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  • Day13

    Montana Hospitality, Willsall, MT

    June 27, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 9 °C

    After a great breakfast at granny's, we left Cody behind, driving north along the Chief Joseph Highway. This is an amazing road with awesome scenery and telling history. It was here that the Nez Perze were pursued by the US army with orders to take no prisoners. This was 12 months after Custer and hundreds of US cavalry soldiers were killed at Little Big Horn.

    The Indians were being closed in on but they threw in some clever diversionary tactics and escaped. We stopped at an overlook today called dead Indian pass. The battle that raged here in and around 1877 was bloody and vicious.

    We continued on and detoured to Silvergate a small town that we stayed in 4 years ago it is a beautiful place on the beginning of the Beartooth Highway. From here we followed the Beartooth out of Wyoming and into Montana, again with spectacular scenery, snow and green rolling hills and the ever present Beartooth Mountain nearby. We stopped at the scene of my wrong side of the road fopar of 4 years ago. I got it right this time. Some snowballs were thrown, our country name carved in the snow wall and plenty of laughs at Carl trying not to sink in thee snow with thongs on. The Beartooth is a great road to ride and driving a car just di not do it justice. That said it was worth it just the same.

    We reached the town of Redlodge at lunchtime had a bite to eat and planned the afternoon drive. To ease the drive tomorrow we pushed on via Roscoe, Columbus and Springdale before turning right and heading for Sulphur Springs. We decided that we would just happen upon a small lodging at one of the small towns, and that was what happened. After a couple of towns with nothing we drove into Willsall and feeling satisfied with todays effort we have stopped at Fort Willsall Motel Willsall is a a 2 horse town with a motel designed as a fort, complete with log cabins.

    Its going to be a very peaceful night.
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  • Day15

    Glacier National Park, MT

    June 29, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Well Browning was a strange place, it had all the hall marks of a town that had been forgotten and yet it is a gateway to one of the most scenic and popular National Parks. Fireworks going off all night, police sirens, hoards of mangy dogs wandering the streets and dilapidated houses and buildings.
    The Blackfeet are trying to make a go of it but like many native American populations they seem cut off from the mainstream.
    We got going after an inhouse included breakfast, heading North on Hwy 89 and into the Glacier National Park, “Going to the Sun Road”. Only several miles out of Browning we had to stop for roadworks. The stop/go guy was taking off his jumper down to a T Shirt with the outside temp at 8 degrees Celsius. As we pulled up he saw our flag and came over and said howdy. Jeremy Jones Horn, stood and talked to us about his life and ours his heritage his family and everything in between for the 15 minutes before the pilot vehicle guided us through the road works. The roadworks were the most confused and messy construction site we have seen, but it’s obviously creating employment for a lot of people.
    The run into the park was brilliant, the roads demand to be ridden on a bike with sweeping well cambered corners and awesome scenery. Soon enough we arrived at the park gates, showed our magic park pass and entered our 7th National Park. Our first stop was the visitors centre, it was now down to about 6 degrees and windy. The visitors centre again was informative and we gained a great insight into what to look at.
    It did not take long to see what all the fuss was about, this was another park that was just amazing with spectacular views and geology. Extinct glaciers are all through the park with waterfalls around every corner. There was still plentiful snow at the top of Logan’s Pass, where we stopped for a walk in the snow and to buy a souvenir or two. I think we were all grateful for the light weight layers of Kathmandu and Mountain Design clothing that we have procured over the last trip and this trip.
    Now we were in the thick of Bear country and whilst we did not see any today we are on high alert as we walked through narrow paths bordered by thick under brush. I nearly climbed a tree when Carl having walked ahead jumped out from behind a tree. It was the closest thing we saw to a grizzly today, but the b.s…d scared ten years off my life.
    From the park we descended quickly and followed the Flathead River through to West Glacier where we stopped for lunch, warmed up and prepared for the end of day drive.
    During the afternoon we continued through spectacular country, past and over fast running rivers and massive lakes. Classic Montana style log cabins and old barns dotted the landscape. Montana has it all from vast open plains as described yesterday to mountain and glacier country. The people we have met are so friendly.
    We have finally made our way into Bonners Ferry in Idaho, 23 miles from the Canadian border, Carl and I have the domestic duties (laundry) under control. Its wet and cold outside and we are looking forward to a nice dinner tonight.
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  • Day14

    Blackfeet Nation, Browning MT

    June 28, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Dinner Last night was at the Bank Bar, an old bank complete with vault now operating as a bar and restaurant. Whilst it sounds flash Wilsall only has a population of 200 or so but it is a friendly place and we can thoroughly recommend the motel known as Fort Wilsall Motel run by Dick and May. As predicted our little log cabins were very quiet so it was a restful night.
    We pushed on this morning to Sulphur Springs and stopped at Dori’s for breakfast, she was a hoot and loves getting Australians through. She armed us with some local knowledge and off we went heading for Great falls on the Missouri River. We can see why they call Montana big Sky country, it is open with sweeping plains and rolling hills, blue skies and fields full of premium feed for the beef cattle raised here.
    The falls in Great Falls were spectacular and even though the river here was dammed in 1915 the old falls still remain below the dam wall. As the river was in flood the dam was spilling. Whilst there we met a group of kids on summer camp. They were very impressed to meet some Australians and they warned us of a Water Moccasin nearby.
    The country we passed through again today has a savage past, but it seems to have been dominated by the Black Feet Nation of American Indians. Tonight we are in Browning Montana the Blackfeet reservation centre and gateway to Glacier National Park.
    The weather is still holding but that may change tomorrow but glacier and thee road to the sun promises to be a great day.
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  • Day27


    September 19, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

    Another Harley shop the boys need to look at.
    Going for a coffee while I wait lol
    There's a triumph shop that we will visit next but I don't hold out much hope that they will have much, nobody does marketing and merchandising like Harley

  • Day130

    Choteau, Montana

    September 19, 2015 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Wir haben spontan unsere Reiseroute geändert: auf der Flucht vor der Kälte – wir hatten morgens schon von innen gefrorene Fenster und es hat auch schon geschneit – sind wir direkt nach Süden und nicht wie geplant vorher noch an die Westküste gefahren.

