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  • Day17

    Diversion to Oban!

    February 6, 2020, Tasman Sea ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Over the past two days at sea, we have continued to enjoy our relaxing time on the Noordam. We have made good use of the Spa, and the high standard of food has been maintained. There is complimentary Room Service, and we enjoyed breakfast served in our Stateroom. We have met some lovely fellow passengers including two nice couples from Germany who lamented our departure from the EU. Campbell and I have spent time people watching, and likening some of our fellow passengers to celebrities. So far we have encountered Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, an elderly Doris Day, and Theresa May enjoying her retirement!

    After a relaxing two days at sea, we were looking forward to arriving at Milford Sound in New Zealand’s fjordland today. However the Captain announced last night that due to recent flash flooding, resulting in landslides and hundreds of tourists being trapped in the area and having to be rescued by helicopter, a State of Emergency has been declared, and we were sadly unable to visit the area 🙁. However, as an alternative, the Captain was pleased to announce that we would instead be diverting and making an unscheduled visit to Oban! I thought at first that this was a bit much of a detour, until I realised it was the small port of Oban on Stewart Island, New Zealand’s largely forgotten third island. Although a reasonable size, the whole island has a population of only 400 and, with no predators, it is a bird sanctuary and home to hundreds of different species, including kiwis.

    To access the island required taking a tender to shore. The number of passengers coming ashore from the ship more than quadrupled the whole population. Today was a holiday - Waitangi Day - the national day of New Zealand. The main activity on the island appeared to be the annual Man of the Year contest. This involved burly locals competing in a variety of testosterone and beer-fuelled activities on the beach. Campbell and I were going to enter but didn’t want to show them up.

    I took a lovely (but steep) walk up to Observation Rock where I had fabulous views over Golden Bay towards the island of - wait forever it - Iona. We visited the tiny local museum, which reminded Campbell of the one at Invergordon - minus the major attraction of the Iron Lung.

    We were disappointed not to have made it to Milford Sound, but after seeing news footage on TV could understand why. We’ll just have to come back.
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    Cath Mackenzie

    😮 🤣

    Aileen Johnston

    Well this sound entertaining 😱

    Aileen Johnston

    The museum sounds thrilling 😀

    Margaret Morris

    Very interesting and funny blog. ❤️

  • Day56

    Sydney, Australia

    March 19, 2020, Tasman Sea ⋅ ☀️ 72 °F

    Sorry for the lack of communication, but I had trouble uploading in the middle of the ocean, but we are back with you.

    We sailed into Sydney Harbor 2 days ago, and of course, are unable to leave the ship. Luckily, we had some stunning views of the harbor (the prettiest I’ve ever seen), and the city, which was pretty spectacular at night.

    I believe the last time I wrote, Jeff and I had plane tickets for the 18th. Obviously, those didn’t work since we were still at anchor then. Jeff stayed up all night waiting in line for a “chat” space to change our tickets. We had 987 people ahead of us. I took over when we got our spot and spent the next 4 hours getting tickets to go home on the 20th. I’m glad we didn’t select the flight that changed planes in Qatar since they closed all air traffic today. We will be flying through Honolulu with the thought that if we get stuck there, at least we’ll be in Hawaii. Please keep your fingers crossed that we actually get on a plane. By the way, there were only 2 economy seats left so it will be an interesting 10 1/2 hours, but we were happy to have them. Unusual way to spend our 27th anniversary!

    As I said before, we are just being inconvenienced. Our hardship is nothing compared to what is happening all over the world.
    Everyone on the ship is quite somber. I know that Jeff and I felt the weight of reality as we pulled into Sydney as I suspect everyone else did too.
    We have been existing in a bubble for a while now, but this will not remain a safe place forever. We all recognize we are about to join the rest of the world in the fight to stop this virus by carefully getting ourselves home and isolating as long as we need to. We are lucky to have a great support system, our house is stocked by a good friend and our car will be left at the airport for us.

    We saw a jet fly over today and it seemed hopeful that we might get home.

    I post again as the next part of our trip advances forward!
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    Mark Zimmerman

    Happy 27th!

  • Day68

    Ca continue..!

    March 12, 2020, Tasman Sea ⋅ 🌙 13 °C

    Hier au soir nous avons fini la journée avec La Bohème de Puccini où Mimi passe un temps pas possible à mourir à la fin.

    Bravo à Ivanna pour son interprétation, mais quand tu sorts de là, tu cherches le chemin du pont le plus haut afin de pouvoir sauter.

    Aujourd'hui, les nouvelles tombent: pour cause du machin virus, deux nouvelles escales sont supprimées. Nous avions déjà perdu Altutaki aux iles Cook, maintenant ce sont l'Ile des Pins en Nlle Calédonie et la Papouasie Nlle Guinée qui passent à la trappe.

    Bien sûr on a pas envie de se faire infecter, mais ça gonfle tout de même un peu. On attend la suite avec impatience: Bali, Singapour, ... et même Rome notre dernière escale. Pour le débarquement à Gènes, on verra aussi, c'est tout de même un peu tôt pour se faire peur.

