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  • Day24

    Day 24/72: Singapore day 2

    November 20, 2018 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    We woke up and had a lazy breakfast at the hostel this morning, enjoying the cake we picked up from a bakery late last night. We got the MRT to the botanic gardens and spent an absolutely beautiful and very hot and humid morning wondering around the gardens. The gardens are huge, with so many different areas, lakes and trees, with rainforest sections, fountains of all kinds and English country garden sections to make us feel slightly at home in the sweltering heat.

    The really impressive part of the garden was the orchid gardens, which cost about £3 to enter, and were absolutely huge and gorgeous; crammed full of the most beautiful hybrids of orchids in the world. There is a whole heritage and vip section of the orchid gardens, where famous or influential people who come to Singapore botanic Gardens get an orchid hybrid bred and named in their honour. A special favourite of ours was the Princess Diana orchid, which was absolutely beautiful.

    The heat in Singapore is very different to the heat in Thailand. In Thailand the heat is the first thing you notice when you walk out the door, whereas in Singapore the heat kind of sneaks up on you, to the point where you don't realise how hot you are until you find it impossible to try to cool down. We walked around the orchid gardens baking in the heat, wishing desperately that there would be the slightest lick of wind to soothe us, and standing slightly too close to the fountains to try and get the cool water to possibly splash on us a tiny bit.

    Once we had exhausted the gardens we headed to Chinatown where we enjoyed a huge lunch at a Chinese restaurant. The lunch consisted of egg fried rice, sweet and sour pork and kung pow chicken, and was absolutely incredible. We were very obviously the only tourists in the restaurant and the only people who had no idea how the whole premise of sharing large plates of food worked, but luckily the waitress was very friendly and explained it all as she gave us forks instead of chopsticks...

    We spent a while wondering around the shops in Chinatown, marvelling at inner painted bottles. Our next stop was the Gardens by the Bay. This time we paid to go inside the Cloud Forest: a dome very like the Eden Centre, in that it's an environment inside a dome where many plants are grown. It's quite incredible, huge waterfall in the middle and clouds hovering to create environments for many different types of plant, including lots of carnivorous ones. The centre had lots to do and learn about, and at the end had a huge portion on climate change and how to do better.

    The next dome we went to was the Flower Dome, which wasn't quite as impressive as it seemed to be mainly dedicated to Christmas decorations... But included a lot of roses which smelt incredible.

    We walked across a very impressive bridge past part of the F1 track and wondered into a very expensive shopping centre and got an enormous chocolate brownie and dark chocolate cake from a chocolate shop called The Dark Gallery. It was incredible; the richest brownie, but still incredibly light and fluffy!

    Right now I am writing this blog post while Tom gets his hair cut at a very expensive barbours, and absolutely raves about having a head massage while they are washing his hair; 'I'm never washing my own hair again!'
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  • Day27

    Singapur Tag 2 - Vormittag

    April 26, 2019 in Singapore ⋅ 🌧 25 °C

    Seit 8:30 Uhr regnet es - aus Eimern. Ich wollte eigentlich zu Fuß zu meiner nächsten Unterkunft laufen, aber nehme dann doch ein GRAB.
    Davor unterhalte ich mich mit 2 Mädels aus dem Hostel und verabrede mich mit ihnen zum Abendessen in einem Hawker-Center.
    Kulturschock, wenn man als Rucksack-Touri in ein etwas nobleres Hotel eincheckt. Ich fühle mich wie ein Fremdkörper. Mir wurde sogar die Tür des GRAB vom Concierge geöffnet.
    Mein Zimmer ist noch nicht fertig, aber mein Rucksack wird dann automatisch ins Zimmer gebracht. Ich erhalte einen Regenschirm und laufe los. Bringt ja nichts, es wird nicht aufhören zu regnen und für morgen ist auch Regen angesagt. Die Wolken hängen so tief, dass man das Marina Bay Sands nicht richtig erkennen kann.
    Ich laufe zur alten Polizeiwache, mit ihren bunten Fensterläden. Von da aus zur Statue von Sir Stamford Raffles, dem Gründer des modernen Singapurs. Die Statue ist eine Kopie der originalen Bronzestatue und wurde 1969 anlässlich des 150. Jahrestags der Gründung Singapurs aufgestellt.
    Von hier aus laufe ich Richtung Brunnen des Reichtums. Vorher aber mache ich einen Halt in einem der unzähligen Einkaufszentren, um mal kurz etwas trocken zu werden. Was tut man aber bei Frust? Richtig. Shoppen und Schokolade! Ich kaufe mir ein paar Klamotten, trinke einen Kaffee und esse einen Brownie. Naja, zumindest die Hälfte - irgendwie bin ich Zucker nicht mehr gewohnt. Schmeckt viel zu süß und mächtig.
    Ich begebe mich nun wieder in den Regen!
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  • Day41


    November 28, 2019 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Chinatowns "food street" gehört zu den Labyrinth ähnlichen engen Gassen in Chinatown. Viele Restaurants bieten das traditionelle chinesische Essen an. Souvenirläden reihen sich aneinander, ebenso Boutiquen und auch Antiquitätenläden.

