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  • Day13

    Ship Shape in Shap

    June 10, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Our high point today was Kidsty Pike at 784 metres. It was quite a climb, up past Angle Tarn and The Knot. Just after leaving Patterdale we could hear a cuckoo. Again we had a bit of rain on the way up but it cleared for a bit at the top so we didn’t miss out on the views. The midges were biting at the top, they obviously know that’s were they can get a good feed.
    We saw quite a few “fell runners” out today, racing straight down the hills. I was expecting one to do a face plant and roll the rest of the way down, but somehow they managed to stay upright.

    My wet weather gear is quite a site, my coat is unfashionably long, down to my knees, I think it’s about 25 years old or more, and at least one size too big. My pants are made for some about 175cm tall, perhaps that’s the average height of a bush walker, but I’m only 164cm.

    The midges knew about the lunch stop as well, at the bottom of the steep descent. After lunch we walked along beside Haweswater Reservoir and ended up at Brampton Grange. A taxi was arranged to take us into Shap for tonight and to ferry us back to join the route tomorrow. 25 kilometres and a big climb, not a bad effort.

    We’re now leaving the Lake District behind us. I’ll miss the sound of the herdies bleating, we’ve climbed some fabulous hills, and the views were spectacular.
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    At least you


    At least you'll have the driest bottom, fashionable or not! (And much better than having an old raincoat that's now at least one size too small...)


    It's Miranda, by the way - failing to log in properly, apparently.

  • Day1

    Weekend at an English Manor House

    March 25, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Mike and I left Victoria, once again, on Wednesday morning. Our first stop on this trip is England where we will spend a total of 7nights. Mike’s brother Alun turned 70 on March 22 and we are here to celebrate with the extended Parrys.
    Our trip over to Europe was pleasantly uneventful as we enjoyed premium economy, bulk head seats, the airport lounges and a glass or two of vino to make things easier. We rented a car in Manchester - an SUV with a funny name (it has 2 Qs in the name?) Poor Mike has to take the burden of all the driving in the UK and coming off a plane tired and having to immediately navigate round-abouts ( traffic circles) going the wrong way... well you can understand why one needs a refreshment upon arrival. Actually, we rested and then took Al “out to pub” for his birthday dinner.
    Friday A.M. we packed up some food and ++ cases of champagne and set off north to the Lake District. For those unfamiliar with English geography, the Lake District is in the county of Cumbria on England’s west coast. It is the hilly region of the country with the highest peak, Scarfell. There are many beautiful lakes in the area. It is probably the most popular holiday area of the country for Brits who cottage there and enjoy the walking while all the overseas tourists are crowding places like London, Oxford and the likes.
    Mike and I spent Friday exploring some small picturesque towns like Windemere where we spent time with Ron and Diane a few years ago. Mike pointed out some of the spots he and Ron hiked last year on their coast to coast hike. I have a new appreciation for how challenging their 2 week walking adventure must have been.

    We arrived at our weekend home away from home , a beautifully restored Manor house called Melmerby Hall located in the small village of Melmerby. Not quite Downton Abbey scale but certainly very large and beautifully appointed. There are many common rooms, some formal and some less formal. There are 9 bedrooms with ensuites. There is a massive industrial type kitchen and a kitchen table that can seat 20. There is a formal dining room which we used last night. We all agree it would be a spectacular property in which to live if it had a Mr Carson and a couple of Mrs Hughes.
    The entire weekend gang arrived at about 530 Friday night and there was lots of hugging, oohing and awing over the children we hadn’t met yet-and lots of group pictures. Besides ourselves and Al and Natalie, there are Al’s 3 sons, 2 partners, 4 children ,Al’s brother-in-law Eric and his wife from Plymouth whom we stayed with last year , and two couples who are close friends of Al’s. On Friday we had our meet and greet at the local pub which is only a few hundred metres up the road.

    Yesterday Helen arrived by train from London. We also managed a very long walk to a nearby village and then back over the fields. The British system of rights of way is so interesting as there are marked walking trails in virtually every direction. The fields are full of sheep and their babies as they have just birthed. A few of them might have ended up at dinner last but.... they are rather sweet to see. There were lots of horses to pet along the way so the children were happy. Mike and I decided not to travel with heavy hiking shoes/ boots for this part of the trip so we were a bit mucky by the end of the walk.

