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  • Day39

    Flughafen Charlotte

    June 25, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Um 23.30 ging es wieder los und wir sind um 0.20 Uhr gut in Charlotte gelandet 🙂. Wenn alles gut läuft, bekommen wir auch heute noch unseren Mietwagen. Alamo hat bis 2.00 Uhr auf. Es ist jetzt 1.00 Uhr und das Gepäckband rührt sich noch nicht 🤔Read more

  • Day42


    June 28, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    Heute morgen sind wir gegen 8.30 Uhr in Leland in Richtung Charlotte gestartet. Die Mietwagenrückgabe ging superschnell und reibungslos. Das Einchecken war da schon etwas schwieriger, aber mit ein bisschen Hilfe einer netten Mitarbeiterin von American Airlines, haben wir auch das gut gemeistert. Jetzt müssen wir uns noch ein bisschen die Zeit vertreiben...Read more

  • Day43

    Baymont Inn

    June 29, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    So, es gab keinen neuen Flieger. Statt dessen wurden wir jetzt umgebucht und fliegen heute Nachmittag über Chicago nach München und von da dann nach Hamburg. Wenn alles gut läuft, sind wir Sonntag Nachmittag zu Hause. Erstmal haben wir ein Zimmer im Baymont Inn & Suites bekommen. Wahrscheinlich bekommen wir sogar irgendwas zum Frühstück.Read more

  • Day20

    a lovely warm welcome

    September 8, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    Yesterday I left the hustle and bustle of New York behind with a big smile on my face knowing that I was heading to see some of my dearest friends, heading for some good old fashion southern hospitality and one of my favorite parts of the world.

    I flew in to Charlotte with a big smile on my face and got an awesome welcome from Lauren but first from little Grayson, who, having never met me before, came straight up to me and said hello uncle Stewart and gave me a big hug. (I am under no illusions that he was well trained for this, but without promoting when we were walking to the car he asked if he could hold uncle Stewart's hand... Awwww).

    Lauren and Clay's new house is nothing short of spectacular and the pooch (Connor) , seemed very excited to see me...I like to think he remembers me from my last visit.

    Super exciting day today...got my laundry done, played with Connor, dried my laundry, played with Connor, unpacked, played with Connor, thought about taking a walk...realised it was 36 degrees...played with Connor, read my book in the sun for an hour....yup, played with Connor....God I miss having a dog lol
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  • Day25

    Being a tourist again

    September 13, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 22 °C

    After spending the last few days catching up with my favorite American couple and getting to know little greyson, last night I decided today would be a good day to make it up in time to bum a lift with clay uptown and go do alllll the touristy things Charlotte had to offer....I love Charlotte, I could and would love tiki live here.....it is not a tourist town.

    I woke up just in time to make the school run and after a quick lap of downtown....it's really not that big, I stopped for a decent southern breakfast, eggs, sausage, grits and biscuit....God I miss grits...for the English, picture a buttery, salty, sweet mess of porridge consistency goodness.

    Thought I would go check out discovery place, charlottes science museum, I enjoyed the natural world stuff, cool fish and frogs and stuff but I was about 25 years too old for the target demographic and skipped most of it except the rain forest talk.

    Met up with clay for lunch...just cos you know I didn't want him to feel left out.

    I thought in the afternoon it would be a good idea to go check out the NASCAR hall of fame...why...I'm not sure, never seen a NASCAR race in my life but, when in Rome...

    I actually thoroughly enjoyed the hall of fame, they had a ton of good exhibits, the cars were pretty cool and I had a really fun afternoon....

    So touristy stuff done, I'm back to hanging out with my peeps and chilling with the world's cutest puppy
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  • Day32

    cowboys, country music and more fish

    September 20, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    So it's been a while since my last post, mainly because I've just been hanging with my awesome peeps here, drinking beer with clay, chatting, chilling and shopping with Lauren and playing in the sprinkler and swimming with the boy Grayson.

    Last weekend was awesome, Friday was boys night, I took the train uptown to meet clay after he got done with work, couple beers and a bite to eat at whiskey river and it was time to head off to the bull riding at time Warner cable arena...unfortunately clay is a right gangster and we had to get out of line to go drop his bad ass knife back in the car so it wouldn't get confiscated...sounds better that way than to explain it was his dad's pen knife he carries to cut stray threads off his shirts.... After a quick walk three blocks we were back in the queue and with a plan for once we got in... Men's room, beer, seats...simple, effective.

    After a statement about why America was the best country in the world and a moment of respect for those serving abroad and the national anthem...sure...if that's how you do it in your country...it was time for the cowboys to step up, it was awesome, including some surprises like a kiwi rider ending up #4 and some crazy fools hanging on for the 8 second ride a local boy won and the place went nuts...thoroughly enjoyable spectacle.

    Saturday night was ladies night for me and Lauren out at PNC music pavilion for some awesome country music, the night was kicked off by the always impressive Maddie and Tae, who must be 2 of the most well travelled and hard working young ladies in country (I've seen then play in the UK twice in the last year). Next up was an act best forgotten, but did mean me and Lauren could have a laugh coming up with some bitchy comments. Then it was time for the main event Brad freaking Paisley!! I love this guy, every one of his songs seems to be a hit and he is just the nicest guy, he stopped after an acoustic song to sign his guitar and hand it to a young fan and tell him he would see him up on that stage in 10 years. He interrupted one of his slower more romantic songs by saying he had been planning something on Twitter the last few days and brought out a young couple with the guy proposing on stage and later pulling a young fan up on stage for a selfie...tie that in with an awesome set for an hour or so to which I knew every word and I had a absolute blast!

