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  • Day5

    Sahagún to Leon

    September 25 in Spain

    Hello from Spain once again. As I write this, it is Friday morning and I am getting ready to leave Leon. This post covers the past 3 days of travel. I left Sahagún Tuesday morning and ended up in a very small town with a great Casa rural...a small hotel run by a great couple. It is undoubtedly the best place I have stayed on the Camino on either trip. I walked the next day to the larger town of Mansilla De Las Mulas or “The City of Mules”....however, I never did see a mule there. I stayed in a small albergue and cooked dinner there with some other travelers. Yesterday morning I walked into Leon. Walking into and out of Leon was a personal goal for me as I bused into the city back in May. It is hard to explain but when you walk many many miles with people and then you hop a bus, it just doesn’t feel right. Which is one reason I came back....I just had to do it “right” this time. This trip has had more meaning for some reason. This past spring, I spent more time seeing sights, taking photos, posting in my blog but this trip has been more about the walk itself and some personal connections. I walked from the last town to here early in the morning with a 75 year old South Korean woman who shared that her brother was taken away to fight the North Koreans and was killed back in 1951. She was crying during the story....people share things like that here for some reason...kind of the magic of the place. As I walked into Leon yesterday, an old woman was sitting on the Camino path. She reached out to me and held my hand for a couple of seconds, smiled, looked into my eyes and nodded as if to say that I was doing the right thing by walking the Camino. It only lasted a few seconds but I doubt that I will ever forget it. I have rambled long enough...time to get on the trail. Thank you as always for checking in.Read more

  • Day36

    Report from León - Part one

    September 27 in Spain

    Today is our rest day, a non-walking day, in this beautiful city. But first I will mention the fabulous dinner last night. We had booked Cocinandos is the restaurant we went to for Amr’s 60th 5 years ago, and again it didn’t disappoint. We managed to stay up and hungry till 9.30 which was quite a feat, and had worked out how to find it, about a 20 min walk. It is a very small restaurant- probably only seats about 20 people - and there is just a degustation menu (for €45 a person, plus €20 for matching wines, which we did)....amazing value compared to Sydney, or many places, but in France we experienced similar value for Michelin Star restaurant.

    Anyway, we found it quietly perfect. The kitchen is open, so you can see the painstakingly careful preparation of the dishes. They had a menu in English for the day, but some things were lost in the translation ...but we got the gist. There were 6 courses, and as usual at first I wanted more and by the end i was getting too full! Highlights were: tempura zucchini flower stuffed with cod, squid with potato blackened by cooking in the squid ink, a “Caesar salad” with pigeon instead of chicken and mustard ice cream, a small steamed bun with ox and caramelised onion....and fig ice cream with sheep cheese, and something delicious to do with rhubarb, though we couldn’t be sure where the rhubarb was (communication was a bit disjointed but they were emphatic that rhubarb was a rare thing to cook in Spain...we wondered if it was what we know as rhubarb! All delicious, and the wines amazing too. We found we were familiar with the areas mostly, which they liked, and we had a great red from the Bierzo valley where we will be walking through in a few days, and where we saw them grape picking last time.

    Will post this as part one, as we are about to go out again for the afternoon, having spent the morning exploring and a wonderful visit to the amazing cathedral. Report on that to follow.
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  • Day36

    León Part Two

    September 27 in Spain

    We have had a beautiful and quiet day. Lovely day, sunny but not too hot or cold when you aren’t walking, and despite a thunderstorm warning on the weather app (which also had sun and 0% precipitation, so don’t know what it was talking about).

    So we set off leisurely at about 10 am, had a little look around, and then spent quite a long time visiting this amazing cathedral. I had always thought I liked Burgos cathedral more, but today I think I have changed my mind. (I wasn’t in a very good space here last time, having just been bitten by bedbugs, and with a blistered foot) is a magnificent building...tall, simple, pure gothic, built in 50 years in a town of 5,000 residents. The stained glass windows are stunning and rival Chartres, and it leaves you with a feeling of calm. We also visited the cathedral museum and cloisters. Afterwards, we had a lunch of my special favourite - chiperones a la plancha - baby calamari on the grill, and went back to the room for a relax, collect kindles which we read in a nearby park....a true rest day.

