Real Colegiata de Santa María de Roncesvalles

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    • Day 26

      Demasiado corazon

      June 6 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      Na ontbijtje ri...... Pamplona, de stad met temperament, 'too much heart'. Ook de stad met de vreemde traditie om met een groep jonge dwazen, voor een kudde stieren uit te rennen. Rare jongens die Spanjaarden. De stad is de moeite waard om in rond te dolen, en een broodje Ibericoham te scoren met een koude cerveza. 51 km op de teller met 1 klimmetje..... (3 km-7 %) Nog even aan de tapas, geweldig en druk! Te warm om al te gaan slapen. Nu nog....30 graden, morgen nog en daarna keldert de temp tot 18 graden. We zullen zien. Fijn slapen straks🫶Read more

    • Day 5

      Walking in the Clouds

      August 17, 2023 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

      Today was huge!! I am so grateful and lucky to be here but it was hard, hot and windy! I don't think I have ever seen any scenery as beautiful. Got to the monastery and have been given a top bunk- might still be up here in 5 weeks!!Read more

    • Day 2 - Orrison to Roncesvalles - 18km

      August 31, 2023 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

      18km today - done and done!

      I started out around 7:30am after breakfast. I had a reservation in Roncesvalles so I didn’t need to worry about my pace, I just had to arrive by 7pm or I lose my bed and dinner.

      It was a steady climb up again, but was blessed with seeing the sun rise over the mountains. While walking, it was just as important to occasionally look behind as the scenery was breathtaking every step of the way.

      Physically today was a challenge. It was 13km with a 700m gain plus a 4.5 km decent. On the climb, I took a break about every 4km to make sure I would last. I took my boots off at that point as well. The muscles were holding out pretty well, for awhile. I think about the 11km mark I was really starting to feel my glutes and hamstrings. About 1km into my 4.5 km decent they were screaming! They were so tired. I would stop every so often and stretch them. About 3 km from the end, I could feel some hot spots on my feet forming for blisters, different places than usual because of going downhill, so I sat down and put tape on them right away. I was tempted to wait as it was only 3km but I knew better not to wait if I wanted to keep going the next day.

      I arrived in Roncesvalles by 4pm. It was good I had a reservation as by 3:30pm they were all full. They have a system where they give you a coloured card when you arrive and then call out the colour to check you in. I wasn’t to my bed until 5pm. I then showered, stretched, rolled my muscles and relaxed. Then it was time for the pilgrims dinner. Dinner was pasta, pork and potatoes. They had the option of fish, but I remember from last time that they give you the whole fish, head and all, so didn’t want to deal with that again.

      I wasn’t planning to go to the mass at the church but just as I was leaving dinner, the bells were ringing and the church was right there, so I took it as a sign. I went in and all the standing was killing me (as I am sure it was with the other pilgrims). The mass is all in Spanish, except for a pilgrims blessing at the end where they say a couple sentences in english and other languages. I only caught a few words of it and all I remember is the word “journey.”

      After mass, it was back to the room. This new hostel is awesome. When Jörg and I were hospitaleros in 2014, we drove here and asked to look around as we stayed in the old monastery last time. Because I made a reservation early, I got a bed on the 3rd floor, which was all single beds, it was absolute luxury (in pilgrim terms) The wifi was very strong so I could upload the blogs I had already written but I had no energy left to compile the videos.

      Ok it’s 10pm and the lights are out, so time for bed.

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    • Day 5

      Over the Pyrenees to Roncesvalles

      September 4, 2023 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 73 °F

      After watching Candi start walking from Saint Jean, we started from the Croix Thibault and walked up and over the Pyrenees. ⛰️🙂 Alan’s foot did ok (yay) so tomorrow he will see if he can do the whole 13 miles to Zubiri. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

      It wasn’t a blue sky day, but we had much better views than the thick fog we had in 2018. We kept commenting on the views we had today that were non-existent back then. We could actually see the beautiful, strong, stocky horses 🐴 (and a lot of 🐑 ) on the hillsides, instead of just hearing the bells around their necks.

      It was extremely windy, but the sound of it blowing through the trees was soothing - plus it felt so nice and cool on my hot face (because it takes hardly anything to turn me into a sweat ball).🥵 The descent down to Roncesvalles is steep and tough on the body. We were glad to finally finish, get our packs off, take showers, and put on our sandals. I know for sure we will be sore tomorrow, unless the cold beer 🍻 cures it. 😂

      Tonight, we are staying at Hotel Roncesvalles and our stomachs are full from an amazing pilgrim dinner…scallops, cod, steak, mushroom risotto, apple pie and a brownie with ice cream. YUM! It will be hard to top. 😋😋

      So far we have met some really nice people already at the beginning of this journey, but a few really stand out.

