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  • Day1

    Somewhere over europe

    July 15, 2017 in Thailand

    We are three hours into the 11 hour flight to Bangkok . I am currently enjoying a glass of Sauvignon blanc and managed to nabble one of the last chicken dishes for dinner . This whole long haul flying isn't half bad

  • Day170

    Chao Praya River Cruise

    February 18, 2017 in Thailand

    Genug Geschichte für heute, wir fahren ca. 50 Minuten mit dem Bus bis zum Pier unseres Flussschiffes, denn den restlichen 2stündigen Rückweg, legen wir mit dem Schiff auf dem königlichen Fluss zurück.!AiUv8teodO-roGMOCNuTJI5GcOoF
    Das Mittagessen wird ebenfalls auf dem Schiff serviert (sehr gut) und dann genießen wir auf dem Sonnendeck einfach nur die Fahrt, bis wir in der modernen Stadt anlegen.
    Mit dem Shuttle fahren wir wieder ins Hotel, schnappen unsere Badesachen und erholen uns im und am hoteileigenen Pool auf der Dachterrasse.
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  • Day33


    September 29, 2016 in Thailand

    Von Pier 5 fuhren wir dann mit dem Local Boat bis Pier 30, der Endstation. Hier war es wesentlich ruhiger und es waren viel weniger bis gar keine Touristen unterwegs. Wir besuchten einen kleinen chinesischen Tempel und einen tollen Markt. Hier probierten wir uns so durch. Echt verrückt was es hier so alles gibt.Read more

  • Day40


    December 15, 2015 in Thailand

    Et bam!! Bangkok: ville chaotique, furieuse, trépidante. Quartiers d'affaires, bicoques sur pilotis, autoroutes urbaines suspendues au dessus des immeubles, gigantesques centres commerciaux voisinant avec les roulottes des cuisines des rues, marchés aux étals branlants...
    Quelques photos en vrac de nos 3 jours à Bangkok: temples, buddhas, marchés, ambiance de rues...Malgré la chaleur et ce tumulte, on a bien apprécié la ville, une certaine habitude sûrement avec Istanbul :)Read more

  • Day1

    Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destination in Asia. Thailand’s countless number of stunning islands, amazing beaches, world known capital Bangkok, great parties and mouth watering Thai food makes Thailand a must visit at least once a lifetime. Thailand’s attractions are diverse and in huge numbers. Bangkok is a brimming capital of Thailand and a must visit when visiting Thailand. You can book in advance and have your for travelling and exploring different cities and beautiful attractions of Thailand beyond Bangkok. Thailand is also known for one of the friendliest and down to earth people in the world and also earns the title “Land of Smiles”. Whether to go for island hopping, relaxing beach holiday, adventurous water sports, visiting stunning temples and pretty gardens Thailand will serve you with best.


    In the heart of Bangkok, Grand Palace is one of the most popular attractions of Bangkok. It served as a former home to King, his court and entire government of Thailand for 150 years. The awe inspiring architecture and intricate details are worth more exploring. The Grand Palace complex is the spiritual heart of Thai Kingdom.


    Thailand’s floating markets are one of the most unique and colourful visit in Thailand. You can visit any of the many floating markets of Thailand for exciting experience of shopping. You can enjoy fresh coconut juice, local food and buy some of the best tropical vegetables and food from the floating stalls and shops. Damnoen Floating Market, Amphwa Floating Market, Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market are some of the most popular ones.


    Khao Yai National Park is a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site and Thailand’s most visited and second largest National Park. This park spread across four Thai provinces and is home to highest peak at Khao Rom.


    It is an spectacular point where Mekong River meets Ruak River and three nations, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos meet. Looking from the bank of river you can see three nations together and this is the reason it is known as The Golden Triangle.
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  • Day1

    Thailand’s thriving capital Bangkok is full of attractions, religious, historic to modern sights and incomparable energy. Bangkok’s number of attractions and things to do available are so diverse and exciting that everyone wishes to experience making it one of the world’s most visited cities. Every year countless number of visitors come to explore Thailand, its capital and other Thai delights. Bangkok is very well planned city and have all the tourist facilities available at its best and in huge variety. It is advised to make bookings in advance for all the services you require in this capital city. I got my accommodation and booked in advance and enjoyed a hassle free pre-planned trip to Thailand. If you are looking for a budget accommodation in Bangkok, city has plenty of options available for you. Some of the best budget hotels available in Bangkok are short listed here for you.