    We miraculously ran into several of our Camino “family” during the day which was lovely and ended up having dinner tonight with 6 of us (more chiperones, and salad!! - they are divine). But before that we had a tour of the Gaudi palace here, one of the 3 Gaudi buildings outside Barcelona. Extremely interesting, and our guide was a passionate enthusiast, and well informed and entertaining. So the cathedral and Gaudi were the only cultural things on the agenda today, otherwise we rested and had downtime...very therapeutic. I have to confess that my shoulder has been giving me a bit of grief...the magic cortisone injection before I left didn’t last long, but with pills it is manageable, and feels best when walking and active...just can get uncomfortable at night. All the walking legs, feet, knees and hips work very well.

    Tomorrow we set off again, a 22 km walk, but not too demanding we hope. But have unpacked my sticks again, as it will soon be more hilly. Off to sleep..
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  • Day23

    Castrojeriz to Leon

    May 12 in Spain

    Hey, from the city of Leon, Spain. So, today, reality took over. I woke up this morning in a small town on the meseta in central Spain. I knew as I have known for days that as much as I walked, I would not have enough days to get to Santiago. My choices were to ask for two more weeks off so I would have the time to complete this trip or to travel forward by bus or train. I decided that I cannot ask my coworkers to cover me for an additional two weeks and to be honest, I have no desire to be out here for an additional two weeks anyway. So, instead of slogging through the rain on the meseta with no realistic goal in sight, I decided to catch a bus to Leon. I have a difficult time with this as I set out to complete the whole 500 miles but will fall short of that goal. But, at the same time, I do realize that I set very difficult goals for myself. I thought I could bang out the 16 miles a day pace without rest days and complete this in 32 days. To the contrary, I have discovered that unless you are a marathoner, young and in shape, that is not a realistic goal. My son could do it in that time frame being 19 and in shape from a lacrosse season, but not I. Soooo...I will start again on the trail from Ponferrada on Monday morning. That is 128 miles from Santiago. I have been averaging 12 miles per day for the past 2 1/2 weeks. I will need to average 15 miles per day to get to Santiago, give myself time to get to Portugal and get my ass on a plane back home on the 25th of this month. But, at least this is an obtainable goal. I will settle for the 328 miles walking...short of my goal...but okay in my mind. I have already accomplished what I set out to do when I started this. Also, there are many ways to do this trek. Many people send there pack forward by courier....I have chosen to grind it out with my pack on my back the whole I will continue to do till the end. Not many photos today as it was more a travel day and a logistical planning day for me. Goodnight from Leon.Read more

  • Day134

    Leon #2

    July 13 in Spain

    We toured the Cathedral de Santa Maria de Regla this morning and once again we were in awe. The stained glass!!!!! Wow 😮Almost all of the cathedral was built between 1205 - 1301, the north tower and cloister were built in 14th-century, and the south tower completed in 1472...majestic!

    We also indulged in fresh churros dipped in chocolate, bought me a new shirt to replace the one I forgot in the last town, and then found some Jif peanut butter for Alan at a store called Taste of America, but it was ridiculously expensive. So, Alan left it on the shelf and settled for a Baby Ruth bar. I also grabbed my first Diet Pepsi of this trip and some Bazooka bubble gum 😀.

    Now, our rest day is done, our packs are ready to go, and tomorrow we continue on. We only have two more weeks of walking to go, and we are excited to start seeing some different types of landscapes.
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  • Day134

    Leon #1

    July 13 in Spain

    When I was putting together my video footage from today, I chose the song “Glorious” by MaMuse because that seemed to fit today. All of us had reservations in León, so we were able to take our time and enjoy a few more leisurely cafe stops along the way. Then we ended up hiking in and through a huge sheep 🐑 herd, we found some Camino friends we hadn’t seen since earlier, and ended our day with 16 of us enjoying a great dinner in León this evening.

    At the end of dinner, we had to say goodbye to Chamu, who is returning home to his family. He originally planned on walking for about eight days, but has now been walking for over 20. Once he met Paku, and heard his story of surviving cancer, they became fast friends, and were nicknamed the “Lavender Brothers” for always picking some wild lavender and attaching it to their backpacks 🎒. Chamu gave us all a copy of this quote by Eduardo Galeano as a parting gift:

    “Each person shines with his or her own light. No two flames are alike. There are big flames and little flames, flames of every color. Some people’s flames are so still they don’t even flicker in the wind, while others have wild flames that fill the air with sparks. Some foolish flames neither burn nor shed light, but others blaze with life so fiercely that you can’t look at them without blinking, and if you approach, you shine in the fire.”

