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    • Day 84–85

      Day 84 - Vilaserio to Olveiroa

      July 14 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

      This morning we awoke feeling a little ropey🙄 but persevered because we are hardened travellers.
      Things didn’t bode well as Simon looked out of the window to see grey, leaden skies. He was also dismayed to see how many pilgrims were already on the road!
      We had bacon butties with coffee to get us motivated and out of the door.
      We had a 20 km walk in front of us. We started bold with no ponchos but quite quickly could see the mizzle and signs of rain ahead.
      We were on a busy route and Simon got into his usual ‘race the pilgrim’ mentality- I left him to it!
      Here was some good, attractive open countryside with small settlements and farms. Some had a few loose dogs roaming around who seemed quite excitable, this was unnerving as you can’t move too fast or protect yourself with a big rucksack on your back. They turned out to be friendly enough, thank goodness 😅
      There were a lot of handsome jays on route, we also heard the frogs again in a ditch we passed that reminded us of our French walks.
      The mist and rain were upon us about a third of the way in, so we donned our ponchos- we are learning to read the sky well.
      We had quite a few long climbs on the route that led to some good views but also a stiff breeze.
      As we came out of a wood and into another settlement we came across a cafe. We decided to halt the race and stop for a coffee and a slice of chocolate cake as the bacon butties had worn off.
      A lot of other pilgrims joined us.
      The end of the walk had steep climbs and was very windy, however the rain subsided 👍
      We reached our destination- Casa Loncho which is a smart solid stone set of rooms with lovely views over the countryside.
      It has a great restaurant attached which did us a healthy salad, pizza and lasagna.
      We are hunkered in room now awaiting ‘the match’!
      We head for Finisterre tomorrow - the end of our westward journey.
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    • Day 140

      Eine besondere Gruppe

      July 18, 2023 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      Sam und ich sind heute die ersten von unserer Gruppe, die startklar sind, daher beginne ich den Tag mit ihm. Er ist gut drauf und setzt sogar noch einmal unser philosophisches Gespräch von gestern fort. Ich fühle mich etwas schlapp an diesem Morgen und brauche schon nach 3km die erste Pause. Sam, der sowieso immer und überall für eine Pause zu haben ist, freut sich.

      Bei der zweiten Pause holen uns auch schon Sarah, Addie und Amy ein. Irgendwie sind wir mitten in einer Gruppe aus gefühlt 100 Pilgern gelandet und um uns zu erkennen zu geben, winken wir unseren Freunden, die den Weg hinaufkommen, auf eine ganz eigenartige Weise zu, bei der wir wild mit den Armen in der Luft herumfuchteln. Das hat sich in unserer Gruppe eingebürgert, seit dem Tag, an dem ich mit Sam Tapia de Casariego erst gegen 20 Uhr erreicht habe und unsere Freunde am Strand auf der anderen Seite der kleinen Bucht, die wir Richtung Campingplatz entlanggewandert sind, bemerkbar machen wollten. Da wir sie lange Zeit nicht bemerkt haben, wurde ihr Winken immer auffälliger und absurder, bis Till schließlich meinen Namen gebrüllt hat. Jetzt ist dieses Winken unser Gruppenerkennungszeichen.

      Kurz darauf legen wir auch schon eine dritte Pause ein, bei der wir in der Bar Alto da Pena den ersten Kaffee des Tages bekommen. Später verzieht sich der galicische Morgennebel und es wird heiß und sonnig. Ich lege mit Addie, Amy und Sarah noch eine weitere Kaffeepause ein, bei der wir von Katzen überfallen werden, dann gehen wir bis zur Herberge in Lago mehr oder weniger durch.

