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  • Day121


    October 24, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 0 °C

    Heute Morgen trauten wir unseren Augen nicht als wir aus dem Fenster schauten..., es schneiiiiittt!! Die Tagestemperatur lag bei -2°C und gestern liefen wir noch im T-Shirt bei 20°C und Sonnenschein ☀️Read more

    Daniel Höse

    Winter Reifen drauf

    Madeleine Gersbach

    Oookeee 🤔 ist das dort normal?

    Sind mal kurz weg

    Scheint für die Region normal zu sein...🥶, wir sind aber mit M+S Reifen ausgerüstet 😉

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  • Day12


    September 25, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    ... Is this the way to Amarillo....
    Hiess es heute auch für uns.
    Vorbei an kilometerlangen Mais und Baumwollfeldern sowie riesigen Rinderfarmen.
    Texas ist einfach riesig das haben wir so nicht erwartet. Unglaublich. Hier scheint einfach alles größer zu sein.

    Erster Stopp war ein Wildlife Park, Leider war kein einziges Tier zu sehen.
    Egal, ein netter Spaziergang wars trotzdem.

    Weiter ging es in den Palo Duro Canyon.
    Dort machten wir uns bei 35 Grad auf zum Lighthouse Felsen.
    In dem Canyon sahen wir dann auch ne Echse und ein Reh. Immerhin was.
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    Erwin Schaible

    Markus kommst du überhaupt wieder? 😂😂😂

    Harley Didi

    Das Steak muss auch verdient werden 😀😀👍

    Markus Weber

    Des woiß I noch ned😄😄😄

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  • Day12

    Amarillo Big Texan Steak Motel

    September 25, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 33 °C

    In Amarillo besuchten wir noch das Wohnwagen und Harley Museum..

    Endziel heute: das BIG TEXAN STEAK MOTEL.
    Mit dem Big Texan Steak House.
    Besonderheit : Wer es schafft in 60 min ein 2 Kilo Steak mitsamt Beilagen zu verputzen bekommt dies Gratis und muss nichts bezahlen.
    Ansonsten werden 72 Dollar fällig.
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  • Day12

    Amarillo Big Steak House

    September 25, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Also an das 2 Kilo Steak haben wir uns nicht rangetraut das 400 gr Steak hat gereicht...

    Einer hat es versucht.
    Ob er es geschafft hat wissen wir nicht

    Silvi Griesi

    OMG 🙈 rattlesnake?

    Silvi Griesi

    Hat es auch so gut geschmeckt wie es aussah?

  • Day28

    Ya Gotta Love Texas

    October 15, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    It took us roughly eight hours to drive through Oklahoma to the Texas border and that was seven hours and fifty nine minutes too long. The only good thing we found to photograph was, while going through monstrous Oklahoma City, a place which rises out of the plains and goes on forever was some US Airforce fighter jets.

    These were real mean looking mothers, but, and this has happened here before with military stuff, the camera image was scrambled into psychedelica when we tried to take a photo, how do they manage that? We don’t know and don’t care, than can keep their military secrets it’s not like I’m going to steal any ideas for the Stealth Bomber I knocking up in our backyard shed.

    Aahhhh Texas. We pulled into a beat up old gas station for fuel and hopefully get water for the RV.
    So while I’m refueling Rhonda goes in to ask about water.
    There she finds a cliched group of bow legged, cowboy booted, Stetson wearing Texans all sitting around having a bacon and beans breakfast.
    In true Texan style with all the manners of “yes ma’am, surely ma’am, you just drive that there RV right round back now ya hear were you can give her all the water she can drink”

    So while filling up our tanks a couple pull in and park beside us.
    Friendly as, the wife hops out and says in a Ma Kettle type voice “where y’all heading”
    “California” I say.
    “Californie! whooow that’s some kinda distance ya traveling” she says.
    “Wait” I say “that’s nothing, we picked this RV up in LA, drove to New York and are on our way back to LA”
    “Get outa here” she says “
    “No it’s normal, we’re use to driving long distances” I say.
    “So where y’all from?”
    “Australia!, I would love to go to Australia”
    I tell her I think she would love it there and she says she knows she would.
    Then she says “I sure do love the way you talk” I tell her I love the way she talks too, which is true, great Texan accent, then she goes off into the gas station.

