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  • Day7

    British Museum

    April 28 in the United Kingdom

    Another museum.. We saw the Rosetta Stone and a lot of other really neat things. And lots and lots of old pottery. Lots. I might be getting a bit museum'd out this week. Or at least my tired feet are.

    We also saw a smaller version of Rodin's Thinking Man. It took me back to a previous trip... where Matt and I went to the Rodin Museum in Paris with our other friend Tammie and her daughter Sierra. We saw the full size version there. We quite enjoyed that museum.Read more

  • Day16

    British Museum

    April 16, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Kultur und Geschichte war heute das Tagesprogramm. Wir besuchten das British Museum. Am Anfang war es cool. So viele interessante Dinge zu sehen und (versuchen) zu lesen. Aber mit der Zeit wurde es etwas langwilig und die Leute gingen mir auf die Nerven. Ein regelrechtes Gedränge und Geschupse. Man konnt nich mehr nahe genug an die Ausstellungsgegenstände stehen und die Infotafel lesen, weil jeder ein Selfie von sich davor machen wollte. Meine Fresse die Menschheit wird immer egoistischer 😤
    (Sorry für den Ausdruck aber es musste gesagt werden).
    Danach waren wir so müde davon, dass es nur noch einen Kaffee gab und wir dann nach Hause gingen 😅
    Alles in allem: interessant aber anstrengend
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  • Day29

    Hokusai, British Museum &The Japan House

    May 25, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    I think I'm still in Japan despite arriving in London two days ago. I spent all my time at two exhibitions; the first at the British Museum - Hokusai; Beyond The Great Wave. Lots of wonderful works by the famous woodblock artist Hokusai. I found his paintings just as impressive as the more famous woodblock prints like Red Fuji and The Great Wave which were also present.

    I then wandered off over to the Barbican Centre for an exhibition called The Japan House about Japanese architecture since 1945. Very cool. They had a bunch of exhibition rooms upstairs and downstairs had recreated the famous Moriyama House (2005), designed in Tokyo by Ryue Nishizawa and inhabited by Yasuo Moriyama, an enigmatic urban hermit. You could just wander around in the house which was brilliant and full of strange and wonderful things like the green lit 'garden' complete with 'tree house'.

    I'll probably arrive in the UK eventually but for now my sprit continues to inhabit Japan :-)
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  • Day12

    British Museum

    July 29, 2016 in the United Kingdom

    We slept in and had English tea. We said good bye to Ross, who's flying to California for work and will be seeing Elly and James. We walked a half mile to the British Museum. Kate joined us after work. Most of London's museums are free and unlike the Louvre or the Met, they have lots of museums that each feature different types of collections. It's nice because no one place is overwhelming.

  • Day85

    Day 85: Birthday Celebrations

    May 11, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    An important day today - my wife Shandos's birthday! I'd managed to sneak out a couple of days earlier to a bottle shop where I'd bought her a nice bottle of rose wine and a cute card with a dachshund on it. I gave these to her first thing in the morning, which went down quite well!

    No time to lose though, as we had another busy day planned - all stuff Shandos wanted to do, of course. First up was breakfast with her brother Joel, who had arrived from the Middle East the previous morning. He's been travelling for most of the last 18 months as well, and tends to move around a bit more than us, covering more ground but in less depth. It was good to see him and catch up, as we hadn't seen him since he left Australia in January.

    Breakfast was on the 36th floor of the "walkie-talkie" building, in the Skygarden restaurant. It's a beautiful spot, on the top of a tall building but with a glass ceiling and lots of plants around. Great views, and good food too. And to our surprise, Shandos's parents and Joel picked up the bill as a birthday present - nice!

    Next stop was the National Gallery, where we spent several hours looking at the fantastic art on display. Lots of famous artists including Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian, Turner, Bosch, Rembrandt, van Gogh, Monet, Pizzarro, Gaugin and many many more besides. Since we didn't have a huge amount of time, we picked through a brochure and went for the highlights tour! Very efficient.

