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  • Day709

    Tommy the Tarantula

    November 6, 2017 in Saint Lucia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    I wake at 5 as my body is still on English time and make my way to the kitchen to put the kettle on. I pick up the kettle and as I turn to fill it up from the water filter there’s a bloody big Tarantula giving me the eye 😱 with kettle still in hand I run out the back door back in the front of the house and shut the kitchen door. For the time being Tommy the tarantula is contained. I watch him through the Louvre doors as he breakdances around the kitchen floor. I take myself back to my 4 poster bed and hide beneath the mosquito net until I hear Judy up and about. Her first question is why is the kettle in the middle of the lounge I explain and she opens the kitchen door but Tommy has gone. We have our cup of tea and then walk the dogs in our pyjamas before coming back to find Tommy has returned. She wastes no time and chases him out with a broom. We have another brew and the most beautiful rainbow 🌈 appears over the Piton mother nature is such an amazing thing. The plan today is to have a walk into town so after a quick cuppa in the office with Judy and the team I head off with shopping list in hand ad tonight I’m cooking dinner. Town is a mixture of shops and banks so I ask where i can get a local breakfast and I’m directed to a little restaurant called petit Piton. They obviously misunderstood what I wanted as it was local English breakfast. I opted for an egg sandwich and a coke and as I’m eating away I hear a guy below the window. We get chatting and he offers to be my guide although I advise him that I won’t be giving him money but will buy him a pair of flip flops as he has nothing on his feet. He escorts me round town which is great as I don’t get mithered by anyone else. Shopping list purchased and Judy comes and picks me up and drops me at home. I spend the afternoon with Shirley the house keeper and she cleans while I cook. After dinners prepared I head down to the bar and meet Phil and Judy and we enjoy a few cocktails before heading back to the house for dinner. We sit on the balcony watching the sunset over the Piton before retiring to bed early.Read more

  • Day712

    Out at Sea

    November 9, 2017 in Saint Lucia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    So I wake this morning and the view as I step onto the balcony never ceases to amaze me. I feel so much better and shower and dress before heading down with Judy to have my morning brew with the office staff. We head out on the bus at 10 to catch the boat from the harbour and sit up front while Captain Kurt drives us to pigeon island. On route my hat blows off and although we turn around to find it we can’t see it anywhere. I have another one at the house so I tell him to carry on. We arrive at the island and take a small trek up to the fort at the top. You can see for miles and even Martanique in the distance. We walk back down and after a quick swim it’s time for lunch. The picnic supplied is sublime and after a good munch I’m back in the sea for a refreshing dip before our tour of the rest of the island. Were shown the houses of all the celebs before anchoring off to do some snorkelling . We head for home It’s been an amazing boat trip and just when I think that I couldn’t smile anymore we are surrounded by pods of dolphins 🐬 the babies frolicking in the sea jumping and diving they swim around the boat curving the bow as we dangle our legs over the side as they play beneath us. There are multiple pods and two different species with the youngsters being the most playful. The boat brings us back into harbour and we disembark back to the hotel. While Judy heads back to the office im left in charge of ordering drinks so 2 James Bond martini 🍸 it is. They are like rocket fuel then Judy orders a bottle of prosecco. Phil and Lorna join us for the sunset and we head back to the ridge. We have dinner and as I go outside the stars are amazing shortly after there is a power cut. With no light pollution whatsoever Judy and I cuddle up in fluffy blankets and fall asleep under the stars what a perfect end to a perfect day with a perfect friend.Read more

  • Day708

    Just Landed

    November 5, 2017 in Saint Lucia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    I touch down after a gruelling flight and realise I will be administering a nicotine patch for the journey home. I collect my bags from the only carousel in the airport and make the vey short walk to customs. I get pulled over and lie through my teeth to the oficer telling him I only have clothes and make up in my bags. Throwing him off the scent by opening my bag and showing off my newly purchased underwear. If he’d asked me to open my bag I would have been up shit street without a paddle. Waiting in arrivals is my good friend Judy who hastily scoops me up and directs me to her jeep.She is such a good friend as on the back of the seat is a cool box with chilled bottles of Piton beer in it. We crack open a beer and drive away from the airport pulling over shortly afterward so I can get into my shorts and have a paddle. 40 minutes later we arrive at Hotel Boucan where we order a Gin and tonic and sit down by the pool. It starts to rain quite heavily so drinks in hand we head back to the house. A couple more gins and I’m well on my way having started with eggs benedict and champagne for breakfast followed by numerous bloody Mary’s on the flight. Judy’s cooked up a curry but when I get to my room I’m blown away and there on the side is a gift bag. Upon opening it I find a bottle of sambuca and a bottle of grey goose the girl knows me so well. Phil debriefs on the dangerous things on the island including tarantulas but I take it all in my stride and turn in for an early night as I’m beat .Read more

