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Yellowstone National Park County (historical)

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  • Day29

    Trek America - Yellowstone NP

    May 18, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 45 °F

    It was a cold night under canvas in Yellowstone National Park (NP). With the hoods of our mummy-style sleeping bags drawn tight around our heads with only a small breathing hole left, our bodies were kept from freezing but we still awoke with cold feet. Getting over the initially shock of leaving the relatively warm embrace of the sleeping bags we got ourselves warm by readying breakfast and making our camp 'bear safe' before leaving to explore the park. Due to being in the middle of a national park with a bear population you should not leave any food or scented items, e.g. toiletries, in your tent or camp site, either overnight or when leaving camp as this attract bears looking for food.

    Fortunately no bears came into our camp however we did get to see a grizzly bear at a safe distance later in the day. Driving across the expanse of Hayden's Valley we spotted the dark shape moving across the grassy plains (as had a number of other park visitors). As we got closer along the ridge line of the road we could see it in detail. The fur underneath it's frame was wet from water nearby and it's snout was almost a yellow against the dark brown of its thick fur. At the distance we stood from the bear it did not appear particularly large, but undoubtedly it would have been fearsome up close next to our flimsy human frames. A park ranger was present to ensure that none of the spectators got too close or did anything stupid (people are killed in national parks every year because they don't respect the dangerous nature of all the animals present - during our time in the park a girl was gored by a bison that she tried to hug for a photograph). The bear however went about its business of assumedly foraging amongst the grasses. We later saw bison (crossing the road in front of us) female elk and smaller wildlife.

    We went to the 'grand canyon' of Yellowstone, a canyon of yellow and reddish stone that gives the park its name. The yellow in the stone was stoked by the sun with the colour falling down into the chasm of the canyon below where it met the deep blue and white water of the river flowing through it.

    In the afternoon we hiked the Bunsen Trail, which is a 2 mile ascent up to Bunsen Peak standing at 2599m with commanding views over the park. We followed the trail through pine forest and grassland, remaining mindful of the possibility of bears, before taking the steady, but in places steep, incline up the peak as the path cut back and forth over the hillside. A couple passed us on their way down, warning of slippery snow further up the trail, some of which we found and thought not much more of it. However what they really meant was the last 50 metres to the summit, which was a thick blanket of snow and ice. The weight of the sky's bright blue ceiling pushed down on us as we scrambled and slid up the snowy slope. Breathless in the crisp air with legs burning it felt very uncertain as to whether we would make it. Yet after one last burst of energy we arrived gasping but elated at the top. The sun stood proud in the sky as we gazed out across the picture-postcard scenery of green woodland, slate and white mountains and cloudless sky. At this altitude the sun felt powerful against our faces but the wind also sent a chill when it picked up. We stayed on the summit for about 1/2 hour contemplating life at what felt like the top of the world.

    If the climb up through the snow had felt difficult it certainly felt almost impossible attempting to come back down. We stood on the slippery gradient with the world falling away at our feet thinking 'how the effin' hell are we getting down here?' before Lowrie in a stroke of both genius and comedy decided that she was going to slide down on her backside. After that we all decided to do the same like a bunch of lemmings, one after the other, bouncing and sliding down the 50m gradient to relative safety.

    The remainder of the descent was relatively easy and we returned to camp proud of our achievement. Unfortunately the glow we felt was dampened when we arrived back at camp to find that it had been subjected to a localised rain and hail storm leaving a number of our tents inhabitable. Fortunately there were spare tents and we grouped together to set the camp back to some semblance of order. It was another hard cold night in Yellowstone as the sun set and her campfire dwindled but tomorrow we were on the move again and heading south.
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  • Day7

    Geysers v Geezers

    August 8, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Yellowstone is an amazing national park. Waterfalls, walks, rivers, geysers and mud ponds. We found wildlife, no bears yet, but all sorts of critters.

    Old Faithful was two minutes out, but impressive. There were some impressive prismatic pools, and it was very steamy thanks to a light rain drizzle

  • Day19

    YNP - Canyon Village

    July 7, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Upper Falls
    South Rim Drive (leider konnten wir beim Artist Point nur kurz rausspringen, weil es keinen Parkplatz gab und wir uns auf einen der 3 freien Behindertenparkplätze gestellt haben)
    Toller Blick in einen wunderschönen bunten Canyon.

  • Day10

    Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

    May 9, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 37 °F

    Yellowstone is hands down the most beautiful place I have ever been so far. Lots of adventures. Geysers, hot springs, canyons & waterfalls. We saw black bears and bouncy cubs and our van got charged by three Bison at once. Great times

  • Day7

    Yellowstone - Part I

    August 26, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Po klasicke motelove snidani: cream cheese, bagel a cerealie vyjizdime smer Yellowstone National Park. Stavujeme se jeste v potravinach. Bohuzel navstevujeme obri Wallmart (nic mensiho tu nemaji) a nez to projdeme cele a nakoupime (spise bez to najdeme a vybereme ze sta dostupnych druhu) tak se rozplyva nas sen o brzkem vyjezdu.