    While driving that morning we had experienced horrendous winds, the RV was getting buffeted badly along the highway so the woman’s husband who was still sitting in their pickup next to us says as I’m filling up with water “y’all adding ballast?”
    “Yeah” I say “I tried feeding Rhonda up a bit but it didn’t work, so maybe this will add more weight”
    “Had the same problem once with a thanksgiving turkey” he says, “had her real plump then four weeks before thanksgiving darn thing stopped eating, ended up being skinnier than a scarecrow in a cornfield”
    “That’s a shame” I said.
    “No worked out well” he said “had a neighbor who I didn’t see eye to eye with. He needed a fat turkey cause he had family coming, I sold him that nice plump bird just four weeks before thanksgiving”.

    We really like Texans because of their friendliness and hospitality but again, in America you keep running into the same extremes.
    Along the interstate highway from the the state line to Amarillo we saw more State Troopers in that short distance than we have seen in the whole trip and they were doing the full Hollywood move police thing.
    Three or four police cars, lights flashing, guns out, surrounding one car.
    Suspect in handcuffs or spread eagle over bonnet, contents of car being ripped to pieces, reinforcements arriving.
    Surely there can’t be that many felons on that one strip of highway at the same time.

    Admittedly on the Texas Panhandle there isn’t too much to do so maybe they get a little bored.
    We had one patrol car following us for awhile then drove along side checking us out.
    We’ve done nothing wrong except drive on some guys grass, we don’t speed and obey all the road rules so I’m getting a little annoyed by any suspicion.
    Rhonda notices this and says “don’t say or do anything, for once in your life just shut up”

    Sound advice, since June in Texas there have been about eight fatal shooting of innocent people by police, no excuse but maybe because it’s legal to openly carry firearms in this state the police are a little edgy and feel they need to hedge their bets.

    Sorry forgot to mention the sights.
    We stopped off at the Cadillac Ranch. Years ago some farmer decided to nose bury ten Cadillacs on his property. Back then they were in really good condition, stuff art I thought what a waste but it did make an statement.
    Now they are basically wrecks and the latest thing to do is for everyone to graffiti them with spray cans.
    Some enterprising person has set up a stall from their van selling spray cans, American flags and Trump for 2020 banners, you’ve got to hand it to them.
    The effect is not the same because it resembles a junk yard, not the contrast between exquisite auto design and quality machinery ploughed into the ground but it is still impressive in a way.
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    jan brown

    "oil that is, black gold, Texas tea...."....it used to be part of mexico in the early eighteen hundreds...boy did they make a mistake loosing the war with america and surrendering it to the US... Jed Clampett did pretty well...

    jan brown

    Kinda like Nimbin...well not really - where's the rainbows and paintings of weed foliage.

    jan brown

    ROSS - ultimate DOER-UPPERS!!! forget houses.

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  • Day21

    Cadillac Ranch Amarillo

    August 18, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Really famous spot where these Cadillacs are half buried in the ground at Amarillo. Then anyone goes up to them & paints all over them... Whoopie we said but iconic! Read the 2nd amendment & you'll see why they won't give up their guns! And what am I saying in front of the sign? Guess... 😂Read more

    Daniel Kemp


    Noldy Rust

    Which sign? The Amarillo sign? Are you saying Ta??

    Cherie Kemp

    Is this the way to Amarillo Every night I been hugging my pillow Is this the way to Amarillo and sweet Cherie who waits for me 😁

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  • Day102

    Route 66: Amarillo

    September 21, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Heute hatten wir ein bisschen mehr Strecke vor uns und sind daher relativ früh aufgebrochen. Der Himmel sieht heute morgen doch schon wieder viel einladender aus als die Tage zuvor.

    Nach ca. 400 km sieht es allerdings wieder nicht so schön aus und es fängt an zu regnen. Wir fahren ran, ziehen unsere Regenklamotten an und weiter geht es.

