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  • Day78

    Singapore, Singapore

    March 5, 2015, Natuna Sea ⋅ ⛅ 57 °F

    March 5th and 6th.
    Some of you probably know that the 5th was my birthday (I love birthday’s). First of all, our suite was decorated beautifully by our team that takes care of our room - champagne, balloons, rose petals spelling “happy b-day” on the bed. Then the 4 of us had freshly made hummus that Jeff had ordered and champagne on our balcony while we sailed in to the harbor at Singapore.
    We have been planning for months to meet our friend Mark Zimmerman during our visit; Mark has lived in Singapore for 5 years and seemd willing to take the 4 of us on for 24 hours. Mark is the son of some dear friends of ours from home (Maurertown), Zip and Phyllis Zimmerman. He had supplied us with a wonderful itinerary before we arrived so we were very excited to see him as we came out of customs to begin our adventure. We were also very happy to turn ourselves over to Mark as our guide after some of the cities we have been trying to get through on our own the last couple of weeks.
    We proceeded in the maxi-taxi to one of Mark’s special restaurants called “Jumbo’s” for pepper and chili crabs. We sat at our reserved table and were waiting for Mark’s friends Barry and Laura from Canada to join us. We were settling in with our drinks when I heard Jeff say “oh my, oh my” and Nancy say “holy crap”! I turned around to see Zip and Phyllis walk up to the table. They had been visiting Mark in Singapore for several weeks and planned it so it would coincide with our stop in Singapore. This was one of the biggest surprises we have ever had! They even kept their trip a secret from people back home for fear that someone would slip and give us a clue that they were going to be there. When Mark, Zip and Phyllis set their minds to a project like this, they are unstoppable. In any case, there were hugs all around and it meant a great deal to us to have a touch of home in the middle of our trip.
    Our “tour guide” Mark arrived the next morning to take us to some of the popular sites in Singapore. We viewed the city state from the top of the Marina Bay Tower and sampled a special breakfast dish and, of course, a Singapore Sling. The best part of the day was a visit to Mark’s home “Bliss” where Zip and Phyllis were waiting. It felt like a calm oasis in the city, especially when we went up to the roof to see the infinity pool that looked over the city. Singapore is a very clean and organized city which was an enormous change from what we have experienced recently.
    All too soon, it was time to go back to the ship. We did manage 45 minutes of power shopping before reboarding to be on our way to Kuala Lumpur.
    The first photo is my birthday dinner.
    The second photo is the Marina Bay Sands Tower.
    The third photo is Mark's Bliss rooftop.
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    Mark Zimmerman

    The Bliss Management Team was thrilled to have you in Singapore on your Birthday!

    Tom Franklin

    Happy Birthday - Sounds like a great day.

    Tom Franklin

    This building is amazing. What is on top?

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  • Day2

    "Fly Me To The Moon..."

    March 10, 2019, Natuna Sea ⋅ 🌙 29 °C

    Nach einer 26-stündigen Reise merkt man erst wie weit down under das Land Down Under wirklich ist. Kennt ihr das Gefühl, wenn man sich plötzlich fragt, "was mach ich hier eigentlich und wie komm ich hier her"? So ging's mir jedenfalls kurz, als ich so gegen 3:00 Uhr morgens in einem dunklen Flieger, eingequetscht zwischen zwei Sitzreihen mit praktisch nicht vorhandener Beinfreiheit, irgendwo über dem Indischen Ozean aufgewacht bin. Seltsame Erfahrung...

    Aber wie auch immer. Das war jedenfalls der anstrengendste und komplizierteste Transport, den ich je mitgemacht hab. Hab aber auch nette Menschen getroffen, die mir hier und da weiter geholfen haben. (Danke Quantas-Airlines-Typ!)

    Ich weiß nicht, was ich von dem Flughafen in Singapur erwartet hab, aber bestimmt nicht so viel Hightech. Hab bestimmt 15 Minuten gebraucht, bis ich gecheckt hab, dass ich mein Flugticket an einem Automaten ausdrucken muss, der aussah, wie 'ne Espresso-Maschine. Von den Toiletten will ich gar nicht erst anfangen... das wahrscheinlich fortschrittlichste Loch im Boden, dass ich je gesehen hab!

    Fast geschafft!
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  • Day11

    Seetag Nr 3

    February 13, 2019, Natuna Sea ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Wir haben nun zwei Seetage auf dem Weg nach Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt, Vietnam vor uns.
    Das Wetter war herrlich, man spürte auch endlich die Wellen, sodass wir uns zum ersten Mal richtig wie auf einem Schiff fühlten.
    Zum späten Nachmittag erwischte uns dann plötzlich ein starker Tropenregen. Abends schauten wir uns noch die ABBA Show an.
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  • Day7

    At Sea

    December 19, 2018, Natuna Sea ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Today begins our cruise! Whilst I had a reasonable sleep, I fell ill during the night which was unfortunate. We went to the Mexican restaurant next door for a cheap breakfast before heading back to our room to pack up and chill out. Our check out was quite easy too, and we then took three different train lines to get to the cruise ship station.