    Po dvouch hodinach prijizdime k zapadnimu vjezdu do parku. Natesene vyndavame nas Eagel pass, ktery nas opravnuje na vstup zdarma do jakehokoliv narodniho parku. Tento pass jsem kupoval v Praze od nekoho kdo se prave z USA vratil a z puvodni ceny 2000 Kc jsem ho usmlouval na 500 Kc. V parku prodavaji i jednorazove vsupne á $30. Ranger (takle tu rikaji mistnim zamestnancum parku) nam podava mapu parku spolu s asi 5 mensima brozurkama, ktere nas instruuji jak se zachovat pri setkani s medvedem. Bear spray bohuzel v nasi vybave nemame a tak si budeme muset vystacit s pokrikovanim: "Hey Bear!".

    Po prijezdu na prvni "view point" zaciname rozumet nazvu YELLOWstone. Prijizdeji simultalne asi 6 autobusu asiatu, kteri si foti kazdy kamen a vymol v silnici a celi park je jich plny. Po medovi bedovi ani stopa a klasicky piknikovy kos vsichni (i my) vymenili za mrazici box.

    Projizdime nekolik mensich bublajicich gejzirku. Vsude nas provazi typicky smrad zkazenych vajec. Barvy jednotlivych termalnich jezirek nejsou tak ohromujici jako si je pamatuji z minule. Davame to za vinu zatazene obloze pri ktere se mi povedlo behem dne lehce spalit ;) Old Faithful gejzir vsak nezklamal. Prijizdime zhruba 40 minut pred planovanou erupci. Cekani si zkracujeme obedem. Davame si nas vlastnorucne vyrobeny sanwich a stihneme akorat uklidit ice box do auta a zacina erupce. Je to opravdu vyska. Porizujeme klasickou kycovitou fotku s ceduli a jedeme dal.

    Co par minut zastavujeme na gejzirky a jezirka ruznych tvaru, barev a velikosti. Je to opravdu neuveritelne co priroda dokaze vytvorit. Vsude to smrdi po skazenych vejcich, ale to uz si zaciname zvykat. Akorat si Adelka zacne stezovat na nedostatek divoke zvere v parku, kdyz silnici zablokuje stado prochazejicich bizonu a od te doby sme se zvirat podel silnice vlastne nezbavili. Jeden jelen se nam dokonce zkusil skocit ve tme pod kola, nastesti Adelka vcastne zaragovala a k veceri byl hamburger z hoveziho a ne zverina.

    Krajina se zacina menit a dojizdimu k velkemu Yellowstonskemu jezeru. Objizdimeho a na jeho severnim konci zacina Grand Yellowstone Canyon. Doslova obri dira. K veceru jdeme na vylet k jednomu z vodopadu. Americka "turistika" je totiz specificka tim, ze se vsude dojede autem. Vystoupi se na parkovisti a "dojde" se na vyhlidku vzdalenou maximalne 100 metru. K vodopadu to uz byl takzvany "hike" jen pro odvazne povahy. Celych 900 metru a 200 metru vyskovych. Rada americanu a asiatu se po zjisteni teto informace otaci a spokoji se jen s pohledem zhora, ktery je onech 100 metru od parkoviste. My jsme hike zvladli bez problemu a fotky u rozboureneho vodopadu stoji za to.

    Po zapadu slunce si za pomoci internetu potvrzujeme to, co jsme si mysleli cely den. V Yellowstonu ani jeho blizkem okoli se neubytujeme. Bud maji plno nebo ubytovani stoji $200 a vice. Vzhledem k super priznive cene benzinu (15kc/litr) a nasemu ECO auticku (7l/100km) se rozhodujeme vratit se zpet do 100 km vzdaleneho Idaho Falls. Cena motelu i se snidani tam je $54 a stejne uz je tma a ubytovani v Yellowstonu by sme neocenili. Zitra se chceme do parku vratit a doprojet zbytek a vecer na rodeo v mestecku Cody. Do Motelu dojizdime kolem 11 vecerni a mirime rovnou do postele!
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  • Day7

    Yellowstone - part II

    August 26, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Protoze zazitku z Yellowstonu dneska bylo spousta a na tomto, jinak uzasnem, webu je limit pouze 6 fotek na prispevek tak pridavam "part II". Popis dne je dole:)

  • Day11

    Day 2

    September 15, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 39 °F

    Dunraven Pass, 8678 ft elevation.

    Today we again went in thru the Eastern entrance of the national park, then headed north. Eventually we exited via the northwest entrance, left Wyoming for a bit and into Montana. Ate a good lunch at a Trip Advisor recommended Beartooth Cafe in Cook City, MT (not a city at all.) Came back to Cody, WY , the nearest civilization to the cabin 1/2 hr away. Will return there for mtg tonight, after dinner "@ home". Geoff's cooking now, while I post for u.Read more

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