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  • Day44

    Great Smoky Mountains Nationalpark

    April 14, 2017 in the United States

    Von Myrtle Beach haben wir uns auf den Weg zum Nationalpark in North Carolina gemacht. Erster Halt war der Sliding Rock im Pisgah National Forest . Das Wasser war arschkalt, aber wir sind trotzdem gerutscht 💪🏻
    Auf dem Blue Ridge Parkway ging es Richtung Great Smoky Mountains Nationalpark. Wir hatten uns vorgenommen zu wandern. Also wurde fix gegoogelt und dann ging es los. Der Rainbow Falls Trail hatte viel zu bieten: Bären (aus sicherer Entfernung), Rehe (standen uns im Weg) und Wasserfälle 😄Read more

  • Day8

    Monroe / North Carolina

    May 12 in the United States

    Zum ersten Mal wieder aktiv.
    Meine Freundin gestaltet gerade ihren Garten um und ich darf helfen.
    Aber es ist sooooooooooooo warm.

    Aktuell sind es um 12:00 31 Grad laut Internet und ab 14:00 Uhr soll es 35 Grad sein. 😓😌😁

    Mein Gesicht ist schon rot geworden,da ich vergessen habe mich ein zu Cremen

  • Day8

    Meilen/ km

    May 12 in the United States

    Bis jetzt bin ich 1419 Meilen gefahren
    Das sind 2282 Kilometer

    Und es geht noch ein ganzes Stück weiter. 😉

    Die beiden dickeren grünen Striche musste ich selber zeichnen, da die App es nicht aufgezeichnet hat.

  • Day16

    Mt Collins Shelter 202.5

    May 19, 2017 in the United States

    Today was another pretty eventful day. We were at Mount Clingman which is the highest mountain in the Smokey Mountains and also the highest elevation in the whole Appalachian Trail! CHECK!
    And we also reached the 200 miles, so less than 2000 miles until Kathadin :) On the way we saw lots of turkeys, they're super huge!! Julia named them Thanksgiving, Christmas and New year's eve. Next time when we're in the Smokies we need to hike the Jonas Creek Trail.
    Besides this, we had a very intense hike with almost 20 miles because Daniel aka "Late start" teased us to do it... So we reached the Shelter when it already got dark. Dinner in the dark, Quinoa, red and white rice with Ramen.
    We were there in company of Daniel and Mantis and had a very nice even with them.
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  • Day29

    Roan High Knob Shelter 377.4

    June 1, 2017 in the United States

    Late start, slowly moving :) But the terrain was tough today with two long uphill parts. So on the end we were happy with the miles we made.
    We met another German girl today named Cubana. Already the fifth person from Germany. They're everywhere with their towels :D Apparently there was a documentary on the German TV about the trail which inspired many to do it.

    From our experience the origins of people on the trail:
    1. Floridians - everyone makes vacation where it's hot and sunny, so they're going where it's not flat
    2. Pennsylvania
    3. Germany

    We're now at the Shelter which is the highest on the AT at 6193ft. And it's way colder than we were used to the last few days.
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  • Day11

    A. Rufus Morgan Shelter 136

    May 14, 2017 in the United States

    We had a great start into the day with the alarm ringing at 5AM so we could see the sunrise from a tower about two miles away. But the problem was that we needed until 5:45 to get moving so we only saw it from within the trail, still an amazing view! We're planning to camp where we can see the sunrise from our tent.
    We did lots of miles today and were pretty good with our energy. Maybe because we had a proper meal for lunch! But in the end our feet were burning from going steep downhill. And we still made about 19mi!! New record!
    As a reward we made a campfire and barbecued some sausages :) And a bit of booze, well 80% alcohol with water - those crazy people from Florida!!
    In the night we saw thousands of fireflies from our shelter <3
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  • Day15

    Spence Field Shelter 182.9

    May 18, 2017 in the United States

    First of all: No bears!! :( At least we didn't see them but we heard them at night doing weird noises close to the tent. Other than that we had quite some free time at the Shelter which we used to eat more than usual. And we also had great fun with the people staying at the Shelter.
    Ridge runner Morgan confirmed the coconut oil story. So last year in May there was a man tenting in some distance above the shelter. He hung all of his odorous items properly but used some coconut scented sunscreen. In the night he woke up to a bear biting in his leg through the tent. It wasn't a hard bite more like testing where that delicious smell came from... So the man wasn't injured badly but because of this incident three bears were shot as no DNA match could be done.
    Use your brain, save bears!
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  • Day8

    Betty Creek Gap 97.3

    May 11, 2017 in the United States

    Left even earlier today because we want to make it to Franklin tomorrow midday to be off the trail when the thunderstorm arrives. And today we actually succeeded in making miles despite some steep climbs. One of the first climbs ended at the Standing Indian Mountain, our highest peak till now with 5435ft and a nice view - Sponsored by Ovomaltine.
    The views changed a lot today because of a wildfire last year in October. It was really weird after hiking for more than a week in the green woods.
    For the night we stayed at a jungelishy place at the bottom of Albert Mountain.

