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  • Day252

    Big Sky, MT & Gallatin River

    July 23 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 59 °F

    Big Sky, MT where the diversity is the super wealthy from the super duper wealthy. Saw the band Magnolia Boulevard outdoors at Len Hill Park. So good to be watching live bands again! Also enjoyed seeing the gritty side (college age ski and river rafting workers) to Big Sky when we did our laundry-and shots CHEERS LAGROWS-at the Sit and Spin Laundry. Moose Creek Campground was amazing. Loved being on the river. Did the Lava Lake hike with Kaline. It rained. TWICE. Short and heavy rains that were welcomed. And cool nights! I had to close windows in the middle of the night b/c it got too cold. Which meant I slept better b/c, well, better protected from ‘Da Bears. 🤷🏼‍♀️Read more

    Heidi LaGrow

    That’s it! I’m going back there next summer. Such a great spot.

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  • Day247

    Butte, MT has Toxic Water

    July 18 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 82 °F

    That was the highlight of the trolly historical tour I took of this once booming mining town. A bygone era of money, mining, brothels, and speakeasies. I learned a new term: superfund. If you asked me yesterday what a superfund was I would have said it has something to do with mutual funds. A superfund is an area that is so polluted with hazardous contaminants that the US govt steps in and says “Uh-oh…this is a bad one. It’s going to take a long time to clean this area up.” Butte, MT and some of it’s surrounding area was designated as a superfund site in 1982. And it feels that way. It’s still a decent sized town - even has an engineering college - but the town seems to be as dim as the smoke covered daylight currently in southwest Montana. We discovered new places and it wasn’t a terrible time but it is time move along. Next stop is Lewis & Clark SP.Read more

    Heidi LaGrow

    Kalamazoo River was or is a superfund. I was told in an environmental class at WMU in 1995. 😢

    Amy Gilmore

    That’s right! 😩 I knew that river was classified as baaaad but never knew the actual term.

  • Day243

    Missoula KOA

    July 14 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 81 °F

    Stayed in Missoula for a handful of days. It’s got a good sized downtown full of shops and bars. The KOA was really nice and walking distance to an REI along with other stores. Air quality gets worse b/c of wildfire smoke and we have to adapt. Imagine Nation Brewing was awesome. Missoula has fun and interesting outdoor art everywhere! Listened to a band outdoors. An actual band…like adults that used to be in a marching band reliving the days. It was not good. 🤣 But the park they played at was super cool for kids. We hiked up to the M the one day the air quality was okay. First time dealing with new weather app “storm” alerts (air quality). Soon, we’ll also experience red flag warnings which basically means weather could be a fire starter soon & winds will make it worse…get ready.Read more

  • Day239

    Flathead Lake SP / Finley Pt

    July 10 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 84 °F

    Finley Point is flooded with deer, cherry trees, and surrounded by a beautiful lake. It’s like we stepped into a Disney movie. We were warned that a black bear named Junior liked to frequent the campground but we never saw him. We visited the nearby town of Polson. Not much to it but enjoyed the low key stay. Wildfire smoke rolled in the day before we left. Eerily strange how quickly air quality and visibility can change. 😞Read more

    Heidi LaGrow

    Ugh. Also, is that your flamingo? 😏

    Amy Gilmore

    Not my flamingo but I did check it out! I still have my hot pink inner tube from our Italy trip.

    Heidi LaGrow


  • Day236

    Glacier NP at Fish Creek Campground

    July 7 in the United States ⋅ ☁️ 75 °F

    Wow. Once we discovered the difficultly to enter Glacier NP with their new ticket system, I knew our best bet was reserving a site or lodging inside the park. At my very first try, a cancellation popped up. This is where having a small trailer comes in handy. The west side is jaw dropping beautiful. The east side (of Going to the Sun Rd) had a forest fire a few years ago and it’s still recovering. Not as pretty. Wish we could have rafted some of the river. Hucks are in season! That’s the term they use for huckleberries. They taste like a tart blueberry. Tyson & I both loved the huckleberry pie. I went back for seconds on our way out of Glacier. I also lost my phone on a popular hike in Glacier. No cell service so couldn’t track it. I retraced my steps back UP the trail again in hopes that my watch would BT connect to it. It worked! All of a sudden, in a sea of people on the trail, my watch connected and I rang it. And I could hear it ring! I stopped, yelled loudly “Does someone have my phone?” and some dude with a baby on his back pulled it out of his pocket and held it up high. I wanted to hug him. I lost it on a snow slope I slid down on my butt. 🙄 😂 So glad to have found it.Read more

  • Day231

    Whitefish, MT Pt 1

    July 2 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 82 °F

    Staying in Whispering Pines RV which is technically in Colombia Falls, MT but it’s closer to Whitefish, MT which is a 5 minute drive. Visited with family friends, Paul & Heather, that recently bought a house in the heart of downtown and 40 acres nearby. They had us over for dinner and showed us their land. We had a fun time together! The day we arrived, a surprise storm rolled through with rain, heat relief, an a lightening show in the big Montana sky that lit up the night sky for hours. I was worried about the lightening and fires but all seems to be okay. 🤞🏼🤞🏼 Staying in Whitefish until Tues. then scored a spot at a Glacier NP campground for two nights. That means we don’t have to cram in everything Glacier NP in right now and during a big holiday weekend which will be nice. Plus Glacier is so busy that they started selling tickets just for entry (on top of your annual pass) and those are sold out. The only way around it is getting there before or after 6 (am or pm). Now, as a camper in the NP, we are in!Read more

  • Day228


    June 29 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 99 °F

    So hot that the asphalt was melting. The great state of Idaho passed a rule that all out of state folks have to pay double for a state park campsite. Yep, we paid almost $80/n for a state park campsite. Ouch. But, with highs in the 110’s, we had to have hook-up and tree coverage/shade. The SP is huge and beautiful. It was so hot that even taking an easy 1.5 mile hike in the shade of the forest trees was tough. Tyson did get up and bike in the early morning. And we tried to venture out at least once a day for a little bit to see the nearby cities of Sandpoint and CDA. But we have animals. High heat, rolling power outages, and the such made it hard. Pour Aurthority in Sandpt for delicious beer and cheese.Read more

  • Day226

    Wildfires and Water

    June 27 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 102 °F

    Heat dome and wildfire season NO THANK YOU. We were going to stay in Ritzville, WA as a one night stop over but I freaked out after seeing a wildfire just before getting to that town. Found out through local news that the fire was reported to authorities about 45 minutes before we drove by it. It caused level 3 evacuations in a nearby area. I found a place near water (and further away from the wildfire we saw) next to the highway. What I didn’t realize was that, even though it is situated next to the highway, you have to take about 7 miles of gravel road to get to it. Aaand the place is not great for what we are paying. It’s been a long day. Hoping tomorrow will be better. Don’t let the sunset on water view fool you. Junker cars, trash and weird smells are behind that view.Read more