    Up next was the British Museum, where there's an extraordinary collection of objects and artefacts from across the globe. Again, it's somewhere you can't possibly do justice to in a short couple of hours, but again we followed a recommended "short-visit" itinerary. Highlights included the Rosetta Stone, Elgin marbles, Egyptian statues and ruins, samurai armour, ancient chess pieces and several other things. It's somewhere I could've spent ages exploring, but time was pressing and we moved onwards.

    Back on our Boris Bikes (we'd been getting around today on the bike-sharing bicycles scattered around the city, as they're quick, cheap and fairly safe), where we rode all the way up to Angel and our apartment. It was now late afternoon, so we crashed for a little while before heading back out for birthday drinks.

    Lots of people there, including Sean and his girlfriend Suey, Joel and a childhood friend of the Cleavers named Annika, a good friend of mine named Cameron who'd moved to London 6 years ago, and several of Sean and Suey's friends (they had met over here after all). Schnitzel came with us and seemed to the be the highlight of everyone's night! His first time in a noisy pub, which I think was a bit eye-opening for him! Many beers were had, before a late-night Uber home and a midnight stumble into bed. Long day, but a fun day!
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  • Day13

    Royal National Hotel

    May 22, 2015 in the United Kingdom

    Finally made it to the hotel after the flight from Athens. Feeling tired but don't want to waste a second so I am going to go for a walk to check out the surroundings before trying to find something for dinner!

  • Day59

    Royal National Hotel

    July 7, 2015 in the United Kingdom

    Back where it all began and now where it all finishes. Once we arrived back we said our goodbyes to a few that were going straight to the airport or not staying at the same hotel. We arranged to have drinks with the remaining people that night at the London Pub and when it was finally time to say goodbye there was a lot of tears. It was like saying goodbye to a family member, I know we live all over the place in Australia, Canada, United States of America, New Zealand and some in England but I have no doubt that we will see each other again.Read more

  • Day6

    Day 6: London, England

    July 12, 2016 in the United Kingdom

    We tried our hardest to get going earlier, but beyond walking streets with closed stores and taking pictures outside, there's nothing to do before 10. We walked through Chinatown (nothing open yet), then down regent street to Picadilly Circus (their times square equivalent) and down Oxford street (a major shopping street). It was mostly interesting seeing everyone going to work. A enormous variety of people from low-end labor jobs, to the highest-end government and financial jobs (in lovely navy suits with camel breifcases and beautiful umbrellas). We turned around at the BBC building and walked back east to the British Museum. We stopped in Patisserie Valerie for an Americano in a quaint section to soak up the last sun rays of the day before rain came in the afternoon. Saying the British Museum is enormous is a bit of an understatement. You really do need a plan of attack, which despite my intentions, I never really got to. So we started at the top- to have a few moments of quiet since the rest of the museum is a complete bombardment of tourist and school groups. We made our way down until 12 when we decided to grab some lunch at a little cafe called Salt and Pepper a couple blocks away. Just enough space from the museum for a little respite. Then we returned to the museum to finish the main ground floor with the major attractions of the rosetta stone, the mummies, and my personal favorite section- ancient Assyria. We finally finished walking the entire museum (we may have missed one or two rooms of course) and then walked to a Montrose (a much larger grocery store) and then back to the flat in the rain to rest our legs. We both did a little workout to feel halfway human again and ate some fresh food before heading back down to Picadilly Circus to peruse the shops. We visited the Fortum and Mason Tea Salon and suddenly I feel quite at home. They have 4 beautiful floors of fabulous teas, desserts, meats, cheeses, produce, flowers, home goods, handbags, silver, china, everything beautiful in the world. We meander the streets and window shop until my feet can't do it anymore and we get back on the tube to return another day.Read more