    Oh, and a new distance record!! :)

    Something else, it's super normal here to go to bed at around 8pm when the sun sets!! Love it :)
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  • Day10

    Wine Springs Campsite 117.7

    May 13, 2017 in the United States

    This morning Christi left us and headed back home. Although we missed his lead uphill we surprisingly still managed to make a lot of miles today. And the best thing are our brand new Sporks!!
    There were some nice views going up to the Campsite at 5290ft. The evening was already pretty cold so I fear that the night will get even colder and I'm going to freeze again. Maybe I'll need a new sleeping bag soonish...

    Something else... The woods are crowded with chipmunks and squirrels :) And they have surprising body to noise ratio :D
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  • Day19

    Camping Painter Branch 242

    May 22, 2017 in the United States

    After a good night's sleep at a warm and a cosy shelter we started into the hiking day at 5:45am and made fast miles today. It was just a bit raining anymore and afterwards we even had some sunshine. The route was mainly downhill so we arrived at the 18.8 miles away Standing Bear Hostel already at 3pm for some snacks and a bit of restock.
    We met with our trail friends Mantis and Late start for a beer there. Afterwards we raided the hiker box. Jackpot for Julia with a brand new Fjällraven hiking pants which are usually about 150$. We also got some food from there, those things are just like RPG chests :D
    Finally we headed on for a few more miles uphill in search of a nice camping spot. Oh right, we're already out of the Smokies so we are allowed to camp anywhere :) Rain is predicted for the night but this time we're prepared!!
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North Carolina, NC, Noord-Carolina, ኖርዝ ካሮላይና, Carolina do Norte, Norþcarolīna, كارولاينا الشمالية, كارولاينا الشماليه, Carolina del Norte, North Carolina suyu, Şimali Karolina, شمال کارولینا ایالتی, Төньяҡ Каролина, Штат Паўночная Караліна, Северна Каролина, उत्तर कैरोलिना, Not Carolina, নর্থ ক্যারোলাইনা, Sjeverna Karolina, Хойто Каролина, Carolina del Nord, Къилбаседа Каролина, کارۆلینای باکوور, Severní Karolína, Çурçĕр Каролина, Gogledd Carolina, Karolinaya Zımey, Βόρεια Καρολίνα, Norda Karolino, Põhja-Carolina, Ipar Carolina, کارولینای شمالی, Pohjois-Carolina, Caroline du Nord, Noard-Karolina, Carolina Thuaidh, Poyraz Karolina, Carolina a Tuath, Yvate Karolina, Carolina Hwoaie, Pet Khà-lò-lòi-na̍p, קרוליינה הצפונית, उत्तर केरोलिना, Karolin dinò, Észak-Karolina, Հյուսիսային Կարոլինա, Carolina Utara, Nord-Carolina, Nort Kárólínạ, Nordal Karolina, Norður-Karólína, ᑳᕉᓖᓈ ᑐᓄᕕᐊᖅ, ノースカロライナ州, ჩრდილოეთი კაროლინა, Солтүстік Каролина, ಉತ್ತರ ಕೆರೊಲೀನ, 노스캐롤라이나 주, Karolînaya Bakur, Karolina Gledh, Carolina Septentrionalis, Karolina del Norte, Carolinn-a do Nord, کارولینا شومالی, Šiaurės Karolina, Ziemeļkarolīna, Йӱдвел Каролине, വടക്കൻ കരൊലൈന, नॉर्थ कॅरोलिना, Йыдвел Каролина, မြောက်ကယ်ရိုလိုင်းနားပြည်နယ်, شمالی کارولینا, Carolina Mictlāmpa, नर्थ क्यारोलाइना, नर्थ क्यारोलिना, Náhookǫsjí Kééláanah Hahoodzo, Carolina del Nòrd, Цæгат Каролинæ, ਉੱਤਰੀ ਕੈਰੋਲੀਨਾ, Pangulung Carolina, उत्तर क्यारोलिना, Karolina Północna, Carolin-a dël Nòrd, نارتھ کیرولائنا, Carolina de Nord, Северная Каролина, नार्थ केरोलैना, Хоту Каролина, Carolina dû Nord, Davvi-Carolina, Severná Karolína, Severna Karolina, Půłnocno Karolina, வட கரொலைனா, Каролинаи Шимолӣ, รัฐนอร์ทแคโรไลนา, Hilagang Karolina, Kuzey Karolina, Төньяк Каролина, Shimaliy Karolina Shitati, Північна Кароліна, شمالی کیرولائنا, Shimoliy Karolina, Bắc Carolina, Ар Карелайн, צפון קאראליינע, Àríwá Carolina, 北卡羅萊納州, 北卡罗来纳州

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