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  • Day25

    Drama in Siberia

    October 7, 2016 in Russia

    Fortunately after two days of not sleeping and a couple of pills I was able to finally sleep through the night and awoke this morning feeling a little bit more human with beautiful Siberian sunshine streaming through our cabin window. With less than 24 hours to go before our overnight stop in Irkutsk I was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel and dream of the fresh air and food I will be shortly consuming.

    After a couple of coffees, we strode in the restaurant carriage for an omelet after 3 days of watered down porridge and protein bars had started to take its toll. Whilst awaiting for our omelets to arrive, we bumped into Lukas who looked like he had had another rough night induced by alcohol. It just so happened that he had a rough night induced by losing his passport between a space in the train whilst trying to pull his Go-Pro out of his pocket. His passport is now somewhere on a train track between Novosibirsk and Bolotnaya. Supposedly the police are on the hunt for it but if it is not found, his Trans-Siberian adventure is over as he will unlikely be able to obtain the necessary visas from within the Siberian wilderness. We felt so sorry for him and tried to work out ways in which we could help but whilst in Russia there is only so much anyone can do.

    Our next big stop of 42 minutes happened in a town called Krasnoyarsk. We had 42 minutes to explore the town but being to scared to venture too far from the train in case it decided to abandon us in the middle of Russia, our exploration involved an in depth look at the train station, it's statue and all its wares. After a quick tour we settled on the first cafe we came across and purchases some cheese bread thing resembling a crossiant in texture but flat, a meringue filled with creme and some fruit. Health plus. After doing some quick lunges and squats on the platform it was back on the train to consume our purchases. Lukas managed to get hold of the Polish embassy in Irkutsk who advised him his passport is unlikely to be found and if not, he will have to return to Moscow before he can fly back to Manchester where he currently works. Normally smiley, Lukas certainly has lost his way.

    The afternoon passed by in a blur talking international politics, geological settings of our given countries and wine in the restaurant car whilst drinking Russian champagne (Yes ok French people it's not really champange) whilst passing beautiful snow covered Siberian landscapes. The temperature is now around 0 degrees and feeling very fresh. Lukas joined us after an afternoon kip and drowned his sorrows in beer and playing more rounds of 500. At Beer #5, we received a visit from the "train boss" who confirmed that the police had found Lukas' passport and it will be on the next train to Irkutsk. Cue celebratory beers and vodka. Happy Lukas was back and it was time to make up for lost happy time.

    After some food to ward off the probable hangover, I went back to our little cabin to prepare for bed. It wasn't long until the train stopped and we picked up another Russian passenger who was allocated into the spare space in our cabin. Due to the incredible stench that followed him into the train, I quickly made my way back to the restaurant car to inform my cabin mates that we had a serious case of bad BO in our room and he isn't the one who hasn't showered for 3 days! I went back to make up our beds and found smelly Russ on Jamie's bed taking over our entire area with his horrible odour, stomach and baggage. I asked him to move to his bunk as we were going to bed, although with his little understanding of English and my little understanding of Russian, I resorted to charades and hand gestures. He exited the room to allow me to make up the beds and I left to go and get a drunken Jamie from the restaurant car to put him to bed. On our return, the odour was putrid and smelly Russ was back on Jamie's now made bed stuffing his face with potato crisps and sculling coke. If there is one thing that Jamie hates, its anyone eating on his bed especially someone he doesn't know. At this point, after 2 nights of barely any sleep and no shower, I had enough (no one messes with my Jamie) - I asked him to move again and he refused and started getting incredibly agitated. I told him if he wanted to eat , he should eat on his bed or go to the restaurant car, to which his response was net net net net net net net net (no, no, no, no, no, no). He got up and Jamie lay his upper body on the bed with his legs off to one side (being pretty drunk). Smelly Russ then attempted to sit on the end of Jamie's bed to continue consuming his chips. I told him to move, that Jamie needed to go to sleep and he needed to go onto his bunk. I grabbed Jamie's legs and put them on the bed to make a point and said that he needed to go to sleep as he was drunk. He made a beeline for my bed and I had to resort to a wagging finger in his face saying NET NET NET and pointed to his bunk.

    He huffed and puffed out of the room and was heard complaining to the Russian cabin manager, who paid him zero attention as she had had absolutely no problems up to this point. He disappeared to the restaurant car to consume his heart attack and I managed to calm myself down but was now petrified of sleeping in the same room as this man. He returned as I was reading my book and Jamie was out for the count while our other cabin mate was drinking vodka in another room. He proceeded to get undressed right in front of me and took off his top to reveal his large stomach and unbuttoned his trousers, the stench coming from his pores increased and I realised sleep was not going to come easy again tonight.

    As if this man couldn't get any ruder, he left the sound of his phone on and proceeded to watch movies on his laptop without headphones. At about midnight he took a call on his phone while the rest of the cabin was fast asleep. After an amazing three days of getting to know some brilliant people it was a shame to end this part of the leg like this, but it makes you appreciate the wonderful people you do get to meet more and certainly adds to the stories we get to tell!
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  • Day5

    Land of the silver birch

    March 28 in Russia

    Woke still in the birch zone, but with decidedly thinning snow. Rivers are still frozen - solid enough for ice fishers to set their chairs out mid stream.