    He told us that we were all flames of light and he has pieces of us that will always be with him, and we will have pieces of him, so only happy tears were allowed. 🙂💕

    Tomorrow, we get to explore León and tour the cathedral, AND word on the street from Emily and Andy is there is a Taste of America store that has Jif Peanut Butter. Alan is pretty pumped at the possibility. 😂😂
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  • Day15

    Teradillos -> 17km (+ 65km by train) -> Léon
    Lucky stop 13! Started the day out with FROST (not joking) but enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the way today. Got to Sahagún and caught a very delayed train to Léon - the lion city! Time for a little break and discovery in preparation for tomorrow's special guest joining my walk. Stay tuned!Read more

  • Day16

    Rest day - Léon

    May 14 in Spain

    Guess who joined me in Léon - my mom! She'll be walking with me until Santiago. A different adventure begins! Léon (the city of the Lion) is smaller than I imagined but very nice with lovely and warm people. Walking on tomorrow with my new heard

  • Day11

    And Then There were Nine

    September 28 in Spain

    After the fiasco of the previous evening, we were all a little apprehensive as to what form our breakfast would take at the Puerta de Sahagon. Getting ready in the morning was a little easier than usual as I didn't have the distraction of the Internet to delay my preparations. The only place in this huge hotel that has an Internet connection is the foyer. I still cannot understand how the proprietors must have found millions of Euros to build the place, but could not find a few thousand extra to set up wifi routers for the rooms.

    At least the breakfast looked reasonable, with the usual offerings of scrambled eggs, sausages, cold meats, cheese, yoghurt, fruit and bread. The only problem was that there was only one staff member to manage the entire breakfast area. This might have been OK if the automatic coffee machines were working. Unfortunately they weren't. One quickly ran out of coffee and the other went down when the circuit breaker blacked out all the appliances down one side of the room, including the remaining coffee machine, the TV and the toaster. It remained thus for the duration of breakfast.

    The poor hassled girl in charge started manually making coffees with the machine behind the bar. This meant that she then had no time to clear tables or maintain the breakfast items. Once again the place degenerated into a shambles. Since we had to leave early for our walk, we all got up and left.

    During the evening Christine Swistak (aka C1) had fallen ill with a stomach bug and was still feeling quite unwell when it was time to leave the hotel. She had no alternative other than to stay behind and be picked up later by our bus. Her roommate Christine Brown (aka C2) decided to also stay behind and look after her. Allan Barden had been affected by the previous day's heat and decided to catch a couple of extra hour's sleep. With these retirements, our walking peloton was reduced to 9 people.

    Fortunately we were able to begin the walk in the relative cool of the morning. The path was almost flat and we made excellent progress, achieving over 7 km before we stopped for a rest under the shade of a small clump of trees. Because of the flat and open landscape we were able to see the steady stream of fellow pilgrims stretching out into the distance in both directions. This really is a sight to beyond. It is hard to prepare yourself for the spectacle of so many people all working their way towards a common goal. Each time you encounter a fellow walker you greet them with a blessing of Buen Camino. You are almost universally given the same greeting and a big smile in return.

    We only had another 6 km to complete before the end of the day's walk. This brought our cumulative total to 88 km and we even had time for a cool drink before being collected by the bus for the transfer to Leon.

    Our hotel for the next two nights is the very impressive Hotel Silken Louis de Leon, situated in a perfect location. Not only is it within easy walking distance of the old city and the cathedral, it is also only a short walk from a laundromat. I am sure that we will all make good use of that facility while we are here.

    The end of today's walk marked the half way point of our walk along the Camino. We might not be walking the entire length of the path, but it still requires a lot of hard work, especially in the afternoon heat from the fierce Spanish sun. We are rewarding ourselves with a free day tomorrow. It will be wonderful to be able to pass the day without having another 20 km walk to wake up to.

    So what we will we wake up to ? Tomorrow morning just happens to coincide with a sacred festival in Melbourne. It is called the Grand Final. Of course we will be keenly following it from the other side of the world.
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