    Last night (Saturday) was the big birthday event and we all got dressed up to celebrate. The men looked particularly handsome in their tuxedos. Mike borrowed one and we hitched up the pant hems and squeezed him into a borrowed shirt. The party was a great success with a wonderful dinner that Al had catered. There was free flowing champagne and a few toasts. After dinner we moved back the rugs and danced. We were missing you Jon on DJ duty. I think that Al was very pleased with how things went and having the family and his closest friends around.
    Today we were all moving a bit more slowly. The children including a 7month old, a 2 year old like our Malcolm named after Mike’s Dad Frank , a very chatty 3 year old girl named Lowrie and Chris’s daughter Lilly were all up at their usual time. I think one of the parents Susanna was on kid duty so the rest could lie in.
    We enjoyed another very scenic walk today up and down the local farmer’s fields. The weather is holding but promises to get cooler for the rest of the week.
    Helen took the train back to London this afternoon. She puts her head down for a few days of work and then we RV again on Thursday night for the second leg of our trip in Portugal. Until Thursday, Mike and I are planning to spend a few more days exploring the Lake District and the Yorkshire dales. We are actually looking forward to a couple of quiet days as things have been a fast-paced blur for the past few months.

    That’s all the news from the Manor house. Ta ta for now!
    Heather/ Mom
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    Fiona Logan

    Pretty posh! Happy Birthday Alun. Lovely pics. Definitely need a Carson and Mrs Hughs

    Jonathan Karpetz

    Looks like a great party at a wonderful location. I am sure you have all been going through the many tv shows, movies and plays that could and probably have taken place around those parts.

    Sharon Hnatiuk

    I guess they don’t make tuxedos in a “shorts” style. Not used to seeing Mike in pants. Beautiful place, have fun.

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  • Day6

    Wir sind in Schottland

    May 16, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Heute hieß es: früh aufstehen denn es lag ein weiter weg vor uns. Durch den lake district entlang der Seen fuhren wir immer weiter, bis nach Schottland. In Glasgow machten wir einen Stadt Spaziergang, dann ging es weiter bis in die Highlands...Read more

    very nice! Lasst euch Zeit für Schottland.

  • Day5

    ORM - Saint Johns-in-the-Vale

    May 15, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Neben den Road-Missions gab es dieses Jahr auch Off-Road-Missions, für die mittlerweile doch stark zunehmende Zahl an Off-Roadern (Pathfinder, Defender, G-Klassen usw.). Als 525iX wollten wir uns so eine natürlich auch mal anschauen und konnten die Abfahrt zur Off-Road-Strecke dank der deutlichen Beschilderung ("No Unsuitable Vehicles!") recht leicht finden.

    Die Auffahrt verlief noch ganz gut, bis uns dann erste Treppenstufen entgegenkamen, die leider nicht mit unserer Bodenfreiheit zu vereinbaren waren. Schade, der Ausblick und die Strecke sah sonst wirklich genial aus!
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    Peter Quecke

    Gut Drift!

  • Day12

    St Sunday Crag

    June 9, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    So what if it is Saturday, this Crag was our goal for the day. We set off on a beautiful morning, up to Grisedale Pass then down a bit to Grisedale Tarn, the great little lake in the photo. From there we had a choice of 3 routes, straight down the valley to Patterdale, the very high route which is described as a precarious descent with sheer drops on either side or via St Sunday Crag. It is said that St Sunday Crag has perhaps the best views on the entire route but it started to rain not long after we headed up. It wasn’t cold and there was no wind but the views vanished in the mist. The rain cleared as we headed down, in time for a lunch break looking down towards Ullswater and Patterdale. We could see a cricket match happening in the valley below.
    Although we climb again tomorrow almost as high, St Sunday will be our highest point for the trip at about 800 metres and our distance for the day was about 17kilometres.

    Well done to Fran and Anne from group1, who conquered the high route over Helvellyn and Siding Edge.

    Our accomodation is a bit spread out tonight, 4 of us in Patterdale, the rest a couple of kilometres down the road, we’ll have a quiet dinner for 4 at the White Lion Inn. There is a red telephone box in this village, with an actual phone in it, handy because I have no phone reception here.

    I’ll miss the bleating of Herdwick sheep when we leave the Lakes District, I can hear them outside our window now.
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    I don’t suppose there was a Catholic church on top, given it is all about Sundays. Jan

  • Day14

    Over the stiles to Orton

    June 11, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    So we backtracked by taxi shuttle to where we left off yesterday. The taxis route was through very narrow roads with high dry stone walls on either side, luckily we didn’t meet anything big coming the other way.

