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  • Day127


    July 6 in Spain

    July 6th

    We walked about 12/13 miles to Castrojeriz today, which takes us over the 200 mile mark. Woohoo! This village was established by Count Muño (or Nuño Nuñez), who defended the fort at the end of the ninth century against the Arabs. Before that it had been a Celtiberian, Roman and Visigoth fortress. We are staying at an albergue that is in a building that is 500 years old. 😳 The locals say that kings and queens would stop here to stay...crazy old history over here!

    We are really enjoying walking in the early morning with the sounds of the birds as the sun rises. Most of our walk today was along dirt roads or paths with just a little road walking. We had a nice breeze again, and it did not get too hot. One of the videos I added has the sounds of the birds.

    When we walked through the Arc de San Anton today, we could hear some wonderful jazz music coming from a bar/cafe area. We stopped in for drinks and met such a nice man running it. I’m talking with him, he gave us his motto on life: “One should only work for life...Never live to work. When you work for life, then you are happy, you have family, you have friends. You must know that is the important thing. Living to work is an unhappy life.” Very wise words spoken by an extremely happy man 🙂

    We also met a man named Everett (from Los Angeles) who has been walking on the Camino since June 1st. His story of how long it took him to hike up and over the Pyrenees was inspiring. Inspiring because he did not give up, and kept on going for 14 hours! So far he has only been able to do about 10 kilometers a day, but he hopes to lengthen that with the new insoles he bought today. You would like Everett. Maybe we will see him again down the path. I sure hope so. I included a picture of Alan with him.

    I have heard people say that the Camino is special, and we agree. A nineteen year old German boy said today that the Camino is how the whole world should be, and it’s so true. The leaders of the world could learn a lot from this.
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  • Day21

    Hornillos to Castrojeriz - 12.5 miles

    October 12, 2017 in Spain

    Had a nice breakfast of crosants, toast, jelly and coffee and noticed that my host had an autographed picture of a scene from "The Way" by the film producer on his wall. Nice.

    Left in the dark as it was a one horse town and easy to get out of quickly. Nice and cool, but got warm as the sun rose. I was reminded of one of my favorite songs as I started...On the road again, love to be on the road again...playing music with my friends, etc. Willie Nelson made a good one.

    Have been singing a bit too, well, not too much and only when no one is within 200 yards or so, but Peter, Paul, and Mary is one of my favorite groups... "500 miles" and "where have all the flowers gone" are tunes I can relate to from younger days.

    Terrain was much the same as yesterday and got much closer to the wind turbines that you can see in yesterday's pictures (you need to expand the pictures to see them on the horizon).

    Saw the remains of a field of sun flowers and am reminded of the ones we had this year at home that were consumed by the bears and squirrels. I guess it does rain on the plains of Spain from time to time.

    Another breakfast break at the first community (2 hours away from where I stayed) and love the chocolate pastries. Charged up I continued and ran into Kathy from Australia. We walked the rest of the way and found an albergue in Castrojeriz. Cleaned up and laundry is in the dryer.

    Today is a holiday so most commercial businesses are closed, but the bars are open (wonderful) and a beer for lunch makes me fit in with the locals. Great lunch with a totella and beer. Had quite a group with England, Canada, USA, and Poland walked up as we were finishing. Very nice day to sit outside for lunch and engage in idle chatter. Dinner is next!

    Wonderful group dinner. Three courses..salad, desert, and not sure what I ate for the entree, but it was tasty.

    Done for the day. More manana.
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  • Day4