    We got a refund on our train passes (just for handing them back in) before walking about ten minutes to the cruise ship terminal. When we booked this cruise, the agent said there was a chance we could get an upgrade. Sadly that didn't happen, as we were still stuck with our obstructed view cabin! There seemed to be unlimited checkpoints before we finally boarded the cruise, which included having to surrender your passport. It seemed a but strange but I guess it's to ease the visa and immigration process for each port.

    Before exploring the cruise ship, we went to have lunch in the dining room. We unintentionally compared it to our previous cruise on Celebrity, and found Princess to be lacking in this area. Afterwards we explored more of the ship and we like the design of the common areas. Since we also prefer the design of our cabin, we decided we would stop comparing the two different cruise lines.

    When we went to the pre-departure safety demonstration in the Japanese Sushi Restaurant which took ages. We went up to the deck for the sail away party, but the Singaporean heat was so oppressive, we gave up that idea. One thing that was really nice were a group of carollers in the Atrium, which was a great welcome to the cruise.

    When we went for dinner, the number of vegetarian options are really limited, so I might have to be pescatarian during this cruise. In the evening, we headed to the LGBT meeting which surprisingly attracted 16 of us, from Australia, the United States and Mexico, organised by Richie, a Colombian who works on the cruise. One thing we really like about this cruise is a messenger system you can access on your mobile phone, making communication with your fellow cruisers easy.

    Ted and I explored more of the ship before going to bed, although tomorrow is a ship day, giving us more time to look around.
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  • Day8

    At Sea

    December 20, 2018, Natuna Sea ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

    Today was a great way to settle into the cruise before we arrive at our first port tomorrow. The beds on the cruise are really comfortable, so we both had an amazing sleep last night. We have two independent tours lined up for this cruise but I haven't had the chance to meet the organisers yet, so I left notes for them at their staterooms.

    Breakfast didn't really stack up either, as both of us found few options to eat. When you're vegetarian or diabetic, your options are always limited! Ted was feeling woozy today from the ship movements, so he needed to lie low today. I went to an acupuncture workshop which didn't provide a free session and then headed to trivia which I almost won!

    The ship seemed to be vibrating quite a bit, so after checking out our boarding photo, headed back to the room to relax. The movie under the stars was Black Panther but it wasn't so easy to watch with all the screaming kids in the pool underneath! I had a vege burger at the pool restaurant where we met a couple from the UK, Mark and Richard.

    We went back to trivia in the evening (almost won again!) before trying out the formal dinner. The meal was really quite good, and it removed the temptation to overindulge like we do in the buffet restaurant. But as it turned out, we ended up going back to the buffet later when we were still hungry!
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  • Day201

    Seetag 2

    March 21, 2017, Natuna Sea ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Wir schwimmen weiter im Meer (Natunasee) herum.
    Neptun, der König der Meere, stattet uns einen Besuch ab, denn wir überqueren den Äquator und das muss rituell gefeiert werden. Wobei die Mitglieder der Mannschaft deutlich mehr zu leiden haben als die Passagiere!
    Ein bisschen müssen wir heute arbeiten, denn wir brauchen ein Hotel in Hongkong und vor allem einen Weiterflug, denn sonst werden wir dort nicht eingelassen 🙁! Beides müssen wir noch heute an der Rezeption nachweisen - nicht so einfach bei Zeitlupeninternet, aber Dirk kriegt das hin!
    Ansonsten vergeht der Tag wieder sehr angenehm und sehr schön ruhig!
    Morgen ist Action angesagt - wir gehen gleich früh auf Wanderschaft 😃!
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    Jenny Rogge

    😂😂😂wie in alten Ferienlagerzeiten...

  • Day75

    Indonesian Night

    February 27, 2018, Natuna Sea

    Tonight was Indonesian night and the food and decorations were fantastic. In a few minutes we will cross the equator again, headed north this time.

  • Day1

    Vegetarian restaurants that are a must v

    March 21, 2018, Natuna Sea ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    Many and more people are hopping onto the vegan bandwagon and switching to a healthier way of eating and living. Consuming vegan food has its own benefits, and while some consider it to be extreme, the results are there for all to see. Just ask Peter Dinklagege aka Tyrion Lannister about it. And if you do, pass our regards to him! A visit to these vegan restaurants in Singapore could win you over.