    The walk then took us through paddocks, along beside a creek, over a very old bridge and over many stiles to Shap Abbey, not looking too shabby seeing as it dates back to 1200. Cattle and sheep in the paddocks now, so we have cow shit on our boots as well. I lost count of the number of stiles we climbed over. They’re not too keen on dogs wandering through the paddocks here.
    We stopped for lunch in Shap before heading off to cross the M6 motorway, luckily there is a pedestrian bridge.

    The geology changes here to limestone country, and while there were still plenty of sheep around it generally was a bit wilder than our morning walk through the paddocks. I’m not sure what the breed of sheep is now. There were some interesting rock formations.

    Finally we dropped down into the village of Orton, the day seemed longer than the expected 19 kilometres, my phone registered 22, so with the late start we were too late to visit the Chocolate Shop, maybe in the morning before we leave.

    For a lot of the day we could look back and see Kidsty Pike off in the distance, we’ve come a long way.
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    Jane Matthews

    Allison referred to the sheep as long legged, woolly Swaledale sheep.

  • Day11

    Nine Standards Rigg

    July 3, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    Up to this point, all rivers have been running west to the Irish Sea - so we've been walking up stream.

    From this point, all rivers will run east to the North Sea - so we'll be walking downstream from now on.

    All downhill from here...

    sort of.
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  • Day12

    UK day 9- Stone Cottage, Lakes District

    February 22, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 3 °C

    Another beautiful day here in the Lakes Disrict. After breakfast Geoff and I set out on a walk to Brotherswater. More stunning scenery and many photos to be taken. We went through Hartsop and then along the walk by Brotherswater, very nice indeed. Through a sheep paddock and a campground to the Brotherswater Inn where we had a hot chocolate and enjoyed the view. Back on a track on the other side of the Water heading back to Deepdale where stone cottage is. Just made it back in time to join the others heading into Glenridding to have some lunch at Inn on the Lake. Great food and another stunning view of Ullswater. After lunch the girls, Mary, Jan and I went to Windermere and Ambleside for a bit of a look around the shops. Back to the cottage for another evening around the log fire.Read more

  • Day15


    June 12, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Our first encounter for the day was the Chocolate Shop. Thanks Allison for the yummy peppermint chocolate she shared with us at our stops.

    Next was a mob of sheep coming down the lane towards us, the lane had high stone walls on either side, we were able to get off the road into a gate way as they came past.

    We crossed Ravenstonedale Moor, and had a lunch break on Smardale Bridge, then up onto Smardale Fell, and then down to Kirkby Stephen. After one of our “green room” stops I left my poles behind and had to do a quick sprint back to retrieve them. The team entertained themselves with wild flower photography while they waited.

    At about the last stile before Kirkby Stephen, there was a cow poking her head through the wall. OK we thought, and John gently urged her away and climbed to the top of the wall to find a large bull in the field, just the other side of the stile. Luckily the bull was much more interested in the cows than in us so we quietly edged around him and headed across the paddock.

    Our B&B host at the Jolly Farmer greeted us with scones, jam and cream and a cup of tea. It’s a great little town with a 13th century church, built on the site of an old Saxon church. It is now the parish church for all denominations. Just inside the church is the Loki Stone, carved by Vikings.

    We’re ready for a big day tomorrow, Julie even has a new pair of boots.
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    Does that mean there are some good boots shops on the track? Any wide ones???? I trust Jule will bless her new boots with a baptism of sheep shit. Jan.

  • Day10

    UK day 7- Lakes District- Stone Cottage

    February 20, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 5 °C

    Beautiful morning watching some rabbits in the back garden, sooo cute. Had a lovely bacon and eggs breakfast. Geoff and I set off for a walk through some fields and at the base of the hill, past some beautiful cottages. There was one group of cottages called Crookabeck. A lot of these cottages are actually self catering B&B's. We arrived in Patterdale, which had a pub and a post office and shop. We continued on to Glenridding which is a bigger village at the bottom of lake Ullswater. On the walk back to Stone Cottage we ran into Aaron who was walking to Glenridding. Back to the cottage where Jan and Mary had just returned from a walk. We waited for Aaron then went for a drive around Ullswater lake to Pooley Bridge and had a coffee and a walk around. Another quiet evening after a beautiful sunny but cold day at the Lakes.Read more

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