safe cause the other bears would attack them - the cubs will go back into the wild.

    We both actually had such a terrific time! A great great organization!

    We left feeling like time well spent and drove to sighisoara *
    It took 2 hours - it was a nice drive - full of more lunatics though. The side of the road is covered in memorials. I would have seen 35+ today. We saw so many near accidents it was frightening.

    The what I presume to be Romani settlements are so cool and just scream ROMANIA.

    A few cool castles on the way and when driving into sighisoara it too was an awesome sight.

    Vlad was born here and it was a halfway point so seemed a good time to stop for lunch.

    We didn't walk up the hill to the house (now resturant) but still could see it.

    Drive drive drive onto Cluj - romanias second biggest town. So far not impressed - granted I haven't seen anything but eh.
    Our hostel is nice though and we are the only ones in our room YAYAYA I CAN PICK A BOTTOM BUNK 👏🏼👏🏼

    Forget to mention Will did the most beautifully genuine laugh today and it was hilarious.
    It was his reaction to the speed camera the gps spent along time warning us about.
    It was completely rusted over.
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Cluj-Napoca, Klausenburg, كلوج نابوكا, Горад Клуж-Напока, Клуж-Напока, Kluž, Κλουζ-Ναπόκα, Kluĵo, Cluj, کلوژ-نپوکا, קלוז-נאפוקה, Kolozsvár, Կլուժ-Նապոկա, CLJ, クルジュ=ナポカ, კლუჟ-ნაპოკა, 클루지나포카, Castrum Clus, Cluj Napoca, Klužas-Napoka, Kluža-Napoka, Клуж-Напока хот, क्लुज-नापोका, Kluż-Napoka, کلوج ناپوکا, کلوژ-ناپوکا, คลูช-นาโปกา, Kaloşvar, کلوژ ناپوکا, Kluž Napok, קלויזנבורג, 克卢日-纳波卡

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