    Hier befindet sich der Sri Mariamman Tempel von 1827. Er ist der älteste Hindu Tempel in Singapur, der der in Indien und Sri Lanka verehrten Muttergöttin Mariamman gewidmet ist. Während einer kleinen Prozession innerhalb des Tempels mogelt sich Thomas dazu und macht (auch nicht ganz erlaubt) ein paar Bilder und Videos...Read more

  • Day44

    Stadttrip, Singapur

    November 16, 2018 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Singapore ist eine unglaubliche Stadt. Man ist überwältigend von der Anzahl und Höhe der Hochhäuser, 🌁 die Größe und Massen der Einkaufszentren (unter 5 Stöcke geht hier nichts) und von der Weihnachtsstimmung die hier verbreitet wird 🎅. Alles ist mit Weihnachtsdeko verziert, es läuft überall Weihnachtsmusik und es werden ganze Parks, Fotostationen oder Märkte mit Weihnachtsthema, aus dem Nichts errichtet☃️🦌 Also Deutschland könnte sich eine Scheibe abschneiden. 🎄
    Und trotz dieser Größe, war es mit Abstand die grünste und schönste Stadt, die wir je gesehen hatten, mit Baumaleen mitten in der Innenstadt und riesige Grün- oder Waldflächen🌳
    Außerdem war jede einzelne noch so abgelegene Ecke makellos sauber!
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  • Day2

    Hop on hop off Singapore

    March 7, 2017 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Much like the first time we visited NYC we got ourselves some hop on hop off tickets for a little orientation of the city and to learn some cool facts.

    Cool fact #1 - there is no traffic congestion even in peak time. This is due to the high cost of owning a car, there is a high import duty on cars plus a limited number of car licenses available, the cost of these licenses can be as much as $50,000 and lastly ERP or toll roads everywhere.

    Cool fact #2 - the city is one of the cleanest places I have every seen where humans operate. This is due to heavy fines imposed on things like chewing gum and littering.

    Cool fact #3 - the city is also referred to as "the fine city" not due to the fact that its fine but because there are so many things you can get fined for.

    Cool fact #4 - Singapore has 4 main ethnic groups: Chinese, Indian, Malayan and Eurasians as they are referred to here (European and other asian minority's).

    The Island is pretty small so after finishing the first of 7 routes; we pretty much had a good idea whats where in the city.

    One of the things that I keep doing is comparing our hop on hop off bus experience here to the one in NYC. The one in NYC was very cool as there is so much history and the place has so much character (this is coming from someone who did not really like NYC), while Singapores history constitutes basically the arrival of Indians, the Chinese and Japanese takeover during the world wars. The city itself does not have much character in my opinion as its so clinical and modern that it all just looks the some. The only two places with some character is little india and chinatown but its not much different from similar areas in other world cities. The cool thing here is that there are trees and greeneries everywhere.

    Don't get me wrong this would be an awesome place to live as everything just works like a well oiled machine, to the point where its almost boring.

    If you think that 30 years ago this place was very similar to the rest of Asia its really incredible what money and focus in the right place can do to turn things around. This place could not be more different from the rest of Asia that we have seen.

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  • Day1


    December 2, 2016 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Singapore - this country and city stands for a great economy, super friendly people, cleanliness and a culture that's somewhere in between Asian and western. I guess that makes it a good country for my first ever trip to Asia: you can dive into the depths of Chinatown or Little India, but there are different “levels“ and once you're overwhelmed by those very different cultures it's only a short metro ride back to Singapore downtown, which could easily be a European metropolis.Read more

  • Day1

    Singapore - Day 1

    July 21, 2018 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    The beginning of our journey....

    Today we departed Brisbane at 0910 via Singapore Airlines with Richard & Rachel - our first time travelling with family. We even scored an upgrade to Premium Economy for the flight; what a luxury!
    We touched down in Changi at 1430 in the afternoon local time (1630 Brisbane time). It was beautifully warm & humid, a stark contrast to the cold morning we had woken to in Brisbane. We jumped in a cab & headed straight to our hotel, the Pan Pacific Singapore. After unpacking & taking in the views & our surroundings we headed out to explore the city. Our hotel was in a great location & within easy walking distance of all of the city attractions.

    The area was a hive of activity as we had arrived to a country wide rehersal for the upcoming 'National 'Day' celebrations (Singapore celebrates 53 years of independance on 9th August 2018); it seems that everyone get's involved, including the military. We walked to Boat Quay via the bay (& the famous Merlion statue) & settled in for dinner & drinks alongside the river; we had a great view of the CBD & were treated to an awesome aerial display by the airforce including fighter jets & a Chinook helicopter carrying the biggest flag I have ever seen! - Thai style crispy fried duck, sizzling beef & a few Singapore Slings 🍹were on the menu & did the job nicely.