      Noch etwas hat sich seit kurzem in unserer Gruppe etabliert: wir haben eine bestimmte, sehr eigenartige Art zu klatschen und wenden das bei jeder Gelegenheit an. Die anderen Pilger in der Herberge Monte Aro müssen uns für sehr seltsam halten an diesem Abend, als wir regelmäßig in pinguinartigen Applaus ausbrechen. 🐧😂
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    • Day 29

      Vilaserio to Dumbria (31km)

      October 6, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

      Just yesterday I was thinking that this has been the first Camino I can remember with no falls. You guessed it. This morning, walking on asphalt, I somehow got my foot tangled up with one of my poles and down I went. It tore a good size hole in my pants and scraped my knee, but luckily I was able to stand up and keep walking. I think I will not reflect today on how I’ve been lucky to have avoided bed bugs this year.

      The walk was pleasant, nothing spectacular. It’s really the destinations that make this so special, so apologies to those who say “ It’s the journey and not the destination.”

      I took a long shoes-off break at 20 km in the town of Olveiroa. This is where one of my favorite little stone house Casa rural/restaurant combination is. They have wonderful food, but unfortunately the timing for a meal was bad. But with my Fanta de Limon, I got several little plates of homemade tapas, which was all I needed to get me through the last 11 km. The split in the camino, left for Finisterre, right for Muxia, meant I had about 4 left.

      I am in an albergue, the one funded by the man who owns the Zara empire. I was told I could have the handicapped room (a single) because of my advanced age. 😀That’s very nice because there is a large group of Portuguese teens who are nothing if not exuberant.

      There will not be much of a dinner tonight. No restaurant, no functioning kitchen in the albergue, but at least there’s a small supermarket where I can buy something.
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    • Day 215

      Camino Frances 18

      August 30, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

      Nach meinem Zwischenstopp in Santiago habe ich gestern meinen Weg auf dem Camino fortgesetzt, denn mein Endziel ist Finisterre.
      Also habe ich wieder die Schuhe geschnürt, meinen Rucksack geschultert und bin von Santiago über Carballa, Ventosa und Ponte Maceira (ein sehr hübsches Dorf) nach Negreira gelaufen.
      Nach einer eher schlaflosen Nacht (zwei Pilger haben sich nachts so lange gestritten bis die Polizei kam 😡) bin ich heute dann ca. 26 km bis Lago gelaufen.
      Nun sind es noch ungefähr 42 km bis Finisterre, wo ich Sonntag ankommen werde.
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    • Day 6

      Santa Mariña to Lago

      September 17, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

      We got a lesson in Spanish agriculture this morning. Not like combining back home. They have a single machine that cuts the corn, grinds it up, throws the works into the following truck and leaves just short stalks. Then I stopped for first the café con leche of the day, along with a pastry. Not much else to do in Lago.Read more

    • Day 17

      Day 33 Negerie to A Maronas 679 km

      October 25, 2023 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

      So.....I thought I had experienced my worst day of weather but I was wrong. I think this is Day 10 of rain.

      The morning started out great. Then it deteriorated into pouring continuously. I kept hoping it would improve......but it rained harder and the wind picked up nearly blowing my hat off!!

      I was thoroughly wet at 10 km. By 22 km my feet were swimming in water..... My poor feet😥 They have taken the brunt of all this rain. But here's to Merino Wool and keeping me toastie warm🥰💪

      Anyway, I can't believe how many other Pilgrims were out slogging away in this wading pool of water and mud.

      At one point I started laughing out loud at how I have paid to be here on this Camino. It is just like Nanaimo weather only it is much warmer 16 C....but still how funny is this😂🤣😂

      I saw a group of people on horseback doing the Camino. The picture was taken from my refuge in a bus shelter🥺 I ate my avocado ,/pavo (turkey) sandwich there. is going to be worse tomorrow. I am not a quitter however I am not going to put my poor body through the extra burden of dealing with the wet (my poor soggy sore feet!). It is not worth it,!! Besides I have walked almost 700 km

      Enter Plan B. I am taking the bus to Santiago tomorrow,and spending the night. I will then bus to Porto Portugal the next day September 27.

      I might as well see something new and exciting. It is raining everywhere although Barcelona and Valencia have sun I think.