    Et puis, histoire de nous mettre de bonne humeur, il ne trouve pas mieux que de nous mettre l'excursion d'Hobart à 7 h 15! Il faut se lever à 6 h du mat pour un tour de 3 h. Des malades je vous dis. J'ai été râler et on m'a confirmé que ma réclamation était bien dans le système.........!!!!
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    La vie à crespieres

    N9n mais alors mettez le vous en tête... Singzpour ça m étonnerai car les autorités françaises ne veulent pas qu on voyages la bas... (bcp de cas de frzbce on été ramené de la bas) et Rome faut pas y compter.... Mais c est pas le plus grave Rome vous connaissez...

    La vie à crespieres

    Franchement vu le contexte et comment ça se passe or les autres croisieristes... Croisez les doigts de faire l australie et un max d Iles.. Le reste malheureusement... Mais la vraiment ça aurait pu être bien bien pire

    La vie à crespieres

    Comme tu le dis si bien la on peut rien faire.. Là faute à pas de chance

  • Day69

    Un ciel bleue et une sympathique tempête

    March 13, 2020, Tasman Sea ⋅ 🌧 13 °C

    Hier au soir nous avons assisté au spectacle organisé et joué par l'équipe d'animation du bord. C'était très drôle et mettait de la bonne humeur sur le navire.

    Ce matin, nous avons bénéficié d'un réveil matinal vivifiant dû au changement d'heure (nous sommes à + 10 par rapport à la France) et à la douce brise moins froide qu' hier. Nous avons ainsi déambulé de bonne heure sur le pont 7, le visage fouetté par un vent croissant chargé d'embruns. Au dessous de nous, l'océan pacifique côté mer de Tasmanie en plein 40ème rugissants.
    Il a changé de couleur et du bleu profond de la Polynésie, nous sommes maintenant sur des bleus-gris de bon alois.

    Néanmoins, la soirée s'annonce encore plus réjouissante car on vient de nous prévenir de l'arrivée prochaine d'une tempête avec des vents à 100 km/h et des creux de plus de 6 m. Celà nous rappellera les attractions de Bagatelle ou de Disney.
    Demain, le départ matinal de l'excursion nous permettra un retour de bonne heure et nous donnera tout le temps de visiter tranquillement Hobart.

    Soyons positif: normalement je vous fait le compte-rendu de tout ça demain...
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  • Day109

    Whale Watching in Port Macquarie

    October 9, 2019, Tasman Sea ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    Today we went for Humpback Whale Watching in Port Macquarie 😊. The three of us went on a speedboat with a small touring company in Port. The sea was super rough today and the whales very hard to spot. It took us 45 minutes to find some. But the wait was so worth it! We finally found a mother with a cub and a companion 🐳. And they even did some acrobatics for us! How rare and lucky is this! 🤩

    Heute ging es for uns drei zum
    Whale Watching nach Port Macquare. Derzeit reisen die Buckelwale die Küste entlang. Obwohl sehr viele Wale unterwegs sind, hat es durch die wilde See ganze 45 Minuten gebraucht, ehe wir Wale entdeckten. Doch das warten hat sich gelohnt! Wir fanden eine Mutter mit Kind und einem Escort Wal (Onkel?) und nicht nur das. Das Kalb machte für uns sogar ein paar Sprünge im Wasser! Wie unglaublich sehen ist das?🤩.
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  • Day46

    Milford Sound II

    January 15, 2020, Tasman Sea ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    The weather is perfect again today and I am so happy that I am so lucky. It is also not so cold today so I could spend the whole cruise outside on the upper deck.
    It’s not really warm, but with a jacket, it’s nice to sit there in the sun and enjoy the view.

    Milford Sound is much shorter than Doubtful Sound and also not so wild, I think. It is definitely more commercial here, as there are so many tour operators here.
    Mitre Peak is the operetor with the smallest boat but the longest cruise. When we left Milford Sound into the Tasman Sea we saw that all the other boats were turning around and going back inside the Sound while we were really leaving the Sound and was passing a little bit along the coastline!
    We saw a small cave there as well.
    Our skipper is all the time driving really close up to some special parts of the Sound. There is, for example, the Copper Point, which is named after his very high deposits of copper. You could see the lines of copper in the rock.
    He also was driving really close to all the small waterfalls we saw on the way. As the weather has been so good the last couple of days they are pretty small now, if it’s raining they should get really impressive with a lot of water falling down. To be honest, I prefer good weather with smaller waterfalls 😉
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  • Day168

    Gen Süden!

    January 2, 2018, Tasman Sea ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Am 2. Januar haben wir uns von der Nordinsel verabschiedet, vorerst. Mit der Fähre, dem Interisländer, ging es in knappen 3,5h endlich auf die wunderschöne Südinsel. Sweti wurde in der mehrstöckigen Tiefgarage des Schiffes geparkt und wir konnten anschließend an Deck die herrliche Aussicht zum Sonnenuntergang genießen. Das Wetter war herrlich und die See ganz ruhig, also ist auch keiner seekrank geworden! Unser erstes Ziel im Süden sollte Blenheim werden.