    Sunday was a cool day with a trip to the local pool in the morning and a couple bars in the afternoon.

    Interspersed with that was watching an awesome all blacks game (at 3 am Saturday), Singapore grand prix, and qualifying, the titans game in a local bar, far too many beers and a general lack of sleep and Monday was a complete write off, the highlight of which was opening the door to the pizza delivery guy.

    Today I took Laurens car out to concord mall to see the fishes...not overly exciting and only worth about assign hour of my time but still had fun and got a few good photos.

    This weekend...family road trip to Charleston!! Whoop whoop
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  • Day87

    adventures in babysitting

    November 14, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    So as most of you know, due to unforeseen circumstances I'm headed home tomorrow (hopefully for a very short temporary hiatus on the travel) but I thought I would share one last thing before that.

    On Friday I babysat young master Grayson for the whole day (just turned three in case you're wondering) and I thought I should provide a daily report to Lauren and clay in the way their preschool does...I maybe added a few more details than they usually do...

    Non school report-ish

    8-9.15 movie (kung foo panda), he's chill and relaxed laying on my belly drinking Apple juice...maybe this will be the easiest day ever

    9.15-9.45 aaaaaand nope... Bored now time for playing with toys, attempts to push towards educational number and drawing toys only last so long and is back to tiger vs alligator fights and another Apple juice

    9.45 - uh oh!! Is the shout as G looks down to where a fountain of pee springs fourth! maybe too much Apple juice!! fastest I've moved in weeks, lifting him up in one arm and rushing to the bathroom, alas I'm too late...bath time, clean clothes and back to drawing pictures in the chalk board...

    10.15 - pee in potty...seriously how he had any left after what he did earlier I have no idea but manages a rather large pee

    10.15-10.45 puzzles, 4 done, all by him...totes proud of himself...I totally guided him and should get some credit

    10.45 cartoons, another kung foo panda movie

    11 lunch, i know it's early but he was insistent he was hungry and wanted to eat noodles to become Dragon warrior...maybe too many cartoons, ate noodles with chicken and veg, tomatoes and Apple sauce...he ate it all, I had his left over grilled cheese from last night, not that anyone cares

    11.40 after a bit of stroppyness agrees to sit on toilet to try and poop....pees again...G is possibly half fire hydrant

    11.45 story, apples on top by Dr zues...he enjoyed it, I'm not sure what the message was and how I feel about it...

    12 in bed with pull up on, pacifier in and blanket over him with minimal winning....expecting him to kick off any minute it cannot have been that easy

    12.25 still in bed but partying with and talking to his toys and seems wide awake...hmm

    12.30 another story and hope for a nap...dosent seem interested bit staying in bed

    1.08 I beat the undertaker at wrestlemania and the steak is broken!!! Woohoo...oops this should be on this report

    1.20 in what I can only consider a protest at being left in bed G has filed up his pull up with a load worthy of any full grown African elephant, the smell is something I may never recover from after cleaning him off in the tub he was very insistent he wanted the shower on...seemed a bit odd and didn't think he would normally but who knows so after several clarification questions he was convinced and so was I...it was on for all of 1.5 seconds before the freak out came

    1.30 dried and in his third outfit change of the day it's back to the cartoons so I can have the pleasure of cleaning up...I may have flashbacks afterwards...G wasn't convinced when I put the jetsons on but seemed to agree with my logic that when he stopped pooping his pants he would get to choose , another Apple juice

    2.35 another massive pee...am I over watering...is that a thing...I only give drinks when he asks

    2.40-3.35 turtle helmet fitted, safety straps on time to ride the radio flyer to the park (I totally pushed the whole way, kid is laaaaaazy on the peddling). We had a little trouble when we first got to the park when Grayson climbed up to the top slide and didn't stop and come back when he was told to...freaked me the f out until I figured out he was basically an expert at this climbing frame! Next up was G's Spider-Man audition, one boost onto the climbing wall and hold on while he climbed, next time climbed up himself with me standing close guard, the next 25 tonnes of climbing the wall and down the slide were a blur as he seemed to be trying to get quicker every time!

    3.30 cartoons

    4.12 he's peeing again!!!!!! Seriously!!!

    16.40 asked very nicely for a banana, when I said yes he started running for the kitchen...socks...hard wood floor...he slapped the floor pretty hard but only scared himself and only bashed his hand....salt into the wound...no bananas let....he had some orange pieces and the fruit cup from his dinner yesterday

    4.53...Getting pretty ancy for a smoke at this point and pretty sure I can still smell the poop from earlier...it may be burned into my nostrils...it may just be me, i haven't showered today...wait this isn't my diary....

    5.01...we learn that we should sit properly on our chairs when we slide off and onto the floor scaring ourselves again... Apparently G Has been saving up accidents for just before mummy and daddy get home...

    17.03 daddy is on his way back to the train station, we better go get him...
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Mecklenburg County, مقاطعة مكلينبرغ, Мекленбърг, ম্যাকলেনবার্গ কাউন্টি, Condado de Mecklenburg, Mecklenburgi maakond, Mecklenburg konderria, شهرستان مکلنبرگ، کارولینای شمالی, Comté de Mecklenburg, Mecklenburg megye, Contea di Mecklenburg, メクレンバーグ郡, Mecklenburg Kūn, Hrabstwo Mecklenburg, میکلنبرگ کاؤنٹی، اتلا کیرولینا, Comitatul Mecklenburg, Мекленберг, Округ Мекленбург, میکلینبرگ کاؤنٹی، شمالی کیرولائنا, Quận Mecklenburg, Condado han Mecklenburg, 梅克倫堡縣

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