    Tag 2 geschafft

    June 11 in Spain

    Puh das waren heute sehr anstrengende 28 km! Aber ich bin angekommen, unterwegs gab es so viel Regen und der Weg war so matschig! Mussten daher den Camino umbenennen in: „ Camino de Matsch!“ und dann mit mal aus dem nix kommt die Sonne raus. Immer nur kurz, aber man nimmt jede Regenpause mit Wohlwollen auf. Trotzdem der Weg ist so matschig, fast lehmig das, dass Laufen so schwer war! Mich hatten zwischendurch so die Kräfte verlassen - aber welche Möglichkeit hast du mitten im Nirgendwo? - KEINE- also musst du weiter gehen. Der Weg hat sich aber gelohnt hab, ne tolle Herberge und ein super nettes deutsches Paar aus Berlin kennengelernt. Deutsch zu sprechen nach mehreren Tagen nur Englisch, tat sehr gut. Das Highlight des Abends war, als der Besitzer uns in seinen Weinkeller führte. Sehr beeindruckend und so alte Gemäuer! Toll! Zu guter Letzt half mir der Besitzer noch ein Paket fertig zu machen welches nach Santiago geht, weil nach DE schicken wäre viel zu teuer sagte er. Und nun sende ich 2,2 kg nach Santiago. Ok er schickt es dahin. Ich bin gespannt ob es ankommt....Read more

  • Day24

    Hornillos (Estépar) to Castrojeriz

    September 30, 2017 in Spain

    9.28.2017 Thursday
    From El Molino, we were driven back to Hornillos by Maxi, the owner. He is 82 and asked Manny if he wanted him to drive the Camino way/through the fields. Well you know Manny said yes. We thought the car was going to fall apart! Somehow we made it to town and we were off again. 16 miles. Little to no vegetation. Trails were hard on the feet due to no rain. The days typically start out nice and cool but quickly heat up. With no trees, it gets hot, fast. The heat makes it twice as hard
    Today, arrival at our accomodations couldn't come soon enough.
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  • Day18


    September 4, 2016 in Spain

    A nice place to stop for a chocolate croissant and some café con leche

  • Day16


    July 4, 2015 in Spain

    Så är vi framme vid vårt härbärge i Castrojeriz. Enkel vandring idag. Castrojeriz verkar vara en trevlig stad. Efter dusch och tvätt skall vi upptäcka den. Oj, det var visst lördag idag. Tog med en bild på vårt logoment så ni får se hur vi bor.

  • Day16

    Hospital del Alma i Castrojeriz

    July 4, 2015 in Spain

    You can not teach a man anything; only help him to to find the answer within himself. Med speciell hälsning från Mau i Hospital del Alma till Mona och Kurt.

  • Day5

    Castrojeriz Fotos

    June 2, 2017 in Spain

    Es sind jetzt 21:13 und wir haben soeben eine cremeparty veranstaltet. Ich opfere meine Bodylotion und meine Sonnencreme da ich dank iPad und Kamera zuviel Gewicht mit mir rumschleppe. Die 5 Ladys aus Amerika haben die Gelegenheit genutzt und sich komplett eingecremt....jeden Tag eine gute Tat ;-)))

  • Day5

    20,5 Km
    Heute morgen bin ich um 06:30 los. Der Nette Herbergsvater hatte mir doch tatsächlich anstatt Kaffe/Tee oder was essbarem Cola gekauft. Mein Held ich hätte ihn knutschen können. Hab den Sonnenaufgang unterwegs genossen. Irgendwann hat mich die kleine Amerikanerin (ein Hund) samt Frauchen eingeholt. Beide hatten heute Ihr Gepäck vorgeschickt da die kleine mittlerweile die Pfoten wundgelaufen hatte. Ist sie nicht süß. Zum Frühstück gab es dann um 09:30 ein fettes Baguette mit Kartoffel/Ei Tortilla....mmmh.....danach musste ich den Gurt vom Rucksack weiter stellen. Kurz vor Castrojeritz fing es leicht an zu regnen, so dass ich mich auf die Terrasse einer Bar flüchtete. Ein Pensionierter holländischer Lehrer hat mir das Gespräch gehalten. Er ist von Holland mit dem Fahrrad über den französischen Jakobsweg nach Santiago unterwegs und fährt auch wieder zurück. 3 Monate nimmt er sich Zeit. Ich bin dann in die Albergue Rosalia eingekehrt. 10 EUR Abendessen 7 EUR. Diana, die Amerikanerin wollte unbedingt das ich mit auf ihr sechster Zimmer komme. 2 Amerkanerinnen, 3 Kanadierinnen und ich, mit zweien von Ihnen hatte ich gestern schon das Zimmer geteilt. So und jetzt gönne ich mir einen Gin Tonic....;-))))))Read more

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