  • Day710

    Sugar beach

    November 7, 2017 in Saint Lucia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    My routine is waking at around 6am daily but I love the fact of getting up and just sitting having a couple of cups of tea with the most heavenly view. Each time I come out of the front door I just gasp with the sheer beauty of it but as I come out today The Piton is gone. It’s pouring and the rain causes a mist which totally shrouds the beautiful peak. The plan for today is the sulphur springs and mud bath so after finishing my brew with judy at the office I head down. It’s still quite early so I get my own personal guide who explains how the whole of SOUFRIERE is a volcano crater and that it means sulphur in French. There’s a strong smell of rotten eggs as I watch the sulphur pools bubbling away and then it’s time for the mud bath. Firstly I get in the hot water spring pool which opens up the pores then I cake myself in mud. You allow it to dry before rinsing of in the pool again. It’s supposed to make you so rejuvenated that it will make you look ten years younger. I plan to stay in here for a few hours with that promise but after 20 mins hoards of people arrive that have just docked on a cruise liner so I get out and make way for the tourists. As I walk back up the hill to the ridge I slide on the road and end up arse over tit hitting the ground with a bump. I recover myself and although I’m bruised and dirty finally make my way back to the house. After a quick shower I’m ready to go again and walk nick to the hotel to be picked up by the bus. This afternoon is a day on the beach and as we drive to the town Captain 👩‍✈️ Kirk is waiting on the boat to take us to sugar beach. We set of and the boat goes so fast I feel like my backside is still on the jetty.
    Arriving at the beach it’s rammed but pretty soon a large boat arrives and evacuates it. So armed with my towel I claim my sunbed and settle myself down for the afternoon. The sun beds along the beach are 90 dollars so I’m glad I blagged a cheap seat. After a couple of hours enjoying the view and sipping on coco water the boat is back to pick us up. I treat the crew to a drink and the captain invites me to the driving seat. We are soon back on dry land and heading back to the hotel a quick drink in the bar and we have to go and get ready as tonight we are doing the bbq. It’s nice to get dressed up and although the makeup runs off you I go the whole hog. The food is amazing starting with gazpacho and bloody Mary’s followed by chicken ribs and multiple salads. We enjoy a couple of cocktails after the obligatory sambucas at home and then Judy orders prosecco I am certainly loosened up ready for the limbo dancing 💃 later. Pudding is to die for and although there’s little room left I indulge. The show starts with acrobats and fire 🔥 eating and the it’s time for shaking my thing. I thoroughly enjoy having a good dance and although I’m not flexible like I used to be I have a good go. After the evenings finished we make our way back to the house where I’m in the land of nod within minutes.
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  • Day193

    St. Lucia Pitons

    January 17 in Saint Lucia ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C


    Nach einer gefühlten Ewigkeit waren wir froh wieder auf See zu sein. Wir waren schon viel zu lange in der Blue Lagoon, aber es war doch immer was neues kaputt.

    Die Fahrt war viel angenehmer als die letzten und die Pitons waren spektakulär. Wir wurden mal wieder von Boatboys abgefangen, aber diesmal zu unserem Vorteil. Sie nahmen uns in ihrem megaschnellen Dinghy direkt mit an Land und wir schafften es gerade noch rechtzeitig zum einzuklarieren. Danach machten wir erst den Preis mit den Boatsboys für die Taxifahrt aus, denn wir waren ja ohne unser Dinghy an Land. Er wollte uns am liebsten noch direkt in "das günstigste" Restaurant bringen, doch wir entschieden uns auf eigene Faust etwas zu suchen. In einem großflächigem Restaurant wurden wir fündig. Lea war wieder wie losgelöst an Land zu sein, ohne Geschaukel. Wir trafen uns mit dem Boatsboys um 19 Uhr am Steg wieder, damit Lea rechtzeitig ins Bett kommen würde. Eigentlich hätten wir gerne noch einen Ausflug gemacht, aber das ging nur mit Privattaxi und das war uns doch etwas teuer. Halb so schlimm. In Rodney Bay wollten wir die Maimiti treffen. Das ist der übrigens auch der Hauptzielort für die ARC-Regatta! Die Bucht muss doch auch was hergeben.Read more

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