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  • Day17

    The little engine that does!

    September 12, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

    Why would anyone build a steam rack railway to the top of a mountain where nobody lives? And, keep it operating for 125 years? The Swiss, of course, whose motto must be “build it - they will come”. and, sure enough, we come. The Brienz Rothorn Bahn has been in service since 1892 and still makes the 1785m elevation gain in an hour with 350 kilos of coal and 2000 litres of water. We were passengers on the first train of the day starting at 8:36am on a day of clear, blue skies and 15°C weather - perfect. The little steam engine pushed about 100 passengers up one of the most beautiful routes imaginable. Around every switchback corner, a new perfect view of mountains and high cow pastures and streams and . . . Incredible. At the summit, we paused for a coffee and pastry while soaking in the view and planning next steps. From the top, there is a chairlift that runs up and down from Eisee Lake. We hiked down to the lake - about 6km and 400 m drop in elevation. By then it was lunch time and - wouldn’t you know it - there was a cute restaurant waiting for us. We took the chairlift back to the top and then a gondola down the backside of the Rothorn. The only problem with that routing was that we were now on the other side of the range of mountains with no direct route back to Interlaken. Getting “home” involved a bus and two trains which routed us through Bern and took about three hours. Never mind - the whole day was worth it!Read more

  • Day31

    Pfistern Brot, Lucerne

    December 22, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 7 °C

    We meet up with Peta and Errol for a late lunch at Pfistern Brot, a restaurant on the edge of Lake Lucerne whose specialty is fondue. The restaurant’s origins date back to the 15th century. A bit of research had told us that it is a traditional dish here in Lucern so we decided to give it a go, regardless of the price. It is our last day here and I doubt we will return so we just said to hell with it. I do have to say it isn’t as enjoyable as eating and drinking at our previous locations where we have had to think about how much everything costs. To put it in perspective, for our set menu today we started with a very delicious but small bowl of Chardonnay soup, followed with a cheese and pan-fried mushroom fondue, a basket of bread chunks and a bag of small potatoes for dipping. This was followed with a smaller chocolate fondue and a small plate of fruit. We had two wines each. Total in Swiss francs was CHF281 which converts to $414 AUD. While it was an experience it was definitely not worth that but we had our Swiss money to spend so spend it we did.

    One thing we especially loved about the restaurant was the fur (fake) covered chairs, the warm blankets to cover our laps and the heated bean bags given to us to keep us warm. It certainly made a difference as it was quite windy and chilly this afternoon.

    Lucerne has been an interesting place to visit and we can tick it off our list but it isn’t a place I would rave about or really recommend. It is sooooooo expensive that you really can’t enjoy the usual holiday activities, and while it is a beautiful town, it seems to lack the vibe and friendliness we have experienced in other places.

    The one thing we have enjoyed is having some down time due to the weather and location. Something we all needed.
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  • Day31

    Museggnauer, Lucerne

    December 22, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 8 °C

    After a very relaxing lie in while we waited for the rain to ease, Brad and I decided to venture out for a walk towards the towers of Lucerne. Braving the light showers we made the steep walk to Museggnauer, the iconic old city wall featuring nine towers. During the warmer months some of the towers are open to the public and offer views from the top, however today we had to be content with just wandering along the wall, looking up at the towers.

    The Musegg wall with its nine towers is part of the ramparts built in the 14th century to protect the town of Lucerne - as is the Chapel Bridge. The wall is astoundingly well preserved and begins with the Nölli tower in the west above the Geissmatt bridge, and ends at Museggstrasse 7, at the eastern end of the old town. The accessible towers from west to east are: the Männli tower, adorned with a figure of a soldier (the little man or 'Männli'), the Wacht tower, the Zyt tower with its clock dating from 1535 and the Schirmer tower.

    It was interesting to see but disappointing that we couldn’t climb the towers to get a higher view of Lucerne. I think the oddest thing is the weird statue situated in the seating area just in front of the wall. Very random.
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  • Day4

    Chapel Bridge Lucerne, LU

    February 9 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    Chapel Bridge and Water Tower

    Lucerne lies on the river Reuss, at the end of Lake Lucerne, framed by impressive mountains. The city has been a stronghold of tourism since 1840, thanks to the well-preserved Old Town with its Chapel Bridge and Water Tower.