    Kurz vor Amarillo machen wir noch einmal Halt, um uns die Cadillac Ranch anzugucken. Die Ranch besteht eigentlich nur aus 10 ausgeschlachteten Cadillacs, welche zum einem Drittel in die Erde gesteckt wurden und mittlerweile mehr aus Farbe als aus Metall bestehen, da sie jederzeit mit Graffiti besprüht werden dürfen. Die Cadillacs sollen wohl die Modelle der unterschiedlichen Jahrgänge darstellen, welchen an den verschiedenen Formen der Kotflügel auszumachen sind, allerdings ist hier aufgrund der vielen Farbe kaum noch ein Unterschied zu erkennen.

    Weiter geht es in unser Motel und mal wieder zu einem Mexikaner um uns für den nächsten Tag zu stärken.
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  • Day33

    Off to Amarillo, Texas; 6th state

    May 6, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    We got out of the KOA campsite in New Mexico about 1030am. It is about a 2 hour process to take down and pack and the car and about an hour to set up tent with all the beds blown up.

    We had a pretty boring drive to Amarillo, Texas, the largest city in the Texas Panhandle and the biggest city closest to Palo Duro Canyon. It is also a half way stop between Albuquerque and Norman, OK, where we are off to next.

    We stopped for lunch in Santa Rosa, NM. The town seemed pretty run down but there was a kids playground with public bathrooms which fit our needs. It was sandy and lacked grass, and the floor of the playground was pieces of rubber. The park also had coal bbq's which the other family that was there was using and cooking a very delicious bbq meal.

    The most exciting part of the drive was that once we got into Texas for about 40 miles, there was wind turbines. It was pretty impressive.

    Amarillo operates the meat packing area in the country. It has a population of 279,000 and is very spread out on flat land, and low level ranches, along with cows, cows and more cows.

    The KOA was small and the tent site was pretty open to the elements. We were situated right across from bathrooms and playground. The playground is always a helpful babysitter when packing up and unpacking. It was also very warm so we let Inara run around naked and get some sun on her white little body.

    That night we decided to be total tourists and had dinner at "The Big Texan Steakhouse and brewery ". The restaurant picked us up at our campsite, car seats and all. We had a to wait for about 20 min to get seated, as they don't take reservations.

    The dining area was a big room with tables lined up in rows, holding about 6 at a table. The outskirts of the room had booths that we were sat at. There was a second level that only had one row around the room, also booth style. The decor was many large animal heads and hides hanging up. This is a steak house.

    The kids both got served dinner in a cowboy hat, and Elisa and Josh got different cuts of steak. The excitement of the night was when Inara decided to eat a green chili, maybe thinking it was a cucumber? The first 2 bites were fine but then she got into the seeds. Josh was trying to feed her ranch dressing from the mozzarella sticks. Our waiter quickly ran to the kitchen and ran back with milk and bread, even the hostess came over to see if she was ok. She wasn't screaming but she was definetly in pain and tried to drink the milk and get cuddles from Josh.

    The restaurant is home to the free 72 ounce steak, only if you can eat it in an hour. Josh ordered a 21 ounce Lone star cut, served a beautiful medium rare and was full after that, along with 2 beers. Elisa ordered a filet, which came in 2 round pieces. It was unfortunately overcooked and did not have the red juicyneas that Josh's steak did. The restaurant is all about having the best steaks, so we were given a 20% discount.

    Elisa also enjoyed a tasting flight of all the beers. They were all pretty good, including the raspberry wheat beer. We left the restaurant bringing a growler of the Hefenweizen.

    It was a good night and so far Texas isn't as scary as we thought.
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    Barbara Stout

    Wow! They picked you up? That's impressive. I'm not a big fan of the state but it has its good points here and there!

    Jude Latta

    Oh what fun

  • Day1

    The Big Texan

    June 10, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 70 °F

    Stopping to have some dinner. Lunch was just some beef sticks [Rhys, summer sausage! ] cheese curds and egg salad. About to get the grub on!

    jerry hicks

    Eat a big steak for me. Bring leftovers to Chico & Baylor.

    Thomas Bellman

    Love that shirt

    Ann Hicks

    Is Redd eating the 72 oz steak???

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