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  • Day1

    Here in Raleigh Durham

    November 3 in the United States

    We have been in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina for a family wedding. My niece, a Duke graduate, and her fiance, also a Duke graduate, wanted to get married in the Duke Chapel. Reserving the chapel for a wedding ceremony is not an easy thing, but involves tents and sleeping outside for about a month before the release date for the month in which you want to marry. Very complicated, kind of like getting Duke basketball tickets.

    We decided to make a long weekend of it, and got here on Thursday. Dinner at Luna in downtown Durham was a great way to start off. The American Tobacco campus, home to all the big brands of US cigarettes, has been turned into a non-smoking tourist attraction. Fun to walk around.

    Friday was spent with good coffee, nice long hike on a trail through a lovely forest, lunch at Rose’s, best dumplings I have ever had. After the rehearsal dinner, we almost made it to the after-party, but decided to call it quits and leave the event to the young folks.
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  • Day1

    Wedding day, before the wedding

    November 3 in the United States

    After rain and clouds for two days, Saturday was gorgeous — sunny and cool, perfect for a wedding. Since the ceremony wasn’t till 3 pm, we had plenty of time to enjoy. Ben had heard a lot about a bakery/bread store, called Boulted Bread, which I can highly recommend. Hard for me to remember having eaten any better pastries. But we spent most of the morning and early afternoon at the North Carolina museum of Art. A former brownfield turned art museum and outdoor sculpture garden, it is a must-see if you come to Raleigh-Durham.Read more

  • Day44

    Great Smoky Mountains Nationalpark

    April 14, 2017 in the United States

    Von Myrtle Beach haben wir uns auf den Weg zum Nationalpark in North Carolina gemacht. Erster Halt war der Sliding Rock im Pisgah National Forest . Das Wasser war arschkalt, aber wir sind trotzdem gerutscht 💪🏻
    Auf dem Blue Ridge Parkway ging es Richtung Great Smoky Mountains Nationalpark. Wir hatten uns vorgenommen zu wandern. Also wurde fix gegoogelt und dann ging es los. Der Rainbow Falls Trail hatte viel zu bieten: Bären (aus sicherer Entfernung), Rehe (standen uns im Weg) und Wasserfälle 😄Read more

  • Day12

    3.1 Waves on the Outer Banks

    September 4 in the United States

    First day in Norfolk and immediately left to go to the beach house in Waves on the Outer Banks.
    Best weather I had there, ever. And this is my 6th, 7th, ... 8th time there? Not sure. But it was super cool. Also the company was quite enjoyable.

    However, the Outer Banks suffer from strong hurricanes and the rising tides. Luckily, our house is in third row and not at the ocean front, which makes it more protected.

    If you are interested, you can book the house here:
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  • Day48

    Off to North Carolina

    May 21 in the United States

    Nashville was awesome and we definetly want to go back. There is so much we didn't see and experience.

    We made it out of the KOA by 11. We even got a swim in the pool before we set off, as well as tenpin bowling and a swing on the hammocks. Our plan was to stop in Gatlinburg, a small mountain town that the locals at the festival said to visit. We were staying in a cabin at Asheville so we didn't need to set up a tent, so we could check in late.

    Well, Gatlinburg didn't happen. Brandon needed to go to the bathroom and we therefore we pulled off and stopped at Cummins Falls. What a great little surprise. It was a short walk to the overlook of supposedly one of the best swimming holes in North America. It was awesome and we will be back some day to swim in the hole and sit under the falls.

    We made it to the Asheville East KOA a bit after 7pm, losing another hour as we made it to the East Coast. We didn't have a tent to set up, as mom upgraded us to a cabin as she used to work at this KOA. It is a large KOA, and is has 2 lakes and has the Swannanoa River running through it. The KOA advertises about tubing down the river, but the river was fast and very high as they had over a week of rainy weather. No way could we let the kids go in there.

    Mom raved about the Pisgah brewery not far from the KOA, so we planned on eating dinner there, but we didn't realise they didn't serve food. Josh bought some beer to go and we went to the little town of Black Mountain and had an amazing dinner at Trailhead. It was the best dinner we have had out, felt healthy and tasty, and with 2 beers and dessert, with tip was $50. So affordable.
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  • Day51

    Drive to Nags Head North Carolina

    May 24 in the United States

    Today was all about driving. The kids from the campsite next door finally woke up (as Brandon wanted to wake them up for a few hours) to say goodbye.

    We had a 4 hour drive from ashville to chapel hill and then another 3.5 hours or so to Nags head.

    While on our trip Bruce, josh's dad, asked us to chat with Bea. Bea is an American who is engaged to Josh's cousin Calvin, who lives in Canberra. Bea just happened to live in Chapel Hill, NC, halfway between Ashville and Nags Head. Bea and I organised to meet for an early dinner.

