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  • Day8

    Watch Out Wales

    October 23, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 11 °C

    After a lovely trip on the ferry we finally arrived in Holyhead. I headed straight for the maps and bus routes, and realized that to see the sites I wanted, especially with them being so spread out, it would be really difficult. Half my day was already gone because things seem to open late and close early in the more rural areas, and I thought I should probably just try and get to my hostel. What should I see upon exiting the ferry terminal, a car rental station. Normally I'd be fine just using public transportation, I'd say it's even easier in the cities, but I had to find out. So I asked. The only one left was small (no problem), and a manual (small problem). I haven't driven stick in years, and I don't think I've ever driven it well. So I lied and said it was perfect. No better time to relearn how to drive manual than when you're in another country and driving on the opposite side of what you consider normal. So I got the car, rented a navigation system too, and crossed my fingers things would go well; after all, everything has to be better than this morning. Roughly three attempts at reversing later I was headed to my first destination. I drove what seemed to only be about 30 miles to Caernarfon Castle. Turns out my real obstacle with the car is when I'm going slowly, because parking didn't exactly go smoothly. Then there was obstacle number two, I had forgotten that I needed Pounds in the UK, and not Euros. So after trying to withdraw money from and ATM, and realizing my bank must have thought my information was stolen (but I guess they're doing their job), I had to walk around hoping to find a money exchange so I could pay for parking so I wouldn't get a ticket. Yeah, having a car may not have been my brightest idea. Fortunately, the locals were very helpful pointing me in the right direction, and it was all figured out. I wasn't sure what to expect from this castle, especially because I didn't know anything about it. Before even heading inside there was a sign listing dates of the events that had happened there, and I couldn't wait to see everything. After passing through the entrance you end up in a huge courtyard, with tall walls surrounding you on every side feeling very much like a fortress. I decided I needed to climb a tower immediately. A decent hike up narrow stairs later, I finally made it, and I had also decided that everyone back then was super fit or just stayed on the ground floor. The view was amazing. After taking the photos I'm required to take, I decided to explore all the nooks and crannies I could find, many were dead ends, but most were the way to a new area... or more stairs. Two hours of climbing the castle later, I decided it was time to head on to my next destination. Easier said than done. I wish my problem was something easy, like finding the car, but no. I had returned to face my old foe, reversing. It did not go well, and the whole time I was cursing the very nice woman who let me rent the car in the first place, as well as the lovely looking family watching me struggle and stall the car roughly three dozen times (probably less, but it felt like a million). They were at least smart enough to avoid being hit. Leaving a parking lot has never been more difficult. Having managed to make it on the road without lost of limb or life, I was feeling slightly more confident. Well, it turns out addresses aren't quite as spot on as I thought they were, so be it. I pulled over, because I finally figured out how to slow down without stalling, and decided to just head to my hostel. Turns out the address I had for that wasn't quite where it was located. Fine, I decided why not make the best of the situation, that just means it's time to stop and eat. I can always figure it out once I'm full, and so far the locals have always been extremely helpful. I may have only seen one sight, but that's just the way this worked out. If I'm going to worry about anyone it's going to be the people of Wales while I have this car. Wish me (and them) luckRead more

    Cynthia Gallivan

    Hahahahahaha! Maybe you should have driven the Honda more. 😉 I whisk you and the people and property of Wales luck, though I’m sure it’ll be like riding a bike; you’ll have the hang of it in no time. ❤️

  • Day2

    Stage 1

    July 4, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Worum ging es?
    Rätsel lösen, um Bonus-Zeiten zu bekommen. Aufteilung in sinnvolle Teams und Entscheidung zwischen Fahrrad- oder Lauf-Etappen.

    Envelop: Laufen ums Schloss 🏃 (Olli)
    Stage: Laufen, Radeln, Rätseln.Read more

  • Day2

    Stage 2 - Night

    July 4, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Worum ging es?
    Geschichte um 6 oder 7 Kriminalfälle. Die Fälle sollten gelöst werden.

    Envelop: Laufen 🏃‍♂️ (Marcus)
    Stage: Laufen, Rätseln, Entscheiden.

    Erste Hinweise gab es im Briefing-Dokument. Weitere Hinweise gab es am den Stationen.

    Im Envelop war eine Karte mit Stationen enthalten. Die Stationen galt es, den Fällen zuzuordnen und abzulaufen. Alle Stationen abzulaufen, wäre nicht möglich - also Entscheidung: Welche Schwierigkeit versuchen? Welche Wege gehen? Wen wohin schicken? Wen Rätseln lassen?
    Read more

  • Day3


    June 27, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Nachdem die Burg in Conwy ja schon geschlossen hatte und wir die in Beaumaris ausgelassen hatten, setzten wir ganz auf die Burg in Caernafon. Zum Glück oder zum Pech ging uns allerdings vor der Burg stehend das Lichtlein auf, dass wir ja in einer anderen Zeitzone sind und das Deutschland Spiel schon um drei statt um vier startet. Kurze Rede langer Sinn: Vorrundenende und keine Burg besichtigt...Read more

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Caernarfon, Карнарвън, קרנארפון, カーナーヴォン, 카나번, Karnarvon, Kernarvonas, คายร์นาร์วอน, Карнарвон, 卡納芬