    We walked back to our hotel with our bellies full & our eyes wide with wonder at the bright lights & bustling cityscape.
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  • Day2

    Singapore - Day 2

    July 22, 2018 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    It's Paul's birthday today & he was made a fuss of all day - cake & champagne from hotel staff on arrival, cake & singing at breakfast & personalised menus & more cake (souffle actually) at dinner! Needless to say, I think he had a good one!

    After filling ourselves with the most decadent & expansive buffet breakfast I have ever indulged in at our hotel we walked it off by visiting Suntec City shopping centre, Haji Lane & Arab Street. Of course we had to take Richard & Rachel for a Selfie Coffee! Richard was in awe of the city's architecture (as we all were) & took great delight in the many optical illusions that the designers had created.

    Our journey back to the hotel took us for a quick detour to Raffles Hotel gift shop (unfortunately the Hotel was closed for major renovations) where we picked up a gift for Bettye (Paul & Richard's mum) before Richard, Rachel & Paul retired to the pool. I took a quick taxi ride to Orchard Road - Singapore's major shopping precinct with every designer brand store you can think of in one stretch of road. What a nightmare - every man & his dog apparently visits Orchard Road on a Sunday! The stores were packed & I had to dodge a plethora of 'selfie stick' carrying tourists on the street! It was all worth it though, as I sourced Paul's favourite cologne & managed a side trip to Victoria's Secret as well. Cocktails & a swim at the pool were a wonderful reward when I finally made it back to the hotel.

    Dinner had been organised at Morton's Steakhouse, located within the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The food, ambiance & staff were amazing; the prices eye watering. However, staff had gone to great detail to ensure Paul was treated like a star. In addition to personalised menus he also received a birthday card & photo of us all that had been signed by all of the staff.

    We finished off the evening with a walk & visit to Marina Bay Sands Sky Tower where we took in the incredible views of Singapore by night from the architectural wonder that is the "ship" atop the Marina Bay Sands resort! Pretty spectacular & well worth the experience!
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  • Day30

    Die volle Dröhnung: Chinatown ...

    March 6, 2017 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Nachdem wir beide heute morgen etwas verschlafen haben 😂🙈 hieß es schnell noch zum Frühstück und danach ab nach Chinatown. Unsere Vorstellung: jede Menge Plagiate wie in KLR, Insekten essen, kuriose Dinge sehen usw. Also auf gehts.

    Angekommen leider wieder große Enttäuschung. Ein Touris Laden mit tausenden an Souvenirs neben den anderen. Quasi immer das Gleiche drin. Die Preise ja okay gehen noch. Jedoch hat dieses Viertel sehr wenig mit einem Chinatown so wie wir es aus KLR kennen zu tun. Auch leider ging meine Suche Insekten zu finden wieder leer aus. :( Ich muss wohl mal nach Afrika um meine Lust zu stillen 😂 Also gingen wir in ein riesiges Gebäude mit der Hoffnung, dass wir dort vielleicht erfolgreicher sind. Nun ja wir haben sehr lecker und günstig gegessen, aber richtiges Feeling kam dabei nicht auf.

    Ansonsten nahmen wir schon mal ersten Kontakt mit unserer Bleibe für die letzte Nacht auf... dem Hotel Marina Bay Sands... schon von außen ziemlich nice. Nur ob die uns Beiden mittlerweile etwas müffelnden Stinktiere reinlassen ... wir werden sehen 😂😂😂 Bezahlt ist es immerhin. Wird bestimmt lustig. :D

    Nach einem einstündigen Regenschauer ging es dann weiter etwas "shoppen". Wurde auch wieder mal fündig und darf nun eine neue Bluse und ein andres neues Oberteil in meiner Sammlung begrüßen.

    Zuletzt ging es zur angeblich weltgrößten Wasserfontäne mit spektakulären Lichtspielen. Hahaha. Was für ein Witz dachten wir uns als wir davor standen. Ganz ehrlich niemals hat diese Fontäne einen Guiness Weltrekord Eintrag verdient. Niemals. Da hat unsere kaputte Dusche in Denpasar eine größere Fontäne gemacht. 😂😂 Na ja liebes Singapur der erste Sightseeing Tag hat mich nicht wirklich überzeugt. Alles zu stiril, du musst aufpassen wo du dich hinsetzt, was du tust, usw. . Ja es ist eine schöne Stadt mit vielen Hochhäusern und auch sauber, aber das wars dann auch schon. Schöner als mein geliebtes Hamburg lange nicht. Aber Singapur hat ja noch ca. 3 Tage mich zu überzeugen. Schauen wir mal.

    24702 Schritte (18,29km) ich merk es auch an meinem Knie, dass wir heute so viel gegangen sind... 🙈🙈 Los noch 3 Tage aushalten.. :D
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