    From Ashville we planned on starting our day with a walk to a waterfall Elisa's mom suggested and we thought that would be great to tire the kids out but, as we got to the parking lot of the walk,.Inara was already asleep.

    We made it to Chapel Hill a few hours earlier than planned and had a lunch with Bea rather than a dinner. She took us to a old style pharmacy which has a diner in it and a confectionary store. To enjoy the interesting old fashioned store we all had milkshakes. After lunch we had a walk around North Carolina University campus, with old heritage buildings, big old trees and lots of squirrels.

    The kids were great on the drive and was our longest of the trip. We made it to Nags Head about 8pm, 2nd to arrive. Elisa 's mom and husband made it a just a couple hours earlier.
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  • Day7

    Asheville, NC

    November 5 in the United States

    Quand on s’est levé ce matin, il avait plu et le ciel était gris et menaçant. On a décidé de rouler quand même et de partir tôt car on avait une longue journée devant nous. On a quitté vers 7h30 et après un déjeuner rapide, on a rejoins la Blue Ridge Parkway où on l’avait laissé hier.
    Une bruine s’est mis de la partie mais la route était tellement belle qu’on se sentait vraiment zen.
    On est rapidement monté en altitude et même si la bruine avait cessé, on était maintenant dans un brouillard épais par endroits. Pas vraiment stressant mais fatiguant quand même. C’est resté le cas jusqu’à ce qu’on redescende dans la ville de Boone pour dîner ou un gros soleil nous attendait.
    Après un excellent burger, on a décidé de poursuivre notre route jusqu’à Asheville même si on savait que le brouillard serait encore de la partie.
    Cette section-ci allait nous emmener au-dessus des 5000’ et on est passé au-dessus des nuages quelques fois. Les derniers deux cent kilomètres ont été magiques! Des vues incroyables! On était sur un nuage! On est maintenant dans notre chambre et on a encore le sourire aux lèvres. On a vu plein de petits cerfs aussi tout au long de la journée. Tellement contents d’avoir bravé le mauvais temps!
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  • Day161


    November 22 in the United States

    Am vierten Donnerstag im November feiern die Amerikaner hier Thanksgiving. Vom Gedanken her ähnlich, wie ein Erntedankfest in Deutschland, mit einem anderen Geschichtlichen Hintergrund.
    Es gibt verschiedene Ansichten darüber, wo der Startpunkt für Thanksgiving-Festlichkeiten zu setzen ist. Fest steht, dass anders als bei unserem Erntedankfest mehr als nur eine erfolgreiche Ernte der Grund für die Feierlichkeiten ist. Vielmehr haben sich die Kolonisten damals für ihre gelungene Überfahrt und die gesunde Ankunft in der „Neuen Welt“ bedankt. Denn ihren Heimweg, den sie mit dem Schiff zurücklegen mussten, haben aufgrund der Witterung nicht alle Passagiere überlebt. Wochenlang waren sie teilweise mörderischen Stürmen ausgesetzt und mussten ganz ohne die ausgefeilte Technik von heute auskommen.
    Wer nach Wochen voller Ungewissheit endlich ein Stück des geheiligten neuen Landes unter den Füßen spürte, empfand tiefe Dankbarkeit für diesen positiven Ausgang. Die ersten Siedler mit vergleichbaren Festen waren die Spanier. Man geht vom ersten Thanksgiving im Jahr 1541 aus, das von spanischen Kolonisten zusammen mit Mitgliedern eines Ureinwohnerstammes im Mai des Jahres gefeiert wurde. Diese bedankten sich mit dem Fest für die vorgefundene Nahrung, da Neuankömmlinge bei ihrer Ankunft oft nicht wussten, wovon sie sich ernähren sollen.

    Das Thanksgiving-Fest ist seit seinem Ursprung ein Zeichen des Friedens und der gegenseitigen Hilfe.
    Im Zentrum des Feiertages steht natürlich das riesige Abendbrot das in keiner Familie fehlen darf. Da wird den ganzen Tag gebraten, gebacken und gekocht, was die Küche hergibt! Am Ende ächzt der Esstisch vom traditionellen Truthahnbraten und seinen vielen Beilagen, die kein Mensch in einer Mahlzeit vertilgen kann! 
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  • Day13