    Given that their located in easily accessible locations, the fastest way to reach these food joints would be to get a bus from and tour the city-side while you are at it.
    Sunny Choice: Based in Rail Mall, Sunny Choice does not draw much attention to it, keeping itself simple and fresh and all things vegan. Cold-pressed juice is served before the mains for that enzyme boost and its organic produce includes fruits, vegetables and even chia seeds.
    Create Healthy Lifestyle Café: An organic café that not delivers on the quality of the products but on the price points too! Its budget-friendly menu does pull in a large number of people. So if you are up for sharing your table with other customers and don’t mind the constant piping of sounds.

    Kampung Senang: This is one is not just healthy, but looks to give back to the society in whatever manner possible, being an eco-conscious charity that looks to aid cancer patients. Their organic kitchen is also connected to their Holistic Lifestyle Centre that promotes holistic health and detoxification to several institutions through its many programs.

    Original Sin: The enduring popularity of this Mediterranean vegetarian restaurant in Chip Bee Gardens is a marvel in fickle Singapore, where so many restaurants open and close in a blink. A marvel, but not surprising. Founded in 1997 by owner-chef Italian-Australian Marisa Bertocchi, it’s maintained impeccable standards and stayed true to its lights; we’ve been regulars since 2001.

    In the same way that South Indian vegetarian food is so satisfying, that carnivores might not even notice the absence of fish or flesh on the menu.

    Pollen: There are only a few restaurants in Singapore that can boast of private Mediterranean herbs and vegetable gardens. This restaurant is known to serve fresh produce that is used liberally all over the dish. The dishes are decorated in a pretty manner and the best thing about the menu are these starters. Make sure to try out over roasted baby beetroots and curd. There are also two healthy main course options that you can indulge in like roasted artichoke and salt bake celeriac with truffle.

    Real Food: The best place in the city to have organic food is undoubtedly Real Food. This beautiful vegetarian restaurant has about four outlets on the entire street. It was started by 3 friends who were tired of the unrecognizable ingredients in food. The dishes contain a mix of soy, garlic, onion. It is completely gluten free. Real Food is one of the most visited joints by the locals living here.
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  • Day1

    Bus ride to the Picture Perfect Wildlife

    August 21, 2018, Natuna Sea ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    There are fewer experiences more awe inducing than watching an animal go about its daily activities in the natural wild. Words do fall short when it comes to describing this phenomenon. However, capturing a snapshot of the wild in one’s camera is the next best thing to reliving that experience. Singapore will not disappoint wildlife photography lovers either.

    The wildlife destinations here are a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city and lets you step into a world of plush green landscapes and nature spots. It will be hard to believe that with the ever increasing skyline of Singapore, the island still hosts plenty of wildlife. From lizards, crocodiles to colorful birds the wildlife destinations of Singapore are definitely worth a visit!!

    The easiest way to reach these places is to catch a bus (tickets for which you can take online from that will take you to the nearest MRT station from where you can board buses that take you to the park.

    Singapore Zoological Gardens: Its picturesque setting against the Mandai Lake and the title of the best rainforest zoo in the world combines to make this place a haven for wildlife and landscape photographers. Animals are kept in spacious, landscaped enclosures separated from the visitors by dry and wet moats. The moats are concealed with vegetation or dropped below the line of sight. Dangerous animals that can climb well are housed in landscaped glass-fronted enclosures. The zoo has not expanded beyond the original 28 hectares.

    However, 40 hectares of secondary forest were later developed into the Night Safari. The remaining undeveloped land has been kept as wooded land. This and the waters of Upper Seletar Reservoir contribute to the zoo, giving it a sense of natural, unrestricted space.

    Singapore Botanic Gardens: For those who love their photos to be generously bathed in colours, this world heritage site is about 158 years old and houses the Burkhill Hall that is laid out in different colour zones. The National Orchid Garden within also provides many opportunities for photographing flora. It is located at walking distance from Singapore’s most famous road; Orchard Road. It has been awarded Asia’s Top park attraction from the year 2013. It is the only park in the world that opens from 5 AM in the morning and remains open till 12 AM at midnight. It is a star attraction not only for the tourists but the locals as well!! It posesses an array of horticulture attractions and has a huge collection of plants that are known to have significance worldwide.

    Macritchie Reservoir: The wooded and waterside vistas are the perfect backdrop against which one can capture shots of macaques and a large host of birds. It is often frequented by bird watchers, and this place is popular for hiking and kayaking. MacRitchie Reservoir is Singapore`s oldest reservoir. The reservoir was completed in 1868 by impounding water from an earth embankment, and was then known as the Impounding Reservoir or Thomson Reservoir.
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