    Lucerne is divided by the river Reuss into an Old Town and a New Town. The two districts are connected by what is among other things the world's oldest covered wooden bridge, the Chapel Bridge, which dates back to the year 1332. The bridge was rebuilt true to the original after the fire of 1993 and leads to the actual landmark of Lucerne, the octagonal Water Tower. Like the over 500-year-old Musegg Wall with its turrets, the bridge and water tower were part of the city fortifications.

    At the outflow of the river Reuss, a historic needle dam, built in 1860, regulates the water level of the lake. The nearby Old Town boasts a town hall which dates back to the Late Renaissance as well as a Jesuit church, Switzerland's oldest Baroque church.
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  • Day33

    Ghostriders on the Summit of Mt Titlis

    October 20, 2018 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    It is always fascinating to observe the quick changes of season in Europe at this time of the year. When we arrived in Madrid five weeks ago, summer was still definitely in charge. The days were hot and sultry, the women all wore their bright summer clothing and the deciduous trees were still covered in (mostly) green leaves.

    This afternoon, as I wondered about Lucerne, it was plainly evident that autumn has well and truly taken over. The days are now fine and cool, the women have all donned their dark winter clothes and the trees are almost bare. I really love this transition and would find it very difficult to live in a location where it is the same all year round.

    Last night as I was preparing to go to bed I noticed a guy in a suit, sitting in his office, almost directly opposite my hotel room. Although it was nearly 10 pm, he was obviously still hard at work, peering intently at his computer screen. I could not help but feel sorry for anyone who has to spend so much time in such a miserable way. The following morning he was back in his office at 7.30 am. What was even worse was that it was a Saturday. I am sure that life was never meant to be lived in that way. As for Allan and I, we had other plans.

    Our main objective in coming to Switzerland was to experience some of their most amazing mountain railways and reach some lofty mountain top summits along the way. Our first challenge was to reach the summit of Mt Titlis. At 3200 metres it is one of the highest peaks in the Swiss Alps, so it seemed like a good place for us to start.

    The first step was to take the train from Lucerne to Engelburg, from where we could catch a series of cable cars to to very summit of the mountain. Our main concern was the weather. It had been very murky since we arrived at Lucerne and we were both a little worried that we might not have been able to see anything when we reached the mountaintop.

    The train ride to Engelburg would have been very comfortable if I had not been seated with the most garrulous family group you could possibly imagine. There were three of them and they never stopped talking, even for a single minute of the journey. Even worse was the fact that they were mostly all talking simultaneously, never even stopping to take a breath. I thought that I must have stumbled upon the Swiss Olympic Talking Team on their way to a training camp.

    We were both glad to get off the train, however, when we walked from the Engelberg Station to the cable car station, it became evident that we would be accompanied by hundreds of bus tourists who had also descended en masse. It also quickly became apparent that nearly all of them were from India, and we also deduced that nearly all of them must had had a serious hearing defect as every one of them was shouting uncontrollably. It was a sight to see and a cacophony to hear.

    The good thing was that the cable car rapidly lifted us well above the cloud cover and up into brilliant sunshine. The whole construction was a marvel of Swiss engineering and the views were breathtaking. As we were steadily lifted above the snow line, the thin air became breathtaking too. Gaining 2500 metres in a few minutes certainly can leave you gasping for oxygen. It reminded me a little of how we felt when we first stepped out of the plane in Cusco, Peru.

    When we left the final gondola at the summit, the temperature gauge told us that it was 0 degrees. It felt every bit of it. On went my hat and gloves and out we went into the snow. Since it had been packed flat by hundreds of stomping Indians (most who had never seen snow before and were shouting even louder and faster than before), the surface was treacherous. It did not take long for me to slip straight over onto my backside, and Allan followed suite soon after. It was more fun than the Keystone Cops.