    Alpharetta and Highlands

    June 19, 2017 in the United States

    Alpharetta was a haven of rest, but we were staying in a development inside Alpharetta called Avalon. Wikipedia says “Avalon, literally meaning "the isle of fruit [or apple] trees", is a legendary island featured in the Arthurian legend. It first appears in Geoffrey of Monmouth's 1136 pseudo-historical account Historia Regum Britanniae ("The History of the Kings of Britain") as the place where King Arthur's sword Excalibur was forged and later where Arthur was taken to recover from his wounds after the Battle of Camlann”. Geoffrey would be very surprised at the name being applied to this development but if not an island, it certainly feels like a bubble, a world within a world, insulated from external reality. It's a very high quality new development of apartments, shops, restaurants and hotels which has the huge advantage, rare in America, of being able to walk everywhere to everything you are likely to require, except possibly work or a supermarket. Convenient though it is, and the advantages are legion and obvious, I couldn't help feeling that it was like living in an uprated version of Meadowhall, a shopping centre outside Sheffield. Malcolm and Huj’s apartment was spacious and comfortable and though we were sad that Huj had already left to attend the funeral in England, it was great to have a reasonably extended time with Malcolm to do nothing but chill and chat.

    We drank, we slept, we talked and we ate. On the first night I developed a migraine type headache and felt decidedly unwell, to the point of feeling faint occasionally, which was rather worrying when sat at a table in an Italian restaurant while trying to listen to and partake in a serious conversation. The young waiter, Clint, was rather dopey and when asked if the tiramisu contained alcohol proceeded to give us the most peculiar answers. The following morning all thoughts of walking a local trail had evaporated, a casualty of hangovers, post-migraine fragility, high temperatures and humidity. Instead we sat around, drank coffee and chatted. Apart from going out to local restaurants from time to time, the visit rather unfolded along similar lines. It was a relief not to have to move on to another town and hotel or to have to make another long drive. It was also good to compare notes about the US with someone who had lived here for a year.

    On Monday morning we rose late and while Malcolm had to make some calls, we packed and then we went out for what proved to be a somewhat chaotic breakfast. Ordering coffee, we were told the barista had just ‘walked out’ so choices had just become very limited. Eventually we got a very good cafe latte. Mike’s order of grapefruit juice was not fulfilled as they had run out of juice, so unsweetened iced tea was provided. The poor waitress was at sixes and sevens, but we found it quite amusing. Afterwards we loaded the car, took our leave of Malcolm and set off for Highlands NC.

    The journey was uneventful and took us through pleasant and increasingly mountainous countryside. Highlands itself is at about 4000 feet so the temperature was comfortably much cooler. It has also been showery, which was rather welcome. When we checked in we were asked if we required sheets for the pull-out bed and the note on the bed welcomed Mr & Mrs Mayer, and there are four churches in this tiny town, so we did wonder if being gay is frowned upon here, but the small hotel is lovely, newly refurbished and built motel style around an inner courtyard. We do like these suite style American hotels. It's lovely to have a proper comfortable lounge as well as a bedroom.

    A tiny place surrounded by hills and forest, exploration of this small town did not take long and we had an excellent coffee outside the local, rather upmarket supermarket, before we wandered back for a while to relax and catch up on a bit of reading. Later Wolfgang’s Restaurant proved a great choice and the walk back along the deserted street in the cool of sunset was a welcome change from the unrelenting heat we have experienced. Now we are relaxing listening to the rain pitter-pattering outside the open window. No aircon tonight!
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  • Day14

    Birthday in Asheville

    June 20, 2017 in the United States

    Well, we have been travelling for 2 weeks now and had a restful 'holiday from the holiday' with Malcolm in Alpharetta. A first world problem I know, but to keep momentum going on an extended trip takes effort as the desire to go home slowly increases. Familiar comforts such as home cooked food, your own pillows and seeing friends and family become more important than exploring an art gallery or fine dining. It would be wonderful to be able to teleport home and just touch the walls again before carrying on.

    Today is my birthday and when you reach my age you are quite happy to find an excuse not to make a big fuss about it. We were in Asheville whose main attraction is the Biltmore Estate, which is a grand faux chateau on the outskirts of town famous for being the largest single ownership house in the country. Built in 1889, to many Americans this is unimaginably ancient but to us Brits it's pretty run of the mill. Some of us will have lived in houses older than that. At $70 a head it was pretty steep too so we decided to give it a miss.

    We arrived early into Asheville and dropped our bags off at the Windor hotel while we waited for the room to be readied. The hotel fitted snugly into the Asheville vibe which was heavily hip and trendy. Bursting with young people embracing a 'nouveau hillbilly' look which while at first was amusing, actually is an impressive nod and embracing of unsophisticated roots. First things first, we headed next door to the 'Mellow Mushroom' where we had 2 great slices of pizza (we had the veggie which we corrupted with added pepperoni) and also locally brewed beer. Asheville has numerous microbreweries around town and there were nearly 100 choices of beer on the menu.

