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  • Day1

    Day 1 Zürich

    October 2 in Switzerland

    Hola and welcome to the next well deserved vacation ;-) This time 3 weeks in Vietnam. The team consists of Christi, Nonni and me. We met in Friedrichshafen to take a Flixbus to Zürich. The plan was to stay at a friends house for the night. When we arrived we played a little bit Mariokart on the Nintendo Switch and then we left to have dinner and some beers. We walked through the city center and climbed up a hill where the universities are located. We enjoyed the view and then went back to the flat. Tiredly we fell into the beds to be prepared for the next day with the big flight :-)Read more

  • Day5

    Bike time

    August 25, 2016 in Switzerland

    I have found the Parrotts, reunited with Illy and met Bernadette.
    We have set up bikes tonight...

  • Day7


    June 19, 2017 in Switzerland

    First train of the day was 09.35 from still sunny Kitzbuhel for us but, by this time, James, Jodie and Dexter had been in the air half an hour, having set off at the unearthly hour of 04.15 ! We seamlessly transferred from Kitzbuhel to Worgl, to Kufstein, to Munich and finally arrived in Zurich at around 17.30. We had coffee and a pastry at Kufstein in a local Backerei and chatted to a pleasant German couple who thought Brexit was a very sad state of affairs. Bit of a rush at Munich with not much time to reacquaint ourselves with this grand station but found the delightful restaurant car on this final train (4and a half hours) and partook of alcoholic light refreshment! Lots of interesting people to survey on the train and an irritating, unsupervised child who was hanging off the red emergency stop handle at one point until Ted took it upon himself to tell the parents! It was bakingly hot on arrival at Zurich-about 30 degrees C at least but it only took us about 5 mins to google map ourselves to the Hotel de Theatre. Budget room but adequate for our needs. Very noisy as next to the main road but couldn't bear to shut the windows-too hot. Went out for a drink by the river and thence pasta meal which was megally expensive but then we are in Switzerland! James and Jodie have put some great photos on Facebook of the triathlon and they are home safe and sound.Read more

  • Day8

    An afternoon in Zurich

    June 20, 2017 in Switzerland

    1pm- so now time to join our Zurich City Highlights tour booked through Viator with whom I have previously booked tours in South Africa. Bus full of various nationalities and personalities which is almost more interesting than the tour itself I always find! The lady tour guide had a quaint way of speaking English which made us quite giggly at some points. However, a tour around Zurich and more information about various places we had seen in the morning. A short walking tour around the old town and churches but did not go into anywhere, followed by the whole tour bus going onto the ferry and traversing the Lake from the "Gold Coast" to the "Silver Coast" and thence up the cable car at Felsenegg. Could not have had a more beautiful day for this and the views of the Lake were stunning. Had a nice cup of tea in the cafe after a walk through the forest and then down the cable car again and back in the bus to Zurich. Still very hot and although the people at the back of the bus were complaining about the lack of air conditioning, our lady guide told them waspishly that it was much hotter at the front of the bus as there were more windows and that it is so cold here in the winter they should all be glad to see a bit of sun!! Not a bad tour all in all when one has only a short time to see a city. Out for dinner which cost another kidney-glad we are going tomorrow as couldn't afford to stay longer!Read more

  • Day8

    A morning in Zurich

    June 20, 2017 in Switzerland

    Decided to take up the offer of breakfast at the hotel as, judging by last night's dinner price, we may have to sell a kidney each to partake of breakfast in the touristy bit of Zurich! Our breakfast window looks out onto the funicular which transports people, especially students, up to the university buildings (famous ex-students are Einstein and Roentgen, he who invented x-rays). So of course it was a must to board the funicular and go up there ourselves straight after breakfast and partake of the views. This was followed by a stroll along the river, through the cobbled streets of the old town before crossing over to the smart shops of Bahnhofstrasse. Lunch was at a branch of Nordsee, actually at Zurich HBF itself, where anything fishy can be had. In our case this was prawn and cucumber crusty rolls but the choice was amazing-anything from grilled fish to scampi or salmon or a fishfinger sandwich.Read more

  • Day1


    July 27 in Switzerland

    עצרנו לאכול בראנץ' ב-Henrici שבנידרדורף ליד נהר הלימאט.
    לא היה המון מבחר - אז קצת בלית ברירה וקצת כי זה דווקא נשמע טעים - הזמנו פלאמקוחן! שזו, מסתבר, סוג של פיצה ממש דקה בלי רוטב עגבניות ועם תוספות מגניבות.
    אני אכלתי פלאמקוחן עם פטה, רוזמרין, דבש ואגוזי מלך והיה מעולה ממש.

    בתמונה האחרונה: כמעט נכנסנו ל-Ass bar (כן). ולחשוב שהיינו מפספסים את הפלאמקוחן...

  • Day2


    July 28 in Switzerland

    אם הולכים למוזיאון אחד בציריך זה צריך להיות הקונסטהאוס, אז הלכנו.

    הייתה תערוכה זמנית אבסטרקטית יפה ותערוכות קלאסית ישנה, מודרנית ונוצרית שהן יחסית קבועות. היה מוצלח.

    האמת שהכי התרשמתי מהמסגרות במוזיאון ואיך שהן התאימו ממש טוב גם לתמונות וגם לחלל. אף פעם לא שמתי לב לזה במוזיאון וזה חלק ממש מגניב באוצרות של תערוכה בעיני.

    בתמונות: פסל גדול ומגניב מקוביות, ציור שאהבתי של סלבדור דאלי, הדפס פחית מרק של אנדי וורהול ועוד דברים שתפסו לי את העין.
    Read more

  • Day1


    July 27 in Switzerland

    עשינו עיקופון דרך נידרדורף - העיר העתיקה של ציריך.
    סימטאות יפות עם מבנים צבעוניים, בתי קפה עם אופי וחנויות וגלריות מיוחדות. כיף להסתובב שם :)

    בונוס: בציריך יש מן ברזים / מזרקות שפועלים כל הזמן ואפשר לשתות מהם מים קרים, בריאים וטעימים. קניתי בקבוק מים בסופר והמים מהמזרקה היו גם יותר קרים וגם יותר טעימים - שווה

  • Day5


    July 31 in Switzerland

    הטכניון של שוויץ ואחד המקומות הכי נחשבים באירופה ללימודי מדעים.
    יפה כמעט כמו אוניברסיטת תל אביב. וגם אותם שיעורי בית! ראינו בספריה מישהו מחפש ערכים עצמיים של מטריצה...

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