      Pierre - He’s from Australia and is doing this walk because his wife, who passed away two years ago, told him to take a little time once she died to mourn, but then she wanted him to spend some time doing something for himself. 🥹 So, he told himself he would do something his younger self would have done, and the Camino is it. We hope to run into him more in these next few days and maybe help him celebrate his birthday in Pamplona.

      Gunnar: He’s from Belgium. He’s working on a Camino video and asked us if he could ask us some questions. In talking with him more today he shared his wife passed away in 2019 from a brain aneurysm. He decided right then to not wait until retirement to do things in life.

      Australian Couple:

      We met a really sweet couple who are walking the Camino with there 9 month old son. 😳 The mom was carrying him in front for three hours while we was sleeping and then, once he woke up, his dad carried him in child carrier backpack. The couple said the little guy enjoyed all the people talking to him. It kept him busy and happy. Maybe he will be one of the youngest Camino pilgrims to make it to Santiago. 🙂👶

      Fun fact learned today: When stung by stinging nettles, grab some dandelion leaves, smoosh the leaves up and rub them on your skin. It takes the sting away! Thank you to the Dutch woman for that. :)

      Tomorrow, our plan is to walk 13 miles to Zubiri - slowly, with lots of breaks. 🙂
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    • Day 7

      Rocesvalles Kasia's addition 😊

      September 11, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      Since Tom took all the space with his pictures, I'm posting few of mine I can't resist. Few pics from our walk to Roncesvalles, and some from the town, which has 20 people, who are residing there.... There is no paid workers at the albergue, they are all volunteers, this time mainly from Netherlands. Wonderful service and giving back to the Camino Community ❤️Read more

    • Day 1

      1. Tag: SJPdP-Roncesvalles

      July 3 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

      Mit ca. 1350 Höhenmetern war die heutige Überquerung der Pyrenäen zwar nicht ohne, aber nach dem langen Anreisetag genau das, was ich mir erhofft habe. Das Wetter hat zum Glück mitgespielt und es sind echt schöne Bilder entstanden. An diese Wanderung werde ich mich lange erinnern! Seinen Abschluss fand der Tag in Roncesvalles in einer von Hospitalitern geleiteten Pilgerherberge mit 183 Schlafplätzen. Habe dort in Badeschlapfen die Kommunion erhalten und wurde danach mit meinen Mitpilgern gesegnet.Read more

    • Day 98

      Jakobsweg Tag 2

      March 10, 2020 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 7 °C

      Heute Morgen tat mir immer noch einiges weh, aber es war halbwegs erträglich...also weiter!
      Nach dem Frühstück wurden wir gefragt ob wir an einer Dokumentation über den Camino teilnehmen wollen.
      Diese wäre für Amazon Prime und wir würden zusätzlich noch einen Restaurant Besuch in Santiago de Compostella bekommen.
      Na klar wollten wir!!! 😉
      Dafür mussten wir erzählen wer wir sind, woher, wohin wir wollen und warum wir den Camino laufen.

      Danach machten wir uns auf den Weg zur nächsten Etappe, auf nach Zubiri!
      20 Km standen also heute auf dem Programm.

      Wir liefen in einer kleinen 5er Gruppe, Mal zusammen Mal zu zweit und manchmal jeder für sich.

      Das Wetter war viel besser als gestern und so wechselten wir unterwegs unsere Kleidung und liefen in Short und Shirt weiter.

      Unterwegs legten wir gemeinsam zwei kleine Pausen ein, tranken Kaffee und aßen Baguettes.

      Die letzten 5 Km allerdings wurden für mich wieder sehr hart! Mittlerweile hatte ich mir drei fette Blasen gelaufen!
      Und so schaffte ich es mit Müh und Not so eben in unsere Unterkunft!

      ALLES ab Po abwärts tut mir sowas von weh!!!!!!!!

      In unserem Zimmer war noch ein anderer Pilger.... haltet euch fest: ein gelernter Akkupunkteur!!!!!!
      Und so wurden wir von ihm "verarztet"! 😁👍

      Aber eins kann ich euch sagen: Nocheinmal brauche ich keine Nadel in meinem Zeh!!!! 😂🙈
      Das tat vielleicht weh!!!
      Aber ich musste so lachen! Denn als er mir die Nadel in den Zeh steckte, schrie ich wie ein Mädchen (gut das sich Frauen das erlauben dürfen 😁) und dann musste ich darüber so lachen, ich bekam mich kaum noch ein! 😂
      So sehr das die anderen mit lachen mussten.
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    • Day 14

      Valcarlos a Orreaga/Roncesvalles

      April 3 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 59 °F

      I’m glad the Camino started with a good day, because today was a beat down. I got a bit late of a start at just after 9. I knew that it would be a lot of uphill, but I had no idea! I’m not sure the accuracy of this, but I found online that over the course of the 7.5 miles I walked, there was an elevation gain of 3,940 feet with a loss of 2,011 ft. I began using a mantra to keep myself going “poco a poco, paso a paso.” I’d keep my head down, pick a spot a bit up the trail, walk there, stop for a short breather. Repeat ad nauseam. Also, thank God for earbuds and iPhones- I was able to listen to some upbeat music, which helped. And just when I thought the uphill would never end, the trail let out onto a beautiful hilltop (unfortunately, I didn’t stay to enjoy it- nature was calling and it’s not the sort of place to dig a cat hole!)