    We then wandered around the town which had a real 'west coast' feel to it. Vibrant but possibly as multicultural as N Carolina gets, we immediately wished we had more than one day there. Street performers captivated diners seated out on the pavement, children played barefoot in the fountains to escape the mellow heat. The architecture too was unusual and had a huge European vibe. The Catholic Church was impressive, as well as several government offices downtown which had an Italianate feel. We headed back to the hotel and our room, or should I say apartment, was ready. It was huge! You could certainly happily move into it for a month if you wanted to explore Asheville further. They had kindly provided a bottle of champagne which we drank to celebrate or commiserate my final year in my 40s.

    For dinner that night I chose dim sum and man I'm glad I did. Our waiter, if you were in the wrong mood, could rub you up the wrong way as he was aggressive and scowling but also protective and oddly comradely. I quite liked him. When I ordered the local Sauvignon blanc he refused to bring it and said I should have the New Zealand. When I deferred he brought both and encouraged me to spit the local wine back into the glass if I wanted. I bravely swallowed it but it was truly awful. Our meal consisted of multilple dumplings and buns but these were pretty huge by Asian standards. Thankfully he stopped us ordering more and we just about ate the lot feeling full to bursting.

    The young lady on the front desk in the hotel told us that it was a great time to be in Asheville as it was the height of the very short 'firefly' season. She said that there were so many this year that you might even see them in public parks. After dinner as the sun was setting we headed down to the public park that we sat in to cool down in earlier that day. After a short while we saw what looked like white sparks rising from the grass, tiny spotlights every now and again from the corner of your eye. Feeling braver we crossed over the main road by bridge into a wooded park with few street lights. The natural feeling of fear was overcome by wonder as we watched the trees twinkle with the millions of fireflies signalling their fleeting maturity. It was truly magical and a wonderful ending to a memorable birthday in a memorable town.
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North Carolina, NC, Noord-Carolina, ኖርዝ ካሮላይና, Carolina do Norte, Norþcarolīna, كارولاينا الشمالية, كارولاينا الشماليه, Carolina del Norte, North Carolina suyu, Şimali Karolina, شمال کارولینا ایالتی, Төньяҡ Каролина, Штат Паўночная Караліна, Северна Каролина, उत्तर कैरोलिना, Not Carolina, নর্থ ক্যারোলাইনা, Sjeverna Karolina, Хойто Каролина, Carolina del Nord, Къилбаседа Каролина, کارۆلینای باکوور, Severní Karolína, Çурçĕр Каролина, Gogledd Carolina, Karolinaya Zımey, Βόρεια Καρολίνα, Norda Karolino, Põhja-Carolina, Ipar Carolina, کارولینای شمالی, Pohjois-Carolina, Caroline du Nord, Noard-Karolina, Carolina Thuaidh, Poyraz Karolina, Carolina a Tuath, Yvate Karolina, Carolina Hwoaie, Pet Khà-lò-lòi-na̍p, קרוליינה הצפונית, उत्तर केरोलिना, Karolin dinò, Észak-Karolina, Հյուսիսային Կարոլինա, Carolina Utara, Nord-Carolina, Nort Kárólínạ, Nordal Karolina, Norður-Karólína, ᑳᕉᓖᓈ ᑐᓄᕕᐊᖅ, ノースカロライナ州, ჩრდილოეთი კაროლინა, Солтүстік Каролина, ಉತ್ತರ ಕೆರೊಲೀನ, 노스캐롤라이나 주, Karolînaya Bakur, Karolina Gledh, Carolina Septentrionalis, Karolina del Norte, Carolinn-a do Nord, کارولینا شومالی, Šiaurės Karolina, Ziemeļkarolīna, Йӱдвел Каролине, വടക്കൻ കരൊലൈന, नॉर्थ कॅरोलिना, Йыдвел Каролина, မြောက်ကယ်ရိုလိုင်းနားပြည်နယ်, شمالی کارولینا, Carolina Mictlāmpa, नर्थ क्यारोलाइना, नर्थ क्यारोलिना, Náhookǫsjí Kééláanah Hahoodzo, Carolina del Nòrd, Цæгат Каролинæ, ਉੱਤਰੀ ਕੈਰੋਲੀਨਾ, Pangulung Carolina, उत्तर क्यारोलिना, Karolina Północna, Carolin-a dël Nòrd, نارتھ کیرولائنا, Carolina de Nord, Северная Каролина, नार्थ केरोलैना, Хоту Каролина, Carolina dû Nord, Davvi-Carolina, Severná Karolína, Severna Karolina, Půłnocno Karolina, வட கரொலைனா, Каролинаи Шимолӣ, รัฐนอร์ทแคโรไลนา, Hilagang Karolina, Kuzey Karolina, Төньяк Каролина, Shimaliy Karolina Shitati, Північна Кароліна, شمالی کیرولائنا, Shimoliy Karolina, Bắc Carolina, Ар Карелайн, צפון קאראליינע, Àríwá Carolina, 北卡羅萊納州, 北卡罗来纳州

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