    After we had recovered our composure and found our footing, we had a chance to look about us and savour the views. It truly was an incredible sight. All around were dozens of snow covered peaks, stretching into the distance. Some more serious climbers were making their way up the glacier to the very top of the mountain, while hang gliders were soaring overhead. Much closer to us, dozens of fellow tourists were busy trying to secure that elusive catch - the perfect selfie. I should not have been surprised.

    Way down in the valley we could see that the low lying cloud was still there, making a beautiful white ocean. Rather than detract from the view, it actually made it much better. We busied ourselves taking photos, knowing full well that pictures can never capture the full impact of such a sight. You just have to be there, to know what it is all about.

    Part of the complex at the summit allows you to actually walk through the middle of the glacier, via an ice cave. It was an amazing experience, even if it was cold and slippery, and even if I managed to bang my head on the low ice ceiling.

    Finally it was time to have some lunch in the mountain top restaurant. It was an incredible view and the prices were also pretty incredible as well. I have never before paid almost $40 AUD for some chicken nuggets, baked potato and a cup of coffee. I guess you pay dearly for the ambience of the place.

    We were soon sliding back down the mountain in a much quieter cable car. Most of the masses had been summoned back to their buses and were already on their way to some other distant location. Although we had a little trouble remembering where we had left the railway station, we managed to step straight onto an almost empty waiting train. It did not take me long to fall asleep in our first class carriage. We were the only passengers in the carriage and I seem to have have perfected the important art of falling asleep in seconds.

    It had been a wonderful day.
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  • Day24

    Schlendern durch die Gässli

    May 3, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Gegen 23 Uhr waren gestern Abend unsere Kids dann endlich eingeschlafen, da blieb nicht mehr viel Zeit für uns Erwachsenen.
    Der nächste Morgen war kühl, aber trocken und es sollte für unseren Stadtrundgang durch Luzern am Vierwaldstättersee noch so bleiben. Die Tickets für den ÖPNV waren wiederum im Stellplatzpreis enthalten und so ging es mit dem Bus in die Innenstadt. Erster Anlaufpunkt war die aus Holz bestehende Kapellbrücke und zugehörigem Wassertum, welche früher Teil der Stadtbefestigung waren. Da unsere Kinder wieder mal "Hunger" schrien, suchten wir zunächst eine Bäcker auf und dann gönnten sich Christin & ich endlich mal einen Kaffee bei Starbucks. Nebenbei beantworteten wir noch ein paar Fragen von Studenten zum Image von Starbucks, perfekt um den einsetzenden Regenguß zu überbrücken. Danach bummelten wir durch die hübsch anzuschauenden Gässli und nebenbei wurde ich bei einem auch in Deutschland bekannten Modelabel neu eingekleidet. Wie fast immer besuchten wir eine der vor Ort ansässigen Kirchen und so zündeten wir in der Hofkiche St. Leodegar eine Kerze für Opi an. Nach dem Regen zeigte sich sogar noch etwas die Sonne und so konnten wir mit schönen Eindrücken von der Stadt und dem See Abschied von der Schweiz nehmen. Irgendwie ein Ort zu dem wir gern noch einmal zurückkehren würden, mal nur wir 2 Erwachsenen und wenn der Geldbeutel gut gefüllt ist!Read more

  • Day36

    Luzern, Schweiz

    April 20 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    Ich bleibe erst mal in der Schweiz. Luzern. Nettes Städtchen am Vierwaldstättersee und direkt in den Bergen hat schon was.
    In Erinnerung ist aus der Gegend ein Termin bei einem Kunden. Wir hatten eine Ausschreibung abgegeben. Der Einkäufer hatte wohl nicht besseres zu tun, und 2 Stunden alle möglichen - und unmöglichen - Internas zu erzählen.
    Geschichten waren köstlich - Auftrag hatten wir aber nicht bekommen.
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  • Day5