    Located at a few minutes walk from Phra Athit pier, Riva Surya is a great pocket friendly hotel located by the Chao Phraya River. It is a smart choice for getting luxurious comfort within your budget. Hotel features colonial style architecture, a huge swimming pool and is located at a prime location near to Bangkok’s major attractions. This elegant hotel consists of 68 rooms with plenty of space and features grey and white theme. Rooms are equipped with all the modern facilities. A multi cuisine restaurant and bar are also available.


    It is one of the best budget accommodations to be found in Bangkok. It serves guests with comfortable rooms, outstanding restaurant and spectacular views of Wat Arun which is located on the other end of Chao Phraya river. A young and friendly staff serve best to make their guests feel comfortable. The large rooms, deluxe rooms and suites are available all are well furnished and well equipped. Bar and restaurant are available for fine dinning experience.


    Located in the Bangkok downtown with close proximity to major shopping and entertainment centres The Continent is a smart choice to make within a budget. Swimming pool, bar, restaurant, fitness centre, free parking, laundry services and all other modern facilities are available for guests. Standard rooms available are very well furnished, embodied with all amenities, minibar, and offers great views over the city.
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  • Day1

    Thailand’s thriving capital, Bangkok has countless number of things to and attractions on offer making it one of the most popular and most visited city of the world. Bangkok attractions are diverse and rich in experiences. From vibrant night scene to amazing restaurants, great Thai food, outstanding night markets, unique floating markets, magnificent religious temples, shrines and outstanding riverside beauty. Bangkok and its surroundings are full of beauty and great experiences. You can have a for travelling comfortably around as I did. Chao Phraya river is one of the major attractions of Bangkok and offers most scenic views in the city. You can find finest restaurants lining up to amazing views of bustling river, beautiful shrines reflecting in the water of river, water taxis ferrying commuters, historical landmarks reflecting and a lot more. Some of the must try riverside experiences in Bangkok are discussed here.


    Riverside is one of the oldest parts of the city with home to loads of heritage places, religious temples and palaces. Taking a boat to stroll is a great experience away from Bangkok’s notorious traffic and enjoy the spectacular views of Bangkok from an unique angle.


    Some of the best restaurants of Bangkok are located on the riverside. Many hotels and restaurants situated on the riverside offers great treat for both eyes and taste buds. Their beautiful sitting arrangement is best designed for enjoying views while enjoying delicious food. Arun Residence Hotel, Sala Rattanakosh Eatery Bar, Steve cafe and cuisine, Le Normandie at Mandrin Oriental, Mei Jiang, Sala Rim Nam, Sheepshank Public House and Benihana.


    Bangkok shopping scenes are always unique and famous worldwide. Earlier only traditional markets are found on riverside but with advancement and modern world lifestyles markets has also changed. There are plenty of riverside markets where you can shop, drink, eat and party. Asiatique, Yodpiman River Walk, The Maharaj Mall, OP Place, Ta Tian Market and River city are one of the most popular riverside shopping options in Bangkok.


    An array of charming bars and restaurants overlooking the spectacular river with rich nightlife and party experiences are housed on the banks of Chayo Phraya river. Many sophisticated bars, live music venues, rooftop bars and river cruises are available in Bangkok.
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  • Day11

    And Bangkok again

    January 25, 2015 in Thailand

    After a couple of days feeling like we had left Thailand, it feels fantastic to be back in Bangkok where the food is delicious, the people are Thai and the tuk tuk drivers beg us to go places with them. I have never really missed any city I have visited but Bangkok is different. There’s something about it that makes me feel instantly at ease. Perhaps it’s the food. Oh how I love Bangkok’s food.

    Or maybe it’s the city’s aesthetics that appeal to me. The peaceful temples and parklands that provide respite from the busy umbrella topped alleys ways and cars racing up and down the main streets.