    South Island we are coming!

    At the 2nd of January we said Goodbye to the North Island cause we took the ferry to the south. It took us 3,5 hours to get with the Interislander to the beautiful South Island. Sweti was parked in the multistorey garage of the ferry and we enjoyed the amazing sunset on deck. The weather was fine and very sunny and the ocean was peaceful so that noone became seasick. Our first destination for the South Island should be Blenheim.
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    Franziska Stenzel

    Ich wünsche euch viele neue Abenteuer und eine schöne Zeit auf der Insel!

    Karla Muller

    Macht euch ne schöne Zeit und habt weiterhin tolle Erlebnisse

  • Day27

    Day 27 > And off to the South Island

    December 9, 2019, Tasman Sea ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    At the moment we are on the Bluebridge ferry from Wellington to Picton. De skies are blue again after 2 days full of rain, wind and floodings. It is bad weather in the south island and around Wellington. Streets are flooding, bridges are gone and mudstreams are everywhere. We cannot get past Hokitika on the west coast or Timaru on the east. Hopefully the situation will improve the next few weeks.

    For now we have some great adventures ahead. Tomorrow we will go to the start of the Queen Charlotte Track, Ship Cove, to do some hiking in the sounds. And next week we will go on a 3 day kayak trip in the Abel Tasman National Park. Hopefully the weather will stay as great as it is this morning.

    Yesterday we went to Te Papa museum in Wellington. With our raincoats on we walked and ran through pooring rain to get to the museum and back again. But it was worth it. A lovely lunch in a pasta restaurant made us warm and happy again.

    Till next time!

    We zitten op de veerboot van wellington naar Picton. De zon schijnt weer en de lucht is helemaal blauw na 2 dagen met veel regen, wind en overstromingen. Het weer was slecht op het zuider eiland en in de buurt van Wellington. Straten overstromen, bruggen en wegen zijn weggeslagen en modderstromen zijn aan de orde van de dag. Momenteel kun je niet voorbij Hokitika komen aan de Westkust en niet voorbij Timaru aan de Oostkust. Veel mensen zijn geïsoleerd van de buitenwereld. Hopelijk verbetert de situatie in de komende 2 weken zodat we zonder problemen verder kunnen.

    Voor nu hebben we weer een paar leuke avonturen gepland. Morgen gaan we met de boot naar Ship cove om 3 dagen op de Queen Charlotte track te lopen. Tonnie neemt de tent, slaapmatjes en slaapzakken mee op zijn rug. De week erna gaan we 3 dagen kayakken in het Abel Tasman nationaal park. We duimen voor goed weer!

    Gisteren zijn we door weer en wind naar het Te Papa museum gelopen. En mooie plek om met over Nieuw Zeeland te leren. Het was de moeite en het natte pak waard. In een gezellig pasta restaurant zijn we weer een beetje op temperatuur gekomen.

    De komende dagen zijn we waarschijnlijk van de radar. Tot volgend weekend. Hopelijk met veel mooie verhalen en foto's.
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    Janny de Vries

    Heel veel plezier op jullie tocht!

    NZ Adventures

    Dank je wel Janny! We hebben alles klaar liggen voor morgen.


    Geniet van de heerlijke reis!

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  • Day45

    Sydney, Australia

    January 31, 2015, Tasman Sea ⋅ ☀️ 77 °F

    January 29th and 30th.
    We spent the past 2 days in Sydney. It is a very vibrant city teeming with people. The Sydney harbor is the largest natural harbor in the world and quite breathtaking. We sailed in early in the morning through the headrocks that protect the harbor. The intricate small bays and lush hills greeted us as we moved toward our docking area. As we progressed, we saw what is probably one of the most iconic pieces of architecture in the world-and there was a collective gasp from everyone. No matter how many photos of the Sydney Opera House you've seen, it still takes your breath away when it comes into view. We were fortunate enough to attend an opera there preceded by a harbor tour. The weather could not have been better (we hear that is not always the case) which allowed us to explore the city and botanical gardens extensively. We also ferried to Manly Beach, which has some very dramatic waves and is a big draw for surfers. Australia's rugged, natural beauty is incredible with carved rocks and crashing surf.Read more

    Mark Zimmerman


    Roland Zimmerman


    Trish Wolfe

    Ah---love the beautiful photos! Can't wait to hear more about the opera you attended!

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  • Day20

    Cook Strait

    February 16, 2020, Tasman Sea ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Goodbye Wellington! 1.5 days have been way too few for this amazing city, but I think I gonna come back for some days in March. Not only goodbye Wellington, also goodbye North Island. On the Interislander Ferry I went from Wellington to Picton on the South Island, a trip of about 3.5 hours. On the Cook Strait itself it was very windy. When arriving to the South Island, we passed through a beautiful fjord-like landscape before arriving to Picton.Read more

    Dir einen schönen Sonntag.U.



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