    In Montana, 'The Big Sky Country', fahren wir durch endlose Prärie, und die Sonne brennt aus dem 'großen Himmel'. Zum ersten Mal seit Beginn unserer Reise liegen die Temperaturen über denen in Süddeutschland. Hier leben mehr Rinder als Menschen, und entsprechend gibt es fantastische Steaks.
    In Choteau, einer kleinen Provinzhauptstadt, gibt es eine Art Erntedankfest mit Dreschwettbewerb. Hier herrscht schon ein bisschen Wildwestathmosphäre ...
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  • Day18

    Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, Y., USA

    July 3, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    Comme nous ne pouvons pas voir de grizzly de près pour ne pas les perturber, nous sommes allés les voir dans un endroit accueillant des animaux sauvages. Nous en avons vu deux. Ils étaient frère et sœur. Leur mère était morte quand ils avaient 6 mois. Les rangers ont été obligés de les recueillir. Sinon ils auraient été obligés de les tuer car ils commençaient à être agressifs car ils avaient commencé à se nourrir de nourriture humaine.

    À cet endroit nous avons aussi vu des loups. Dans le parc nous avons malheureusement loupé une louve et ses 5 petits louveteaux venus s'abreuver près de la route.

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  • Day2

    Football erklärung

    August 14, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Also, momentan bin ich im Football in der Offense ein Wide receiver oder ein Tight End und in der Defense bin ich ein Cornerback. Mehr weiß ich noch nicht 😅 ein Bild in voller Ausrüstung kommt spätestens zum ersten Spiel, bis dahin muss ich auch unsere 23 Formationen und unsere 18 Spielzüge lernen 😑

    Und Montana wird zu recht "Big Sky Country" genannt 🤗
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  • Day86

    Playoffs Viertelfinale gegen Belt

    November 6, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 14 °C

    Gestern hatten wir das 2. Playoff Spiel gegen Belt, den 1. Platz der Nord Division. Wir sind wieder Freitags losgefahren und haben die Nacht wieder in einem Hotel verbracht. Es war ziemlich spannend und knapp die ganze Zeit. Die Schiedsrichter waren der größte Dreck, aber naja... Der Halbzeitstand war 21:6 für Belt. Im 3. Viertel haben wir dann aufgeholt, so dass es die ganze Zeit dann immer um einen Punkt unterschied hin und her ging. Im letzten Viertel war Belt dann mit 5 Punkten vorne. Wir haben es dann nicht geschafft 10 Yards zu machen und haben dann mit 5 Punkten verloren. Alle haben geweint, da unsere Saison jetzt vorbei ist und ich habe seitdem ich Deutschland verlassen habe nicht mir so doll geweint.. Alles in allem war das aber eine geniale Saison und wir haben einen neuen Highscore für Circle gesetzt 😊Read more

  • Day70

    Neues aus Circle

    October 21, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    Diese Woche hatten wir nur 2,5 Tage Schule und den Rest dann frei 😊 ich glaube wegen einer Lehrerkomferenz oder etwas ähnlichem 😅 gestern hatte ich auch mein letztes Training für die Woche, da wir eine Woche vor den Playoffs spielfrei haben. Ansonsten gibt es nicht viel neues hier, meine Nächte verbringe ich neben schlafen mit der Serie "the walking death", ich bin mittlerweile schon in Staffel 4 😊 Ich mache an den Wochenende viel mit meinen Freunden, die zum größten Teil auch Football spielen. Meistens fahren wir in einem Pickup durch die Gegend und hören Musik, quatschen oder gehen was Essen 😊 Es sind jetzt schon 2 Monate die ich hier bin und ich bin froh das ich hier sein kann! 😊 Nächste Woche haben wir unser erstes Playoffspiel und ich bin irgendwie aufgeregt, weil das unteranderem auch in einem Montana Fernsehsender übertragen werden soll 😅 naja, über MDR.de lese ich manchmal nach, was in Deutschland passiert, und es ist irgendwie lustig wenn man realisiert das dass alles so weit weg ist 😅 Anbei noch ein paar Bilder von meinen Geschwistern, dem Baby eines bekannten Paares und von mir und einem Sonnenuntergang 😅Read more

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Montana, MT, ሞንታና, Montǣna, مونتانا, ܡܘܢܬܐܢܐ, Montana suyu, مونتانا ایالتی, Штат Мантана, Монтана, মন্টানা, མོན་ཏཱ་ན།, Hohonáéšée, مۆنتانا, Μοντάνα, Montano, Mùng-thai-nâ, Monekana, מונטנה, मोन्टाना, Մոնտանա, モンタナ州, მონტანა, 몬태나 주, مان‍ٹانا, Montann-a, Montāna, Монтане, മൊണ്ടാന, मोंटाना, မွန်တားနားပြည်နယ်, मोन्ताना, Ayání Naakaii Hahoodzo, Монтанæ, ਮੋਂਟਾਨਾ, Montan-a, مونٹانا, मान्‍टाना, Můntana, மொன்ட்டானா, మొంటానా, รัฐมอนแทนา, Montana Shitati, Мантан, מאנטענע, 蒙大拿州

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