    Luzern & Brienzer See

    April 17, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Heute ging es relativ zeitig los. Duschen, Tasche packen, noch fix zwei Brötchen und Croissants für unterwegs beim Bäcker nebenan geholt und ab.... Am Zugersee in Cham gab es dann Frühstück und ein leckeren Kaffee. Wir kamen mit der netten Dame von der Bedienung ins Gespräch, die uns sagte, dass 16km Stau auf dem Weg nach Italien über Ostern normal sind und wir uns das gut überlegen sollten. Hm, na schauen wir mal. Wahrscheinlich werden wir dann morgen Nacht weiter Richtung Mailand.
    Weiter ging es nach Luzern, eine richtig schöne Stadt direkt am Vierwälderstätter See, jetzt waren auch erstmals die Gipfel der Alpen sichtbar. Nach einem Stadtbummel sind wir am Hafen lang spaziert und machten uns gegen Nachmittag weiter Richtung Brienz, wo wir uns ein Zeltplatz suchen wollen. Gesucht, gefunden, schöner geht es glaube ich nicht mehr. Am tiefsten See der Schweiz (250m), türkis blaues Wasser und eine Berglandschaft ringsherum wie es im Buche steht. Direkt am Wasser haben wir unser Zelt aufgeschlagen. Danach ging es mit dem Fahrrad den See entlang und durch die schöne, verschlafene Stadt Brienz. Danach haben wir den Grill angeschmissen und den Abend am See ausklingen lassen....
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  • Day5

    Vie de luxe dans les Alpes

    December 5, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 3 °C

    Aujourd’hui, on peut enfin faire la grasse matinée. On ira rejoindre Dannick vers 11:30 à Winthertur. Et puis ce sera des trains pour Berne et Frutigen. Dernière étape un bus postal (un bus qui fait tous les villages vers Aldenboden, jusqu’à notre hôtel Adler. On voit le paysage se modifier, les montagnes s’élèvent de plus en plus haut. On peut voir les petites fermes familiales, un peu partout sur le trajet. En un peu plus de 3 heures, on est rendu. C’est WoW partout! Notre chambre est super et la vue sublime!!! Pierre et Dannick iront visiter la taverne du coin pour essayer les bières locales pendant que je me reposerai en admirant la vue de mon balcon. Le soir, on en profitera pour se régaler de spécialités locales. Cerf, saucisse géante et traditionnelle fondue au fromage. Tout est délicieux! Je termine la soirée dans la piscine à 90F qui sort à l’extérieur. Malheureusement pour vous, pas de photo exceptionnelle.. Il fait noire comme chez le diable. Les maisons illuminées de la montagne forment des constellations de DEL, c’est magique!Read more

  • Day6

    Randonnée en montagne

    December 6, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 5 °C

    Après un bon déjeuner, on prend chacun notre bord pour une randonnée à la hauteur de nos compétences. Mon genou me dit que je ne suivrai pas mes hommes qui veulent faire une randonnée de 2 heures. J’opte plutôt pour le téléphérique pour visiter TchentenAlp, qui est juste devant l’hôtel. Avec la carte de bienvenue de l’hôtel, on a un beau rabais pour le billet. Je grimpe donc seule à bord et me retrouve à 1975 mètres. La vue encore plus époustouflante!! Je partage ma cabine avec un adepte du parapente qui parle français. Il doit terminer ses cours avant d’avoir le permis nécessaire à voler seul. Il ira donc le rejoindre. Plusieurs autres sont déjà en l’air. 6 au total virevoltent au gré du vent. Quel spectacle. Je fais le tour près de la station puis me décide à prendre un chemin pour voir l’autre versant de la montagne. C’est bien tapé et un peu en pente mais ça me va (je suis seule et peut aller au rythme que je veux!) C’est une excellente idée puisque j’ai accès à encore plus de crêtes enneigées. Mon Dieu que c’est beau! Je ne pensais que faire un aller-retour et là, après 2 heures, je dois me résigner à revenir vers l’hôtel. Les gars m’attendent en bas sur la terrasse. Définitivement, je remets ça sur ma To-Do List. On reprend le train pour revenir à ville car on va au resto ce soir. On admire le paysage, les villes défilent. Il y a même du monde qui jouent au golf. Surprenant, qu’en novembre, tout est encore vert. Seule de la neige ⛄️ dans les montagnes. En bas, rien. On va encore faire de beaux rêves ce soir!Read more

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