    Or maybe it’s the sense that anything can happen here. Like stumbling across the crazy Patpong district where a touristy night bazaar nestles in the red light district under signs screaming of strip shows, brothels and alcohol (which appears to be quite expensive). We wander the red light district politely declining the many pimps who offer us cheap sexy massage and entry to ping pong shows. Many carry photos of their girls as though they are mere chattels. And when we decline, they say, “Boys? You wan’ boys?”. I cannot help but laugh at equal opportunity in action here on Patpong’s seedy streets. For the record, we decline the offer of boys too.

    Somehow being back in Bangkok feels like being home. I can’t explain why but it does.

    Last time we were in Bangkok, we realised there was so much more to see and do. We only had three days here and barely scratched the surface of this city’s charm. So today we hit the streets in search of more wats (temples). While many people said we would be “templed-out” after the first few days, the temples are a highlight of our days and we often find ourselves walking to just one more temple when we see the tell-tale gold rooflines orchedis poking out from between the houses. And as we walk we find hidden gems like old buildings, pretty window dressings and living canals.

    We both love art, so it makes sense that we love the temples here in Thailand. They are each beautifully and uniquely decorated. The amount of work that must have gone into the construction and decoration is amazing. Actually, that’s the word that we use all the time “amazing”.

    We spend the day wandering from temple to temple, stopping in between for street food on the famous Khao San Road and to buy incense sticks from the many vendors. It’s the little things that capture our attention. Like the friendly temple cats that will play with your shoes or roll on their backs begging for pats. The beautiful flowers that seem to be everywhere, whether on the ground or in vases or lilies in pots. And the creative ways money is donated at temples.

    Our adventure takes us to the Giant Swing, which actually was used as a swing until 1935 when the practice was stopped due to fatalities and structural damage. The swing is enormous and there is no way you’d get me up there on it.

    We ended our day with a fast boat ride up a narrow canal to the Siam Paragon shopping mall from where it was not too far to walk home. Naturally, we had to stop for treats and where better than a little cake shop with cute pink couches. The strange underwater looking photo is of us in a mirror room at the Siam Paragon.

    By the time we reached home after walking more than 20km we were fairly tired but it was nothing that a good leg massage couldn’t fix.

    We board an orange-flagged ferry with no fixed plans. We are just heading upstream until we feel like getting off. It’s 15 baht (60 cents) per ticket regardless of your destination so this gives us the flexibility to decide while on board. And stay on board we did. The wind blew through our hair and cooled our sweaty bodies as we made our way upstream. We passed old rotting buildings and new condos. Bridges passed by overhead, some boring and others elaborate. Large fish jump alongside the boat. We reach Nonthaburi and are told the ferry terminates here. I guess this is where we are going today. People feed bread to the fish near the jetty and the fish are swarming. There are thousands of them fighting for a feed. We had seen Thai fishermen baiting hooks with bread earlier in our trip and wondered whether they caught anything that way. Now we know they probably do.

    We walk up the street and notice a large market up near the ferry stop. There’s a whole block filled with lanes and alleys crammed full of stalls selling everything from vegetables and fruits to fish, meat and skinned frogs. You can buy clothes, phone covers and even pet rabbits. Voices ebb and flow across the air as my nose is assaulted by lots of smells (not all delicious). Cats hang out at the market, some with collars and others looking more like strays. The stall holders pat the cats, talk to them, laugh at them as they hide in boxes or shoo them away, depending on what the cat is doing.

    There is a small museum in an old colonial style building along the river. It tells the story on Nonthaburi’s past as a major supplier of durian fruit. Personally, I can’t stand the smell of the fruits and hate the taste but it seems they are a delicacy with people speculating on next season’s first crop before they are even ripe. Naturally, we also do some wathunting while we are here.

    A short cross-river ferry takes us to another temple complex. As always it’s stunning. There are no other tourists and the locals look at us strangely as we walk around. We buy some fish food and feed the fish. Again they are swarming and well fed.

    There’s a large park next to the temple with walking paths and a pagoda in the middle of a lake. There are many people walking around the paths and a group of women are preparing to do aerobics in the carpark. It looks like a fantastic place to end a busy work day in hectic Bangkok. But we can’t stay much longer because we don’t want to miss the last ferry back into the city.

    So, as the sun sets on our final day in Bangkok, we stand crammed into a ferry pressed against the side rails with a fantastic view of the city and the people stepping on and off across the gap between ferry and jetty. Tomorrow we leave Bangkok for the last time. I will miss this crazy capital.
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