    My time keeping system had reset itself overnight. You might think a clock is optional for someone on a train for 5 days, but that's not the case.

    Local time is needed to keep up with the time zone changes, and prevent jet lag landing all at once when we reach the next destination. And the restaurant car runs on local time. However, the rest of the train runs (and stops) on Moscow time. So we need that to keep track of where we are (stations are few, and often not well signposted) and when we are coming up to stops long enough to get off, stretch our legs and buy provisions.

    The guidebooks list where we cross time zones, but they disagree with each other - sometimes by 2 hours. It is therefore unhelpful of a clock to have a mad 5 minutes and lose both times. Fortunately Russian trains run to a strict timetable, so you can quite literally set your watch by them. Which I did.
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  • Day5

    Adventures in food

    March 28 in Russia

    Illanskaya, according to the guidebook, is one of the best stations to buy home cooked food from the platform traders. It turns out they are no longer allowed on the platforms, but lined up behind a low fence there were indeed half a dozen or so women - all elderly, all short - with boxes on carts. A few factory sausages on display, but almost all the rest looked home cooked/dried/toasted.

    Dried and smoked fish featured heavily, and all the stalls had pine nuts. As expected in a region of lakes and pine trees. The rest varied from stall to stall, depending on the cook - assorted pirozki, different types of potato cake, boiled potatoes with herbs, caramel waffle rolls, home made sausages, bread, and in one case raw carrots and potatoes.

    They speak no English, and listen to little Russian. Any question is initally met with a display of the number of notes needed to purchase an item, rather than an answer to what was actually asked. This makes it a little tricky to establish which of the anonymous dough and pastry parcels are the vegetarian* options.

    I ended up with a giant rosti/latke and a** caramel waffle roll. Mixed success - as in many countries, being assured that an item contains no meat doesn't necessarily exclude the possibility of ham - and the pre-consumption dissection confirmed it's presence in the latke. The caramel roll, however, was ham free. And very good jaw exercise.

    * Potato. Sometimes alone, sometimes with cabbage and onion, occasionally with cheese. But always based on potato.

    ** The observant among you might count 2 caramel waffle rolls. One of them is not mine.
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  • Day9

    Wenn man Autotüren zuknallt, bekommt man sofort böse Blicke und das ein oder andere Schimpfwort von den Taxifahrern hier zugeworfen. Die Autos sind schließlich Privatwagen und waren teuer. Wie dann aber mit den Autos durch die Schlaglöcher gefetzt wird oder auf welchen Strecken unser Mietwagen zum Einsatz kam, interessiert dann keinen mehr... 😑

    1000km in Sibirien kann ich mir jetzt auch ins Fahrtenbuch schreiben - 35.000km in meinem Mitsubishi in Australien haben aber mehr Spaß gemacht 😁Read more

  • Day16


    August 9, 2017 in Russia

    6 Stunden Aufenthalt in Krasnojarsk - nicht viel zu sehen außer betrunkenen Bronzestatuen und einem netten "Gespräch" (Hände/Füße/Google Translate) mit zwei (bald) betrunkenen Russen in der Nähe des Bahnhofs, die morgen um 10 Uhr schon einige Bier gekippt hatten 🍻

  • Day14

    Ergaki (Sayan)

    August 7, 2017 in Russia

    Zum Abschluss unseres Aufenthaltes sind wir 250km in die Sayan-Berge gefahren, in die Region Ergaki. Bei unsrer 25km langen Wanderung war ich von der alpinen Schroffheit der Berge beeindruckt; und von der Tatsache, dass man in Sibirien einen Sonnenbrand bekommen kann...

    Putin ist wohl des öfteren hier in der Natur unterwegs. Man kann es ihm nicht verübeln bei der Landschaft...

  • Day22


    August 1, 2015 in Russia

    Ten zuiden van de stad ligt een natuurpark met rotspunten gevormd door magma dat nooit helemaal aan de oppervlakte is gekomen, maar in de grond is uitgehard. Na 180-200 miljoen jaar eroderen is de grond rond de kolommen van Syeniet (vorm van graniet) weggespoeld en blijven de rotsen over om op een willekeurige zaterdag overheen te klauteren.

  • Day20


    July 30, 2015 in Russia

    Krasnojarsk is een aangename verrasing. Waar Novosibirsk nog wat verbeterpuntjes had, snapt men het hier wel. Schone en afgewerkte straten, gezellige winkelstraten en een levendige en groene boulevard. Waar ze bijzondere 'huisdieren' op na houden. Na kikkererwtburgers en boekweit pannenkoekjes te hebben gegeten 's avonds wodka-tjes gedaan in een prima bar. Uiteindelijk de nachtbar Amsterdam maar overgeslagen... Dat bleek een stripclub ;)Read more

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