      Check in to the albergue was easy, though a poor French girl in front of me was denied a bed as she didn’t have her physical passport on her. I bought food tickets for breakfast and dinner, but the assigned restaurant said they couldn’t accommodate celiac. Fortunately the next one I went to said they could, so I got the tickets changed. I’m a little nervous about how well they’ll do, as it’s a small place with probably hundreds of pilgrims. Prayers that they get it right and that my body does ok with the food!

      Only a few pictures today and no video because I was dead. Hoping for a good night’s sleep before a long day tomorrow- less elevation, so it shouldn’t be too bad 🤞
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    • Day 7

      A step too far

      July 10 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Today started out great with breakfast with other pilgrims- always a lot of laughs. A gentle walk to Burguette, a lovely wee town, a second breakfast consisting of a shared local ale and a beautiful quiche.
      Most of the first 20kms of this 28km day was in the shade, and the temperature was rising. Also a tad more hill work than we expected.
      Finally with the temperature now at 30 we had 8kms left to walk to our final destination in Larrasoana - a delightful Spanish town and our accom is really lovely. We have a room to ourselves tonight, yay no snoring, well maybe a little from me.
      We are all feeling a bit tired today and the feet are feeling it. Lots of stretching, early tea and early to bed.
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    • Day 7


      September 11, 2022 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      Piękny dzień choć nie ukrywam bardzo męczący. Długie podejście, które wbrew pozorom nie było, aż tak mordercze, ale zejście bylo bardzo trudne. Pewnie jest jakiś balans matematyczny biorący pod uwagę kąt nachylenia, odległość i czas. Dzisiaj tego balansu było około 38.6% na korzyść, ale poza tym po trzecim piwie pojawia się ponowna zupełnie nowa kalkulacja równania z balansem dodając wymazanie czynnika bólu z pamięci i wygenerowanie nowej współrzędnej przyjemności.🤩
      Co do innych istotnych rzeczy, to widzieliśmy wiele owieczek z gatunku Merino, czyli od nich mam skarpetki, koszulki i majtki. Było kilka czarnych pewnie zarezerwowanych na czarne skarpetki i pończochy. Konie i owce miały bardzo głośne dzwonki, a czarne nic.
      Zadziwiali mnie rowerzyści, którzy również pojawiali się od czasu do czasu napawając mnie odruchem ogromnego zadziwienia i bezmocy, ale patrzac im w oczy widziałem cygańska głębię podobna do komandorskich oczu i to wyjaśniało wszystko.
      Co do innych ciekawostek to przechodziliśmy koło źródła Rolanda pamiętam że musiałem się o nim uczyć w liceum i nie pamiętam za kim powinienem być Baskami, Frankami czy Maurami. Była to chyba Pieśń o Rolandzie.Wojska Rolanda i Franków zostały wykończone przez Basków z zasadzki.
      Jest tu też fajny kościół z XII wieku zbudowany na podobieństwo Katedry Noter Dame przez króla Sancheza VII Mocnego. Jego jak i również jego żony Klementyny grób znajduje się w tym Kolegialnym Kościele. Król Sancho Mocny był bardzo skutecznym pogromcą Maurów. Obok kościoła utworzono hospicjum dla uszkodzonych pielgrzymów pod opieką zakonu Augustianów.
      Jest jeszcze figurka Matki Bożej z XII wieku,która w desperacji przed zniszczeniem została zakopana opodal kościoła i po wielu latach na skutek objawienia Biskupowi z Pamplony znaleziona i odkopana. Do dziś świetnie się prezentuje na głównym ołtarzu.

      I was very tired yesterday to post anything, plus we had really bad internet at the albergue, plus when we showered, we made to the mass and the dinner and it was time for bed!😂 They turn off the lights at 10pm, and the early birds Pilgrims are getting up around 4:30 am and getting ready and you hear the flushing of the toilets and water in the sinks, and people walking to and back to the bathroom some in noisy flip flops . Then the lights go on at 6:00am😜. That's a great lesson to accept and tolerate all different sounds, smells habits of at least 183 women and men in one building on three floors🤪... I can't imagine to not expirence that being on Camino ❤️ it's a part of Camino🥾🦯🎒
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