  • Day9

    Última tarde y cena de pub

    August 9, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Tras el café hemos visto la parte de terremotos y volcanes. Ha molado mucho, ya que tenían diferentes materiales volcánicos para tocar y ver (basalto, obsidiana, etc.) Así como trozos de lava solidificada de formas diferentes, con lo que explicaban las formas en las que puede irse desplazando. Además, del terremoto y tsunami de 2011, se tenían imágenes en vídeo del inicio, de cuando se forma el tsunami y de cuando impacta contra la costa: ha sido a la vez muy fuerte pero espectacular lo que la naturaleza es capaz de hacer. Además, tenían un "simulador" de cómo se movió la tierra en el terremoto de Kobe del 95.

    Tras eso y el sistema solar, en el que tenían hecho una cosa muy chula para ir mostrando diferentes hechos de los planetas (los anillos, la gran mancha roja, que Neptuno gira tumbado...), estábamos ya hartos, y además eran casi las 3, así que nos hemos ido de vuelta al metro, a comer, y al hotel a darnos una ducha caliente porque estábamos empapados.

    Hemos llegado al hotel cerca de las 4 y algo, y tras las duchas, hemos estado descansando y viendo como metíamos todo en las maletas para mañana, pero a las 6 y media o así, nos hemos ido a un pub que hay aquí al lado. Hemos ido por cercanía por lo que llovía, pero hemos triunfado.

    Estaba hasta los topes, y hemos cenado estupendamente. Además, nos hemos tomado unas pintas y disfrutado del ambiente que había: desde familias con niños hasta gente mayor, pasando por grupos de cuarentones, gente joven, etc.

    Pablo por su parte he ido bebiendo medias pintas para probar más, y tras una nochecita allí, nos hemos venido al hotel, donde ya nos vamos a ir a dormir. Mañana volvemos a España.

    P.D: El móvil de Ana se estaba cargando cuando hemos ido al pub, por eso las fotos son de peor calidad.
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  • Day6

    Llegada a Londres

    August 6, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Hoy, tras desayunar (menos copiosamente xD) hemos cogido el tranvía hasta la estación de Picadilly y el tren de las 10:35 a Londres Euston. Durante el viaje Pablo ha ido leyendo y Ana dormitando a ratos. Ha sido un poco largo pero al final hemos llegado sobre las 13:15. Tras comprar un mapa y la tarjeta del metro, hemos ido a comer algo y luego al hotel, donde la recepcionista, tras leer el nombre de Ana, se ha puesto a hablar no en español, porque era de aquí.

    Hemos dejado las maletas y nos hemos ido a King's Cross, a hacernos una foto en el andén 9 y 3/4, cosa que hemos conseguido tras 50 minutos de cola. Por cierto, en un parque cercano al hotel hemos visto una estatua de Ghandi, y una celebración homenaje a Hiroshima, donde estaban tocando música de los 60 y cantando y tal. Tras echar un ojo a la tienda, hemos ido hasta Baker Street, donde tras una foto cerca del 221b (había otra coma aproximada de 45 minutos y pasábamos de esperar más), nos hemos encaminado hasta nuestra última parada del plan de hoy, los Abbey Road Estudios y la famosa foto cruzando la calle. Es curioso que la calle está abierta al tráfico, pero al o tener semáforo el paso de cebra, la gente está frenando constantemente, ya que todos los turistas se pasan el día cruzando xD.

    Tras la foto de rigor, hemos ido de vuelta al hotel para buscar un sitio para cenar, y hemos ido como sardinas en lata, ya que era hora punta en el metro, y además hoy juegan el Chelsea y el Arsenal (derby londinense), pero al final lo hemos conseguido, y como cerca del hotel no hay mucho, hemos cenado en un italiano que había.

    Ahora estamos ya en el hotel, hemos hecho la facturación del vuelo de vuelta, que abría hoy, y nos hemos duchado. Estamos listos para dormirnos y descansar para mañana.
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