      I hope you get the drift of how wet it can be.....socked in for sure🙄
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    • Day 62

      Finisterre (bike day 2, 48km)

      June 13, 2023 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

      Today was longer but less hilly and most of the day was so good with quite a few long downhill sections going back to sea level but some of the hills were insane. If we lost our momentum on the narrow rocky paths we just couldn’t start again and had to push! We also had a few bike issues. Ant’s bike couldn’t use the last 3 easy gears for a while and Jane’s motor died. Shimano “Error E10” wasn’t a good sign. Fortunately we were near the top and there were not any steep sections to go but still a bit of work to get to the top. Then we went all the way down to the coast to a seaside village called Cee where, after a long lunch, a new bike arrived from our rental company. Such awesome service! AND a full battery! We then went over a hill and back down again to Finisterre. On the way there was a ridiculously steep down hill that we could easily have bypassed on the road and Ant managed a proper “stack” but fortunately was not injured!
      The arrival into Finisterre had a long cobbled pathway which we normally love but seriously, for a bike path! Welcome indeed. Not good for the derrière!
      We arrived in one piece, had a quick shower and cycled to mass as it is St Anthony feast day! Then off to meet a fellow pilgrim for a drink before we ate a delicious seafood dinner of Calamari, langoustine in pastry bags and a huge plate of mussels. We walked to sunset because our butts are a bit tender for cycling!
      Finisterre was know as the “end of the world” for westerners and it is tradition for pilgrims to watch the sun set over the sea after the long walk across the country. We got lucky and had no clouds - the first for many days so we will bore you with our pics!
      A special moment today at second breakfast when we met an 81 year old Belgian lady who walked the Camino Frances in a month! Such a positive lady, just amazing!
      Phew, I feel tired just writing this but it was such a cool day. Beunos Noches 💤
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    • Day 35


      August 20, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      After a 27 kilometer walk over acutely rising and falling hills, I am in Lago. Today was the day of great new acquaintances. The 11 year old who walked the Camino de Norte with her mum, the daddy-daughter powerhouse who walked the Primitivo, and the Brits who are high school friends and use this walk to catch up.

      Tomorrow I'll walk to Cee (pronounced "the," about 25 kilometers from here) to see the ocean. I can't wait.
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    • Day 14

      We are almost at the end of the 🌎

      May 26 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 63 °F

      Yesterday we began our final walk to Finisterre 'the end of the world' another 50 miles. We’ve hit 28 miles the last two days, total to date, 128! We have one more BIG day left!!

      Tomorrow we finish off our journey with the Camino with a 22 mile walk, about 8 hours. Our biggest walk! 😱
      The Romans gave it that name ‘Finisterre’ because they used to think that was the end of the world.

      For us we have so many things to be grateful for but at the TOP of the list is our salvation. Even though the Romans got it wrong, we do know there is an end to this world and a new one when we take our final breath.

      What a wonderful reminder this isn’t home but rather just a journey until he calls us home. Until then we will keep traveling our #detkenadventures and keep telling people about a man that welcomes sinners into His New world and His perfect kingdom.

      One more day Friends.

      p.s. there was a creepy picture of a doll on a bike. Thought you should see a few pictures that weren’t beautiful 😂
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    • Day 40

      Second last day

      August 31, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

      Another 30k day today, but feeling better than yesterday. There were still some long hills, but the day overall seemed easier.
      There were long stretches on the side of the road, and long straight sections of track. I didn't remember this. Did I take an alternative route before? Or was I distracted? 😂 I will have to check.

      I walked alone most of the day, except a short section I walked with Jan. Since starting the way back, we don't see anyone walking in the same direction - everyone seems to be going the other way.
      We didn't expect to see anyone we knew, as it's been several days since we got to Santiago and people we meet on the way normally make it within a day or two. But, surprise! We saw Svenia!
      She was now walking with her sister. She showed me photos of Milka, when she arrived to Santiago and then Finisterre.
      We're back at the same albergue in A Pena now, waiting for the communal dinner 😋
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